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31 Days of Comics – Comic That Makes You Wanna Have Sloppy Makeouts With Someone

Our pal Seth Hahne, of GoodOKBad fame, came up with this 31 Days of Comics challenge, one of those things where each day of the month you’re given a different category that you then make a choice of a comic to fill that category. I figured it would be a fun bit to do, so here we are! Click here to see each of the categories so far!

We continue with Day 22, which is a Comic That Makes You Wanna Have Sloppy Makeouts With Someone

Read on for my pick and then you can share yours!

From what I gather from Seth’s comments on his site, this is supposed to generally be read as “a sexy comic, but not an erotic comic.”

Okay…hmmm…man…this is tough. Comics really don’t…inspire me in that regard. I guess I’ll just go with a really notable makeout session, the classic Batman/Talia make out session from Batman #244 by Denny O’Neil, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano…

Daaaaaaaaamn, Batman.

Fifteen or so years later, Mike Barr and Jerry Bingham went a little further in Son of the Demon…

But the original O’Neil/Adams/Giordano bit is still the sexier make-out session, I think.


That is a strange way to phrase it no matter how it’s interpreted. I’ll go with the romantic ending to Preacher.

For a long time this category left me pretty baffled. As Brian said, my personal interpretation on this was a comic that inspired makeouts. Not sex. Makeouts. Obviously, a simple Google search for “erotic comics” would turn up like a million titles concerned with sex (mostly European and Japanese). But hot hot kissings? I couldn’t even think of a comic artist who drew good kisses.

And then, lightbulb. Oh. Duh.

Utsubora has a lot going for it. Complicated whodunnit. Interesting storytrails. Smexy people doing smexy things. Highly stylized art. And above all, at least for the here and now, ridiculously great kissing. The way Nakamura invests passion into her illustrations of locking, unlocking, and interlocking lips is mind-boggling. She’s so good at it that I’m sure no artist I’ve seen even compares. And if memory recalls (as memory is sometimes wont to do), I may have been hungry for makeouts after reading Utsubora. I mean, I’d probably have to be dead to feel otherwise.

Also, I should probably note that there aren’t really any rules to these questions. I adapted them from a couple of the 31 Days Of Movies lists I saw out there and the interpretation is up to the individual. I focused on makeouts with my own choice because I thought that would be the tougher question.

Nah, I like your interpretation, Seth. I agree that just naming a good erotic comic would be too easy.

Son of the Demon is definitely tops on my list.

The romance between Y and 355 was great, right up until it wasn’t.

I was in seventh grade when Batman Son of the Demon came out. I was like, “Wait. Batman’s gonna have sex? Can Batman have sex?? You go, dude.” (Not that anyone said “You go” in that way back then.) I was just proud of him is all.

Amazing Spider-Man #33… And the person I want to have sloppy makeouts with is Steve Ditko.

For serious choices, Brian’s pick is a good one. For me, maybe Lilli Carre’s carnival story from Heads or Tails. .

Yeah, I got nothin’.

I’d go with the awesome sex-in-the-Forbidden-Grove-against-a-backdrop-of-fireflies in Elfquest #… 10, I think? Holy cow, it’s both super romantic and super hot.

This article has the worst title of all time. There’s just no reasonable answer to this question. All posts in this topic constitute a fail, this one included.

The scene in “Sleeper” where Holden describes how beautiful Miss Misery was when she beat a man to death.

Is that messed up? Am I messed up??

The Lockhorns. I have a thing for Loretta.

Well I’m not sure it’s “make out worthy”, but I know the scene in Secret Wars #7 where She-Hulk and Titania fight and Titania says that she’ll make She-Hulk lick her boots was awwwwfully intriguing to a 12 yr. old Lou.

Y’know what? It still is.

Zeck takes commissions, right?

These are pretty good ones. And I keep trying to remember examples in other articles of Brian pointing out artists who knew how to draw sexy women, but I’m drawing a blank.

So I’ll say Psylocke coming out of the pool in X-Men was memorable….

“Shiny shiny shiny boots of leather”?

I think one could always go with many scenes from Adam Warren’s Empowered series that would fit into this category well.

Top of my list for this is Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero by Jen Van Meter.

The best thing I can come up with is Daredevil #85. When Matt and Natasha get off a plane, Matt “senses” Karen Page in the crowd. Once she sees him they run at each other and have a great kiss(wish Gene Colans great artwork of course). The best thing about it, though, is the look on Natasha’s and Karen fiancé’s face when they see the kiss. It proves that at that point Karen was Matt’s only true love. Natasha was just a replacement.

@Uncle Diana – Absolutely. “Ground Zero” makes me fall in love with love. The dual-smooch of the Zero/Ginger couple and the Twitch couple is so well-earned.

would have to go with the romance between yorick and agent 355 in y the last man standing . as my top choice for this catagory. even though the romance did not last long. and bride of the demon did prove that even batman can give into to his normal romantic side. even though him doing it with the cowl still on is kind of creepy

When I think of “sloppy make outs” I think of high school to just out of college years.

So I go with Scott Pilgrim in that regard.

I’d say Sex Criminals, but that’s mostly about the vulnerability and isolation of intimacy. Though I guess that’s where the “sloppy” part comes in…

I’d say Sex Criminals, but that’s mostly about the vulnerability and isolation of intimacy. Though I guess that’s where the “sloppy” part comes in…

Yeah, I thought Sex Criminals as well, for a bit, but then I realized that for a book ABOUT sex, it is not exactly sexy. It is good, but not necessarily sexy (I guess maybe the Queen lip synching bit).

The Most Honorable Reverend Colonel Joseph W. Rice

January 23, 2014 at 3:25 pm

Phonogram. Young Avengers, too, while I’m at it.


January 23, 2014 at 3:26 pm


Lol – I’ll never hear “Venus In Furs” quite the same way ever again.

Admittedly, that makes a good song even better!

Hmmm you’re looking for a comic book that can function as some sort of aphrodisiac? [In my best Barry White voice] “Hey baby I know you said that you didn’t want to mess around tonight, but perhaps this issue of Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen will change your mind?”

But no that’s not what you’re looking for. You’re looking for a comic book that makes you want to get romantically closer to another human being and generally super hero comics suck at that. As the great Dido has decreed super heroes can’t have healthy romantic relationships. Sure they can date, but guys like Superman and Batman have to keep things light and causal. For me at least that doesn’t make me want to have sloppy makeout sessions. I want to have the possibility of a some sort of a future with my hypothetical partner, just the way I was built.

So with that in mind my selection for this category comes from a time when super heroes were allowed to have emotional growth: Amazing Spider-Man Annual 21 where Spidey finally marries Mary Jane. Up until this point Peter Parker’s life pretty much sucked. Sure he had all these great powers but the some D-bag in a crazy costume was always messing up his game with the ladies. But hey check out Amazing Spider-Man Annual 21, Spidey gets the girl! There’s hope. If that’s not enough to make you want to go out and get a girl (or a guy) and head out to makeout point, I don’t know what is.

Huh. No comic has ever inspired me to make out with anyone, but when we were dating my wife bought me a Flaming Carrot comic and thought the jokes were funny.

That was hot.

My wife and I read (and laughed over) Yotsuba&! when we were dating. That was definitely hot.

Valkyrie’s first few appearances in Defenders gave me a strong desire to make out with someone. Preferably her, but I’d have been flexible, honest!

I’ve got nothing on this one.

This is going to sound disgusting, but Alan Moore turns me on. No, wait listen Alan Moore the man might look like a troll made out of beard.

I mean that he is very good at eroticism, or at least the kind I am interested in. I can’t remember a specific moments, but I remember that there are parts of Promethea that, uh, well…

And also the part om League of Extraordinary Gentlmen: The Black Dossier that goes over the sexy adventures of Fanny Hill. But to be fair, that’s a prose section.

And that one scene in Top Ten where the ex-porn star turn giant insect tries to hypnotize one of the more minor characters into releasing her with a porn-themed sex fantasy was pretty hot, till he realizes that he was trying to bone a 30 foot monster.

Sebastián Jiménez

January 24, 2014 at 6:17 am

If it’s about romance and love, I should said Blankets or Blue Pills

Steranko’s infamous Nick Fury scene (where he was forced to change the artwork and replace a phone off the hook with a gun in it’s holster) comes to mind.

Mike Grell has a pretty good one, in the first issue of Long Bow Hunters, where Black Canary comes in to temp Ollie, wearing her costume. I always knew the costume had to factor in their relationship a bit more than just work.

Hands down Y and 355. Probably the second romance I was crazy about but the most subtle, wonderful, and tragic. My second would be Jesse and Tulip.

I’ll be lame and go with the Yorick and 355 relationship as well. 355’s change in appearance over the course of 60 issues was great.

What was the recent Avengers issue with Hank emerging from underneath the covers in all of his “shrunken” glory…..Yeah we knew he was in the ol’ hoo-ha…..I guess it made me kinda tingly….but that might be creepy, so I won’t mention it…..

Whenever I read Kitty and Peter finally consummating in Astonishing X-Men I just get really giddy.

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones in Alias. LOL. That was some funny s@#t, literally.

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