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You Decide – Which Short-Lived Vertigo Series Would You Like to See Made Into a TV Series?

With the news of iZombie being turned into a TV series, we thought it’d be interesting to see what other short-lived Vertigo ongoing series (“short-lived” defined as having less issues made of it than iZombie’s 28) you’d like to see turned into a TV series.

Read on for the choices!


I think The New Deadwardians could ride the current vampire/zombie/Downton craze pretty well. Sets and costuming could be expensive, though. I also think Deadman’s got a lot of potential, in a Quantum Leap sort of format, with the search for his killer as the throughline.

I think Greek Street makes a great set-up for a TV series. Like Once Upon a Time but with Greek Gods.

Of the list I’d say The Unknown Soldier. Does anyone remember Mobfire from the mid 90’s? It was a mix of the occult and the mafia that could be expanded in to a series.

Aventures in the rifle brigade

I’m kind of stunned that no one has turned any version of Kid Eternity into a series, given the many obvious directions suggested by the concept.

American Century is the adventures of Don Draper before he settled down and married Betty.

Looking at this list, I’m reminded why these were short term series. BURN!

I forget how many issues it ran, but I’d love to see House of Secrets (the Seagle series) on screen.

The only ones I was even tempted by on this list were the ones that weren’t originally Vertigo at all: Deadman, Kid Eternity.

Hard choice. Went with Air because of the female lead. TV needs more female leads.

Huh, I could have sworn New Deadwardians was a mini…

Either way, I picked Codename: Knockout. I loved the comic when it was coming out and could see it translating to a Middleman-style humor/action show…

No love for THE EXTERMINATORS? That was basically just an HBO/ AMC show on the printed page.

It lasted longer than iZombie, Wil. I thought it was a cool book, too, at least from what I read of it, but I believe it went 30 issues, a couple more than iZombie.

Fair enough (though I’d still consider it ‘short lived’)

I know it wasn’t Vertigo – despite not being in the DCU i think it was just under the normal DC Comics banner, but I reckon Warren Ellis’ Jack Cross would make a great TV show (and that only lasted 4 issues…)

AMERICAN CENTURY had a great premise, but never quite gelled as a comic. It would be fun to see Chaykin involved with an HBO/Showtime show.

Well, I like most of them. I would love any of them to come on the television. TV series are seen more in comparison to comic reading.

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