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“Here, Yoo-man, Let Me Show You These Cool X-Men Cat Videos”

Wolverine Cat

Cyclops Cat

I think I dig Cyclops Cat the most.

Thanks to Rich Johnston for the head’s up!


I don’t remember that Bob Dylan song.

Brian. Trust me, if I could, I would drink a beer with you. But I can’t. Distance and whatsnot.
Repeat after me: Women are salvation from misery.
And then, you’ll be happy.
I know I am

Also, don’t overthink my posts too much. Just go with the flow.

Obviously, the cat’s looking for videos of her favorite X character, the one who can phase through things.

Of course a cat loves Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat! It’s natural!

Hannah should have a regular column.

I tried not to watch these, to resist the internet becoming ALL CATS ALL THE TIME.

But now I’ve given in. They were hilarious. And now I remember WHY the internet is ALL CATS ALL THE TIME.

Thanks, Brian.

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