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You Decide – Which of the New Titles Announced at Image Expo 2014 Are You Most Excited About?

Image announced a WHOLE lot of brand-new comic books at Image Expo 2014. We were wondering which one you’re most interested in!

Read on for the choices!


Take all my fuggin’ money, Image! Hot damn, could it actually be possible that Image could knock one of the big 2 out at some point this year?

I honestly don’t think I could pick just one. I’m intrigued by what I’ve heard of all of these, and the ones I haven’t read much about, just the creative teams and titles are intriguing. TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!

The James Robinson book isn’t related to the Golden Age character later resurrected by Eclipse, is it?

Hey, where’s the Stray Bullets?!?

I haven’t heard about any of these, but based on names and personnel, it would have to be the Brubaker/Phillips.

Travis: I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be. What would be the point of having a comic named Airboy, especially one written by James Robinson, if it wasn’t THAT Airboy?

Mind you, I haven’t read or heard anything about it. I’m just saying, if it’s not that Airboy, it’s ill-conceived from the start.

Of course, I would have said the same about any comic named Blackhawks, and look at the GI Joe knockoff piece of crap they tried to foist on us as part of the New 52. But there too I’d say that I was right that there was no point to doing that comic at all if it had nothing to do with the Blackhawks we all know.

8House tops the list for me, based on the excellent collaborations Graham has fostered during Prophet, but I plan on buying The Wicked & The Divine, Shutter, Nameless, Tech Jacket Digital, Airboy, Fade Out, Great Beyond, Low, Nailbiter, Paradigms, and Howtoons at some point or another.

I just need to come into some kind of major windfall first.

Hey, where’s the Stray Bullets?!?

This is just for new titles announced at Image Expo. The news of Stray Bullets’ return predated Image Expo.

The James Robinson book isn’t related to the Golden Age character later resurrected by Eclipse, is it?

It’s a meta-fictional tale about the difficulty of Robinson trying to adapt that Airboy.

Ah, very cool. I’d say that’s even more interesting than Robinson doing new Airboy stories. Especially if it was Cry for Justice Robinson and not Starman Robinson.

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