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You Decide – Who Is Your Favorite Punisher Writer?

With Nathan Edmondson launching the latest Punisher ongoing series, we thought it’d be interesting to see which previous Punisher writer was your favorite.

Read on for the choices!


Hhmm… I wonder who’s going to lead in this poll?

Yeah, this is basically a poll to see who takes spots 2 through 5. Although seeing how much Ennis wins by will be interesting. Right now he has more votes than everybody else combined.

Don Pendleton.

Didn’t Ennis win like 9 of the 10 spots on the greatest punisher stories poll?

@Andy —

Yeah, which is bullshit. Archie Meets The Punisher should have been #1 (not even kidding). The first arc Dixon did on War Zone should have been on there as well.

Otherwise though at least half of the great Punisher stories are by Ennis.

And I’m actually surprised by the list somewhat. Aside from the #1 spot the rest is actually not how I would have expected it for the most part.

I’m more shocked that Steven Grant is only #7.

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