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31 Days of Comics – First Comic You Ever Bought

Our pal Seth Hahne, of GoodOKBad fame, came up with this 31 Days of Comics challenge, one of those things where each day of the month you’re given a different category that you then make a choice of a comic to fill that category. I figured it would be a fun bit to do, so here we are! Click here to see each of the categories so far!

We continue with Day 23, which is the First Comic You Ever Bought.

Read on for my pick and then you can share yours!

My answer for this one is pretty surprising. You see, while I had been collecting comics during the 1980s, it was really more of a passive engagement. Like I wrote in an earlier 31 Days of Comics piece, I had actively pursued reading G.I. Joe during the 1980s, but that was achieved by the fact that my older brother collected them. In addition, my mother was a librarian (still is, as a matter of fact) at the local library, so I would borrow collections of old comic books there all the time (whatever collections they had back then, which weren’t a ton of course). And my parents would get me comic books on occasion. And my friend who lived next door actively collected DC Comics so he would always lend me his.

So the amazing thing to me is that I didn’t actually buy comics on my OWN until 1991. My older brother was no longer reading comics so if I wanted to pursue it, it would have to be on my own. And I think there likely was a period around 1989-1990 when I wasn’t really reading comics period. Which really sort of amazes me in retrospect, given, you know, what I do now.

Anyhow, one day in 1991 there was some news report about Tim Drake becoming the new Robin or Superman getting engaged or something like that and I figured that I should get back into comics, so soon afterwards my dad took me to the dentist for a check-up/cleaning/whatever and afterwards I asked if I could stop by the local stationary store and buy a comic book. He said fine (he, of course, did not realize what this would be starting) and I picked up a copy of Batman #464…

Luckily, as I noted, I had been reading comics for years at this point, so I was not thrown, because otherwise, beginning with part 3 of a three-parter involving Batman teaming up with an 130-year-old Native American Shaman to stop the man’s grandson from killing people as part of a ritual that involved retrieving ancient Native American relics probably wouldn’t be the place to start reading Batman comic books.

Years ago, I purchased a page of original art from Norm Breyfogle from the issue. This page…


The notable thing about this particular issue, though, was that it had an insert promoting DC’s new !mpact line of comic books, using the old Archie superheroes. I remembered thinking, “Oh, I could start collecting these from the first issue.”

And so it began…


It’s been a loooooooong time, so I’m not really sure, but it was probably an issue of Amazing Spider-Man or Archie’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It would have been around the same time you were picking up that issue of Batman, too.

My first comic was Green a Lantern #32 in 91 or 92, but comics didn’t really stick then, so I didn’t start collecting. My second comic wasn’t until just last year. I don’t recall exactly which it was: either Avenging Spider-Man #19 or Avengers: The Enemy Within.

I think it was Usagi Yojimbo #1, but I can’t honestly say that I remember for sure.

And I also went years without reading comics at one point. I gave up in 1999 (because XTREME!) and didn’t get back into the hobby until Marvel Civil War (which I knew sucked even at the time, but it was enough to get my attention again) and now I read comics more than ever (though I buy less and mostly just reread old stuff).

First comic I ever bought? That’s hard to say with certainty since I’ve been reading since I was in kindergarten, perhaps younger. The earliest comic I can remember getting with any certitude was INCREDIBLE HULK #287, which I probably bought because I was watching the Hulk’s cartoon around that age. This was in the period in which Banner controlled the Hulk’s body, and the issue had the Hulk going to the dentist. Banner was dating some lady who wasn’t Betty, and the Abomination and MODOK–characters who weren’t in the show–showed up as well. For some reason, the disconnect between the cartoon and the comic didn’t bother me in the least.

Thank goodness Marvel finally put out those nice Bill Mantlo/Sal Buscema TPBs a few years ago, because now I have that issue again in trade form.

Like Adam, it’s hard to say. I remember my mom bringing home some Fantastic Fours (One of the Lee-Kirby Inhumans issues from the latter part of their run) and Marvel’s Greatest Comics (featuring the FF, Dr. Strange and some other features). I was a HUGE FF fan because of the great Hanna-Barbera cartoon. The first comic I PROBABLY bought was Hulk 118, featuring one of the great Hulk/Namor fights and featuring some of Herb Trimpe’s best artwork. I read it so many times it disintegrated.

Not Brand Echh #6! I was five years old and told I could get something from the spinner rack. I couldn’t decide between that one and what I now think was FF #72. Yep, I let that one go. The next month I wised up and got FF #73, which to this day is still one of my favorite comics, period.

Marvel Tales 86 featured a classic Spider Slayer story by Lee/Romita. I picked it up on a whim since I had liked the Spider-Man cartoon from the 60’s. The comic blew me away; I liked it so much that the very next day, I got Amazing Spider-Man 175, which had a great cover. It takes place atop the Statue of Liberty. The Hitman is about to shoot the Punisher, but the Punisher is holding onto a fallen Spider-Man, and Spider-Man is holding onto a fallen Jonah Jameson. Immediately after that, I scored Marvel Team Up 64, a heady 70’s brew starring Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and the Daughters of the Dragon. I couldn’t believe the power these comics had. I always enjoyed reading, but this was something else, something that was to become an obsession.
Also, if anyone else would like to take a walk down memory lane, I really enjoyed using the time machine feature at Mike’s Amazing World of Comics. It allows you to input dates, etc. and see every comic published that specified month. It enabled me to reconstruct my childhood. http://www.dcindexes.com/features/timemachine.php?site=

been way way a long time ago but my first issue was either a spider man issue or an issue of marvels original star wars or think it was ragman number one of all comics

Marvel’s Transformers #18 (from back in the mid-80s) for me. I started collecting the Transformers title regularly after that, and followed it up with G.I. Joe #50 a month later and started collecting that as well. It all exploded from there.

Like others, the first comics I read were my older brother’s. The first I ever bought was (I think) Archie’s TMNT Adventures #7 — the one with Leatherhead. I remember being confused because Leatherhead’s origin in the comic didn’t match the one on the action figure blister pack.

I vaguely recall buying that series for a few months…but the comic that really hooked me and got me into collecting was Uncanny X-Men #300. I distinctly remember where I bought it and everything about it.

Secret wars #4…I broke my cousin’s issue,so my mother told me to buy another one.

Jungle Action #17. With the Black Panther. I was 11. Within a few months, I was getting Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Hulk, Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man.

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Amazing Spider-Man 347, with Erik Larsen’s “Yorick” Venom cover, bought at a local 7-11. Been a hardcore Marvel fan ever since. Again, it’s interesting that it was the last issue of a storyline, but that didn’t throw me off. Since then, I’ve gone back and picked up every issue from 181 on, with a bunch of single issues prior.

When they used to have spinner racks in stores…..

In the early 70s, I bought a 4 comics bundle pack at a convenience store. I forgot what the others were, but I still remember Green Lantern #8, originally published in 1961. Hal was transported into the future to fight giant gila monsters. That one story stuck with me over the years and because of that I have a soft spot for Green Lantern.

“I remembered thinking, “Oh, I could start collecting these from the first issue.””

I had a similar gateway when I actually started collecting. (X-Force #1, unfortunately.)

I don’t actually remember buying them, but I have an old Alan Moore ‘Swamp Thing’ and a ‘Superman’ from around the same time that would have to be the first comics I ever bought. The ‘Swamp Thing’ is the one on another planet where it is all in some other language, so I didn’t get it at all, if I even read it at the time. But years later, I found it in my stack and was proud of my taste, so I always claim that one as my first comic.

Shazam! #11, March 1974 issue. Captain Marvel had to save the city from getting overrun by cherry gelatin! How could I *not* fall in love with comics? Cap is still my fave… well, he was until DC ruined him with everything post “The Power of Shazam!” run.

I had a few random comics growing up, but the first one I actually bought myself was the IDW Transformers #1. I was a big collector of the toys up through junior high and high school, so when a comic shop opened up near me right before the new TF comics started up I started collecting those, too. Then I started buying Ultimate Spider-Man and the other Ultimate books in trade because I had read the first issues from FCBD a few years before that, and quickly branched off into Marvel for Civil War and my rediscovery of X-Men thanks to Joss Whedon, because I was also a massive Buffy fan.

I cannot remember the first I ever bought. But I do remember reading House of Mystery #177 at my grandfathers house and Hulk #102 that I got from my dad. Then a little older I remember waiting anxiously for each issue of the Frank Miller Wolverine mini series. I love back then when they would say “next issue on sale on *date*!” That day I would walk to the Golden Gallon and look for it on the spinner rack. Then as the later teen years came I fell out of comics and sold them all *groan* . I do remember the issue that brought me back in. It was Justice League International #11. Never was there anything like it and still one of my favorite series of all time.

My first comic was Charlton’s Ghostly Tales #91, “The Bloody Mermaid”. I was in 1st Grade at the time. I also remember getting Incredible Hulk #173 and Astonishing Tales #22. At the time I was mostly attracted to the covers, with big colorful good guys fighting even bigger colorful bad guys.

Eventually I figured out the serial nature of the comics and started trying to get successive issues of specific titles. My earliest recollections are Superman, Werewolf By Night, but predominately The Uncanny X-Men. (Go figure!!)

I think the first comic I ever bought was probably a Stern/JR Jr. Amazing Spider-Man. I think it was #239 with Hobgoblin. 1980s JR Jr is still one of my all-time favorite comic artists ever.

My mom bought my first comics — toy and movie tie-ins for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, GI Joe, Transformers.

The first comic I bought with my own money that led to a lifetime of reading and collecting was Batman #442, part 5 of a Lonely Place of Dying, Tim Drake’s introduction to the Batman world. And the guy at the comic counter told me to get part 4 in New Titans #61, which came out the same day. As I walked into the comic shop that day, there was a poster on the wall, an ad for the storyline with Nightwing (who I didn’t know at the time) holding the Robin costume with the bat signal in the night sky over Gotham.

‘He thought he could forget the past. He was wrong.’

I had to have it.

The impetus for the purchase came form an obsession with Burton’s Batman movie. Other than a few gaps in college and some financial strain in the late ’90s and early ’00s, I’ve been reading and collecting ever since.

Hard to say when I transitioned between asking my parents to buy me comics and buying them with my own money (which still came from my parents, of course) — somewhere around New Teen Titans #20, I’d guess.

Seeing some of these posts makes me feel old lol !! First comic i remember owning is All Star Squadron #11. Which i got signed by Roy Thomas a cpl years back and told him thank you for writing the book that made me a fan of comics.

amazing spider-man 166 (on sale dec. ’76) fighting the lizard and stegron. bought it at the tampa airport w/ my own money as a 6 yr old flying home from my grandparents alone. I’ve spent a couple of dollars on comic books since then.

thanks mrclam, that site is amazing, I can already forsee hours being lost there.

Eric L. Sofer, the Bad Clown

January 24, 2014 at 8:00 am

My first purchased comic was Superboy #147 – the Legion of Super-Heroes 80 Page Giant. It included the brand new origin of the Legion, and some damned fine Superman, Superboy, and Supergirl reprints.

Yes, I’m very old. We Bad Clowns are… :)

First comic? Probably an issue of the Beano or the Dandy purchased in around ’95-’96. For American superhero comic? One of the Panini Marvel UK reprints of Spider Man, whichever issue came out in September ’97.

@Mike —

Nothing wrong with Not Brand Echh, dude.

@Wayne —

The Shooter era licensed titles that Marvel was putting out were (frequently if not usually) fantastic. Transformers was no exception.

@Andrew B — Archie’s TMNT Adventures

I remember that series. Used to read it back in the day, too. Enjoyed the crap out of it, Captain Planet levels of propaganda and all. But even then I knew it was utterly confusing nonsense and incoherent.

@Frank — In the early 70s, I bought a 4 comics bundle pack at a convenience store.

I remember when they used to have those. I think I bought all of 1 in my younger comics reading days. Shit, man, we are both old as fuck.

@adam barnett — Shazam! #11, March 1974 issue. Captain Marvel had to save the city from getting overrun by cherry gelatin!

Was the Bronze Age revival really that insane? Because that sounds AWESOME.

@Dalarsco — IDW Transformers #1

I like how everyone else in this topic is an old fogey and you just drop this one that came out just a few years ago. (Nice pick, BTW.)

The first one I remember was a Marvel Two-In-One with Tigra.


January 24, 2014 at 8:16 am

G.I. Joe #3, I was 10. I’d seen some comics at my friends house and came of age with the 60’s Batman show in syndication, Mego figures still around some and those awful late 70’s Spider-Man and Captain America movies on tv. I’d been exposed to superheroes but not very many comic books.

Like a lot of kids in the late 70’s; I probably would have been much more into comics at an earlier age if this little film called “Star Wars” hadn’t come out.

Looking back, that issue of G.I Joe was not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but it hooked me and started this hobby/obsession. I’ve kept all of my G.I. Joe issues, mostly out of nostalgia.

The Beano – I’m guessing around 1979. It had Dennis the Menace and his pets helping to do the gardening in fun ways on the cover.

For American comics, I can’t guarantee that it was the absolute first, but my real gateway comic was Superman 410: http://www.comicvine.com/superman-410-clark-kent-fired/4000-25751/

I loved that three parter – even though I didn’t realise until a couple of years later that I was missing the middle part.

Ahh the nostalgia..My first comic that I bought myself (at 11) was Uncanny X-Men #166. Double sized issue, Paul Smith art, what’s not to love? And of all places to buy a comic, it was bought at a hardware store! Thankfully, there was a pharmacy down the street that had a spinner rack of Marvel and DC that was constantly filled. We lived a pretty good ways outside of the city, so it would be a few years before making my way to an actual comic shop. The addiction was instant, and the experience of going into a comic shop for the first time was mind blowing. To this day, I make sure that I check out every possible store I’ve never been to when travelling for work or vacation, just for that experience.

as a footnote, collecting from that spinner rack was SO influential and talked about, that my amazing wife tracked one down for me and got it for Christmas 2012. If possible, I definitely encourage one!

I was a HUGE fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. I had a ton of their toys, hats, backpacks, shoes, you name it. So the first comic I remember my parents getting fore me, when I was 5, was TMNT Adventures # 31 with a group shot of the team. That was my first introduction to comics and as a kid that loved to draw, I could copy the images from the comics.

I regularly collected comics until early into my 6th grade year when I started focusing more on sports.

When I was studying abroad in Argentina in 2009, a classmate had brought a copy of Watchmen with him. I managed to get my hands on it right as we were returning home and it completely enraptured me on the 4 hour bus ride to the airport and on the 10 hour return flight home. The nostalgic factor of reading a comic again was enough for me to get full force back into comics again.

That led to my first individual purchase of a comic which was The Dark Knight Returns TPB from a Borders bookstore. My first trade that has led to a collection of 600+ trades…I may have a problem :)

God, I don’t even remember. I was 3 when the first Tim Burton Batman movie came out, and immediately I got hooked on superheroes. The first comic I remember really liking was X-Men Classic #54, which reprinted the “I, Magneto” story from Uncanny X-Men #150. There was also a Superman comic from the late 80’s and a Robin mini-series that I remember (The Joker’s Wild?).

My first comic was JLA 30, the second part of the second JLA/JSA crossover. I’d had no experience with American super-heroes before so it blew me away (they flew into outer space! They worked magic! They ran at super-speed! They shot rays out of their eyes!) but left me with several misconceptions–nobody was in their secret identities so I assumed they stayed in costume all the time. Second comic was JLA 28 (it would be years before I found 29) which clarified some of my errors.
I know my dad regretted buying me that first one, as he considered comics much too juvenile for me to continue buying.

The first one I actually bought myself – for new comics I know it was GI Joe #43 from the Marvel/Larry Hama run. It’s kind of the end of a storyline, but I had read a handful of earlier issues that friends owned, so it was still enough to hook me.

There was also a used bookstore I would bike to that had about 100 old comics that they were selling for initially half price, and eventually a quarter. I bought a bunch of 70s era Captain America and Avengers comics from there, and that might have predated my purchase of GI Joe #43.

Batman #158, featuring Ace, the Super Bat Hound (1963) was the first comic I ever bought with my own money. It cost ten cents. I bought it at Kress’ dime store during a shopping trip to Memphis.

Mostly, I read my older brother’s collection, but I remember seeing a Batman and the Outsiders book with the cover “It’s 1984 — do you know where your FREEDOMS are?” Bats was recovering from injuries of some sort, so the Outsiders spent a good chunk of the issue getting their butts handed to them by something called the Force of July (superdupes of a brother/sister combo that make the Koch brothers look almost sane).

Not quite sure where it fits in on the Jim Aparo timeline currently running elsewhere, but the characters were interesting and fun — except for Geo-Force, maybe.

Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2, the second part of “Thanos :The Final Threat” (the story where Thanos gets transformed into stone by a “returning” Adam Warlock), in 1991, where it was reprinted in France in an issue of “Strange Special Origines” … but that was the first comics when I was a kid and didn’t collect comics yet .

In 2006, still in France, I bought an issue of “Marvel Mega” that had some issues of “What If … ?” (what if aunt may died instead of uncle ben, what if general ross was the hulk instead of bruce banner, … ) and from there on I was hooked into comics .

I got into comics when i was quite young. Far too young to read superherocomics if you asked my parents. The only comics they allowed me to read where of the talking animals variety. The first comics i bought was a number of Bamse, and a number of Pellefant (two local swedish comics) and i loved every page of them. After all i was only five. Later i got hooked on a comic called Gigant, which basicly was Justice League with a little Batman and SwampThing thrown in as filler. I was soon reading anything DC i could get my hands on until Crisis of infinite worlds happened, and the result made me leave the comic scene in disgust. I came back later fortunately, but now as a Marvel fan. :)

Cronin, you’re hurting my brain. That’s a long way back…
So technically I’m not sure I can say I bought them, but in the mid-70’s I was in a new housing development that was a few dirt-bike miles away from a dump site, and a friend and I discovered on a bike ride that there was a HUGE pile of comic books (maybe 6 feet high). We took home everything we could carry on our bikes, and I ended up with a few Fantastic Four issues (perhaps #163), a Marvel Two-in-One, A Justice League and I think there were a few more. I did hold on to the ones I liked, but after about 6 months the sorting went away at the dump and finding the comic books was not as easy. I do remember reading Days of Future Past, and wanting to start reading comic books again, but it wasn’t until It wasn’t until Secret Wars & Crisis on Infinite Earths that I started collecting again, this time forking out my hard-earned paper route bucks. In both cases, I started at about issue 3 or 4 but was quickly able to fill in the missing issues (at cover price).

I picked up The X-Men and the Micronauts #3 on a family vacation. I was ten. While I had been given a small handful of Gold Key comics earlier in life, this was the first I actually self-actualized by taking to a counter and paying my own money for. I was ten.

I knew who the Micronauts were because I had seen the toys around. Mostly just Baron Karza, Acroyear, Bug, and Biotron (who I later discovered to be the Micronaut’s ship, at least in the comics I had). But these were known entities. The X-Men? I didn’t know who they were but they were lucky to share the page with stars as bright-shining as the Micronauts.

So anyway, I got the book. What a mess for a ten-year-old to navigate. Baron Karza had in a previous issue switched bodies with Kitty Pryde (I had no idea who Kitty Pryde was and as she spends most of the volume in a bikini-type thing, I didn’t have a costume to associate her with. Then Professor X, who I didn’t know, was evil and somehow in the form of some Entity or other. And there was a blue devil guy who was good and the X-Men were in trouble and what the heck is happening?? In any case, i read it over and over again, and that sparked my need for more comics—a need which wouldn’t find fruit ’til a whole year later.

Also, though I wouldn’t have caught all of it, that Micronauts/X-Men crossover had a bit of sexual weirdness going on in it. I mean, though I was ten, I wasn’t blind. I just didn’t catch everything. I did see a lot of weirdness in this though (though the age thing meant nothing, as a 15-year-old Kitty Pryde was an old woman to me).

My parents (or at least my mom) were anti-comics, so we weren’t allowed them when I was small. The camel’s nose under the tent was Classics Illustrated, which we were allowed. At some point, when I was about 10 years old, my older brother somehow convinced my mom that my dad had said he could buy comics, and convinced my dad that my mom did, and we were off to the races. My first comic was either Action 351, with the first appearance of Zha-Vam, or Fantasy Masterpieces #9, reprinting the first Human Torch story.

80-Page Giant #11, reprinting classic Superman/Luthor battles — http://www.comicvine.com/80-page-giant-11-superman-featuring-the-greatest-s/4000-7803/

My first comics with new stories came later that same month: Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #85 — http://www.comicvine.com/supermans-pal-jimmy-olsen-85-king-olsens-private-i/4000-127426/ — and Justice League of America #36 — http://www.comicvine.com/justice-league-of-america-36-case-of-the-disabled-/4000-7817/

I was five years old at the time, but became a DC fan for life — or until the New 52, anyway. Of course, my parents bought these for me. If you’re asking for the first comic I bought with my own money, I’d probably ask whether you meant money that I earned myself, or if my allowance counts. But then I’d say never mind, because either way, I don’t remember.

As I’ve mentioned here many times before, and like many other commenters, I started with my older brother’s comics. Then a bunch of kiddie stuff (various Star Comics titles, Archie’s TMNT, and their spinoff title, the Mighty Mutanimals, which I loved). As far as what my first “grown-up” comic was, I guess that depends on whether you think “What The–?” is a grown-up comic or not.

It was 1977, I think, when our family went to the local shopping mall to get Spider-Man’s autograph. He mingled with us excited kids, then abruptly took off, running across the parking lot. We chased him like Beatles fans for a minute. My last memory was seeing a car pulling away with him crouched on the roof in full Spidey mode. It was so awesome.

Then we went in a magazine shop and my mom bought me Nova #12 (guest-starring Spider-Man, right there on the cover). And a new collector was born.

Who says it wasn’t the Mighty Marvel Age of Promotional Pay-offs?

(the kicker was we got home and my older brother basically said, “Oh, comics? Yeah, I’ve got a bunch” and laid out a huge bunch in rows: my official introduction to Avengers, X-Men, FF, Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, DD, Sub-Mariner, and a ton more. That was quite a day…)

I had been given comics as a small child: some Uncle Scrooge and Super Goof, a Space Family Robinson and a Turok, Shazam #10, a Thor comic, and a few others. However, the first I actually bought with my own money was actually a pair of comics: Mister Miracle #21 and Marvel’s Man From Atlantis #3. I picked up Man From Atlantis because I enjoyed the tv show but Mister Miracle was different. I had seen a house add for the revived series, which stuck in my head, but the cover caught my eye, with Mister Miracle in a deathtrap, while Barda observes in a catatonic state. The interior blew me away, with Marshall Rogers’ rendering of Apokolips and the deathtraps designed to destroy Scott Free (who is becoming a messianic figure, in these stories). I snatched that up and bought both. Man From Atlantis turned out to be okay, but nothing special. I kept coming back to that Mister Miracle and eventually collected the whole run of Engelhart & Rogers (and Michael Golden). It was by far the better of the two 4th World revivals from that period.

I bought THE THING #20 February 1985…I think at an airport. I was in 4th grade and had read a few issues here and there, but this was the first issue I bought. I remember I bought it because it looked action packed with the red headed lady fighting the Thing! Oddly enough, I remember being disappointed by the story.

My first comic was What if…? #24. What If Wolverine was Lord of the Vampires?

I believe it was Spider-Man Volume # 1 Issue #2 by Todd McFarlane.

I both G.I. JOE vs TRANSFORMERS #1 at a cigar shop next to the supermarket my family shopped at. At the time, G.I. Joe and Transformers were the biggest things in my life so this comic was officially proof that there waa a God.

The first comic I bought that had any real meaning — I’m not including the Gladstone Disney comic or the Harvey Comics I bought here and there — was Superman vol. 2 #123, the first appearance of Superman Blue. I am enormously proud of being in the small club of people who that storyline brought into comics. Seventeen years later, I’m still a Superman fan, first and foremost!

With my own money…. Amazing Spider-Man #349.

It was a Bugs Bunny issue, now long lost.

But I remember the second one better – first issue of Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo’s “Ten Nights of the Beast”. A violent comic for sure… I remember loving it, heh.

My first comic was Fantastic Four 279, the destruction of the Baxter Building. NOT the best introduction to the FF, but it stuck with me and I fell in love with the team and the title, and I’ve read it habitually ever since.

My first comic was Amazing Spider-Man 239 – the second appearance of the Hobgoblin. I still have that same issue in my collection. I’ve since bought a near mint copy but I have my rolled, shot version as well.

it was an issue of Justice League Adventures. Or maybe a Simpsons comic

Mine was a double whammy. Uncanny X-Men #122 and Godzilla #23! Long, long time ago!!

January 1986. Transformers (UK) #45.

Mine was an issue of G.I. Joe in the 80s

I had read comics since I was 3. Mostly lots of old Iron Man, Warlord, Incredible Hulk, GI Joe. and Transformers. I remember one a road trip getting a stack of Archies with one GI Joe and the first issue of New Warriors in it. But I was one of those bandwagon ’90’s kids that feel in love with the Image Guys…my first comic I ever bought was X-Force #2. After that I’m reading everything I can find. And at that time they were so cheap Mom and Dad were always okay with picking up one or two when we were at the store.

Secret Invasion #1. It was a really fun issue, even if the event itself ended up crummy.

LIke many here, I can’t remember what the first comic I ever bought was. I do recall starting to buy comics on my own in 1970, when I turned 8 and after a year in which my family moved from Japan (where my Sailor dad was station from April 1967 to December 1969) to Primbrook, Massachusetts, to Mineola, Texas, and finally to Long Beach, CA. Among the earliest comics I recall getting that year is Fantastic Four # 101, Kirby’s next to last. By this time, the FF & Spider-Man were by far my favorite comics and I was already a Marvel fanatic.

The first comic I recall having was Wolverine #26 in his first ongoing series. Coincidentally, it also has a great story inside the pages that I still recall to this day. The cover is nothing exceptional as it has a plain clothed Logan (t-shirt, jacket and blue jeans) very generically posing with one hand above his head and claws out…but we never see him in costume.

The issue is about honor, respect and how greed can corrupt even those closest to us…I don’t care if that comic has a $3 value in a price guide…it sticks in my mind as an exceptional issue.

It was action comics 524 from Oct. 1981

While I’d bought and read comics as a kid up to about 6 or7, the first one I remember buying was as a junior in high school in 1979. I was at a journalism camp at Mizzou and there was a comic book rack in their campus book store. Walking by it I saw the cover for Amazing Spider-Man #196 with Peter standing over Aunt May’s grave. I was stunned and had to buy it. Reading it, I found out that Gwen had died. I felt like my whole childhood had been a lie. I went back and found a paper back with some of the collected Lee/Romita issues, some of which I remembered reading when I was younger. That started me buying single issues, then some back issues. Then I went to college and discovered comic book stores. It became quite the obsession.

William Hamberlin

January 24, 2014 at 1:44 pm

When I was a kid, I went to the comic book store and bought FANTASTIC FOUR #527 as well as a Sonic the Hedgehog comic from Archie. I remember liking that issue of Fantastic Four because it featured Ben Grimm copying his butt and then faxing it to some guy who thought that it was the Grand Canyon. I followed Sonic the Hedgehog regularly for a little bit over a year and bought other random Marvel comics from time to time as well. I stopped going to the store for a long time until about three years ago when I heard that Jonny Storm had died so I went in and bought FANTASTIC FOUR #588 as well as FF #1-3. And my bank account has never been as high as I would like since that day.

I got a few issues of Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos.

For me, it was Marvel Team-Up # 138 starring Spider-Man & the Sandman. I had to see why Spidey was teaming up with a badguy! Been hooked ever since!

I’m not sure what my actual FIRST comic was. When i was a little kid i used to read many of the Disney comics published in the 80s. None of them were kept cause… they were disney comics. But when i got older i got into the x-men cartoon in the 90s and i would randomly pick up a comic. I don’t remember what i picked up until i got the Legion Quest from a friend that led into Age of Apocalypse. I read every single ISSUE of AoA and it still holds a HUGE place in my heart of comics.

I remember buying Little Lulu way back in the day along with Dennis the Menace travels to Hawaii giant size.
I must’ve been about 8 or 9 y.o. Those were my gateway comics until I discovered super-heroes.

Not counting the stuff I read as a kid, because it was so haphazard. Very grocery store heavy, I loved it, but it’s all a vague blur.

The first comic that I bought as something resembling an adult, in college, was the first graphic novel collection of Warp Graphic’s Elfquest. A few years later, spurred on by the 90s animated series, I started buying X-Men, and a few issues in the whole Age of Apocalypse thing happened and I was hooked for life.

The other big influence was Sandman, but I borrowed those from a friend and didn’t actually buy them until much later.

Marvel’s Star Wars #56. I was pretty young, and I recall my parents had taken us to an indoor flea market and I found this comic with Lando Calrissian on the cover getting beaten up by Lobot. I hadn’t known about the Marvel Star Wars line, and absolutely had to get that on the spot.

first comic I bought (myself) was JLA #38 (1990) death of Mister Miracle (Giffen run). But I already owned a large run of action force (G.i. Joe to you americans) the dandy, the beano, whizzer, and battle and action. I didn’t pay for those with my own money (as I had none). 1982 is the earliest comic I own that I’ve had since birth, or thereabouts.

My case very similar as in the beginning, I got into comics through my brothers collection, than had a period when I didn’t care about it as much. I read some funny books, like MAD and such. There was a Hungarian publication (since I’m from Hungary), called Kretén (Cretin) I was a big fan of, my brother started collecting it, then I continued to subscribe to it till the end of its run. But I’m not sure if it counts, ’cause it wasn’t a comic book in its entirety.
So the first one that certainly counts, was Ultimate Spider-Man (vol.1) #18 (if I remember correctly, it was #19 of the Hungarian edition), since that was sort of the only decent comic book you could buy at the newsvendors around here, and I didn’t know about any comic book stores (I’m not sure if there was any here back then.)

The first I ever read was a 90’s Hulk fighting the Leader in a Murder Module, bought by my dad. My first bought comic was probably an early 90’s Avengers story with the Gatherers.

Uncanny X-Men 251.

The original crucified Wolverine cover.

Wolverine vol. 1 #65! And its still one of my favorite comics. I own two copies, the original that I purchased at a news stand during a Christmas parade when I was in 7th grade and one in a lot better condition that I found at me then lcbs.

Avengers 228

I peg this as the first comic I bought. We were staying at my grandparent’s house (where there were other comics lying around….never thought about it before, but I don’t know where they had come from) and we walked down to Simmy’s, which was a convenience store at the bottom of the hill. This comic was on the stands. I bought it and a life long obsession began.

I stopped collecting in the late 1990s for a variety of reasons. When I stopped, my Avengers issues were: 5, 12, 17-378 (Plus all the Annuals and Specials). The Avengers were MY group. I had other impressive runs, but this was my title.

When I started collecting again in 2004, I tried to get back in with the Avengers and was successful for a while, but Brian Michael Bendis and Secret Invasion was too much for me….

Fantasitic Four #166, the first of a 2 part FF vs Hulk epic, and I still have it. George Perez Art, Roy Thomas Story. They used a device thatdepowered the Hulk that’s never been used again to the best of my knowledge and at the end the Thing smashes it and the Gamma raditiona reverts back to Banners and leads into the next issue where the Thing and Hulk fight side by side against the rest of the FF.

My first comic is lost to the mists of time. But the first one I remember owning was DC Special #20


with Green Lantern. I remember because I made a Shrinky Dink out of the cover image of GL. (Shrinky Dinks were a kind of plastic that you traced an image onto and then colored, then BAKED in the oven, where they shrank.)

I also remember a horror comic where the characters wound up getting eaten by alligators in the sewers. That was a twist at the end. I am pretty sure it was a DC book but other than that no idea.

The first comic I ever bought was “Uncanny X-Men” #336 back in 1997, at the age of 15 years old. One day I was walking around with a group of friends and found some random comic book store. While looking around looking at the covers of the comic books. Nothing really caught my attention until I saw that Joe Madureira illustration of Onslaught with Charles Xavier and Franklin Richards in the palm of his hand on the cover. And I’ve been hooked ever since!

Vault of Horror #1 reprint.

As embarrassing as this is probably Richie Rich or Hot Stuff ! I’m guessing late 70’s

I was 5 or 6 when i bought Joker #1 at the drug store off the comic rack. My allowance had been set at the price of one comic a week. I bought the comic because i saw both the Joker and Batman and many of the other Gotham bad guys on the cover, so i thought i had hit the mother lode of a Batman comic. I was too young to realize that the cover didn’t always match the contents, and Batman wasn’t even in the comic. So though my love of comics started there, so did the lesson “Don’t judge a (comic) book by it’s cover”. True story.

1966, Amazing Spideman #39. John Romita Sr’s first work on his long and legendary run on Spiderman as he took the reins from Steve Ditko. In this landmark issue, the Green Goblin and Spiderman learned each others identities. It was an awesome time to be a Spidey fan. Stan Lee and John Romita were an amzing team, and in my humble opinion, nobody has come close to their greatness since.

The Amazing Spider-Man 147. It was in a three pack with Invincible Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. The politically incorrect Tarantula was on the cover. I had no idea what I had gotten into the middle of. Now, I see that it was the following the Death of Gwen Stacy and the origin of The Punisher and it was part of the original Clone Saga that would be revisited years later.

First one I bought on my own was Fantastic Four #147

Prior to that I had a couple of friends who let me read theirs occasionally.

The first comic I ever RECEIVED was Walt Disney Comics Digest #1, dated January 1968, which means it came out about November of ’67 when I was four. Over 180 pages of comics, including a Barks duck adventure. I read that thing over and over and over. The back cover came off and so, I think, did a few back pages.
The first super-hero comics I remember having were Detective Comics #393 (“The Combo Caper” by Frank Robbins, Bob Brown and Joe Giella, with a Batgirl backup by Robbins [I think] and Gil Kane) and Action Comics #382 (uncredited Superman story with an also-uncredited Legion of Super-Heroes backup, Supergirl having taken over the lead in Adventure that year), both dated November 1969. I still have my original copies.
I’m not sure I bought any with my own money until maybe 1975. I turned 12 late that year and I know there were books I was following by then. The first ones I actually bought were probably issues of either Batman or Detective, picked up from the newsstand.

There were 3 comics I got around the same time – they were Spectacular Spider-Man #12, Spidey Super Stories #37 and Amazing Spider-man #187. Not sure which was first, I basically learned to read from these comics…

Squadron Supreme #12. Awesomeness, been hooked ever since!

I read a lot of random comics when I was little, but the first one that really stuck with me was the oversized, treasury edition Star Wars #1. I remember the store I bought it at while on vacation, and just reading and re-reading it non-stop.

My first dates me quite a bit. Mine was Uncanny X-Men #143 way back in 1981. Still love the Kitty Pride Christmas story.

Amazing Spider-Man #249 mainly because of the awesome cover, didn’t read it until much later though.

Uncanny X-Men 273, in 1989. Bought mostly because of Jean Grey standing there front and center. Hooked on mutants ever since.

Imraith Nimphais

January 24, 2014 at 2:50 pm

Uncanny X-Men Anniversary issue #175…waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy back then.

X-Force 21.I was 10. It had guns, swords, teenage superheroes. I loved it. I bought it in the grocery store next to my mother’s shop and it stayed in her car for years.

Fantastic Four # 70 in 1967. The Mad Thinker and his androids appear and Ben, Reed, and Johnny seem to be dead at the end. I was 7, and I probably thought they were dead, because the next issue I bought was #93 two years later. But I was hooked from that point on, at least until I was 17, when I stopped reading for a decade or so.

This is easy, the first comics I ever bought were Uncanny X-Men 175, Marvel Team-up 135, FF 260 and Doctor Strange vol. 2 61. Still got them too.

My first comic(s) was/were the Whitman reprints the Marvel Star Wars issues 1-3, that were sold at drug stores in poly-bagged 3-packs. But that was because I was a huge Star Wars and I was getting everything Star Wars I could get my hands on. But I did enjoy the books, especially when they started doing original stories. I was always looking for the next set of three. I stopped seeing them (I think they stopped after issue 12) so I had to find another place where they sell them. There was a store in a local mall that sold comics, The Comic Vendor. I was behind by several issues, so my mom bought them for me. Then Micronauts started. Loved the toys, so I tried the comics. Two comics a month was not enough to curb my appetite. So early 1979 I got the current issue of all the major Marvel Comics series. I still remember the issue number of the first book I got from each title. But the one that truly started my love of comics was (Uncanny)X-Men #123.That is my true passion in my collection

Man oh man! We’re talking late 70’s here. I think I bought a comic from the Safeway when I went grocery shopping with mom. I think it was a copy of the Defenders from 1979? I remember it was tough to spare $ for comics but mom got it for me anyway. I was hooked. That takes me back. Wow. This exercise triggered some great memories :)

X-men 193 – the hundredth appearance of the All-New, All-Different X-men.

Not a bad first pick!

It was a DC 100 page giant, pretty sure it was Detective, the one with the death of Paul Kirk Manhunter.

If my memory serves correctly, It was three comics X-men Vol.2 #14. That is the first comic i remember buying on my own with money i was suppose to use to buy food after Sunday school. It was a Toy Store in Manhattan I remember getting Wolverine #51 and Batman Adventures #1 also but the dates don’t add up but as I remember it had to be those three because I remember ripping the covers and taping them with masking tape i cherished them so much but i read them so much that i broke them. After buying a Wizard magazine that contained an article on the collectivity of comics and how to take care of them i took better care of every comic i own and no comic ever reached my long box without a bag and board , but the original three were the only ripped comics i had.

The first comic I bought was Marvel Tales 164, which I later discovered was a reprint of Amazing 26. I was wowed…I loved that Spidey had to buy an imitation costume and loved the gang war battle between the Crime-Master and the Green Goblin. I remember being stunned at the end when Spidey’s fate hung in the balance…the comic ended, and I waited and waited for the next issue to come out to see how Spider-Man would escape this predicament. I also wondered why he had a black costume in the other Spider-Man comics I sought out after. This was the Spidey I saw on the cartoons. When I started collecting back issues seriously as an adult, the first one I bought was Amazing Spider-Man 26. The nostalgia is deep for me with this issue.

First comic, would have to be a Harvey comic… probably Casper or Little Devil. Superhero comic, not sure, but probably a Spider-Man issue.

I have no idea what the first comic I bought with my own money is, but I remember the first comic I ever owned was TMNT Adventures #11. I had to look up what the issue number was, but I’ll always remember the cover.

It was Iron Man #202 and #203, which made me go find issue #198 – #201.

Captain America came next. I’m not sure of the issue # but it was the beginning of the Scourge storyline. That was awesome.

Amazing Spider-Man #270 came next and I was hooked. I collect Iron Man and Captain America along with Spidey but soon phased them out for all of the web-head series (Web of Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man). Nuff said.

The Frozen Reptile

January 24, 2014 at 3:35 pm

I started by reading my dad’s large Silver Age Superman and Adventure Comics about 1977. The first book I remember getting myself was a Superman comic with the Atomic Skull on it I think it was Superman 323 because seeing the cover stirred my memories.

My 1st was Fantastic Four #20.Their 1st and only Silver Age battle with the Molecule Man.What agreat start to a love affair with comics.But,my 2nd comic was Avengers #4,the Silver Age rebirth of Captain America.I remember nearly every panel from that classic.Got them both at Cranes Rexall Drug on the corner of 38th St and 42nd Ave, in South Minneapolis.I also boiught many,many more comics from that great store.

I read comics as a kid during the early to mid 90s but I stopped for a while. The first comic I ever bought for myself was Peter Parker Spider Man #45, part 2 of “A Death in the Family” story. I had stopped reading Spider Man at part 1 of Revelations in the Clone Saga so it was kinda confusing as Aunt May and Norman were still dead as far as I knew.

It’s tough to say, but I think it might have been Wolverine #67 (1993). I’d been pretty wild about X-Men the Animated series, and they had a spinning rack at a local drug store and I got my dad to buy it for me. He may have also bought me an issue of Batman Adventures (the comic adaptation of the Animated series) at the same time, but who can be sure? I remember writing and drawing in both of them…


The first issue(s) i remember reading were left at my house by a babysitter in
1964—Avengers #2 and Hulk #6. I was hooked on the big green guy with terrible
manners and had to find more to read about him. I went to the store and remember
buying my first comic (with my own money)–Tales to Astonish #62! Except for a brief
spell in high school, i have not stopped.

X-Men (Volume 2) #15. Part of X-Cutioner’s Song.

Though I remember watching X men, Spider Man and Marvel Hour when I was a kid, I don’t recall it influencing me to purchase comics, it more influenced me to ask my parents for the action figures. It wasn’t until I watched Spawn on HBO, I was so intrigued by the character and story that I begged my dad to purchase me a few issues of Spawn’s first run. Issues 1 & 2 kicked it off for me.

tom fitzpatrick

January 24, 2014 at 4:11 pm

I bow my head in shame: it’s STAR WARS #1 (Marvel); then THE MICRONAUTS.

My first was Marvel Vs DC # 3, Superman vs Hulk, just had to buy it!


I vividly remember the first comic I ever bought. It was Green Lantern #43 which was the prelude to Blackest Night. I still have it and it is just as good to read now as the day I purchased it.

Catwoman V1 #38

My first was a used copy of Invaders #1 (1977), although it was around 1979 when I bought it. It was from an old used bookstore and they had boxes of cheap comics, typically in horrible condition (before the days of comic bags), but it was an awesome introduction to the comic books.

I have no idea what the first comic I bought was, except that it would have been a Richie Rich comic and the year would have been 1977 or 1978. I first started reading comics in 1977 with my older brother’s Richie Rich collection and then started buying my own Richies.

Avengers #309. The Avengers find that Olympia has vanished into the Negative Zone. They go off in search of the Eternals, in the hopes of curing dying Gilgamesh, but instead find– Blastaar!

My first comic was probably an Archie comic or Casper the Friendly Ghost in the 60’s, but my first brush with superheroes is the one I remember the most: Justice League of America #86 with a Neal Adams cover showing Superman, Batman and others I had not heard of yet not being able to help a dying populace of Earth.

First comic I bought with my own money was Action Comics # 537 by Mike W Barr, Irv Novick and John Calnan cover dated December 1982

Captain America #275 way back in 1982 when I was seven and already blowing my allowance on funny books (as my mother called them)

First comic I bought was Uncanny X-Men #350 – the Trial of Gambit.

Hard to tell and…. intense :) I remember a Spider-man issue and a Batman (Detective Comics #613, 614 Grant/Breyfogle forever !), some TMNT, GI Joe. I liked them but never gave it much thought (“just a comic”) it all really started one December month when I received my first X-Men #1 by Jim Lee, Amazing Spider-man (with Venom and his wife inside), Punisher (a Christmas issue), Batman (vs Joker in LotDK #50) and my head exploded :) Of course my life was changed forever after that experience and next month I bought everything that I could get my hands on, soon I started to search for some back issues and a few month later I was regular reading Spiderman, X-Men, Punisher, Batman and even Superman.

Avengers #225, which had the Black Knight on the cover.

My first super-hero comic, besides Donald Duck, was a Norwegian translation of Spectacular Spider-Man 109-110, the conclusion of the Sin Eater arch (1986). A dark story, especially for a 7 year old, but I used the opportunity of a train ride without parental supervision to buy it. The atmosphere hooked me immediately, and introduced me to characters like Spider-Man and Daredevil. Probably the reason I still follow Marvel.

Magnus: Robot Fighter….the first one not the “new” one……..

Don’t remember the first comic I ever bought, but I keep the receipt for the first batch of books I paid for with a paycheck from my shop:

Ex Machina #1
Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia
Villains United #3 & 4
Ultimate Spider-Man vol. 5
Transmetropolitan vol. 2
Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight/New Dawn

This is the best discussion topic ever, BTW. Also hugely surprised how many people here started with G.I. Joe.

@LouReedRichards —

That issue of G.I. Joe most certainly was a masterpiece. One of the most classic issues out of the series.

@MOCK! —

Shit, man, that’s rough.

Batman #242, MW Kaluta cover with Batman on a tombstone that read “Bruce Wayne” RIP. Got it at a 7-11 across from the drive-in where I ended up spending the summer of 1980 at watching ESB over and over.

Good times. Great times, actually.

Uncanny X-Men #281…pretty good start to a great hobby…

The first comic story-arc I can remember was running through Web of and Spectacular Spider-Man at the time….and it was about the Werewolf Brothers, The LOBOS…..which inspired me and my friends who traded this batch around for a few weeks, to start trying to draw and write comics on the spot. We just basically tried to re-write the exact same characters into a story that took place in our fourth grade elementary school classes (USAgent was one of the secondary story characters). Not really knowing what we were doing but knowing that drawing was one job and writing was another, I drew 4 pages of our “book” but didn’t actually consult with my “writer” so some level of hilarity ensued almost with a Mad Libs type of effect, where my buddy just tried to fill in word bubbles I purposely drew in with what he THOUGHT I probably meant to have the characters say. I wish I still had this farce and the pages probably are still in a box in my parents garage…. might have to try and track that down;) Good exercise, this one, in thinking about where I was when…

X-Men (2nd series) # 13

My first purchase was the entire “Funeral For a Friend” storyline that ran through the Superman books right after the death. WalMart was selling it as one big gift set, along with the Superman Gallery book.

uncanny x-men 205

The first comic I ever bought was Uncanny X-Men 392! It was the first issue of the Eve of Destruction story!

Being from Brazil had its upside sometimes. The first comicbook I ever bought was a collected edition of the Spider-Man/Ghost Rider/Hobgoblin clash on [i]Spider-Man[/i], written and drawn by Todd McFarlane. My parents had been buying comics for me since I was a toddler (mostly Disney stuff) and at the time i was trippin’ on Spider-Man stories from the late 70s and 80s with Kraven, the Vulture, Carrion and Vermin and really wishing they hadn’t taken away my Batman comics (after the Joker beat Robin to death with a crowbar, they felt it had gotten too adult for me, and it did give me some mean nightmares). When I saw the cover (they used the cover of Spider-Man #7 in the Brazilian collected edition) it was nothing I’d ever seen before. Ghost Rider was a visual revelation. It scared the crap outta my folks, but I could see how noble and misunderstood the character was behind the visage of the monster/demon. And Mr. McFarlane played that dicotomy beautifully, between Spidey (the hero who looks and acts the part), Hobgoblin (the villain who sees himself as a hero but whose disfigured image betrays his inner darkness) and Ghost Rider (the violent, scary anti-hero who’d actually never cross the moral line into villainy). That story is still one of my favorites ever.

I started early, so it’s kind of a blur at this point.

I remember having a trade IV of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles published by First Publications from 1989.

I also had a trade of Wolverine & Ghost Rider, Acts of Vengeance, which originally appeared in Marvel Comics Presents in the early 90’s.

First actual comic I had was X-Men Adventures #1, an adaptation of first episode of the X-Men animated series. Pure awesome.

Punisher War Journal vol.1 #1

Coincidentally, the first book I spent my own money on was Batman 462. It took me years to go back and find the latter two parts of the story.


January 24, 2014 at 6:45 pm

First comic my parents bought me was the early Transformers comic with Starscream and Circuit Breaker on the cover (17 maybe?). First for myself I think is one of the X comics during X-Cutioner Song crossover. I would horde lunch money to buy comics and not nourishment.

I was kindergarten-aged, so I asked my parents to buy it for me, which they did. It was a Mickey Mouse comic with Floyd Gotfredson’s original Phantom Blot story in it (the one in which the Blot steals cameras). That was in about 1954, so the story (dating from serialized form in the the daily strips in 1939) was probably on its 3rd or 4th (or more?) reprinting by then.

World’s Finest #213 in 1972. Bought it in NYC on a family vacation. I also got the 2nd DC issue of Korak Son of Tarzan. I was definitely more of a super hero fan than a Jungle Lord fan. I was hooked.

the first comic that was ever bought for me was a marvel Secret Origins black and white comic. It had the origins of Spiderman, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, and Spiderwoman. It had one color page for the start of each of their origins in the rest was all in black and white. My mom bought it for me from a garage sale and thought I would color in it. That’s all it took to start me being a lifetime comic collector. Although there was quite a long break where I did not collect any, digital comics have brought me back into the comic world and actually have started me picking up print editions of certain titles as well. Considering how obsessive I was a child about getting comics from that moment on, especially after I first saw Alan Davis’s art, she is probably kicking herself.

I see we have quite an international crowd here. Don’t know how many know about Memin or Kaliman. I think those were from Argentina, no idea how they got to supermarkets in Puerto Rico alongside digest-size Spanish-translations of Superman, New Teen Titans and Batman comics… Anyway, the first comic I own is Amazing Spider-Man 359 – Spidey fights Cardiac and we get the first hint of Carnage. Image comics promotions had already started making the rounds back then, so he was referred to as “the spawn of Venom”. English being my second language, at the time I had no idea what that meant….

My first comic was 50 years ago! Superman #173 was the first for me…the one that came out in 1964. On the cover were Luthor and Braniac with Jimmy Olsen, supposedly revealing Superman switching to Clark Kent.

I started early too, but it was something during the 80’s. Either a Transformers, Iron Man, or Hulk book. And I’m pretty sure that if it was an Iron Man book, it was because I thought he was a Transformer.

Speaking as one of the “old timers” around these parts, it’s not easy for me to remember exactly which was my first.

However, I think it was Justice League of America 124. It came out in 1975.

Damn kids. Get off my lawn.


Star Wars #50 with an awesome painted cover by Tom Palmer! Plus a story by Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson featuring Han Solo in a flashback during the three year wait between a Empire and Jedi. You don’t get much better than that…

Infinity War # 1. My grandparents bought it for me at a knife factory in Tennessee while we were there on vacation. First collection I had (which, I think, was before this) was Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1. First one I bought with my own money, that I can remember, as Scott Snyder’s/Greg Capullo’s Batman #1.

Summer of ’75, Giant-Sized Fantastic Four #6, which was a reprint of Fantastic Four Annual #6 featuring the first appearances of Annihilus and Franklin Richards. I actually blogged about this in some detail recently (http://talesoftheboojum.blogspot.com/2013/12/i-was-teenaged-marvel-zombie-in.html) but the short version is, it was life-changing.

First comics I owned were a bunch of comics that someone gave me when I was a toddler or maybe 4 or 5. Maybe my aunt’s boyfriend but others say no so it is a mystery who to blame for my obsession. The comics were Conan 10 & 12, Marvel Feature presents the Defenders 1 and Marvel Triple Action #1. The first comic I bought was Power Pack #16 when I was 13. That cover was just amazing. I had to have it.

I should add that Power Pack 16 was in a convenience store on a vacation at the beach. But it was right after that I figured out there was a comic store in driving distance from my house.

AverageJoeEveryman: That was (and still is) one of my favorite issues: Transformers #9. I wish Marvel would bring back Circuit Breaker or at least relinquish the rights to her.

When I think of the first comic I ever bought, two things come to mind. The first isn’t a comic exactly. Rather, it was an old LP of the Spider-Man “Rock Comic” (you can find it on YouTube). I must have listened to that hundred of times as a child. The first comic book I purchased with my own money was “The Amazing Spider-Man 238″, the first appearance of the Hobgoblin. It hooked me instantly and it turned me into a collector because I had to see where the story went from there.


January 24, 2014 at 8:23 pm

Amazing Spider-Man #536

Literally in the middle of Civil War, but it’s what made me love the serial nature of comic books.
I had no of much current continuity, and the issue basically begins with Iron Man punching Peter out of a skyscraper because of the recent events in Civil War. But I loved it.

For me the first comic book I read was X-Men #290, which my brother bought (or had bought for him by my mother) entirely because he recognized Storm from the X-Men cartoon we had just discovered. The second comic was X-Force #1 which my other brother had bought. I devoured both comics and within days we were back at the mall and I was buying my own first comic.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it was Claremont and Lee’s X-Men #1 (Rogue/Gambit cover). I bought a few others (none of which I recall) and my brother also bought a couple comics. I began reading in the store but had to stop partway through. In the car I noticed that my brother was reading my book and I yelled at him (how charming!) but he claimed it was the story he had already been reading.

And so with that, a young Kelly Thompson learned what a variant cover was.

Comics became an obsession (obviously). I have had long periods where I stopped entirely, but I always come back.

It’s so fantastic reading everybody’s stories from different eras!

While I had a couple dozen well worn comics around from the late 70s/early 80s, those were all given to me or bought for me.
The first comic I actually bought was Transformers 41. It had like 100 characters on the cover and when I saw it in BDalton I HAD to have it. That one got the ball rolling on me collecting on a monthly basis. And since waiting an entire month between issues is too long, I started buying other books like GiJoe, Punisher, X-Factor, Batman etc while waiting for the next issue of Transformers.

I will have to go with Uncanny X-men 301. Kind of weird that I started with a non-milestone issue. I was able to read #300 somewhere and felt obligated to follow the story ever since.

I haven’t been as fortunate as most of the people on here to start reading comic books at a young age. I started almost 2 years ago at the age of 19. I actually picked up three “first” comics at the same time. The first comic was Bloodshot #1 and the other two comics I picked up that same day were Harbinger #1 and #2. But since then I have picked up Archer & Armstrong, Hawkeye, Thor: God of Thunder, Daredevil (at issue #23 and my first non-#1 comic), Black Science, and recently Black Widow.

My first comic was in 95 I was about six and stopped at a comic shop after karate practice and found my first lithographic issue of Ghost Rider, the litho was red with a a cutout of the flames in a paper cover in front of the litho of ghost rider screaming. It was part of the danny ketch storyline. I read comics before that my grandmother collected, but this was the first one for myself, and it was awesome.

Frankly I’m a noob to the comic world but my first comic I remember buying was Man Of Steel #19 part of the death of superman storyline and the first crossover I ever collected.

My first comic is a blurry memory. It was either an issue of Iron Man with the Blizzard, a Justice League issue where the team (with John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan) battled the Key, or a Superman Family with a magical village in the mountains where Superman was somehow deformed into a dwarf?

The earliest comic I can remember having was Archie’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures” #1, based on the first episode of the cartoon. But it was probably bought for me by my mom. I didn’t buy one on my own until a few years later, when I picked up “The Amazing Spider-Man” #361, which happened to be the first full-on appearance of Carnage. It rocked my world, and I was hooked from then on.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think it was one of the Wolverine #51-#53 arc back in 92..

I had some comics from various kid party gift bags, arcades, etc. (including some Marvel/Star Comics Thundercats issues that are still in tatters from how many times I read them, plus The Last Starfighter mini-series).

The first comic I went out and bought with my own money, though, was X-Men Adventures #1, based on the cartoon. Of course, I had no idea what was going on with multiple X-Men titles at the comic store, so I was totally confused when I picked up X-Men #12 (with Hazard on the cover). The costumes and characters looked the same as the animated series, so I thought that they were the same thing. When I finally sorted that confusion out, I pretty much just collected X-Men Adventures for a couple of years until I started to expand my horizons at all.

I did drop a pretty penny on comic trading cards, though; ah, the 90’s!

In 1972, at the age of 7, I shelled out my pocket money for The Mighty World of Marvel #1. Up until then my parents bought me Gold Key comics: Magnus Robot Fighter (yay!), Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! True Ghost Stories (WTF?!) and – most horrific of all – Smokey Bear (Mum and Dad, I am disappoint). Buying my first Mighty World of Marvel was my entry into an addiction which followed me into high school. Along the way, I also bought the first issues of 2000 AD and Star Wars, both of which got me into huge trouble with my mother (the woman who bought me horror comics before I could tie my shoelaces), but that’s another saga.

Daredevil 238 in 1987 from the newspaper shop (I live in England) where my mum worked.
Cover Artists Arthur Adams and Klaus Janson. Written by Ann Nocenti with Art by Sal Buscema.
“It Comes with the Claws” featured Sabertooth vs Daredevil in the sewers during the ‘Mutant Masacre’.
How could I not be hooked with all that going on. Nearly 30 years on and I still remember sitting reading it again and again.

first comics Ever bought …
Avengers 224 (82)

First french comis Edition
Strange 75 or 76 (76) (Captain Marvel 31 / Daredevil 78/ iron Man 72 / Spiderman 78)

Several here mentioned being old fogies. One step beyond that must be old farts, and I must be one. My first comic bought was in 1960, a ten cent title from DC: The Brave and Bold #28. I believe the oldest issue mentioned so far.

The first appearance of the Justice League of America, vs. Starro the Conqueror.

My friend Peter…the Puffer fish…is calling me–and Great Neptune! What an incredible tale he is thought-beaming at me!

They don’t write ‘em like that anymore.

Web Of Spider-Man #2 featuring “The Vulturions”. I was home from school for some reason and I was allowed to get one book off the spinner rack at the A&P.

remember perfectly West Coast Avengers #39…it was August 1988 i was 12

My parents were trying to ween me off “Transformers” and made a deal for me to not buy any for the summer in exchange for a Nintendo Turbo advantage controller

I thought I could get around this by spending 80 cents on a transformers comic book, and begged mom to take by the local gas station for me to buy one after church….she was furious with my begging, so when she relented I went into the store and was so terrified there were no Transformers comics on the rack I bought West Coast Avengers because it had the most characters in it…..and from then I was hooked

(story was Hawkeye, Wonder Man, Vision and the Scarlet Witch were trying to figure out why former Avenger Mantis had showed up with no memory and green skin, they ended up fighting the resurrected (green) corpse of dead Avenger the Swordsman)

Definately Batman, i believe it was a knight fall issue. Got it from a swap meet. Wasn’t interested in collecting at the time so it saw much use and abuse. Age of apocalypse got me started weekly buying

The first comic I remember owning was John Byrne’s Superman #22. I remember being blown away by that particular issue (Superman killing). The first comic I ever bought for myself was Batman #436 (Year 3 – Part 1). It would take me about two years to know that it wasn’t a very good comic but it did start me collecting. That was 1989.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not – True Ghost Stories (1979, Golden Press). Re-read it hundreds of times as a child. Gave me a taste for Al Williamson and the other Warren Publishing era artists. Saw a copy for sale here:
The one that got me collecting permanently was X-Men 190. I was 9 years old and it was mindblowing then.

Lol, I know it was a Spiderman, it was 83′ or 84′. That’s all I remember. Weird that I don’t remember more about my first comic. The first comic I bought with my own money was Uncanny X Men 256 that I remember.

First comic I bought with my own money was Marvel’s Star Wars 39, part one of the adaptation of “The Empire Strikes Back”. First super-hero book was Fantastic Four 233, “Mission For a Dead Man” by John Byrne.

I’m not 100 per cent sure. I remember the earliest I remember having was an issue of Crusaders, though I have no idea where it came from. I specifically remembering going to the pharmacy to buy the issue of Captain America that introduces Bantam, the chicken/boxing themed super-hero. It also might have been an issue of Brigade. Ugh.


January 25, 2014 at 2:08 am

Probably a collection of Snoopy strips. Either Snoopy or Garfield. I mean, come on, FIRST? As a kid, that was what I started on.

I think I was 8 or 9, and I went to the local convenience store with my mom and on the shelf there were some comics. I loved the Spider-Man cartoon from the 90’s. I watched it when I was 5 or 6. So I grabbed Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2, #34. I loved it. I wish I still had it, but sadly I don’t. I read that book over and over and over again. The next book I got, which ironically came out before the Spidey one but was still sitting on the shelf, was Wolverine Vol. 2, #165. I have no idea why my mom let me get it now that I think about it, it was a pretty gruesome book judging by the cover alone. Some time later, my mom brought me home Daredevil #300 that she found at some stand in the middle of the mall selling old books. I loved these books, and I had no idea what was going on in any of them to be honest.

I only eventually started collecting in 2012 with Uncanny Avengers #1. It came out on my birthday, so I got it for my birthday. My collection is still small, in the 300’s, but it’ll get there.

X-Force #1 (1991).
Nuff said.

The comic that I’ve always remembered the most vividly from my earliest reading days is Avengers 130. It takes place in Saigon, where the Avengers are investigating the past of Mantis. They have a run-in with Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo, and Radioactive Man (The Titanic Three), who have inserted themselves as law enforcers, and eventually a misunderstanding leads to a fight. Iron Man and Thor also get into a fight in this issue, until Thor whacks IM extra hard with the hammer to settle him down. Cap, who wasn’t on the team at the time, also just happens to be in Saigon as Nomad, and stops by to plug his comic before leaving again. I didn’t know who any of these characters were, but I thought it was great. At the beginning of the book, the Avengers are in a garden to bury the Swordsman. The first words of the comic are “The Swordsman is dead”, and I’ve never forgotten that opening line since I read it all those years ago.

The Wedding of superman. Even I do not book still It still hold a place.

Pat, that’s a neat one to start with. I always thought the idea of the Titanic Three farming themselves out to a minor Communist country was great.

Uncanny X-Men 282

Uncanny X-Men # 197. Kind of a toss-off issue with Kitty and Colossus fighting Arcade, but I loved it, and it got me hooked on Claremont, at least through the Inferno days

My first comic book was The Invincible Iron Man #127. I remember my friend John and I walked to a comic shop called “The Comic Logue” and the owner would yell at you if you started reading the comics. My friends were really big X-Men fanboys but something about Iron Man just clicked with me. Eventhough Comic Logue has long since went out of business, my love for comics has only grown. Thank you to all you fellow comic collectors for helping make this such a great hobby and allowing me to make many awesome friends.

It was either the British prints of the original Secret Wars series, or Uncanny X-men 205 (still one of my favourite ever stand-alone stories).

Uncanny X-Men #257, X-Factor #47 and Classic X-Men #40. (I may have bought some Spider Man, or West Coast Avengers, or Green Lantern a week or so earlier, but since I became primarily an X-Men collector, those are the ones I remember).

Of course, these were terrible jumping-on issues. Between the three, there were two totally different “crazy” Jean Greys, two totally different Wolverines. Two had totally different teams, but with over lapping characters (CXM and XFA) and one had no team at all (UXM) but featured Wolverine and totally unidentifiable characters (Jubilee, Lady Mandarin). I didn’t realize that CXM was reprint material–I thought “classic” meant new stories about the “classic” lineup.

It’s a miracle that I stuck it out long enough to figure out what was going on.

I clearly remember the first comic that started my collection. I had just seen The Dark Knight at the cinema and wondered to myself,”I wonder if comics still exist?” First chance I got I went down to the CNA (primarily a stationary store) and sitting on the shelf was Batman #676. It was part of the R.I.P storyline and had an amazing double page spread of the Batmobile flying through the air. My collection surpassed 1000 books last year, and I can’t imagine ever stopping. I’ve got some comic reviews on my blog if anyone wants to check em out, let me know if you like or not.

The Death of Superman, Knightfall: The Broken Bat, and Knightfall: Who Rules The Night (all TPBs).

The Adventures of Indiana Jones #1- John Byrne

My first comic that I ever purchased was Marvel Secret Wars #3. I was already a huge fan of the cartoon Spider-Man and his Amazing friends which I would devour any chance I got even when it was a repeat. Every once in awhile there would be guest stars from the Marvel universe that would be featured in an episode. My favorite guests were the strange and wonderful group The X-Men. I was immediately intrigued and captivated by this group of outsiders. Of course being a bit of a shy kid who really didn’t have an easy time with other kids it was love at first sight. So one day when I was walking through a local high school’s Christmas fair you can imagine my complete sense of shock and amazement when I saw the cover of S.W. #3 which showed Spidey and the X-Men fighting each other in what looked like a pretty cut throat and intense battle. I was instantly hooked on that 12 issue storyline and little did I know that 30 years later I would have 37 (and counting) long boxes, a monthly habit that makes my wife so happy( note the sarcasm please), and a daughter named after my favorite character and the man who created my favorite characters.

My first purchase was Punisher War Zone 1. In all honesty, I purchased it because of the die-cut cover (I used to love those and the Marvel foil and holgram covers). Thus begining my love of all things Punisher. I currently own all Punisher issues from all story lines, and I am only missing a few variant covers. I even stuck around as the stories seemed to go nowhere and lose their focus. Long live Frank Castle! LOL.

When I was a kid my parents bought comics for me. The first comic I remember getting was Transformers #1. They continued to buy Transformers, GI Joe, Warlord, Thundercats and He-Man comics throughout my childhood. The first comic I remember buying with my own money was Justice League Europe #1. I recognized Wonder Woman and Flash on the cover from the Super Friends cartoons so I bought it. This was a gateway issue that opened the door to superhero comics for me and I haven’t ever looked back.

HA. Uncanny #173 Rogue Wolverine in Japan. Changed my life. Itt had everything. Claremont,Smith. SuperRogue .MohawkStorm.Madelyne…and I folded it and taped it and re-taped it. and read it too many times to count..

The first comic book, period, I ever bought was the first Walking Dead trade, “Days Gone Bye”. The first superhero comic I ever bought was the Avengers Disassembled trade and New Avengers volume 1 (Breakout). The first issue I ever bought was, I believe, Thor #362 (off eBay, not when it originally came out).

I don’t think Uncanny X-Men #276 was the first comic I bought, but that was the one that hooks me — on the X-Men and then on comics in general.

X-Men in space with the Starjammers and the Imperial Guard. Gambit learning to be a hero. SO many characters, and it was basically 30 issues into Claremont’s most sprawling, complicated, convoluted tangle of stories — the X-Men hadn’t even had a solid official lineup since about #246 (or was it 248 when they went into the Siege Perilous?). It wasn’t even the start of a smaller storyline. It was exactly the kind of story that editors (it’s usually editors) warn against when they talk about how comics need to be accessible because every comic is somebody’s first.

It’s actually partly that very complexity that drew me in.. I scoured the back issue bins to find out who these characters were and how they got to where they were. It was worth it because it was an engaging story.

ALF #48… the Safety Seal cover!!!


I was 8 years old. I was in a small mall in Walla Walla, WA with my parents, who were busy buying as many electric candles as they could find at the K-Mart next door (Arbor Day was coming up and they wanted to make sure they had enough electric candles at home).

I wandered into Big Willy’s Funny Book Emporium and asked the man behind the counter (presumably Big Willy) for a copy of NFL Superpro #5 (because back then all of the kids were voraciously devouring the latest issue of NFL Superpro and I wanted to be superrad too).

Sadly, the man told me that they were sold out of NFL Superpro (just like everywhere else in America, naturally). He offered me X-Men #5 and Pirates of Dark Water #4 for $0.50 a piece, but I turned him down saying, “Unless it’s Superpro then it’s a no-go!”

That’s when he reached down between his legs and pulled out a giant surprise… ALF #48! (What did you think he was gonna pull out?!?)

Actually. that’s a complete lie. I WISH the first comic book I bought was ALF #48 from Big Willy’s McHouse of Funny Books. But it wasn’t.

I have no clue what was the first comic book I bought for myself. It was something from the mid-to-late 80s, I’m sure of that based on my age and how much I was into comics as a little kid. But it literally could be anything because I read so many comics back then! Probably some random thing I picked out at the supermarket or the convenience store.

Ghost Rider #27, guest starring the X-Men, vs. the Brood. Looking back now, the story really is kind of a jumbled mess, but back then I was absolutely nuts over it and probably reread it about 20 times. Completely changed my world! It was followed, soon after, but Amazing Spider-Man 369.

First comic was Daredevil #14 from Mark Waid’s run. Daredevil was my favorite growing up and when I saw a new book a year ago, I bought it. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Captain Marvel #4. Became a lifelong Gene Colan fan on the spot. Some of the best splash pages I’ve ever seen

First comic: a bagged three-pack with Batman 311, 312, and 313 (1979). I was four years old when they were first printed, and perhaps five or six when I talked my mom into buying these for me at the local grocery store. 312 is notable for being the only real star turn of the Calendar Man (in my mind) before the Long Halloween.

Fantastic Four, Vol 3, Issue 10. It was Claremont and Larocca’s run. Instantly hooked.

Depends on how you exactly you define it, as it took me a while to work my way up to actual comic books. First time I ever spent money to read a comic was subscribing to the Marvel Unlimited service in 2011 very specifically to read Runaways, which I had just heard of from some online forum and was very curious to read. Second milestone was buying my first comic trades in Runaways Volume 3 since those issues largely weren’t on Unlimited (man, were those disappointing). Finally, my first actual comic books were from near the end of the New 52 launch: I ended up going to my LCS for the first time because I wanted to try Teen Titans, and after finding that title was sold out, instead picked up the first issues of Wonder Woman, Blue Beetle, and the Cloak and Dagger mini, and while none of them impressed me quite as much as Runaways did, they were more than good enough to get me to come back and ultimately become a regular customer.

Todd McFarlane’s Spiderman #1. As a kid, I had no idea what was going on, I just knew Spidey looked really cool on the cover.

I was about to put down Incredible Hulk 372, the comic that made me a fan of the medium, but I just remembered that I had bought a paperback collection of the Goodwin/ Williamson adaptation of Empire Strikes Back at a used book sale about two years prior. That Al Williamson art was beautiful.

Mine were Flash 260 and GL/GA 106 (great Garcia Lopez and Mike Grell covers) – strangely on the first page of the Flash issue, it mentions a specific date (which I think was very unusual, especially then when they wanted comics on the newsstands for a few months) which happens to be the date my wife was born – weird

I’ll never forget…Wolverine #87! Gambit guest starred in that issue. That was the beginning of my journey into comics. :D

When I was in 7th grade, during lunch time a class mate showed the group of us Phoenix: The Untold Story and I thought this was the coolest thing ever. I liked the entire concept of a comic telling a story of events that happened a different way than they did originally. I don’t remember how long it took me to find and buy my own copy or what comics I first bought. I started off as a Marvel Zombie and got into DC shortly after Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, and Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Now I gravitate towards a mix of titles from Image, Avatar, Vertigo and Oni.

My parents subscribed to Marvel Team-Up for me before I was old enough to actually read them . Then a few Marvel Star Wars issues from time to time. But the first time I found a spinner rack bought Uncanny X-Men #188 and Micronauts: the new voyages #1. And I was hooked.

Uncanny X-men 476
Bring back the team line up little heads next to the bar code!!!

Human Torch #5.

Well I actually found it on the ground and brought it home. I was so taken by it my parents kept buying me comic books to encourage me to read.

My first was AVENGER #58 (in 1968): “Even An Android Can Cry” in which the Vision was made a member of the Avengers, and Ultron was in the wings. I took one look at the John Buscema art and was hooked.

I don’t remember the comic I bought myself, but I remember my mother
buying the 1st issue of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe(1983) for me. I could not put that comic down, man I loved that series.

Infinity Inc (1984) #1 & 2. I still have the issues and in fact, a few months ago, picked up the last few I was missing (via eBay) to complete my run of the entire series.

first title read was spires christian Archie and uncle scrooge as well as Richie rich. first superhero comic was who’s who in the dc Universe I believe it was issue five. I loved reading the origins. first graphic novel I ever bought was Origins of Marvel and the dark phoenix saga

Amazing Spider Man 352 and Wolverine 46. I think there was one other and I read Wolverine first and had no idea what was going on. I actually re read it recently and it was like taking a trip to when I first got it at Brooks or Liggetts pharmacy at Bishop’s corner.

My first comic book was Excalibur : the sword is drawn by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis. A real slap in the face. I was hooked. And Nightcrawler has become my favorite character ever since.

It was Spawn: Dark Ages 7. I bought six more issues and then I switched to manga. I went back to American comics about 7 years ago with the Ultimate Universe collections.

My 1st comic was Iron Man #271. He fought Fin Fang Foom. It was so awesome to me. You have this guy in a suit of Armor fighting a huge dragon. How could you stop that? He buried Fin Fang Foom at one point and he just got back up again. It lead to me buying any issue I could find with Fin Fang Foom on the cover. Being a Marvel book, it really made me a Marvel fan. While Iron Man may not have been my favorite superhero (the X-men cartoon just aired for the 1st time, so they were my default favorites) I always thought he was cool. I still have that issue, I’ll never sell it.

The first comic I ever bought with my own money was Wolverine: Origin as a hardcover.

First comic I ever bought, eh? That would be Superman #181, cover-dated November, 1965. There were three stories, “The Super-Scoops of Morna Vine”, one whose title eludes me right now, and the cover-inspired, “Superman of 2965′, with (IIRC) Curt Swan & George Klein artwork throughout.

Boy, I’ve been at this for a long time! (And still loving every minute of it!)

X-Factor #5. First appearance of Apocalypse! I didn’t discover bags and boards for several months and re-read it enough that I probably could have recited it for years after so it looks like it has been through the washing machine.

Solo Avengers #8 (1988) with Hawkeye, Blind Justice, and Pym. Its in tatters, but I still have it.

Some issue of Amazing Spider Man of the first half of the 80s where Dr. Octopus was so terrified by Spidey that anytime he saw him he got instant paralysis.

I’ve got a blast from the past for you. Was at a Peoples’ Drug Store with my parents when I was six, and got Fantastic Four @25 (“The Hulk vs. The Thing”) and Spiderman #11 (The Return of Dr. Octopus”) and they remain iconic memories for me.

My first was more or less Batman and Superman: World’s Finest #7, where the Batman finally opens up about the death of Jason Todd. Even as a kid, I was fascinated by those darker, more brooding portrayals. Reminded me a lot of Superman: For Tomorrow, another of my all-time faves.

Wonder Woman #232 – it was freakin’ awesome! Wonder Woman fighting some weird Egyptian space alien, and guest-starring the Justice Society, because at that time the series was featuring the Earth-2 WW. I was immediately hooked.

The first comics I ever bought (I got them at the same time) were
-Web of Spiderman #100
-X-Men #1-3
-those Alpha Flight/Avengers x-over (the one where they help Namor rescue that green girl from Attuma)

Probably Captain America 110 (or 109)…french version by Heritage….got me hooked !

Avengers #235

That was when I was 16, so not as young as usual… I was hooked, though and started collecting all the Avengers back issues I could find. I finished the full run in the mid-90s.

Captain America 317, 1986. Cap and Hawkeye team up to take down some dude and his “Death Thows” body guards. Turns out that dude was Crossfire in a civilian outfit, and i think it was probably 20 years before I actually realized who he was…I revisited the issue shortly after seeing Crossfire as one of the Hoods gang during Bendis’s Avengers run and finally made the connection….I don’t think I had ever run across him in the intervening years.

The bold yellow cover was simple yet memorable, banter between Hawk and Cap was fantastic, them swapping weapons was cool, it was a great buddy-cop story all in all, and I was hooked. Hawkeye led me to West Coast Avengers and Iron Man, Cap led me to the main Avengers team…that’s the family of titles I primarily read.

Took a hiatus when Heroes Reborn happened, for obvious reasons. Came back when Cap got killed after Civil War. Have broadened my comic horizons a lot since I got back into the habit!

Captain America 247. I was 8 with my mom on our weekly Saturday morning trip to the grocery store. It was the first of thousands of issues to come.

My first issue that started my lifelong collection was Marvel Feature 11 Thing and Hulk, my mom brought me to the local pharmacy that had a newstand rack inside. I was looking in my garage before that for a stack of comics I bought at a neighbors yard sale only to discover my dad threw them out, so mom took me to buy new one I have been every week since then I am now 51 years old and love Marvel and DC some Archie and some independents.

I was amazed how much crossover play was in that Thing Hulk meeting, Thing was a member of a group Fantastic Four, he had a history with the Hulk plus the 2 villians teamed up so I had to get more books to explore. DC Teen Titians by Wolfman and Perez drew me into more DC years later. Not sure if it helped but after a summer of reading comics I was placed in advanced reading class in school and that trhilled my parents so comics didn’t have a stigma for me.

I think it was JLA #66 published 1966. Still a JLA fan to this day through the good, great and terrible.

X-Force #9. I thought the cover was soooooooooooo awesome because it had a cyborg Cable, who is still one of my favorite Marvel characters. Domino with her guns and Shatterstar with his swords. Every other comic book had super powered people but X-Force had edgey, violent characters, and it just seemed really cool and different from the other Marvel books.

I also bought Iron Man 277 because Iron Man was as close a hero as we had to a robot, and I loved robots as a kid (Astroboy and Gundam and whatnot). JRJR’s art also was brilliant . . . very awesome.

Those were my first two comics. I’ll always remember them . . . a good cover does sell a book, and in the case of Iron Man brilliant art.

I bought my first comic in 1987, not sure which issue it was, but my gut feeling tells me it was an issue of Batman or Spider-Man,the stores I went to in my area didn’t stock my favorite character,Superman, and even if I came up on an issue in another store(remembering that Action Comics with Superman/Boostergold) I was out of lunch money, didn’t get it. I do remember a selected few from that time tho, an issue of Thor getting his butt handed to him by Hulk….time went by and most of my ’87 were either lost or destroyed….but the oldest comic I bought and still have is an issue of Green Lantern dated January ’88 a Millennium crossover…..I did get some older comics back then tho, ’70’s, early 80’s, the oldest being Captain America in his Nomad days….

Growing up in London in the Sixties I was used to getting the British boys’ weeklies like Eagle and Lion, but one week in the springtime of 1970 my local newsagent had sold out, so I reached up to one of the higher shelves and grabbed my first American colour comic, Aquaman 51. Absolutely no idea what was going on in the story but something appealed to the seven-year-old me, so much so that I begged, bought or stole pretty much anything featuring gaudily-dressed superheroes I could get my hands on over the course of the next eight years. matt

This thread is insane! Not only the sheer number of posts we’re up to (around 250 when I clicked), but also just how much of a spread we have here. From the ’50s to just a year or two ago, from kids’ comics to superheroes to local international stuff. Wow.

The breadth of fans we have here is kind of amazing.

The first that I can remember using my Allowance for would have to be DC Digest #23: Green Arrow


Star Wars # 3 published by Marvel back in the 70’s was the very first comic I bought with my own money.

Brave and The Bold #194 Trade Heroes and Win. Flash and Batman were my childhood favourites and they were together on the cover beaten by a guy wearing a rainbow and one with a mohawk. It was an instant sell.

Daredevil #113 Sept 74….tho i had been reading comics since the middle to late 60’s….this one was my first bought as a collector with my own money……………(by the way…i’m only 53)

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