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You Decide – What Horror Film Franchise Should Get the Comic Treatment Next?

With George Romero continuing his Living Dead series in comics, we thought it’d be interesting to see which horror film series that has not yet been translated into comics SHOULD be?

Read on for the choices!


Heh, nice to see the two I was torn between be the two frontliners as of right now. I liked the idea of THE HOWLING, as the movie franchise is so nonsensical in terms of continuity that it really could be just about anything involving werewolves (though I’d like to have seen more adventures of the werewolf and his lizard boy sidekick from the one about the Circus Freakshow)

However I ultimately went with SCANNERS as it really could be a hard-edged SF/Horror take on The X-men, so it probably still has the best chance of surviving past 6 issues in the comic book market place.

Leprechaun. OBVIOUSLY.

The fun thing about Paranormal Activity is that every issue would tell the same story!

Pfft. I have a scarier movie than all of those combined: Grown Ups. THAT is true horror.

If I vote for Paranormal Activity, does that mean they’ll stop making the movies?

I can’t see any of those being good. Hatchet, either, but that gets my vote above the others. Not a franchise, but Cabin in the Woods could be excellent.

Final Destination already received the comic book treatment in 2006, courtesy of Zenescope: http://finaldestination.wikia.com/wiki/Final_Destination:_Spring_Break

I’d be interested in a Howling comic, though.

Out of the above choices, I had to give it to “Scanners” (which I’m happy to see is winning), but I think the more mainstream stuff is actually not the way to go. The reason things like “Night of the Living Dead” and “Army of Darkness” work is because they have a cult following. While “Scream” was popular, you generally don’t see horror nerds listing it on their Top 10 lists.

Also, I agree with Dan 100%. “Cabin in the Woods” would make an AMAZING comic series. It could basically just be a series of prequels showing the previous groups who came through, and what ‘totem’ they activated in the basement (or whatever horror setting the writers wants to use). That would be a dream writing job.

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