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Flippin’ through Previews – February 2014

I wonder if a certain wall-crawler is coming back soon? If only Previews #305 could let us know!

Greatest Super Hero Of All Time?  I think Superman and Batman might want a word, not to mention Looker, Rogue, Moon Knight, and Sleepwalker, amirite?!?!?

Greatest Super Hero Of All Time? I think Superman and Batman might want a word, not to mention Looker, Rogue, Moon Knight, and Sleepwalker, amirite?!?!?

Dark Horse:

For $100, you can get the entire Sin City sage in one volume on page 40. These are certainly good comics, but I haven’t read them in a while so I don’t know how they’ve aged, given how crazy Frank Miller has become. Still, over 1300 pages for that price isn’t bad. I hope the binding is really good! (25 June)

Ghost #4 (page 43) has an interesting solicitation: it lists Kelly Sue DeConnick as the writer and Ariel Olivetti as the cover artist, but doesn’t list an interior artist. Is that a mistake, or do they honestly not know who’s drawing a book that’s supposed to come out in two months? Or is it all prose? Weird. (2 April)

If you’ve been waiting for the trade on Bloodhound, the Dan Jolley book, the “second” volume shows up on page 48. As far as I can tell, it’s the first of the new stories after Jolley got the rights back, but it’s called volume 2 because the first volume was the old stuff that hadn’t been reprinted in a while. I wasn’t too overwhelmed by the short story in Dark Horse Presents, but I might check this out. (18 June)

Matt Kindt does a “silent” issue in Mind Mgmt #21 (page 52). I note this only because I’m sure it will be awesome, like everything else Kindt does with the series. (23 April)

Why can't you people hear me?!?!?!?

Why can’t you people hear me?!?!?!?

There’s a new Dawn of the Jedi trade on page 62, and I’ll be getting it. Ostrander writes good Star Wars comics, probably because Ostrander is a good writer. (11 June)

I’m not sure if I can handle the ridiculous genre-smashing in Toshiro (page 74) – samurais, steampunk, zombies, monsters from other dimensions – but I might think about it. Because I’m a sucker. (4 June)

So ... many ... heads ...

So … many … heads …

I guess Brian Wood is done with Conan, because on page 76 we get Conan the Avenger #1, which Fred van Lente is writing. Dark Horse falls into the reboot/renumber trap! Ohs dears! (23 April)

Peter Bergting is back with a sequel (I guess?) to The Portent (page 79), which will make Travis Pelkie happy. It’s been a while since I’ve read The Portent, so I’ll have to crack it open at some point. Still, Bergting is a good creator, so this should be a good book. (18 June)

Evan Dorkin has a new one-shot of The Eltingville Club on page 79. Dorkin is a bit hit-or-miss with me, but I might have to check this out. (23 April)

I’m not sure if Greg Hatcher will drop 50 bucks on Tarzan: Burne Hogarth’s Lord of the Jungle (page 82), but you know he wants to! It is 264 pages, so it’s not like it’s a slim volume, but that’s a good chunk of change.

That's a cool-ass cover, though

That’s a cool-ass cover, though

I still haven’t gotten around to reading the giant Lone Wolf & Cub Omnibuses that Dark Horse put out, and now they drop New Lone Wolf & Cub on us on page 83. Didn’t the original run like a billion pages? Did we really need a sequel? (4 June)


For some reason, Justice League Canada (in Justice League United #0 on page 90) cracks me up. It’s great that a Canadian writer gets to move them out of the States for a while and all, but it’s just hilarious to me. I know it’s a stereotype of us Yankees, but Canada doesn’t seem like a place where horrible things happen, and while the Justice League can zip around at a moment’s notice, I wonder how Lemire will make this group actually “Canadian,” as it seems that might be a bone of contention. I’m not curious enough about this to drop 4 bucks on it, but I do wonder how Lemire will make it work. (23 April)

Everyone has been making fun of DC trying to launch a second Aquaman series with Aquaman and the Others (page 99), but I hope it does really well. I’m not terribly jazzed by the creative team (Dan Jurgens, Lan Medina, and Ed Tadeo), but I love the concept of a bunch of superheroes patrolling the ocean. I’m sure it will just be another random superhero comic that might last 15 issues or might last 30, but I can hope, can’t I? (2 April)

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Cannon fodder for the next universe-wide crossover!

Cannon fodder for the next universe-wide crossover!

I know other people have made this point, but it’s still worth making: the reason having Wally West show up in The Flash Annual #3 (page 103) is dumb is because the reason people have an affection for Wally West as a character is because they followed his adventures for a long time before he became the Flash and “grew up” with him. They don’t have any affection for a random character named “Wally West.” DC doesn’t understand this, and because they’ve severed themselves from their legacy, there are no more legacy heroes. So who cares if “Wally West” is one of “DC’s most storied characters”? This person ain’t Wally West. A lot of the best DC books from the last 20 years (before the reboot) is because of DC’s history. That history no longer exists. You’d think someone in the DC front offices would know this. (30 April)

Supergirl #30 (page 111): Why, oh why does Emanuela Lupacchino have to keep drawing stuff I don’t want to read?!?!? (16 April)

As cool as Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul’s Detective Comics (page 114) will be – and I’m sure it will be cool – DC has kept the price at 4 dollars even as they ditched the back-up stories, which is dirty pool, so I’ll wait for the trade, thank you very much. (2 April)

Yep, that's Batman fighting an octopus

Yep, that’s Batman fighting an octopus

Arkham Asylum: Living Hell gets a fancy new hardcover printing on page 138. This is, I must say, one of the creepiest Batman stories you’re ever going to read – it’s not even much of a Batman story, as Dan Slott tells a story of a man who gets out of jail by convincing the judge he’s insane, so he gets sent to Arkham. Yeah, bad idea. This is a really good comic, and I’m sure the hardcover is pretty danged neat. (4 June)

On page 140, the Ostrander/Mandrake title The Spectre gets a nice trade collecting issues #1-12, which tell a fairly complete story. I’m in the middle of writing about this comic for Comics You Should Own (it’s taking a while!), but trust me – this is a really good book. Let’s hope that DC gets around to collecting the entire run. (14 May)

Vertigo Quarterly: Cyan #1 shows up on page 145. I dig these Vertigo anthologies – they’re not always great, but they usually have some pretty interesting work in them. Basing each issue on a color (God forbid we call this one “blue” – and yes, I know it’s not the same!) is a bit gimmicky, but it could be very neat. (30 April)



Coffin Hill gets a trade on page 148. This doesn’t sound like the best comic, but what does anyone who bought it say? I dig Miranda’s artwork, but how’s the actual story? It is, after all, only 10 dollars, so I might get it regardless, but still, if anyone has any thoughts, let me know! (14 May)


Page 167: Steranko Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Artist’s Edition. GodDAMN, IDW!!!!

Hey, look, it’s an issue of Frankenstein Alive, Alive! on page 177! Won’t that be swell? And if you want to catch up, you can get the first two issues collected for 6 dollars on the same page. Handy, that. I wonder how long the issue after this one will take?

He's been waiting so long for the issue that he fell asleep!

He’s been waiting so long for the issue that he fell asleep!

Hey, there’s a Red Star Treasury Edition on page 184. This collects a bunch of annuals and one-shots to prepare us for new hardcovers coming up next month. I’ve read one issue of The Red Star in my life, and it was … okay. I might have to check this out, though, just to see what’s what.


Jason Aaron and Jason Latour have Southern Bastards on page 200, a story about … well, bastards who live in the South? It doesn’t sound that great, but Latour’s a good artist and I imagine it will be somewhat entertaining. Whenever I mention Latour, however, I have to bemoan the lack of the final issue of Loose Ends. Wouldn’t it be nice if that came out before the Earth falls into the sun? (30 April)

Joe Keatinge has a new series on page 208 called Shutter, about a famous explorer on a strange Earth (as in, one with all sorts of weird creatures) who’s forced to return to adventuring because of reasons. Keatinge can be an interesting writer, and the art by Leila Del Duca looks pretty good, so maybe I’ll have to check this out. (9 April)

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But why does she look, for lack of a better word, normal?

But why does she look, for lack of a better word, normal?

Hey, look, Dream Police is back on page 210. I bought the original issue and found it a bit intriguing, but I still don’t trust Straczynski as a writer. Still, the idea of cops patrolling the dreamscape is pretty cool. I’m torn! (30 April)

I’ve been wondering when Image will get around to releasing a giant hardcover of the revamp of Glory, and on page 217, they comply! This is 12 issues for 35 bucks, and I’m sure it will be a really nice package. Glory is really good – Joe Keatinge’s story is tremendous, and Ross Campbell’s art is superb. If you’ve been waiting for this, here it is! (23 April)



Three by Kieron Gillen and Ryan Kelly shows up on page 219. This is an interesting story of helots in ancient Sparta, and it’s pretty good. This volume includes annotations, which are, of course, awesome. (9 April)


Here’s why Marvel’s policy of “ship this book every week, and twice a week if you can!” isn’t the smartest idea. Kaare Andrews is launching a new Iron Fist book (page 6) and, you know, good for him. But if you’re going to get this, you’re getting it as much for Andrews’s art as you are for Andrews’s writing (probably more so, honestly), and Andrews isn’t going to be on art for very long even with a monthly schedule. So will this just turn into Savage Wolverine eventually? (9 April)

Mike del Mundo’s art on Elektra (page 8) looks a-MAH-zing (sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of Happy Endings recently), but like Andrews, I can’t imagine he’ll last very long, and for 4 dollars, I can wait for a reasonably-priced trade. (23 April)

Damn, that's a great cover

Damn, that’s a great cover

Hey, look, it’s X-Men Legacy (page 13), which has switched from a Legion solo book to a Nightcrawler solo book … um, guest-starring Wolverine. Of course it does! (9 April)

Daredevil #1.50 (page 18): Tom Brevoort is just fucking with us now, isn’t he? (9 April)

As much as I think the solicit writers for Marvel are often a bit too smug, Deadpool #27 (page 30) being called “the most important 27 in the history of comics!” is pretty funny. Deadpool has to be marrying Agent Preston for some bizarre reason, right? (9 April)

Did you know that Moon Knight (page 37), the first issue of which has not actually come out, is “the best new comic of 2014″? The Marvel solicits say so, so it must be true! (2 April)

We're not saying this comic can cure cancer ... wait, yes, yes we are saying that!

We’re not saying this comic can cure cancer … wait, yes, yes we are saying that!

Speaking of which, She-Hulk (page 43), the first issue of which has also not come out, is “2014’s sleeper hit.” What’s Marvel going to do if She-Hulk sells 100,000 copies? It won’t be a sleeper hit then! How does one define a sleeper hit, anyway? If it sells 15,000-30,000 copies, that’s just a regular comic, right? Can any Marvel property really be a sleeper hit? If Moon Knight is the best new comic of 2014, I would consider that more of a sleeper hit, because I think Jen is slightly more well-known than he is. Or maybe she isn’t. Man, the solicits make my head hurt. (2 April)

I’ve been contemplating buying the Marvel Masterworks that collects the Steranko issues of Captain America, and now Marvel is nice enough to release that volume in softcover on page 88. That’s mighty swell of them! (30 April)

Continuing their new-ish policy of releasing original graphic novels, on page 90 we get Mike Carey writing X-Men: No More Humans, in which the X-Men wake up one morning and find that all the humans in the world have disappeared. I’d really be interested in getting this … except Salvador Larroca is drawing it, and I’ve really gotten annoyed at his artwork in the past decade or so. But then I look at the black-and-white samples they have on the solicit page, and it looks really good. You don’t suppose Marvel would release this without color so they don’t muck up Larroca’s art, do you?

How much hair spray does Storm have to use to make that hair stand up so high?

How much hair spray does Storm have to use to make that hair stand up so high?

If you’ve become obsessed with, I don’t know, Age of Ultron #10 (we certainly don’t know anyone like that around here, do we?), you can get the trade of the entire epic on page 103. You know you’ve been made to want this more than you’ve ever wanted anything, even though you’re not sure why!!!! (7 May)

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You know you want to check out the back of the book. YOU KNOW YOU DO!!!!

I really should just suck it up and get Nat Turner, which gets a new printing on page 252 from Abrams. Maybe I will.

On page 262, Archie offers the first trade of Afterlife With Archie for 18 bucks. You might recall I was disappointed with the first issue of this series, but I might get the trade. I mean, at least I know the art is excellent.

If you’re a fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, there’s The Complete Sabrina the Teenage Witch: 1962-1971 on page 266. I don’t have a ton of interest in it, but it is only 10 dollars for 500 pages, so it’s a good deal!

Not final cover?  What madness is this?

Not final cover? What madness is this?

Some of you may have skipped the giant hardcover of Über when it came out, so Avatar was nice enough to offer a softcover trade for 20 dollars on page 271. This is a pretty good book about super-soldiers in World War II, and that’s not a bad price for 6 issues.

On the next page, 272, we find Caliban by Garth Ennis and Facundo Percio. It’s about a spaceship that crashes into an alien ship and the horror that ensues. I’d like to be optimistic about this, because it’s Ennis, but recently, he’s been more interested in being disgusting than telling a good story. Let us hope he reins it in a little. And if Percio is working on this, I guess Anna Mercury is officially dead?

Fingers crossed!

Fingers crossed!

Boom! has some interesting stuff in their section. On page 287, Dead Letters is about a dude who wakes up in a crappy motel with no memory but with guys with guns chasing him. It’s a clichéd set-up, but it’s all about the execution, so we’ll see what’s what.

Then, on page 289, we get Translucid, about two arch-nemeses and what makes a person a superhero and what makes them a supervillain. It could be interesting, of course, although I think it feels like the writers are leading us to an obvious place. Yes, I got that from the solicitation for issue #1.

Hey, it's a horsey!

Hey, it’s a horsey!

In the “Archaia” section of Boom!’s solicitations, we find Darklight, a story that takes place in the distant future when the universe is falling about and three different species have to work together to save it. I don’t know writer Chad Kultgen, so I don’t know how it will read, but Piotr Kowalski’s art should look pretty keen.

Scam gets a giant hardcover trade on page 305 from ComixTribe. This sucker is $35 and collects not only the mini-series but a ton of other stories by various creators. That’s kind of cool, but that’s a lot o’ cash money. I wonder if Travis ever finished reading this and can offer up some thoughts?

Dynamite continues to throw money at Jeff Parker, as he launches Flash Gordon with Evan Shaner (page 310). Good for Parker, say I! I’m sure this will be a nice-looking trade. (9 April)

Gabriel Hardman is the tits, yo

Gabriel Hardman is the tits, yo

On page 334, we find Jane Irwin’s self-published Clockwork Game, a book about the 18th-century automaton that dazzled people across Europe. You can read the entire thing on-line, but I’m just going to buy it – it looks really neat.

The trade for Watson and Holmes is offered on page 343 from New Paradigm Studios. This puts the two in present-day Harlem, and it’s not bad. It’s not great, but it’s not bad.

Jamie S. Rich and Dan Christensen bring us Archer Coe & the Thousand Natural Shocks on page 348 from Oni. Rich is a good writer, and the idea of a hypnotist who becomes a murder suspect sounds pretty neat, so I might have to check this out. (11 June)

Oh, it's a METAPHOR!

Oh, it’s a METAPHOR!

On page 354, we find Thaniel #1 and 2 from OSSM Comics. I bought issue #1 last weekend from the writer, and it looks pretty cool. I’ll have a review up this week, I think. I just wanted to point it out.

A while ago, I reviewed the first chapter of San Hannibal when it showed up in Omega Comics Presents, and now Pop! Goes the Icon has it as a separate series on page 358. It’s a pretty cool noir detective story, and I’m very keen on reading it.

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SelfMadeHero has The Cigar That Fell in Love with a Pipe on page 362. It’s about Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth and, well, cigars. It sounds pretty darned cool, if you ask me.

On page 365, Titan offers the trade of Death Sentence. I debated about getting this – a story about people who contract a virus that gives them incredible powers for a few months before killing them – in singles, but I decided to wait for the trade. And here it is!

Joann Sfar has a new book out on page 369 from Uncivilized Books about the modernist painter Pascin. It’s being resolicited, so maybe it will show up this time. I like Sfar’s work, but I don’t have a lot of it. I’ll have to think about this.

Paul Pope’s Escapo gets a new printing on page 389 from Z2 Comics. I dig Pope, but I don’t know anything about this. What say you cool people who already own it? Good stuff?

Well, we made it to “Z,” and there’s nothing grabbing my fancy in the really back sections, so I’ll call it a day. As always, let me know about things you find groovy in Previews, and we’ll all have more stuff to pre-order! Whoo-hoo!


Brian Wood’s Conan run wraps with #25, out later this month. The numbering of the various Conan series continues in the copyright section of each issue, so the recently released Conan the Barbarian #24 was also #111. Van Lente’s new #1 will probably be #113 in the grand scheme of things.

Larroca is back to using spotted blacks, which helps to ground and solidify his work tremendously. Hopefully, the coloring won’t wash those away.

I don’t know what the hell happened to Anna Mercury, but I wish it would come back. Ellis seems to be open to co-writing, so maybe Kelly Sue can pitch in and bring that book (and Doktor Sleepless and whatever else is outstanding) to a proper conclusion.

Van Lente on Conan? Really looking forward to this.

Justice League Canada’s first assignment: stop Rob Ford!

More later. Much more later.

I’m finding Coffin Hill compelling, but I’m from one of the oldest towns in New England and home of The Witch of Blackbird Pond. It’s clear the writer doesn’t come from comics, the pacing is … odd. But I have faith it’ll come together nicely in a longer form.

tom fitzpatrick

February 2, 2014 at 7:24 pm

OI!!! ExCUse me!! What’s wrong with a Justice League book set in CANADA? Do you have a problem with us Canucks? We are all not like Rob Ford, y’know!!! You bunch of redneck hillybilly hosers! eh!

@ Mr. Burgas: Why can’t you trust JMS as a writer? If you can’t trust him as a writer, then WHAT can you trust him on as?

You really shouldn’t blame Facundo Percio for the lateness of Anna Mercury, it’s ALL ELLIS’ fault.

Wrightson is a perfectionist artist: he will damn well take as long as he please to do a damn good job!!!

The only thing JMS did at DC that was even halfway readable was his issues of Brave & the Bold, but I enjoyed some of his stuff for Marvel (Thor, The Twelve), though even then he seemed incapable of finishing anything he started.

It amuses me to hear people complain about the price of comics. Those of us who have to pay the cover price plus air freight plus whatever the exchange rate with the USD think anyone just paying four bucks has it good.

Ian: Unfortunately, a lot of modern colorists wash the lines away far too much. That’s one of the objections I have with Larroca’s more recent work. I know Marvel won’t release that book in black and white, but it would be neat if they did!

Bram: Thanks for the opinion. Still thinking about it …

tom: JMS has done some interesting comics, but he seems to have trouble with endings (he’s not the only one, to be fair). I just don’t trust him to write a complete, good story. Even his best comic – Midnight Nation – faltered at the end.

I don’t have a problem with a Justice League set in Canada. I just don’t think of Canada as a hotbed of crime. Isn’t that a good thing? :)

I’m not blaming Percio for the delays in Anna Mercury. I’m just pointing out that he’s obviously completely moved on from it, so I imagine Ellis has no immediate plans to finish it.

D C: I get that – 20 years ago I paid quite a bit for comics in Australia – but I still don’t like the amount Marvel and DC charge, because I don’t think they need to charge quite that much. And if they charged less, it would be less internationally, wouldn’t it?

Storm doesn’t need hairspray, she’ll just control the local air around her head to keep blowing her hair straight upwards!

Dark Horse does one thing right versus Marvel in restarting series: changing the title/subtitle so one can track the new series as a unit within the whole. If a comic’s going to be effectively a long mini, it’s best to title it accordingly (especially if the indicia keeps everything on track).

And just a pet peeve: just because a rare comic creator has different politics than you, don’t impugn their mental health. And not buying art because you disagree with external ideas is your problem, not theirs. ;)

Greatest Super Hero Of All Time? I think Superman and Batman might want a word, not to mention Looker, Rogue, Moon Knight, and Sleepwalker, amirite?!?!?

Nope. Spider-Man is by far the best. To the point I honestly can’t understand people who are superhero fans yet not Spider-Man fans. It’s like saying I love English Literature but hate Shakespeare.

I know other people have made this point, but it’s still worth making: the reason having Wally West show up in The Flash Annual #3 (page 103) is dumb is because the reason people have an affection for Wally West as a character is because they followed his adventures for a long time before he became the Flash and “grew up” with him. They don’t have any affection for a random character named “Wally West.” DC doesn’t understand this, and because they’ve severed themselves from their legacy, there are no more legacy heroes. So who cares if “Wally West” is one of “DC’s most storied characters”? This person ain’t Wally West.

While what you say makes sense and is smart, you’re overestimating modern New 52 DC fans. No one who can still manage to enthusiastically read New 52 DC will follow that logic, and will be overjoyed at a random guy named Wally West who happens to run fast. Most of the people who are smart enough to understand your logic about why this is a dumb idea, I imagine having given up on DC a long time ago.

I’m not sure if I can handle the ridiculous genre-smashing in Toshiro (page 74) – samurais, steampunk, zombies, monsters from other dimensions – but I might think about it. Because I’m a sucker. (4 June)

Okay, Steampunk is BEYOND played out (to demonstrate just HOW played out, DC comics is releasing steampunk variants in an upcoming month. When Marvel hops on a bandwagon it’s at it’s just past its peak and about to decline, but when DC hops on a bandwagon it’s been dead for quite a while).

HOWEVER, that art is DAMN good. I’ll give it a try regardless.

I am psyched for the Escapo reprint. It’s been colored and the bits of it that they’ve previewed look awesome. And! there’s something like 50 pages of additional content including a new Pope story. I am a sucker for this stuff!

I’m not sure if Greg Hatcher will drop 50 bucks on Tarzan: Burne Hogarth’s Lord of the Jungle (page 82), but you know he wants to! It is 264 pages, so it’s not like it’s a slim volume, but that’s a good chunk of change.

I already own the 1972 Hogarth Tarzan of the Apes hardcover in the original, we found it on the bookscouting vacation in Victoria. Fifteen bucks, CANADIAN. I’d rather just keep an eye out for the original edition of the other hardcover as well.

The thing that actually pleased me the most from a quick skim through PREVIEWS was the Robert E. Howard stuff from Dark Horse… not only is Wood finally off Conan (a character I’m convinced he simply doesn’t get after reading the latest hardcover) but Van Lente’s taking it. AND Savage Sword seems to be back on schedule.

The thing that upset me was all the FINAL ISSUE!! stuff on The Shadow and The Shadow Now and, worst of all, on The Lone Ranger. And Wagner’s The Shadow Year One was #9 of 10.That’s half my pull list.

Few thoughts:

– I gave up on Wood’s Conan series. It just wasn’t clicking for me, especially after Cloonan left early on. But Van Lente? Yes, please! He’s a very underrated action/adventure writer, who can also mix in some nice touches of humor seamlessly, so I’m looking forward to reading new Conan comics again.

– Shutter- the only writing from Joe Keatinge I have read is Glory and it was magnificent, so I feel like this deserves at least a first issue try out. The concept DOES sound interesting on its own though, which is a plus…

– Elephantmen: 2260 TPB Volume 1- I read Elephantmen in hardcover, so I have to ask, what’s the deal with these issues? Why the switch to trade with a new volume numbering? Are these not part of the “proper” Elephantmen storyline and thus not to be included in the next hardcover? I’ll be picking this up either way because I love the comic and Starkings’ writing, it just threw me to see such a quick turnaround of these comics into a trade with a “Volume 1″ on the cover…

– Rogues! Volume 2: Cold Ship- So it looks like all the publishing delays finally caught up to Amigo and they are just re-soliciting the whole second mini-series. While it sucks that we will have to wait longer to get that third mini reprinting the Ryp issues, I hope this will a.) help the release of the comic get back on track, while also b.) bring it to more peoples’ attentions. It’s a great comic! Definitely worth trying out!

– Shadow #25- Final issue? FINAL ISSUE?!?! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

– Cleopatra In Space- I came across these web comics a couple years ago and just loved them. It’s nice to see a print collection coming out…

T you are a know it all. Everyone knows that Flash is the best super hero, not Spider-Man, although i adore Spider Man. 2nd, Aqua Man was created after the Greek God Poseidon.

Well, you are over 100, remember. Or can you, buttler? HAHAHAHA!!!!

Just a little teasin’ from the Line…, Greg, don’t worry your “pretty” little head.

The Waid Green Hornet is also last issue. I’m wondering if Conde Nast has pulled the plug on the license for Dynamite, or if they’re going to be rebooting everything in shiny new #1s.

Mo’ lata.

Hey, it’s time for more!

Hell yeah Sleepwalker’s better than Spidey!

Actually, T’s probably right. Spider-Man does blend together pretty much everything awesome about superheroes into one package.

Dark Horse chatter:

I think I’ll actually go for that Big Damn Sin City, even though I have a few of the stories. It’s too tempting to pass up. Every issue of Previews for the last couple months has been tempting me with at least one big 100 dollar range book. I should stop looking at it.

Well, since Bloodhound at DH is a second set of stories featuring the character, it makes logical sense for it to be volume 2. Remedial counting, anyone? HAHAHA But I’ll have to dig out the first series, as I have the DC issues (including the Firestorm crossover issue), and read them and make sure I want this.

I’m tempted on the Clown Fatale trade (pg 73), even though it’s more than the singles. DH puts out nice looking trades. I’ll check my shops around to see if I can get the whole thing in singles cheaper, though.

Toshiro looks damn good, and Jai Nitz is pretty good. I forgot he did Dream Thief, and the first issue of that was killer, so I think I’m on board for this.

A new Corben Poe adaptation on 75! Aw yeah.

Not sure why you mentioned me regarding the Portent. Oh, wait, is it just because of the title? D’oh, I’m slow — or maybe PORTENTOUS. I thought you thought I had read Bergting’s stuff before, but I did not, even though your review of Domovoi made it sound good.

I’m torn on the Eltingville Club. I love Dorkin, but this is apparently the conclusion of the Eltingville series. And I don’t have much, if any, of the rest, so I suspect I should wait for the (presumably) upcoming complete collection. I’ve seen the Adult Swim pilot of this, and it was pretty good stuff.

I’m already sure I’m not getting the Crime Does Not Pay City of Roses book (pg 82), but it was from DHP, so as a former Portland resident, what did you think of it? (Yeah, I could find all the DHP reviews from WIB, but I’m lazy.)

New Lone Wolf and Cub’s solicit info totally spoils the end of the original. Dick move, DH! ;)

DC babble:

Your point about Wally West will probably hold for the “return” of Stephanie Brown in Batman Eternal, as well. I’m down to virtually nothing from DC, and I used to love all their stuff. Still got back issues to read, though.

I’m vaguely intrigued by the JLUnited solicit because it mentions Hawkman and he’s not in the images.

pg 111 sez Aaron Kuder is writing Superboy. That’s cool, cuz he’s a great artist and cool dude, but I have no interest in that book.

Question: do the All Star Western trades also feature the back ups? pg 126 features ASW with a Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez drawn story, and I was wondering if it’ll be in the trades.

I’m sorta on the fence on that Arkham book. I think I’ll wait for the trade, as DC has been pretty regular about putting out a trade a while after the deluxe HCs of stuff comes out.

pg 140 is all sorts of fun. Showcase presents Super Friends is almost tempting. I think I’ll go for the Spectre book just to prod DC to reprint the whole shebang. I’m less than impressed with the Quitely book, though. I was intrigued by the cancelled version, as it was supposed to reprint virtually all his Vertigo and Paradox Big Book stuff (although it didn’t list the story from Big Book of Urban Legends — wonder if Jan Harold Brunvand has the copyrights to those stories?), but this version is the Big Book stories and a bunch of covers. Rather bland, unless the solicitation just isn’t telling the whole story.

I think I’ll wait for the inevitable trade on the Vertigo CMYK issues. You DO realize that it’s Cyan because that’s what it’s referred to in the printing process, right? I don’t THINK you’re that dumb….

Coffin Hill sounds interesting. I’ve gone for each of the 10 buck Vertigo trades lately (this, FBP, Hinterkind, I’m thinking there was another but I dunno what), and while they haven’t come out, I figure 10 bucks for 6 or 7 issues is a pretty good deal.

Ha, the Saga of Swamp Thing trade book 6 solicit must have been cut and pasted from the HC version! (pg 151)

More in another comment box!

@D C: I understand your point. I went to Argentina a couple of years ago and they tried to charge me 6 times the cover price. Over there, the dollar (USA) is 7 to 1(Peso). It doesn’t matter the cost of a comic here. They tend to charge whatever they want, so the change of $3,99 to $2,99 doesn’t do anything.


I was vaguely intrigued by the Rocketeer prose book (pg 172), but I’m unfamiliar with most of the writers in it.

The Godzilla History’s Greatest Monster trade on 174 is 13 issues for 30 bucks, which isn’t bad for non-Stokoe monster fun.

I was tempted by that Red Star treasury, as I do like the format, but I don’t remember liking what I read of that series enough to go for it.

185 has Judge Dredd Classics in HC and in color, but I dunno.

190 Skybreaker sounds neat, a Western, and written by Michael Moreci, who I believe is a cowriter on Hoax Hunters. Plus, I like supporting the monkeybrain stuff.

I may go for the In the Dark horror anthology, because I saw the Kickstarter for it and I think I just missed out on it, or didn’t have the money right then. (pg 192)

And of course I am required by law to mention that the X-Files Annual on 185 has a backup story written by Dave Sim. Who apparently never watched the show. So it should be fun! Check out A Moment of Cerebus for all the “fun” Dave’s having trying to get the first 2 Cerebus volumes back in print.


Of course I’m going for Southern Bastards, cuz it’s Aaron and Latour!

pg 206 has The Field, which I’ll go for because Brisson is a good writer (I’m a little behind on it, but Sheltered was one of my favorite comics of 2013), and Roy is a good artist.

“Shutter, about a famous explorer on a strange Earth (as in, one with all sorts of weird creatures) who’s forced to return to adventuring because of reasons.” I like that. “Reasons.” NO, NOT REASONS!!! I think I’ll trade wait, because Morbius was…not good, and also because of the multiple covers — I hope the trade has them all in it!

How did you pass pg 213’s bio of one of your favorite bands? Oh. Wait. I don’t think that’s about Phil and Peter and the boys. D’oh!

I’m tempted on Shotgun Wedding (pg 215), but I don’t like that it’s weekly, so if it sucks, I’m in the bag for all 4 issues. I’ll wait and see if reviews are good.

As someone else brought it up, as a reader of Elephantmen, do you think this 2260 trade is a “good jumping on point”, as the kids say? It’s got Axel Medellin, so it’s gotta be good, but if I’m basically new to the Elephantmen, will I be able to enjoy it?

I’m glad for the Glory HC, so much so that I think I’ll get it even though I have all the issues. I just wish they’d called the collection “Whole”, though. Because I’m juvenile.

New Lazarus trade, which I think I’ll go for even though you’re not impressed. Glad I waited on Velvet and Pretty Deadly, as they be 10 buck trades for 5 issues. Was Three worth buying in trade (whoops, I see it is, as I missed your bit on it at first)? And I’m glad for a new Manhattan Projects, AND for Image offering volume 3 again, since I passed on it last year since I hadn’t gotten issues 9 or 10 by that point. I think I’ll also go for the Phonogram trades offered again, since I do like what I read of it.

How the hell is Nowhere Men 9 offered? I didn’t think anything had come out since 6, and 7 and 8 certainly haven’t been solicited recently.

And howcum it’s Revenge now, and not REVENGER! Good god, did someone ELSE name their crappy looking book Revenger?

And pg 237’s Revival cover features SUCH a happy Jesus! YAY!

More to come!

Oh, I forgot to write this: Even when I tried to pay with dollars, they didn’t let me do it because of some kind of regulation they have over there about not letting dollars to be part of the currency monetary transactions. Anyway, one dude told me he could take my dollars if I was willing to pay 9 bucks for a $2,99 comic.

Since Pelkie has already chastised on your Cyan/Blue gaffe, I must say that Batman is not fighting an Octupus, but a Squid. In mid-air. In Japan Town.

tom fitzpatrick

February 3, 2014 at 3:22 am

I’m wondering if T.P. should be doing this column instead of Mr. Burgas. T.P. seems to inundate us with his opinion on every item listed in PREVIEWS, whereas Mr. Burgas glosses over the interesting items and skips those that doesn’t interest him.

hmmmmm, which to read, whom to ignore …. ;-)

Marvel Mania:

Original Sin — Is the Watcher going to turn out to be Grant Morrison? I CAN SEE YOU!

I’m tempted on X-Men Legacy, because I loves me some Nightcrawler, and it’s got Claremont and Nauck on it, so it should be pretty cool. Plus, it’s a new Marvel comic at 2.99, so score!

I’m going for the Doop trade when it comes out. Aw yeah.

That DD 1.50 thing is weird, but I got annoyed when I read the last sentence of the solicit: “Fifty years without fear have all lead up to this!” Really? Lead, not led? Did “led” get eliminated when I wasn’t looking, because people seem to have trouble with that one.

Sweet Baby Jesus, did you see Carol’s face on the Captain Marvel 2 cover?! There’s something about her mouth and her crazy eyes that scares the living shit out of me. AH!!! I’ll see it in my dreams! (pg 27)

The Deadpool 27 sounds neat, even at 10 friggin’ dollars. Oy!

I may pick up Ms Marvel, Loki, and/or She Hulk in the next couple weeks, so maybe I’ll add them to my pulls. As they are the 2.99 Marvel books.

Sweet lord, they better put out a nice volume of Miracleman with the whole damn Moore run that’s a reasonable price. Even if the first 4 issues are about 50 pages each, that’s still only 200 pages for 30 bucks. Sheesh.

pg 49, Disney Kingdoms Seekers of the Weird. That’s not candle wax.

I’m wondering why that Xmen vs Hulk trade is being done (pg 112). Is there some crossover I’m not aware of?

Slott’s She Hulk v2 is available, PAD’s XFactor v2 is available, and Immortal Iron Fist v2 is available. All sound cool, but I will probably back issue bin dive for some of this stuff. Although I do have to find Immortal Weapons, as I think I have all the rest of the Iron Fist stuff.

Back of the book, huzzah!

pg 252 Mercenary Pig sounds way too weird.

Hey, if you checked out Brian’s piece on Molly Danger, you can get it on page 256!

pg 257 has Steven Cerio’s Sunbeam on the Astronaut. I liked his comic Pie, I believe, but it’s been ages since I read it. Sorta underground-ish stuff.

pg 258 Yay, I get to get back on the Rogues! bandwagon, with v2 resoliciting! I can atone for my sin of dropping it!

pg 262 Worth, with a dude who can control machines in Dee-troit sounds neat, but Arcana is…iffy. I’m still waiting for the Gloom GN, dammit! (Although Unemployment Adventures of Aqualung was decent.)

Ah, I digs me the Pepoy variants on Afterlife with Archie. I feel dirty now.

pg 264 that Cosmo thing in Archie sounds neat. I may also go for the Betty and Veronica as Marilyn variant on 265. God, I need to get out more.

Oh hell yeah, 500 pages of Sabrina for 10 bucks? How can you pass that up?

pg 269 Lola XOXO from Aspen sounds interesting, but I think I’ll trade wait.

pg 271 also offers that giant Uber HC again, if anyone cares.

Percio did Fashion Beast, and it was decent stuff. Very odd — Alan Moore, Malcolm McLaren (the Sex Pistols…manager), adapted by Antony Johnston…weird but good. I’ll trade wait Caliban, though.

pg 280 Shahrazad trade sounds interesting. I’ve liked Big Dog’s Serusis mini, so I might try this. Damn your J Scott Campbell cover for tempting me, as well!

284 features Simpsons 211 with a bunch of (unnamed) comics creators working on 2 pagers. I’ll probably check it out on the newsstand.

284 also has A Piggy’s Tale, with Ethan Young art, and I’ve met him, and he’s a cool dude. Might be a bit sentimental of a story of a 3 legged dog, but I think it’ll be worth a look.

Yeah, Dead Letters’s set up is so cliche, The Field is also doing it this month.

Yeah, Translucid didn’t sound great. Hey, is Dark Horse gonna sue over that cover? (I didn’t even see it was a horse until you said. D’oh!)

I was thinking about Darklight, but I wasn’t sure about the story. Yeah, art should look good.

I’ll probably go for Lumberjanes in trade. (pg 297)

Cinebook has 3 volumes of Darwin’s Diaries, which sounds interesting, but oops, the v3 description is a bit spoilery. (pg 304)

Ah, man, you gotta call me out on Scam, huh? I haven’t finished reading it (I think I haven’t gotten to the last issue yet), but based on the first 3 issues, I really liked it. I didn’t realize it had a superpower theme to it at first, as the powers usage is subtle, but the first issue lays out the set up nicely, and it’s a neat tale of double dealing and, uh, scams in Vegas. I think I might go for this HC anyway, as the extra stuff sounds cool. Damn you, Comix Tribe! I’m also going for Epic from them too. What is it? It’s it. FNMFTMFW!

Dynamite’s getting some cash from me, I think. Red Sonja and Cub, Shadow Over Innsmouth, and most importantly, the Aw Yeah Comics guys doing Captain Action Cat, which is going to cross over with Dark Horse. Aw Yeah! (pg 313 and surrounding)

322 has Weapon Brown, which I think I’ve heard good things about. It’s also got Sanitarium, a horror anthology, which means it’ll be hit or miss. I hope it’s hit.

I’m thinking about the 32 Stories by Adrian Tomine box set on 327.

332 has Dash Shaw’s Cosplayers, which sounds neat. If you didn’t get his 3 New Stories from last year, it’s available on pg 333. It was amazingly good and weird and well worth 4 bucks. I’m not even sure why I dug it so much, but it’s artsy, bizarre, disturbing. GET IT!

pg 335 has Android Angels, which sounds interesting. Stories about rentable android companions, but only rentable for a 3 year span. Any of our manga fans know anything about it?

pg 337 has the Sleep of Reason horror anthology. It sounds neat, but I’m not sure I wanna pay that much for an unknown lineup (even looking at the Kickstarter page of it).

pg 342 has Brielle and the Horror, which sounds interesting and was apparently out before. Anyone know anything about that?

I liked Watson and Holmes alright. Apparently, if I understand the interview on 344-345, they’re leaving off the singles format and going to web comics and hopefully trades in the future. Just to avoid printing Hannibal’s story, I think ;) I’ll probably buy trades in the future, but I guess other people thought the way I did — it was good, but not for another dollar good.

I may go for Archer Coe myself.

Ooh, good, you’re reviewing Thaniel. I’m interested, but again, I don’t want to get 2 issues and get stuck with it if it sucks.

pg 358 San Hannibal sounds interesting, a neo noir mystery. Oh, I just read your bit! I didn’t connect the Pop Goes the Icon name! I’ll have to read your review.

I’m thinking of the Death Sentence HC, too. I also like Ordinary on 366, which has D’Israeli art, and it’s just 3 issues. Cool. I bet it was in Judge Dredd Mag.

Also, 366 has Westward 7, which I know you didn’t mention as you’ve mentioned it before, but it’s so good, you need to keep mentioning it. What a surprise, I’m behind on reading that, but I’m glad Krekeler is able to keep putting it out. Maybe your shop will actually get a copy this time!

Even though I have, and haven’t yet read, the first Archer and Armstrong trade, I’m tempted by the dee-loox HC on 379. Dammit, comics, stop being so cool! (No…wait…)

387 has Battle Royale Remastered, 600 pages for 17 bucks. Find out what Avengers Arena kept ripping off! (it better be the manga and not the novel, because the Amazon listing was…vague.)

Oh yeah Escapo!

Also on 389, a (new?) Billy Dogma Experience! Yay Haspiel!

The only things in the back were 408 and 409, with Comic Book Creator 5 (Denis Kitchen et al) and Draw 28 (Farel Dalrymple and Dave Bullock), and 398 has a book about Komiks art in Russia, which sounds interesting.

Good god, I gotta stop typing so much! But Comics Should Be Good! And by dammit, every month they are!

Hey, I think the spam filter wants you to ignore me. My huge babblin’ about Marvel and the back of the book is caught in moderation.

Or maybe it’s telling me to type in moderation, is that it? Dammit!

T.: No love for Sleepwalker? Come on, man!

Greg: I think I remember you writing about the Hogarth Tarzans before, so I figured you already had some of it, at least.

That’s weird that Dynamite is ending all of those books. I wonder if there’s something to Travis’s thought, or if Dynamite will just keep rebooting them with new creative teams.

Andrew: I saw the Elephantmen thing, too. I should ask Starkings what’s up with it, but if I forget, I assume he’ll be at San Diego this summer, so I can ask him then. The trade just collects the most recent issues – there’s really not much of a shift from the bigger story, although a new character has been introduced and this feels like a little more of a self-contained book. I wonder if it’s just that the giant hardcovers aren’t selling as well as they used to, so Starkings is offering smaller chunks at lower prices. The “volume 1″ thing is kind of weird, though – the book has always taken place in that time period (I’d have to check, but the “present” is 2259, I thought), so just changing the year doesn’t seem like that big a deal.

I missed the resolicitation of Rogues! volume 2. Yeah, I do hope this means it’s all done and ready to go.

Thanks for mentioning Cleopatra in Space. I saw it but forgot to write about it. It sounds kind of neat.

Mudassir: Whoops, you’re right – it is a squid.

The cyan comment wasn’t a gaffe – I know all about the four-color process and cyan’s place in it. I was just making a joke about them using a fancy word for blue, that’s all. Even though it’s not blue.

tom: Well, that just hurts. I take that as a personal challenge, so you better watch out next month!

Travis: Yeah. I’ll get back to you.

Travis: Re: The Portent. Yeah, it’s all about the title.

“Crime Does Not Pay” is not bad, although I imagine it will read a LOT better in collected format, because it’s kind of sprawling and it’s taken some months off every once in a while. I don’t know if being an ex-Portland resident makes any difference; Stanford doesn’t take too much advantage of the city. Reynolds’s art is good and gritty, and it’s an interesting story, but it does go all over the place. Like I said, I’m sure it will be a lot more interesting when it’s presented all at once.

Yes, the All Star Western trades contain the back-up stories.

The cancellation of the Quitely Vertigo book is very disappointing, because I agree with you that this one seems much more thin in terms of content.

Dang, I totally missed the misuse of “lead” in the Daredevil solicit. I think that people are just that stupid – they don’t realize that “lead” pronounced like the past tense is an element and that the past tense is “led.” Sad, but true.

I did notice Carol’s face in the Captain Marvel cover. I didn’t want to mention it because then it would haunt me. THANKS A LOT, TRAVIS!!!!

Dang, maybe tom’s right and you should do this column. The only thing I have to say about your back-of-the-book stuff is that I don’t think that Billy Dogma book is new stuff. I read a little bit about it, and it seemed to imply that it was just a reprint. Still, I’ll probably get it.

I’ll probably back Krekeler’s Kickstarter for Westward (if it ever goes live). That way I know I’ll get it!!!!

Actually, T’s probably right. Spider-Man does blend together pretty much everything awesome about superheroes into one package.

To me the real evidence is that whenever it’s time to “fix” a superhero, most of the time the go-to solution is to make them into a version of Spider-Man by loading them with real-world problems and trying to make them relatable with feet of clay.

Of course it often doesn’t work, but it is a testament to the character that the popular go-to option is to make other heroes like him. On the other hand, at DC a major trend under Didio and Geoff Johns has been to Batmanize heroes by trying to kill their significant others to give them more motivation and make them darker (Tim Drake, Roy Harper, Barry Allen). It works far less IMO.

tom fitzpatrick

February 3, 2014 at 2:18 pm

@ T.P.: I wanted to ask: Can you afford all the books that you were commenting on?

I reread several of my old Super Friends issues lately, and though I remember that series fondly, it doesn’t hold up too well today.

For Ennis CALIBAN comic, we REALLY need the one ship to be called Caliban and the other to be called Setebos. #robertbrowninghumour


I’m not sure if I can handle the ridiculous genre-smashing in Toshiro (page 74) – samurais, steampunk, zombies, monsters from other dimensions

But that’s, I say, that’s the name of the game, son! Ridiculous genre-smashing, that is!

And this month gets such a big fat heap of “meets”… (“Harry Potter meets the Last Starfighter”, “Science Fiction meets Samurai”, “the Dukes of Hazzard meets the Coen Brothers… on meth”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Gravity Falls”, “X-Men meets Ocean’s Eleven”, “The Godfather meets Shakespearean tragedy”, “combining the urban fantasy of Fables and the globe-spanning adventure of Y: The Last Man”, “marries the magical realism of Sandman with the western brutality of Preacher” [Of course Sandman isn’t a magical-realism book, but one can’t expect a comic-book hack to know Garcia-Marquez or Murakami. – Ed.], “mix of Adventure Time and underground comix”, “the gritty realism of the rebooted “Battlestar Galactica” coupled with the sense of exploration and teamwork found in classic “Star Trek.””) …it could take over trusty tropes such as “the most X in Y”, “will change X forever”, and that old reliable, “revenge”!

Burne Hogarth’s Lord of the Jungle

That cover had me wondering why Tarzan was standing on one leg, flapping his wings like a clucking hen about to drop! And then I realized he was just singing “Let’s Dance” to his furry friends! But now I have the Bowie tune stuck inside me head!

Canada doesn’t seem like a place where horrible things happen

And yet they do! Like Céline Dion, the poutine of song! And poutine, the Céline Dion of food!

Yep, that’s Batman fighting an octopus

Last month had tentacle porn for the straight, this month it’s tentacle porn for the queer! Equal opportunity, baby!

I’ve read one issue of The Red Star in my life, and it was … okay. I might have to check this out, though, just to see what’s what.

The Red Star was an all-pretty book! Pretty to look at, pretty pointless, pretty forgotten!

The Complete Sabrina the Teenage Witch: […] Not final cover? What madness is this?

They couldn’t decide between “teenage” (as in the title), “teen-age” (as in the balloon), or “teen-aged”! Just a few more committees are needed for a final cover to be approved, is all!

I really should just suck it up and get Nat Turner

(Well, I think Kyle Baker was much better at making points through his early comedies, but this sort of book is sorta review-proof: I found his Nat Turner a shallow and unmemorable sketch, bordering on boring, so my vanity plate’s gotta be “AKIA”, right? And yet Chester Brown has proven with LOUIS RIEL, or Derf with MY FRIEND DAHMER, that it’s possible to do a complex and compelling bio about a controversial figure, even when you have some skin in it…)

Dead Letters is about a dude who wakes up in a crappy motel with no memory but with guys with guns chasing him. It’s a clichéd set-up

It’s not a cliché! There’s only *one* other new series using it in the *whole* Previews! (“A man wakes in a field wearing nothing but his underwear. He’s got no idea who he is or how he got there. His only connection to the outside world is a cell phone that receives mysterious texts warning him of impending danger.”)

And next month, be there for my very own THE BLACK DAHLIA #1: “Elizabeth Short wakes up in an unfamiliar park, wearing nothing! And she’s got no idea who sawed her in half, her life forever changed! By becoming the world’s best little zombie handwalker, she’ll exact naked revenge with her bare teeth! It’s Wonder Woman meets Walking Dead on Viagra for the decade’s best new sleeper hit!” (B&W, 6” x 9”, 16 pages, $4.99, alternate risqué variant cover by Jim Balent, $6.99)

Caliban […] I’d like to be optimistic about this, because it’s Ennis, but recently, he’s been more interested in being disgusting than telling a good story.

(Well, except for his excellent BATTLEFIELDS, right? But yes, let’s just see how the reviews pan out before pondering the eventual trade…)

On page 334, we find Jane Irwin’s self-published Clockwork Game

(Well, about time too: it’s been in the making for a decade since she completed her nice VÖGELEIN.)

Joann Sfar has a new book out on page 369 from Uncivilized Books about the modernist painter Pascin. It’s being resolicited, so maybe it will show up this time. I like Sfar’s work, but I don’t have a lot of it. I’ll have to think about this.

Well, you can say that again: I have the originals and it’s worth it, but then, there are certainly some things to know about it, and I don’t just mean the fact it’s actually pronounced Paskin.

For one thing, it’s definitely not “a biography” as the solicit pretends. Each original book carries the author’s disclaimer that it’s “imaginary events” and “not a biography of Pascin”. It’s a collection of independent pieces, about 5 to 15 pages each: reflexive scenes and slice-of-life dialogs mostly about sex, love, and art.

Also, the drawing can vary tremendously from one story to another, sometimes one panel to the next (not in quality but in style, for expression). So it’s good, but to avoid wrong expectations readers shouldn’t go in expecting a cohesive graphic novel, a tidy plot or even some storyline: it’s all about the bohemian lifestyle, and this applies to the book too.

For another thing, I have to fear this edition must be heavily bowdlerized. The originals carry a lot of male and female frontal nudity and a number of explicit scenes, not gratuitous but as hardcore as any porn movie; in other words, the artist and his models can have philosophical banter while sucking and fucking, like in a Sade novel.

Also, Pascin is butt-naked when at home so the book features more flaccidity than a 69-issue Doc Manhattan maxiseries by Mozzarello. Sfar said he intended to depict the private life of an artist « la bite à l’air » (if you’ll pardon my French).

Indeed, the original book could never be solicited outside of Previews Adult (as even some tamer Crumb or Rickheit books from Fantagraphics have been occasionaly forced into), and yet here it is in Previews, so I have to assume they censored the artwork a lot, maybe cut down some pages.

Curiouser: neither the solicit nor the order form carry the usual tags for “adult material” or “mature readers”, which I can’t see how they could avoid without heavily blacking out the art and rewriting some dialogs — kinda like editing “Debbie Does Dallas” down to an all-age rating. Or maybe they forgot the tag (making the book fully returnable).

More puzzling: the stories were serialized between 1997 and 2002, then collected in 2005 as a 188-storypage B&W vol.1 “Pascin”, just in time for its all-new 76-storypage color vol. 2 “La Java bleue”. But both the original solicit and this resolicit are for an allegedly 240-page B&W book, which doesn’t add up. So hope it’s just another typo (because if it’s actually 240 pages, then it’d mean they based it off the whole 188+76=264-page lot, but deleted 24 pages and grayscaled the lush watercolors of vol. 2).

Indeed, the publisher’s site at http://www.uncivilizedbooks.com/comics/pascin.html states “200 Pages”, so if the latter is the correct one then it should be “just” a censored version of vol. 1 (but pricier per page than people expected). I’m glad I don’t have to order this edition, because that’s an awful lot of question marks.

However… A bowdlerized version may arguably be the only one you’ll ever get to read in English (and even that seems to be a hard sell, from its being resolicited). Or it may be a necessary step to pave the way for a full version some years down the road (the way Marvel’s hideously butchered version of Akira was seen by some as a necessary evil).

Sfar’s site has about 40 sample pages from http://www.vaste-monde-sfar.com/oeuvre/pascin/oeuvre_pascin.php (you have to click each album cover to open sub-pages with clickable samples from each album). It’s a good and lively book; I’d say: get it. But you may prefer to think about all that before rather than after paying for it.

Simon: Whoops, I missed that you stopped by!

Yes, Ennis’s Battlefields is a good series. Some better than others, of course, but generally, those are exempt from whatever else it is he’s doing.

Thanks for the information about the Sfar book. That’s frustrating. I think I’ll have to pass, but I’m sure it will be available down the line, hopefully in an uncensored format. Previews is weird about labeling some things “mature,” so it’s possible this just slipped the net. If they offered the “complete” version, just with a good translation, I’d probably get it, but if they’re ripping it up AND the art is inconsistent (I see what you mean, just looking at that fine link you provided), I think I can safely skip it.

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