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Month of African-American Comics Archive

Here is a list of all the comics spotlighted during this month.

Click on the name of each comic for the profile on that comic.

1. Molly Danger by Jamal Igle, Juan Castro and Romulo Fajardo, Jr.

2. The Rippers by Regine L. Sawyer, Stephane De Caneva, João Bosco, Luis Torres and Julian Aguilera.

3. The Joshua Run #1-3 by Brandon Easton, Flex Alexander, JJBR and Sai Studios

4. Life or Death #1 by Frank B. Goodin, II and Youmin Park

5. Not So Super #1 by Jacques Nyemb and Joe HUnter

6. Quincredible #1-2 by David Gorden, Gerardo Sandoval, Carl Reed and Sai Studios

7. The Inheritors #1 by Robert Garrett and Elbeni Olena

8. DayBlack #1 by Keef Cross

9. Transyltown #1-4< by Isaiah Broussard/a>

10. Journeymen by Geoffrey Thorne and Todd Harris

11. Magic of Myths Seasons 1-2 by Corey Brotherson and Sergio Calvet

12. The Trouble With Love by Victor Dandridge, Harold Edge and Ryan Carter

13. Madtown High #1-5 by Whit Taylor

14. Route 3 #1-2 by Robert Jeffrey, Sean Damien Ull, Ann Sari and Omi Remalante

15. Cahobba County #6 by Alfonza Hobbie, Phil Juliano, Alex Lugo and Francisco Asuncion

16. Ego Tripp #1-2 by Ross Thibodeaux and Kelly Williams

17. Nowhere Man: You Don’t Know Jack, Books 1-3 by Jerome Walford

18. Monsters 101, Books 1-10 by M. Rasheed

19. Night Stalker #1 by Orlando Harding, David Miller and Paul Little

20. Black Salt: The Last Heroes Left #1-2 by Owen Ratliff, Aries Carmona, Chad Boudreau, J.C. Grande and Santosh Kumar Rath

BONUS. Warp Zone Chapter 1 by Ted Lange IV

21. Hunter Black, Books 1-2 by Justin Peniston and William Orr

22. Theodicy #1 by Chad Handley, Fernando Brazuna, Ryan Boltz and Minan Ghibliest

23. The C-Listers #1-3 by Jon Jebus and Mervyn McKoy

24. Rat Queens #1 by Roc Upchurch and Kurtis J. Wiebe

25. The Adventures of Wally Fresh: Take the A Train by Turner Lange

26. Kill Godz #1 by Enrique Carrion and Dan Morison

27. Captain Kacela Universal Ranger #1-3 by Kamau Mshale

28. The Legend of Will Power #1-3 by Vince White

29. You Can Rely on Platypi, Books 1-2 by Brian Parker

30. Brotherhood of the Fringe by N. Steven Harris

31. Watson and Holmes: A Study in Black by Brandon Perlow, Paul Mendoza, Karl Bollers, Rick Leonardi and Larry Stroman

32. The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury: Time Runs Out by Brandon Thomas, Lee Ferguson and Marc Deering


One of my colleagues on Google Plus, shared one of your original posts about the African American comic creators. I personally want to thank you for your efforts in promoting our talent, as well as paying homage to those who broke the barriers for us.

There has been a huge lacking in the promotion of Black History Month, in the recent years, so this truly means a lot to me, and for our culture. I really like the diversity in the titles, plus they include other cultures in their stories, not just pro-black. Great job to Brian Cronin and all these creators.

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