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You Decide – What Should Marvel Do With Superior Spider-Man After Amazing Spider-Man Returns?

With Peter Parker’s return as the Amazing Spider-Man coming soon, what do you all think they should do with Superior Spider-Man?

Read on for the choices…


Each issue (or story arc) a new villain takes over Peter’s body and goes out to play Spider-Man. ;-)

As enjoyable as the “Superior” series has been, in plot terms I can’t think of a satisfying, workable way to keep Otto around in any form if Peter is back. I can think of some contrived stuff that would strip out a lot of what makes “Superior” work — Otto as outlaw superhero, Otto somehow pretending to be a fake Parker relative — but a lot of the fun of Superior rests on Otto having semi-legitimacy as a hero and being able to pass as Peter Parker in everyday life.

I wonder how many of the votes for “keep Otto around somehow” are, in spirit if not in fact, votes for “don’t bring Peter back yet.”

Pete’s coming back and we’re all gonna have to deal with another clone saga. Except it will be Dan Slott, who is doing a wonderful job.

Or Ock dies for five years. Couldn’t he just go backpacking in Europe, retire to North Dakota, start a fight club in South America, or go to a jail that isn’t targeted on a weekly basis?

I don’t even understand the question. Why would there be a Superior series without Otto/Spidey? What would possibly be the point of that?

I mean, I’ve been enjoying the series, but the “Superior” adjective would be meaningless without Otto’s personality, and calling it “Spider-Man” wouldn’t make much sense unless that’s who he is. I’m sure we won’t see the last of Doc Ock and that he’ll be back in some form or another–and hey, maybe it’s possible that they’ll base a series around him, though I don’t know how likely that would be–but there’s no logic at all to keeping Superior Spider-Man going as a title after the Ock-as-Spidey situation ends.

Hmm, maybe bad wording on the poll, but it’s a moot question. Maybe what “should Marvel have done?” because their decision is already made with regards to the fate of Superior.


Mind you, I would kind of love it if Ock migrated into the body of someone else for a while. The Superior Sandman? The Superior Robbie Robertson? The Superior Fancy Dan? The Superior Aunt May?

Riyed Hasan Shawon

January 15, 2014 at 12:07 pm

After amazing spiderman 2 all want to see the next version of spidy in avengers alliance.

Commented by :
Riyed Hasan Shawon (a renowned superhero specialist)

I actually kinda like KAM’s idea, to see how different Spidey enemies would handle it. But considering Loki has his own title now, how far away are we from “The Superior Octopus?”

“The Superior Fancy Dan”?

Take it back, buttler! There’s no such thing! No one is superior to Fancy Dan, dammit!

The Superior Snake Marston might disagree…

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