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I Love Ya But You’re Strange – That Time That Superhero Had Sex With a Dinosaur

Every week, I will spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books). Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com if you have a suggestion for a future installment!

Today we look at an odd little DC Comics tale from Doug Moench, Dave Hoover and Robert Campenella where a superhero in the future makes the ultimate sacrifice…he has sex with a dinosaur.

The Wanderers were another group of superheroes during the Legion of Superheroes timeline. In 1988, writer Doug Moench and artist Steve Dillon revamped the characters for a brand-new series which saw the Wanderers cloned and the original Wanderers killed. The cloned Wanderers then had to solve the murder of their original bodies. It was a clever idea. Once that was finished, they then became general superheroes in the future.

In 1988’s Wanderers #12, they get sent to a planet to investigate a problem with the population of the planet. You see, the planet of dinosaurs was dying out but for some reason they had not yet begun to evolve into birds. So the population looked like it might die off entirely. They discover that a radioactive fog is killing the dinosaurs. One member of the team, Aviax, had the ability to shapeshift into different birds. He and the rest of the Wanderers were immune to the radiation. So he came up with a rather odd plan…

Then he finally finds what he is looking for, but things never go that easy when you’re having sex with dinosaurs…

The best part about the issue is the Steve Lightle cover…



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Man, the house ads for this comic were all over DC comics at that time – “The Wanderers return to find out who killed them!” or some such proclamation. I had never heard of them and never heard from them again. I assumed they either got killed off in a big DC event, because that’s what happens to these kinds of characters.

Was the Steve Lightle cover meant to be included, because I don’t see it?

I like when you do these later era comics rather than Silver Age Weisinger Superman stuff, because it’s even trippier when a relatively recent comic is this weird. I can’t believe this saw print in 1988.

Okay, that’s…that’s just weird. Which I suppose is the whole point.

Now I guess you can add “Superhero Wanderers Free Dinosaur Sex” to “Ben 10 Lesbian Sex No Download” among the other weird search terms that lead to your page.

Technically, shouldn’t this week’s title be “That Time That Superhero Raped a Dinosaur”?


i do believe this qualifies as TV Tropes’ “Insane Troll Logic” trope.

sure as shit it’s their “you fail biology forever” trope…

Jonathan Ehrich

January 30, 2014 at 9:07 am

This is the first time I’ve read one of these and seriously considered the possibility that you paid someone to draw a fake 80’s comic just to mess with us.

So is this where those dinosaur porn novels came from?

This is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen in comics.

That female has a strangely pleased expression in that last panel…

The thing that’s amazing to me is how many people worked on this. I could understand if it was just one creator going a little nuts. But Doug Moench wrote this script, handed it to his editor who gave it the okay, then it was passed on to Hoover to draw it, to Campenella to ink it, then the editor okayed the finished pages and commissioned Lightle to draw the cover.* The fact that nobody turned down the work might be the most damning indictment of Reaganomics of all time.

*Or was this one of those things where editorial got the cover from Lightle and told Moench “Write a story based on this cover,” and having nothing else to work with, Moench just took the cover image in the most extreme direction possible? I would love to see a Legends Revealed explaining the origin of this story.

I laughed.

Weirdness aside, that art is just not aesthetically pleasing to me.

Well, did his plan work??

HARD PART. Heh. heh. heh…

The best part about this is that the Deinonychus have FEATHERS!

The writer did his research.

Wasn’t that more like Dinosaur Rape?

the wanderers were second stringers seen 2-3 times in LoSH

they wanted to revitalize the title… and i remember waking up every night during 2 years… thinking about that serie….

Hoover and Campanelle arent the best of art team together, but Moench stories werent near his best writings

Why, brian, did you open pandoras box and pulled that series out.. why .. *

oh nightmare i see you coming tonite…

By the way, you have Steve Dillon listed as artist within the article. It was Dave Hoover, actually.

Yeah it was strange. But it doesn’t hold a candle to Moench’s work on Lord’s of the Ultra-Realm. Now that was Strange. It came out around the same time as Wanderers.

It’s Steve Dillon on art. Why is everyone feigning surprise?

I just noted Dillon doing the revamp with Moench. Hoover took over from Dillon before the first issue was released. I credited Hoover with penciling the actual issue.

It’s not Steve Dillon on art.

The story was planned in advance, and wasn’t sneaked past the editor or anything like that. I remember Moench enthusiastically describing the story a few months earlier in an issue of Amazing Heroes Preview Special.

Now I remember why I quit the Wanderers book after one or two issues.

And no one even mentioned trying to do in vitro fertilization–you know, in a lab? It’s a thousand years in the future but two animals have to physically mate to produce an offspring? I guess the technology was lost in the Great Disaster or something because I think we could do this now.

As someone who seeks out the hilariously bizarre, it’s pretty rare for me to see a comic featured here that I haven’t seen before. But THIS… I don’t know how I’ve lived so long without coming across this weird-ass comic before. That it is so (relatively) recent makes it even crazier! I’m really wondering if this series typically featured this sort of insanity, or if this is the lone standout moment of crowning glory for the series. If the former, I may seek some issues out.

Oh, my. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this. Oh, my.

Oh, where’s the fun in that?

Michael Caligiuri

January 30, 2014 at 3:22 pm

I have to admit: I bought this comic. I was at college and there was no comic book store anywhere near so I was buying them via mail order and needed to order several months in advance.

For those who care, the mating was successful. The babies were more evolved than the mother and looked significantly more birdlike.

Yeah man… I am shocked that this ever got published in a DC comic in the late 80’s. What were they smoking back then?

It’s funny, I thought this was a totally different team than the Wanderers featured in LSH. And, well, yes and no. The LSH Wanderers were killed and then cloned with very different looks, bodies, names and powers, so they were basically a new team with some continuity from the old one.

(And yeah, Brian said that in the post above. But I’m just saying–this is what I thought, then this is what I learned.)

Yeah man… I am shocked that this ever got published in a DC comic in the late 80?s. What were they smoking back then?


This book came out after WATCHMEN and THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, so the DC editorial regime and the writers from back then were riding Moore and Miller’s jock and jumped on the whole “comics have to be aimed at older teens and adults in order to be cool and be accepted by older teen and adult non comic book readers” band wagon/trend (which unfortunately continues to this day).

May “things never go that easy when you’re having sex with dinosaurs” go down in history as Brian Cronin’s finest quote ever.

I would mate with a dinosaur if it meant saving the planet. Or heck, even just for the thrill of it.

Have you seen the butts on those things? Are you kidding me? Heck yeah.

But do they call him Aviax the Saviour of Worlds? Noooo. You screw one lousy dinosaur…

Please let Brett White see this page and go off on a rant against bestiality in comics. Pleeeeeease!!!

So … Where does Aviax rate on the list of Worst Superheroes Ever? I have him below The Avengers that let Ms. Marvel be abducted by her rapist and above The Comedian.

I have this comic’s entire run. It’s…. bizarre. And let’s be honest he didn’t have sex with that dinosaur. He really kind of raped her and then just assumed his plan went on to work.


I mean…


So basically, our hero rapes a dinosaur to save their species…

At the very least, the rest of the Wanderers should constantly be givng Aviax $#!& over this for like, forever. “Hey, remember that time you screwed a dinosaur, oh saviour-of-worlds!”

“The one on the right looks like a female…”

Yep, that’s about how mating goes.

So, he mates with one dinogirl and thinks he has saved the dinos? Cue to a few thousand years later where all the dinos have died anyway since the dinobabies probably will not go screwing around outside their own specie. The only exception is one small group of extremely inbred birddinos who might or might not get killed off from genetic degretation anyway since there are no outside sources of fresh DNA aviable.
Maybe that should be the originstory of Beak ;.)

My guess is that this was inspired by mishearing the lyrics to the 1988 hit song by Was (Not Was), “Walk The Dinosaur”

“Open the door, get on the floor, everybody fuck the dinosaur”

That’s the only way I can explain how this comic happened.

(BTW – The following year had the debut of the Great Lakes Avengers, featuring Mr. Immortal and his girlfriend, Dinah Soar. DC opened a Pandora’s Box that could never be shut again)

A Retired cop in Texas

January 30, 2014 at 11:54 pm

I’m 60, I’ve read comics since the silver age. I’ve been kidded and made fun of for being a comic book head.
i survived but thank Rao, those that tried to gig me never saw this ” I banged a dinosaur!” crap!

Worst predicament of the 30th century: sharing an elevator with Aviax while he’s wearing that costume

“This book came out after WATCHMEN and THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, so the DC editorial regime and the writers from back then were riding Moore and Miller’s jock and jumped on the whole “comics have to be aimed at older teens and adults in order to be cool and be accepted by older teen and adult non comic book readers” band wagon/trend (which unfortunately continues to this day).”

As the reactions here indicate, if they thought hot dinosaur sex was a winning hook for that demographic, they were probably in error.

“I do believe it just might work”

That’s what the editor said.


Isn’t there a Comics Code to stop this kind of crap?

Why is it that when Aviax has sex with a dinosaur, it’s considered “heroic” and applauded . . . yet when I have sex with a dinosaur, I get nothing but a lifetime ban from Universal Studios Hollywood?

The REALLY weird thing is that this made it through without any fuss, but they canceled “Sonic Disruptors.”

Isn’t there a Comics Code to stop this kind of crap?

Wanderers wasn’t a Code-approved book.

That isn’t just weird, but a boring story.

Not to dwell on the “rape” issue, but all in all the mating seems within the common range of reproductive behaviors observed among different modern animal species.

To be fair to Doug Moench, he was stuck with a character with the power of being able to turn into any kind of bird. That’s not exactly a top power when it comes to fighting crime or repelling a Dominator invasion. Even an eagle is going to be hard-pressed to stop one ordinary mugger.

Sure, he only succeed in turning Aviax from useless to useless and creepy, but hey, he tried.

Also, that costume is like a Dave Cockrum parody (self-parody?). How is he supposed to get through doors with those epaulets?

This is the most attention THE WANDERERS has *ever* received.

And you’d figure they would have heard about artificial insemination in the 30th century.

No, that mating is not in the common range of reproductive behaviaurs for animals, and certainly not for animals where the female would be larger (as was likely the case for dinosaurs).

I just read this and then I stumbled across this: http://www.cracked.com/blog/3-books-from-dinosaur-eroticas-most-prolific-author/

what is going on? is the universe trying to tell me something???

Thank you everyone for making me laugh!

ComicBook Coby: “what is going on? is the universe trying to tell me something???”

Yes, Coby. I think it’s pretty clear that the universe is telling you that you are destined to be the world’s greatest author of Dinorotic literature.


that has to rank up with one of the weirdiest idea dc ever put in their comics espically when there had to be some form of artificial insemenation in the 30th century the wanders could have used. given how this is the first time in ages they have even been mentioned

How could they not have artificial insemination? The book starred a team of CLONES.

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