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31 Days of Comics – Comic That You Quote From

Our pal Seth Hahne, of GoodOKBad fame, came up with this 31 Days of Comics challenge, one of those things where each day of the month you’re given a different category that you then make a choice of a comic to fill that category. I figured it would be a fun bit to do, so here we are! Click here to see each of the categories so far!

We continue with Day 19, which is a Comic That You Quote From.

Read on for my pick and then you can share yours!

Well, just look to the right of your screen and you’ll see that every day we quote from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s We3 here at CSBG, with our “R Comics Gud?” mascot. By the way, I came across a website a while back where people were very angry that I had that picture of 1 up on the blog, as it was a sign that I was trivializing animals being tortured. That’s certainly an approach to take.

Anyhow, besides the scene earlier in the series that we quote at the side…

I also commonly reference “Home is run no more”…

Plus, of course, “No dee-comm-ish We3″ and “U R Bandit”…

Very quotable stuff.


When someone asks me where we are I sometimes reply “directly above the centre of the Earth” – which I got from Freak Brothers.

Preacher. So many useful quotes.

“Son of God or son of Man, Marseille, you can’t fuck your sister and expect anything good to come of it.”

“Wanker. Noun: One who wanks.”

“YOU! Where the FUCK is your CHIN?”

I’m definitely one of those guys whose language centers have permanently and irreversibly warped around Achewood.

I’ve used a Sandman quote at work: “It’s the prerogative of fools and little children to point out that the emperor has no clothes, but the fool remains a fool and the emperor remains an emperor.” It made sense in context.

“Be pure, Be Vigilant, Behave!”

It doesn’t come up much in conversation, mind, but it’s the first think I think of when I try to remember famous quotations from comics. (Nemesis the Warlock, for those not in the UK).
The words from a comic I actually quote most often are probably “Damn you, fishticks!” or “Damn you. I’m a crazy monkey.” from the excellent ‘My Monkey’s name is Jennifer’.

“Because boomerangs.”

Batman from McGuire’s JLI #7, after someone points out to him that he is talking out loud to himself –

“Talking to one’s self brings subtleties out of the shadows and makes the obvious more so.”

All that pops to mind is an obscure issue of Defenders (around #126 or so) battle a (deliberately) ridiculous villain called the Walrus.My friend and I used to get a kick out of firing quotes from that one back and forth.

“Woo-woo! Mass destruction!”

“Don’t you ‘goo-goo gachoob’ me!”

I’ve always been fond of “Break her f*@#king neck, son” from Top 10.

Mine is from the introductory paragraph of Superman #423 “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow” by Alan Moore. The whole paragraph is pretty awesome, but I often quote the end two sentences–“This is an imaginary story. Aren’t the all?”

Supposed to be “This is an imaginary story. Aren’t THEY all?” Ooops

i am one who permently not only qoutes batman from time to time. but also hate to say it some of hellblazer and even great cesars ghost shows how long i have been consuming the words of comics

“Where do you keep that gun, Max?”

“None of your damn business, Sam!”

Understanding Comics. Two quotes in particular: “Art…is any human activity which doesn’t grow out of either of our species’ two basic instincts: survival and reproduction” and cartooning is largely “amplification through simplification.” While I have problems with the former (why ELSE do guys form bands?) the latter is pretty much unassailable.

Also, I sometimes refer to a dolt as a “Big Red Cheese” especially if they are not familiar with Capt. Marvel (and really, who is?)

I’m a big fan of Flex Mentallo‘s line, “Only a bitter little adolescent boy could confuse realism with pessimism.” Partly because it’s somewhat true, partly because the tone of the line sort of stands against the content.

Da Fug!

I have no memory for quotes so I’ll go with something easy:

“Me llamo Nippur y soy de Lagash.” (My name is Nippur and I’m from Lagash) – Nippur de Lagash – D’Artagnan

“Me llamo Gilgamesh y soy inmortal.” (My name is Gilgamesh and I’m immortal) – Gilgamesh, El Inmortal – D’Artagnan

“Aquí, La Legión!” () – Aquí, La Legión – D’Artagnan



“One Punch. ONE PUNCH!”


When my wife asks me if I walked the dog, I often tell her I did it thirty-five minutes ago.

I once heard a hilarious story about some nerd quoting Rorschach (I’m not locked in here with you…”) just as he was about to get into a fight (in a locker room… get it?) and just getting laughed at by the entire crowd of people that had gathered and then running away in shame.

It’s more a case of quoting it in my own head, since I know better than to say it out loud, but many arguments and discussions leave me thinking of a line from Evan Dorkin’s “Milk and Cheese”: “You have a valid point but you get hit anyway!”

Filthy Assistants! To Me!

From the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers: “Weed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed”.

My other favorite, the concluding line from Sandman Season of Mists: “And they all lived happily ever after. Happily ever after… in hell.”

Captain Haddock

January 20, 2014 at 4:11 pm

Thanks to Hawkeye, I think I say “Futzing” once a day. Bro bro bro bro….

I’ve been known to utter Perry White’s favorite exclamation “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” from time to time. Also if I were a woman I would totally use Mary Jane Watson’s “Face it Tiger, you’ve hit the jackpot!” all the time, but only if I were a woman. It did not work very well when I tried it as a pick up line with the ladies.

I could definitely come up with plenty of good quotes from Ted McKeever’s EDDY CURRENT. I’m too lazy right now to grab a copy and look any up, but I know there would be plenty.

“Clowns, what a mind.” from Starlin’s Magus Saga in Warlock. The Church of Universal Truth was attempting to brainwash Warlock but he kept twisting the perceptions to see the church’s “great heroes” as clowns, and the church’s great works as stacking trash. Brilliant.

Skank Zero’s various hoosky neologisms have made their way into my vocabulary, and Spider Jerusalem pops out from time to time when my brain’s been properly pickled, but I’d have to say the comic I quote most frequently is The Dark Knight returns. Because you don’t get it, this isn’t a comment section. It’s an operating table… And I’m the Surgeon.

@Captain Haddock —

Do most people not say that?

I don’t quote comics too often. I think the closest was Ben Edlund’s Tick series, especially from the Night of the Million Zillion Ninja story arc.

“Well then, no quarter asked, no quarter given.”
“I think he wants quarter.”

“We are a hedge, please movie along.”

“When a stone blocks a river, what does the river do?”
“Turn back the other way?”
“Give up?”
“Is evaporation involved in anyway?”

Man, those ninjas were the prototype for Henchmen 21 and 24.

Anyhoo, Sandman is very quotable, but not by heart. My favourite bit is Delirium’s exchange with Mazikeen in The Kindly Ones.
“Ngo ing zheng. He dezshergzs heou.”
“If he deserves me, he must be a very nice man indeed. I am following my fish.”

Some of my other favourite quotes.
100 Bullets
“Be numb. Be numb. Be numb. Good advice.”

“Out of what?”
“That’s when I get off.”
“Then she got off at 11. And again at 2.”

I also love Monta’s badass moment during the game with the Nagas in Eyeshield 21. I don’t remember the exact words, but it essentially is “didn’t you remember? When I catch, I don’t miss.” It makes more sense in context.

BTW, Brian, I’d love to see another one of these but with characters:

Character you love to hate.
Character who is underrated or underutilized
Character you feel no one cares about but you

Ricardo Nuno Marques

January 21, 2014 at 4:10 am

When the subject of xenophobia arises I always quote this sentence from Goscinny’s “Asterix and Caesar’s Gift” where an old-timer says to his wife: “…as you know, I love foreigners, some of my best friends are foreigners. But those foreigners are not from this land.”

Ricardo Nuno Marques

January 21, 2014 at 4:22 am

goscinny is highly quotable to mock about something

Da Fug!

me too!

From the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers: “Weed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed”.

Me too – but about 20-25 years ago.

Ooh – I just remembered another one. I often refer to rain as “a bracing dampness in the air” – and if it gets heavier then I say “an it’s getting more bracing all of the time”. From Asterix and the Normans.

@Michael P: I’ve been waiting for years to drop “I’ll love you ’til the end of the world” into conversation.

I quote Kitty Pryde at the White Queen “reveal” in Astonishing X-Men all the time. “Yeahbuwhu?”

I’m sure I have more that I’ll probably come back and post later.

I quote a line from JLA #4 a lot, and you can apply this to pretty much all of super hero comics (also, this quote puts into words a lot of my issues with Millar, Ennis, Ellis, etc. and they’re “Superheroes would be dicks if they really existed” comics). Wally asks what the point of the JLA is, and Superman responds with, “To catch them if they fall.” That exchange still gets a “Fuck, yeah!” out of me every time I read it.

Oh goodness. I remember quoting the issue of WHAT THE–?! from the Mutant Beach Party part 2: Fall ON the Mutant.
Storm is deducing that she could not survive a fall off a cliff that high and must be dead. Kitty Pryde is arguing with her, that if she is standing and talking, she isn’t dead. Kitty eventually cries, “Dead? You’re not dead! A bit out of fashion, maybe, but not dead!”

My poor friends (and enemies) whom I’ve used that quote on.

JLA “He’s only one man.” “And this is the guy….he’s wrestling an angel!” So many from that Morrison run that I have phrased and paraphrased

Planetary: “just give me something to hit” “oh u don’t think he remembers that do you?” “Game is afoot”

Haven’t got to use this one yet, The Thing’s: It’s clobbering time.

I have actually said: “Spoon!” from The Tick.

And I wrote a college paper that opened with lines from Grant Morrison’s The Doom Patrol run:
There is something instead of nothing.
Then, you can’t possibly exist.

“Now it’s dark,” from Blue Velvet is also a favorite but has yet to be adapted into a comic yet.

Any PowerMan/Ironfist issue: “Sweet Christmas!”

Also an early ish of “Luke Cage, Hero For Hire” came this nugget I have used MANY times: “Dude’s like bad peanut brittle, all nuts!”

There are lots of lines that stick in my mind, but they’re not going to be much use unless I actually become a super-hero.

It’s not technically a comic so I guess it doesn’t really count, but in the Ultimate Spider-Man video game I remember one of the random lines that could be said when you were attacked was “Pain! Pain is bad!” I find myself using that a fair bit whenever I injure myself.

From the Cap/Namor battle in the first Avengers/Defenders battle, battling quotes when the Evil Eye of Avalon was dropped during an airborne Namor vs. Sunfire skirmish into Cap’s hands. Cap says “Luck like that must be trying to tell me something — take what you came for and get out.” And Namor alights in Cap’s path and responds “That may be what luck is trying to tell you, Captain, but I am tell you — luck can be broken. Exactly like you.”

Englehart, baby…

*I am telling you* not I am tell you.

@Argo- great one.
@Kor-I’ve used Bwah-ha-ha-ha before. Even had people ask why the Bwah comes first.
Great Power…Great Responsibility…that’s almost omnipresent now, isn’t it?
“And I — I have shown him…that a man without hope…is a man without fear.”
“This would be a good death… But not good enough.”
I should check at home…somewhere I used to write down really memorable comic book quotes. Not sure how many I use though. I do have a bad tendency to refer to myself as Doom AND in the 3rd person.

When going through back-issue boxes of Superman, I find myself mumbling some of the melodramatic “Urban Incantations” from Veitch & Edward’s Question mini (Speak to me, Metropolis, O’ concrete pylon battleground of the fallen sun god…) and Doomsday (MahhhhTrrrrrrPlllllsssss).
Let’s see, what else…
From Astonishing X-Men: “Right now I’m not up for anything don’t have the word ‘beer’ in it.”
Secret Six: “Mind the gelatin! For God’s sake mind the gelatin!”
X-Factor: “I blame society.”
Batman: “Riddle me this.” (Saying this over and over in an exam review session almost lost be a position as a T.A.)
Nextwave: “First I’m gonna **** him, then I’m gonna kill him, then I’m gonna make a joke, then I’m gonna **** him again.”
Hitman: “Heh heh heh… Bueno.”
Hellboy: “Don’t mess with me, lady. I’ve been drinking with skeletons!”, “Crap. Tentacles are never a good sign.” and “Here is the claw!”
Howard the Duck: “I’m not negative — I’m angry!”

And it’s not quite quoting, but when my friends are in a bad mood, I’ve been known to cheer them up by singing the song from The Killing Joke in a sub-par Mark Hamill Joker voice.

I frequently quote from Amazing Spider-Man #498, specifically Aunt May’s conversation with Peter, with the nature of people:
Mary Jane: You wanted to deck her.

Peter: Twice. And I hate feeling that way. Why is it that people feel the need to take whatever little authority they have and shove it down your throat? And the smaller the authority, the bigger the shove.

Aunt May: It offends you, doesn’t it?
Peter: Yeah, it does.
Aunt May: Why?
Peter: I — What do you mean, why?
Aunt May: Why does it offend you?
Peter: Shouldn’t it?

Aunt May: If a lion broke out of its cage at the zoo, and bit you, it would hurt, sure, and you’d be upset, of course. But would you be offended?

Peter: No, of course not.
Aunt May: Why?
Peter: Because that’s the nature of a lion.

Aunt May: Some people by nature are kind and charitable. You could say that some people, including at least one person at this table, are by their nature heroes. Ben always reminded me that we each contain all the nobler and meaner aspects of humanity, but some get a bigger dose than others of one thing or another.
Some are petty, and mean, and uncharitable. That’s their nature. You can hope for better, even try to lead them to be and you may even succeed. But when they behave badly, it’s right to be upset by it, or hurt by it, but you can be no more offended by it than you can when a lion bites you.

@Jay —


I use “Pietro Maximoff Syndrome” from X-Factor #87, when I’m at an actual ATM, but also when I feel people around me just don’t get it. That’s more of a concept than a quote but that’s what I’m going with. Also “rassum-frassum”, I first saw that in Joe Kelly’s Deadpool, but it could come from anywhere…

Moon Knight Vol.1 (1980)

“His last thought is wry, Not bad for a dead man.”

Having recently read NextWave, I quote it a bunch with the friend who gave it to me. “I’ve got two Uzis and a shovel. Which, I suppose, means I can shoot things and bury them afterwards.” Too many to list.

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