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You Decide – Which Avengers Romance Was Your Favorite?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we figured it’d be interesting to see which romance between Avengers teammates was your favorite.

Read on for the choices!


You forgot Hercules and Jarvis after that new year’s eve party, though they did try to keep it quiet!

Wonder Man and Beast.


Voted for Luke and Jess, one of the few truly adult relationships I’ve seen within the Avengers.

Agreed, Neil; I was almost afraid it wouldn’t be allowed in the poll, it was too out of the ordinary.

Hawkeye with ANYONE? Seriously?

Aunt May and skrull-Jarvis. They made such a cute couple.

I love that Mantis/Swordsman is on the list. Wasn’t that actually the celery-possessed reanimated corpse of Swordsman?

Man, I love comics for giving me the opportunity to type that question.

I don’t remember the Hawkeye/Wasp romance (maybe I blinked) … though I do remember Hawkeye/Scarlet Witch

I’m surprised how thin the pickings actually are.

The New Warriors never felt like an Avengers couple per se; they were already a couple, they joined the Avengers, they left the Avengers.

Mantis/ Swordsman is awesomely weird.

Other than that: we have three viable contenders (even though one of them generated the imaginary children that generated lots of storytelling terribleness); one that would be a viable contender except that the only thing anyone actually remembers about it now is the violence at the end; one utterly terrible couple form an utterly terrible era (Black Knight/ Sersi), and a lot of very forgettable musical-chairs hookups among the same handful of long-term Mansion inhabitants.

The two best of all time are also the two that Marvel felt the need to ruin out of spite for the characters.

Wonder Man and Wasp were a thing? Really??

For me it will always be Hank and Jan, regardless of using domestic violence for shock value.

On the other end, you couldn’t beat Beast and Wonder Man fro a “Bro-mance.”

Hank and Firebird/Espirita!

I always assumed Clint was doing both Jan and Wanda while dating Natasha during the early years of THE AVENGERS. That why he was always fighting with Hank and Pietro.

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