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Committed: 10 Ways to Introduce Wonder Woman to Your Child

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This week my friend Leah asked for suggestions on how to introduce her 5 year old to Wonder Woman and so my friends and I put together this list of ways to gradually bring Wonder Woman into children’s lives.

1. Dress your baby like Wonder Woman.


It might just be a onesie, but it’s a star-spangled onesie! Okay, realistically if your child can fit in a onesie then they probably won’t remember wearing it or care what it looks like. At the very least it’ll be fun for you, and it might make for some good photos to send to the amazing tumblr, Girls Love Superheroes.

2. Buy your toddler Wonder Woman toys. 


An invisible jet and toddler-friendly Wonder Woman figure from the Fisher Price Little People range is a pretty good gift. While it might seem very basic, playing with a recognizable character could spark an interest later, when your child is old enough to read about Wonder Woman. At the very least it will instill a general good early memory which is one way to create a general affection for the character.

3. Read an all-ages Wonder Woman book to your child.


My friend Anna’s 3 and 5 year olds are into superheroes so she got them Wonder Woman: The Story of the Amazon Princess from the library. Other books like Wonder Woman Classic: I Am Wonder Woman would work for children who’re beginning to read themselves, and there’s a pretty comprehensive reading list for small children up at the WonderWomanMuseum.com.

4. Decorate your kids room with Wonder Woman-inspired decor.


Wonder Woman is nothing if not photogenic and there’s some fantastic Wonder Woman art, storage solutions, blankets, lampshades, etc with a serious pop art flair. If your child’s room is decorated with Wonder Woman art then it will certainly create some familiarity and curiosity around the character.

5. Buy your kid Wonder Woman merchandise.


People are always buying me stuff with Wonder Woman so I know it’s out there. Diaries, wallets, sneakers, and MAC cosmetics even created a line of Wonder Woman-branded makeup a while back (with fantastic promotional art by Mike Allred). There’s a huge range to choose from, it’s always changing, and nearly all of it makes a great gift.

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Depends on what you mean by introduce. I know it’d be cool if you had a kid that liked the same things you did/do, but isn’t this something you should let them develop for themselves? If your kid likes comics then sure show them yours and see if they like it, but actively getting them stuff before you’re even sure seems a little forceful to me.

By the way, I just saw “Lasso of Truth,” a new play about Marston and the creation of Wonder Woman at Marin Theatre Company, which I figured you might wanna know about of you don’t already. Here’s a feature about it written by, um, me: http://www.marinij.com/entertainment/ci_25174681/wonder-woman-takes-stage-at-marin-theatre-company.

Not for kids, though, because most of it’s about Marston’s home life.

Great Ideas! I have five female younger cousins ranging from 16 – 10 months. The oldest two are always mad at me for not getting them into comics earlier. Hopefully this helps with the younger three!

The Crazed Spruce

February 26, 2014 at 4:57 pm

Right now, I have three young nephews, but no young nieces. I’d definitely pick up some of your suggestions if I had one, though. (My Christmas presents to them are usually comic-friendly stuff like toys and DVDs. And one nephew is really into Spider-Man, so obviously my brother’s doing SOMETHING right.)

I think it’s pretty notable that “Buy them a current comic” isn’t anywhere on the list.

She did kind of imply that today’s modern WW isn’t exactly a good way of introing them to young kids and she is correct.

@Spruce- I’m trying to get my niece into comics with starting her off with the new Ms. Marvel. I think it should be a good intro comic for girls that are in their early teens.

The current Wonder Woman is great.

Alas, the current run is ending and we are switching to David Finch T&A, which is a TERRIBLE way to introduce a girl to WW.

My son, a few months away from turning two, can identify Wonder Woman from drawings (he says “wuhwoman” or just “woman”), has the invisible jet toy and WW action figure and loves shooting the lasso at whatever or whomever, enjoys the 70s tv show (which comes on once a week on an HD antenna channel here–he yells “spin, spin” at the tv whenever she’s not wearing her superhero costume), and we’ve read him the few kids wonder woman books the library has. So he’s well on his way. He loves all superheroes, though, especially the dudes.

I agree, this top ten list has some great ideas. I’m surprised you didn’t include costumes for dress-up. Another idea is having a Wonder Woman themed birthday party. As the owner of an e-commerce website, I get the most requests for Wonder Woman party supplies but they’re not on the market unless a movie comes about her. Then party supply manufacturers will be willing to take a chance on her. Sad but true.

Brian from Canada

February 28, 2014 at 9:19 am

Derek is right about the strange dearth of Wonder Woman merchandise. I remember in the decades before that when products were made for DC superheroes, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were included — from underoos to dinky cars to birthday party stuff.

Hopefully, someone at DC/WB will get the idea to do it again. It really disseminated the image of Wonder Woman and helped get her noticed, even if she was only on Superfriends. It was a great way of building product recognition.

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