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She Has No Head! – Random Thoughts Mash-up #3

Tessa Battle small

Tessa Battle from Storykiller. Illustration by Stephanie Hans.

I’m pretty slammed and distracted by my new Kickstarter (laumched yesterday) so what better post to write than another She Has No Head!/Random Thoughts mash-up (TM Chad Nevett!), especially since I haven’t done one since 2011 – what have I been doing with my time?! Also, I’m sure you noticed, but in case not, Chad has been back on CSBG of late, stirring things up, so make sure to check out all that.

Random She Thought: It’s She Has Random (Largely Narcissistic) Thoughts Time! Get Excited!

Link Thought: Kickstarter for the new Storykiller novel i.e. non-comics-y stuff, 1979 Semi-Finalist for blog-y comics stuff, 79semifinalist for twitter-y comics stuff, Kelly Thompson on CBR for review-y comics stuff.

Random She Thought: Show of hands, who is surprised that Superman/Batman got pushed? That’s right, NOBODY. I mean, I think this is a good thing in that I didn’t think there was any chance we were going to get an actual good movie in 2015…but given how much I hated MoS I guess I don’t think we’re getting a good movie anyway and so this just looks like more disorganized “we have no idea what we’re doing” BS. Still, 2015 was ALWAYS ambitious.

Random She Thought:  There are rumors that the delay is largely to do with a leg injury Affleck suffered. That may be true. Perhaps some WB/DC exec went over to his house and took a lead pipe to him so that they’d have a nice reasonable excuse that didn’t have to do with fear, poor planning, and generally not knowing what the fuck they’re doing.

Random She Thought:  Did you guys read EGOS #1 from Image last week? I freaking loved it. So smart. Great strong voice and really subverted tropes and stereotypes to create a more interesting book. Definitely did everything a #1 issue can hope for. Check it out if you’re looking for something a bit different. The CBR forums are of course arguing madly over my review. This is nothing new though.

Random She Thought: I am epically sad that Gillen and McKelvie’s Young Avengers is now over. That said, I’m super pumped for their Image series The Wicked and The Divine..so I guess it all equals out?

Random She Thought: I wrote a thing over on Lit Reactor about 12 comics I’m really excited to read in 2014. You guys probably know about all of them already, but it might be worth a look.  Sue did her own list on DC Women Kicking Ass and I was glad to see our lists weren’t identical. There’s definite crossover, but ultimately some variety (whew!). Oh, and if you want a HUGE list of what’s coming in 2014, Rob Bricken over on io9 has been doing some great comics coverage and did a great write up for the best/weirdest/wildest comics 2014 has to offer.

Random She Thought: I continue to be super pumped about Mike Del Mundo’s art on the upcoming Elektra, in part because though his covers are always incredible I’ve never really seen his sequential art…I am so curious to see what it will be. This weekend Marvel editor Sana Amant tweeted this teaser image:

Sana Amant Tweet Screencap


Annnnd with that, I remain really excited!

Random She Thought: I pretty regularly give comics as gifts, mostly to my brothers, one of whom is quite interested in comics (we got into the hobby together as kids though he fell away from it over time), and the other who indulges me and sometimes likes what I give him. He has very little time to read these days but he texted me last summer to ask me if the second volume of Saga was out yet (I’d given him volume 1 for Christmas the previous year). This was a pretty awesome text to receive. It’s maybe lost on you guys because you don’t know how infrequently we communicate…even by text. Anyway, trust me, it was cool. It got me thinking about the books I’ve given the most over the years. I didn’t do an official count but I’ve bought and gifted at least three copies each of the following: Stumptown Volume 1, Hawkeye (Fraction/Aja) Volume 1, Demo Volume 2, DV8: Gods & Monsters, Hark! A Vagrant, Saga Volume 1, and Saga Volume 2.  I think Saga Volume 1 probably rules the list – with maybe half a dozen copies total? This year I bought four copies of Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole & A Half…man I love that book. I would hand it out on the street to strangers if I could afford it.

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Random She Thought: I read pitifully few graphic novels again this year. What is wrong with me???

Random She Thought: I also saw far too few movies last year. I’m dying to see American Hustle, Wolf of Wall Street, and Her…I hope I’ll get to all of those before they leave the theater.

Random She Thought: One of the only movies I remember seeing in theaters this year (though there were certainly far more than one) was Prisoners. Did you guys see this movie? Really dark but it was great. I love detective stories, though Prisoners is maybe not a true detective movie, more of a hybrid, but one of my favorite things about it was the detective part of the story. I loved Detective Loki and would totally watch a series about Detective Loki. Speaking of the words TRUE DETECTIVE…did you guys see this show? Absolutely fantastic. Easily my new favorite show (until Game of Thrones comes back on).

Random She Thought: OH, and Iron Man 3…I saw that in theaters. Oh, and Man of Steel of course..wish I could block that one out.

Random She Thought: Weirdly, in a year in which I saw so few movies I saw Catching Fire in the theater THREE TIMES. Crazy, right? There are three factors that contributed to that weirdness though. #1. I fucking loved it. #2. I am fascinated by adaptations, both as someone that creates original material that may one day be adapted, and as someone interested in adapting original material to new mediums. And I struggle to think if I’ve EVER seen a better book to film adaptation. Not just in terms of it being a great film that can stand on its own, but in how smart it was about adapting the material while still being really faithful to the original source material. So good. #3. I was visiting family for the month of December in Utah and so there was little to do and going to the movies during the day is like half the price as going in NYC. That last fact left me feeling like even though I think living in NYC is good for me socially…maybe it’s actually bad for me because I never want to leave the house since everything is so goddamn expensive. Hmm.

Random She Thought: Speaking of adaptations, or lack therof. Shia LaBeouf, amirite? I know I didn’t actually add a commentary after his name, but do I have to? Just saying the dude’s name is mind boggling at this point. This is either the greatest/most terrible/longest punked prank/social experiment (which Daniel Clowes BETTER be in on) or the dude has just LOST IT.

Random She Thought: I got an iPad for Christmas and I pretty much just use it to read comics on, which is probably a total waste of an iPad. Man, has it made reading digital comics better though.

Random She Thought: I’ll never stop loving and wanting print, and even with the perfected iPad digital reading, I still prefer print, but the convenience of digital comics combined with not having to store the books makes it hard to resist. That said, I hate the idea on some level that I don’t “own” the books…they just kind of…live somewhere I can access them. That part sucks. I can’t think too much about it or it starts really bothering me. Especially since they cost the same (usually) as print…and despite not costing nearly the same amount of money to produce.

Random She Thought: I mean…seriously. Fuck, now I’ve started thinking about this again and it’s got me annoyed all over again. Prose books wouldn’t dare to charge the same amount for a hardcover and a paperback the same way they don’t dare to charge the same for a paperback and a digital copy. It’s just common sense. So how did comic book readers get swindled into this digital deal where the price is the same. Fuck.

Random She Thought: I mean, here, let me narcissistically bring it back around…the digital copy level of STORYKILLER is $10 (and includes some digital extras), the deluxe limited edition signed illustrated hardcover is $35. Big price difference because one costs a hell of a lot more to produce from illustrations to printing and shipping costs, not to mention you now own a physical copy of something that exists in “limited edition” form only. Grrr. Still mad about digital comics, but proud of myself for my commitment to cyclicality and narcissism!

And on that note, have a good week everyone!

Storykiller Cover small

Cover to my forthcoming book Storykiller, illustration by Stephanie Hans




there was an arguement over on TrekBBS where i used to post about the cost of the e-books VS the cost of the mass-market papaerbacks and it was pointed out that a lot of the cost of a book still goes into producing it even if it’s only an e-book. (to whit, paying the person to write the book, paying the editor to edit the book, paying for the… the modern version of typesetting it (i dunno what it’s called, y’know putting it into what ever form it’s printed from) and paying for a cover artist to do art for it.

the actual business of printing a books is a lot lower percentage of the cost of the book, apparently.

whilst a flashy hardcover illustrated version a book is clearly going to cost more to produce than an e-book with no illustrations, the cost of producing a digital comic VS a printed pages one is probably much closer. writer/artist/colourist/inker/letterer/editor still need paying for the same work.


Well, there are a couple ways to think about it I suppose.

The “weighted cost” of a book is tough to determine no matter what, but because you never know how much you will sell, if you ARE doing a printed run, if that’s the initial plan or goal, then I tend to look at ALL the costs as working toward that. So to get the weighted cost of my book I put in everything that went into the book (except ebook specific items like eformatting and additional ISBNS/etc.) and then divide that by whatever my print run is. That’s (to me) what it costs to create and print my book and get it into my hands.

The digital edition (while awesome) is secondary to my print run, and so the cost to produce it, after I have already invested in creating the book and producing the print run, is minimal. Only formatting, book design, and some small details like a new ISBN. This is especially true in a case like mine, because a lot of the printing expense are the full color illustrations and a decent chunk of the expense are having those illustrations done, and none of that appears in the ebook, so it makes it even easier to separate them for me.

So to me, the cost lies with whatever the original intended format is. But as we migrate more toward an all digital world, this may change.

Gaaaaah. Look at that, I’m a bit late and I miss the coolio print by Hans level. Damn you, Thompson, and your excellent goodies! Oh well, I’m still looking forward to the book. It sounds very keen.

I thought the comments on your EGOs review were slightly better than they usually are. Maybe they’ll get worse, but usually, they immediately start off by claiming you have no idea what you’re talking about and should never be allowed to read anything ever again and that Jonah should be dropped in the ocean for allowing you to write for CBR, and this time, they just seem to disagree with you. Progress! :)

Some of those forum comments on EGOS are mine. Not for nothing, but the reviewers on House to Astonish didn’t give it your level of praise either. I’m glad when someone finds something they really like. To each their own.

Looking forward to your new book. I’ll need to scratch some pennies together to get one of those hardcovers available. TGWWBK was a fun read.

I’ve heard some great things about Prisoners. I think it’s on my wife’s netflix queue.

My brother got me into collecting. Back when we got each other gifts, they were usually of the comic book variety. Now that we have kids, they suffer through/benefit from our interests.

Definitely catch Her in theaters. Best science fiction film I’ve seen in a long time.

As a film school kid/Scorcese nut, I loved Wolf of Wall Street, but I’m still parsing out my thoughts. There’s a lot to take in, but it was the quickest three hours I’ve spent in a theater, and it’s funny.

I didn’t like American Hustle. It struck me as watered-down Goodfellas. But, you know, lots of people enjoyed it. Who am I?

tom fitzpatrick

January 22, 2014 at 5:21 pm

I’m not surprised that the movie Superman/Batman got pushed back (delays are often common in movie making); just a bit bummed out. :-(

I wouldn’t be surprised if Barry Windsor-Smith sent you a “cease and desist” letter over the use of STORYKILLER as in reference to STORYTELLER. ;-)

Old blind Tom Fitzpatrick can’t read STORYKILLER as different from STORYTELLER.

Plus, BWS hasn’t done anything more with Storyteller anyway, has he?

As with more Image books, I’m waiting for the trade on EGOS, but damn Image is putting out so much good stuff, and there’s more coming. I personally would love if Image unseated one of the big 2 within the next 2 years, even if it was only for a month.

I’m pumped for STORYKILLER. Even if the Black Dove doesn’t get its name from where I thought ;)

Wow, that del Mundo art is incredible. He may be the only true successor to Sienkewicz.

Image charges a little bit less for digital copies of some of their titles. I just started getting my Image stuff through Comixology because, for example, Pretty Deadly #4 was 2.99 on there vs. $3.50 for the cover price. Now, if we could just convince Marvel to sell their digital comics for the same price as their slow-as-molasses subscription copies, I’d be all set.

I think the main difference between print vs digital, beyond having to pay the people involved of course, is:
-Printing a book costs a certain amount of money to physically create each copy.
-Digital, after production costs are covered, is an infinite amount of copies.

That said, I have a really hard time enjoying reading books digitally.
I check stuff out online, but I’m not really feeling comfortable without a printed copy in my hands.

I keep expecting didigtal comics ot be cheaper, but it strikess me that if they were substantially cheaper than print comics, wouldn’t loads of people switch to digital, and therefore a lot of comic stores would start seriously struggling? I’ve an idea comic store owners were pretty annoyed that publishers started selling digital editions the same day as print – presumably one proviso was they wouldn’t sell them cheaper as well?

Assuming you’re reading it, how much do you choose to pay for each new issue of Private Eye?

(This is more of a discussion starter than me actually wanting to know the dollar amount!)

You guys are forgetting one aspect of the cost of digital, and that’s the bandwidth it takes to download or stream the product. Now, I have no clue as to the cost of bandwidth, nor the cost of printing, so I have no idea how the costs compare. But it’s something to consider.

Random Question: Do you watch Orphan Black? If not, you should, I think you will like it.

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