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You Decide – Which 2014 Comic Book Movie Are You Looking Forward to the Most?

2014 is going to be filled with comic book movies. Which one are you most looking forward to?

Read on for the choices!


X-Men: Days of Future Past is a slam dunk for me. It is probably the most consistent franchise (4-for-5) and this is the culmination of everything. I am genuinely excited.

I’ll almost certainly see Captain America: Winter Soldier, but the trailer made it look like a hundred other movies.

I’ve never gotten around to the first Amazing Spider-Man, since the Raimi franchise was apparently enough for me. The leads are appealing enough, so I’ll probably get to it eventually.

300: Rise of Empire is a dark horse. 300 seemed like the least sequel ready film ever, but the premise and trailer look intriguing. It is at least different than Marvel superhero flick #476.

Both Rodriguez and Miller are very hit-and-miss for me, but I like the Sin City franchise. It sort of screams home video.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles never connected with me, so it would need to be really, really kid-friendly.

I could not be less excited for Guardians of the Galaxy. Cosmic Marvel leaves me pretty cold and very few of the elements in the movie are very interesting.

Captain America’s my 2nd favorite comic book character, but I’m actually more excited for the Days of Future Past.

Like Dean said, the X-Men movies have been quite good overall and while Cap’s first film was excellent, the trailer for Winter Soldier seems kinda meh…

I love that they seem to get Steve Rogers as the corny out of touch guy, and Chris Evans is absolutely perfect in that role, I hope it lives up to the promise of the first film and The Avengers.

But yeah, The X-Men seems more promising (and I’m not even that much of an X-Men fan).

I wonder how many people are like me and did not really like the X-Men pictures. They have a kind of Magneto fetish. Anyway, I’m all for Captain America. I’ll probably see the other Marvel pictures, too. I don’t even know what to make of TMNT.

Guardians of the Galaxy. I loved the DnA run on the comics, and am curious as to how it’s gonna translate to the big screen.

I’m really looking forward to the Loki of Asgard movie, with Tom HIddleston.

Wait…they aren’t making that yet?


@ P. Boz:

I think that the focus on Magneto is actually why the X-Men film series has worked.

Action movies are not really well-suited to ensemble casts. The best ones tend to focus on a single character and get a lot of mileage out the limits of what he or she knows. Die Hard, Raiders, Aliens … They all have leads that stay right in the center of things.

Like most superhero teams, X-Men has a very large cast. Keeping Magneto redeemable and near the center of the action lends coherence to the whole franchise. The worst of the five films (X-Men: Last Stand) is also the one with Magneto the furthest away from the center of the action.

Weirdly, the X-Men films have Magneto in the Wolverine role. He’s the guy who’s willing to do what the other characters won’t and seems to be celebrated for it. Everyone kinda shakes their heads at it but we all know who the audience is supposed to root for. We really don’t need more than one Wolverine. I get that ensemble films need to have a lead or two to focus upon, but Magneto seems to benefit from everybody else being a weak idiot.

Maybe I’m too tired of super-hero comic movie. Maybe the ideas are beginning to repeat themselves. But the comic movie I would like to see the most is the adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s cyberpunk manga “Ghost in the Shell”.

Am I the only person on earth who enjoyed Last Stand? To me, it was more fun than the second one, which I found sort of boring. Ah, what do I know? I even liked Daredevil!

As for the current crop: eh, not really looking forward to any of them. I’m hoping Ant Man will be good, though.

Mr. Clam, me, too, liked X-Men 3. It was quite funny and entertaining. Maybe people wanted to see Jean in a more active role? Maybe they wanted to see one or two cities vapourized?

About Daredevil, maybe my main concern was that I can’t take Ben Affleck –and Ryan Reynolds, by the way– in non-comedic roles. Their expressions are too funny-looking for me to believe they are angst-driven lawyers or fearless pilots.

(Affleck worked well in Argo, though; probably because the beard he showed in that film distracted me from his expressions.)

X-Men is my must see film of 2014, have high expectations but also, really just want more X-Men either live action or animation.

TMNT, is the film that I am mostly hesitant with, I am eagerly awaiting footage so that I can breathe again as I fear the worst with what Michael Bay has said in the past few years.

Excited about Captain America 2, waiting to see the Revenge star start showing up in commercials. Guardians of the Galaxy, I want to see Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Karen Gillan.

I’m glad that the Sin City 2 is finally coming out, as I did enjoy the first one. 300 2, I have no interest in.

Amazing Spider-Man 2, I’m mostly waiting for how awesome Amazing Spider-Man 3 sounds like it will be so I’m hoping they didn’t make a mistake with the hype machine for future sequels as I sort of want those now.

I was gonna say “Guardians” (Semi-obscure Marvel title being directed by ex-Troma mainstay? Yes, please.), but then I saw “Sin City” on the list. I unabashedly love the first. Rodriguez is one of my favorite directors, and at the time, bringing in the comic’s creator to help instead of just doing whatever the fuck you felt like with their work was unheard of. Until “Scott Pilgrim” came out, “Sin City” was the film I had seen the most times in the theater.

Now that the official pictures have come out with some hilariously awful-looking costumes for DoFP, my apprehension about Singer returning to the X-Men feels supported and I’m expecting it to be a trainwreck.

I liked the first Captain America movie a lot, so I’m interested to see where this one goes.

Probably Sin City, if only for that Big Damn Sin City collection that’s coming out in tandem with it.

Jeez, how long ago was that first Sin City movie out?

I’m a huge X-Men fan but it’s starting to have an X-Men Last Stand feel. I did enjoy that but it’s got a lot of faults.
The first Cap movie was tremendous as was Avengers so Winter Soldier is tops for me.
Guardians and Amazing Spider-man are bubbling under – I have little knowledge of Guardians and the first Amazing was really good but slipped under my radar
The rest just scream Direct to DVD.

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