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Flippin’ through Previews – March 2014

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Strap on the feedbag, people, ’cause we’ll be here all night!

Take off that stupid mask!!!!

Take off that stupid mask!!!!

Dark Horse:

For 40 bucks, you can get Dragon Girl and Monkey King: The Art of Katsuya Terada on page 41. It’s an art book, so I imagine it has a very exclusive audience, but art books are always fun, aren’t they? (23 July)

Weirdly enough, Dark Horse has begun soliciting the New Lone Wolf & Cub (which they did last month) before they finished soliciting the original Lone Wolf & Cub Omnibus editions, volume 5 of which shows up on page 42. I’m not sure what that’s all about. Oh well. One day I’ll sit down and read all of these – I keep getting them, but I ain’t reading them yet! (2 July)

Hey, look, it’s another volume of MPD-Psycho on page 43! Dark Horse cracks me up with these. The four manga series that I read that are still coming out are this one, Eden, and Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, and Gantz, all of which Dark Horse publishes and three of which (Gantz is the exception) come out excruciatingly slowly. Man, I wish they were quicker. But good for Dark Horse! (23 July)

On page 47, we get three different versions of The Star Wars, the illustrated version of the original screenplay. I heard this wasn’t very good, but Dark Horse does have some nice versions – the trade, the hardcover, and the deluxe hardcover – so if you really want it, you have a smorgasbord of choices! (9 July/13 August)

Dark Horse has RoboCop vs. the Terminator hardcover on page 50. This is written by Frank Miller and drawn by Walt Simonson, and it’s 25 dollars. Is this from before Miller went crazy, because you won’t be able to keep me away from this book if it is. They also have a “gallery edition” – IDW has started a trend! – with Simonson’s original art on page 51. What say the masses? (2 July)

Too ... much ... awesome ...!

Too … much … awesome …!

There’s a Gilbert Hernandez book on page 53 called Grip: The Strange World of Men for 20 dollars. I don’t know when the original issues came out, but it’s never been collected before! I guess it’s a mash-up of gangsters and superpowers, but who knows. As I must always note, I am not a big fan of the Hernandez brothers. Their comics just don’t do anything for me. But this is still out there, so if you want it, go get it! (2 July)

Catalyst Comix gets a trade on page 57 – it’s 20 bucks for 9 issues, which ain’t bad. The last issue comes out this week, but so far, this has been a strange superhero comic with three semi-interconnected stories with a bunch of the Dark Horse superheroes from the 1990s. Casey and his collaborators have been doing an interesting job, and it’s well worth a look. (2 July)

Fred van Lente and Freddie Williams II are back with Brain Boy on page 58. I’m still waiting for the trade of the last mini-series, but the stories in Dark Horse Presents were pretty good, so I imagine these are good stories, as well!

Speaking of Dark Horse Presents, the final issue shows up on page 61. Travis Pelkie, resident smart guy commenter, mentioned that Dark Horse is simply going to reboot this, which makes no sense, but still – it’s the last issue … for now! (21 May)

Really, Dark Horse?

Really, Dark Horse?

I’m not too interested in the description of Jack Kraken on page 65 – he’s an agent for a secret agency protecting humanity – but Tim Seeley isn’t a bad writer, and Ross Campbell does some of the art, so it might be something to give a look at when it shows up. (14 May)

Never Ending gets a trade on page 66. The premise is intriguing – a superhero never ages, so he slowly goes insane and needs the help of his nemesis to, I guess, die – and it’s a nifty 10 dollars (it was only a 3-issue mini-series, but still), so I might have to check it out. (2 July)

There’s a new Usagi Yojimbo trade on page 70, collecting issues #132-138. On page 71, there’s The Sakai Project, which features a bunch of artists drawing everyone’s favorite samurai rabbit, with the proceeds going to Sakai and his wife, who need some financial help. That’s pretty neat. (2 July/23 July)

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Greg Hatcher's gonna buy it!

Greg Hatcher’s gonna buy it!

The next Brian Wood Conan trade is offered on page 72. As both Other Greg and I have mentioned, these are good comics, they’re just not really Conan comics. It’s odd. But they’re fun to read! (16 July)

James Marsters, who played Spike, writes … a Spike graphic novel, Into the Light, on page 76. I have no idea if Marsters is a good writer or not, but kudos to Dark Horse for the marketing strategy! (16 July)

I’ve never bought the Abe Sapien trades, but I really ought to. I dig the Hellboy-verse, after all. The fourth volume, The Shape of Things to Come, shows up on page 78. I don’t know – I should track these down. (9 July)

I don’t have any interest in The Strain, but you can get a nice hardcover for 30 dollars (collecting 11 issues) on page 80. David Lapham and Mike Huddleston are a cool creative team, but I just don’t care about the subject matter at all. (9 July)

I am interested in The Secret Files of Dr. Drew on page 81, which collects a horror comic strip from 1949 written by Marilyn Mercer and drawn by Jerry Grandenetti. It’s only 30 dollars, and it sounds pretty neat. (16 July)

Did they really let icky girls write comics back then?

Did they really let icky girls write comics back then?

Kiss Me, Satan gets a trade on page 81. This isn’t a bad story about werewolves trying to kill witches and a strange dude protecting them, and there are some interesting twists. The reason you should get it, though, is because Juan Ferreyra kills on the art. (2 July)

Somewhat annoyingly, Dark Horse is releasing four issues of Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight in one trade, and presumably the rest in another. Each story is two issues long, so it’s not going to split anything up, but it seems like they could easily get this into a decently-priced trade. This is 18 dollars for 4 issues, while Catalyst Comix (maybe because Dark Horse owns the characters?) is 20 dollars for 9 issues. Weird. (16 July)

The second volume of Gasoline Alley: The Complete Sundays 1923-1925 shows up on page 84. As you might recall, I love that comics companies are collecting old newspaper strips, but I have no interest in this, especially for $75. Still, it’s neat. (9 July)

There’s a new Axe Cop mini-series on page 86. I don’t care at all about Axe Cop, but hey, there it is! (21 May)

Pictures That Tick, the latest collection of stories from Dave McKean, is offered on page 87. There’s a $30-version and one for $100. (9 July)


DC’s next weekly series, Futures End, begins on page 95. Is there a missing apostrophe in that title, or did DC really not think too hard about it? Anyway, it’s a strange creative team of DC’s top guys – Giffen, Jurgens, Azzarello, and Lemire are writing it, which is … interesting. I hope those four dudes got locked in a room in Manitoba somewhere to hash out this entire year, because I would love to read those transcripts. The most interesting thing about this is that it takes place “five years from now.” This is a smart idea, because five years in comic book time could be anywhere from five years to 25 years, so DC could simply never arrive at these events if they don’t want to. Anyway, it begins in May. Huzzah!

I’m really curious if we’ve once again reached a point where slapping “Justice League” on the cover of a comic will sell it, no matter what. I mean, Justice League United (page 97) stars Animal Man, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, and Adam Strange. Now that’s a team that will sell books! (14 May)

I mean, this is a retailers' dream team!

I mean, this is a retailers’ dream team!

How has no one come up with “Nightmare Nurse” before Justice League Dark #31 (page 99)? Holy shit, she’s the character find of 2014 and she hasn’t even shown up yet! (28 May)

Fuck.  The.  Heck.

Fuck. The. Heck.

Swamp Thing sure gets around, as he shows up in Aquaman #31 (page 101). Remember when you could tell that a guest star was in a comic to goose sales? Is Swamp Thing that popular recently that he will help goose Aquaman‘s sales? (28 May)

Secret Origins #2 (page 102) tells the origin of … Batman. Well, thank Vishnu for that. We might have gone longer than two months without someone telling us Batman’s origin! (28 May)

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In Constantine #14 (page 106), our hero confronts a “hideous demon that’s been feeding on the American Southwest for decades!” What does that mean, exactly? Is it eating the actual ground? That would be cool – it could find some aquifers, as we desperately need them. I’m curious about what that means. Maybe Ray Fawkes is going to reveal that it’s been forcing good Christians to make pornographic wedding cakes for all those gay weddings! (14 May)

Superman #31 (page 113): “Lois’s psi powers spike again”! Wait, what? Man, can’t someone be a regular person in the DCnU? (28 May)

Batman/Superman #11 (page 115) is drawn by Jae Lee. I bring this up not because it’s obvious, but because I noticed that the latest issue was also drawn by Jae Lee. I brought this up to the dude who works at my comics shoppe, mentioning that Brett Booth is no longer drawing it, and he said that he expected their sales to go down now. Had I any liquid in my mouth, I would have done a spit-take. He told me that when Booth started drawing it, sales went up. This makes no sense to me. Brett Booth is a lousy artist, I’m sorry to say. Jae Lee is very good. Yet at my shoppe, people would rather read a book drawn by Booth than Lee. I suppose it’s because Lee’s art is more esoteric and Booth’s is more meat-and-potatoes, but seriously?!?!? So I got depressed. Man. I do like to be reminded that the Internet is a tiny portion of comics fandom, and often does not recognize the popularity of things that we like to look down on. But there you have it – Brett Booth, more popular than Jae Lee. This is the world we live in. (21 May)

I mean, look at that!

I mean, look at that!

I’m going to get the Buccellato/Manapul run on Detective in trade, so I mock with love here, but for issue #31 (page 119), Batman meets up with a “mysterious man known as Sumo!” Um, he’s a sumo wrestler. And he’s known as Sumo? Really? Now I want villains like Accountant, Grocery Bagger, and Third Grade Teacher. They would dominate! (7 May)

Red Hood and the Outlaws #31 (page 125) features the team fighting against Lobo. Hey, is it Sexy Lobo? Should we alert Noelle Stevenson? (21 May)

In Sinestro #2 (page 126), is he actually fighting against a group called the Pale Vicars? I can’t decide if that’s awful or awesome. (21 May)

Apparently, Batman ’66 #11 (page 135) will feature a “cameo by just about every Bat-villain ever.” That should be fun. Jonathan Case is on art, too, so it will look amazing. (21 May)

The first arc of John Layman’s work on Detective Comics gets a trade on page 138. It’s pretty good – he actually creates a new, interesting villain. It’s priced to move at 17 dollars for 192 pages! (25 June)

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I’m tempted to get Larfleeze volume 1 on page 140. I’ve heard some good things about it, and I really do want to give DC books a chance! Am I a crazy person? (18 June)

Stop me before I shop again!

Stop me before I shop again!

DC collects The Demon: Driven Out by Joshua Dysart and Pop Mhan on page 144. It’s 6 issues for 10 dollars, so even though it’s from something like 8 reboots ago, it might be worth a look. (14 May)

Next to it on page 144, we get Tales of Batman: J. H. Williams III hardcover, which is 50 dollars but runs 448 pages. I’m not getting this because I own everything in it, but it has a lot of very cool comics, from his early stuff on Batman (during the 1990s Moench/Jones run) to Legends of the Dark Knight (another story with Moench), to his more recent Batman work with Paul Dini and G-Mozz. Good stuff all around! (16 July)

The latest Batman: Black and White volume gets a hardcover on page 144. I’ll wait for the softcover, but there’s a nice collection of talent for this latest series! (23 July)

Showcase Presents: The Great Disaster featuring the Atomic Knights is on page 145, in case you’re dying to read all these post-apocalyptic stories from (I presume) the 1970s. As with all the Showcase Presents books, it’s packed with content for only 20 dollars. (18 June)

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All the Before Watchmen books get softcover trades on pages 146-47. Get angry about them all over again! (June)

I’m really torn about the Doom Patrol Omnibus on page 151. I already own it, of course, and it’s the best comic book ever (don’t try to deny it!), but do I want a 1200-page collection? Actually, I really do, but I’m always worried about the binding on giant books like this. I wish DC would let us know that it’s going to bound well! Still, if you don’t have it, you should get it in some format. It’s totally worth it. (30 July)

Graham Nolan is the first guest artist ever on Astro City (page 152), which is nice as Nolan is a fine artist. Good for him! (14 May)

Dead Boy Detectives volume 1 shows up on page 155, and DC, as usual, prices it really well – 10 dollars for 6+ issues. Marvel should be taking notes! (11 June)


I won’t be getting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30th Anniversary Special on page 171, but it’s pretty cool that IDW is getting a bunch of creators who have worked on the book over the years back together. That’s a neat idea.

Ashley Wood has a new comic coming out: The Beautiful War on page 173. Wood is a fascinating creator, and this book does not seem to have any robots in it, so maybe it will be something unusually different from Wood!

Why so tiny?

Why so tiny?

The Maxx: Maxximized gets a trade on page 174. Let’s hope the editors fixed the weird word balloon problem in the latest issue!

Speaking of Sam Kieth, he teams up with Chris Ryall again for Mars Attacks: First Born on page 175. That should look neat, at least.

It’s 40 dollars, but I’m tempted to get Tribes: The Dog Years Special Edition on page 176 (it is 224 pages, so there’s that). I don’t know anything about it, but Inaki Miranda is a pretty good artist, so it will probably look pretty keen.

John Byrne fires up another Star Trek “photo-novel” on page 179 called The Mirror, Cracked, which is “part one.” I took a look at the first Byrne “photo-novel” when it came out, but did anyone get it? I still think this is a bizarre idea, but if the books are good, who cares, right?

There’s another Monkeybrain comic getting published by IDW, as Amelia Cole and the Hidden War gets collected on page 181. This sounds neat, but I missed the first volume, so I might have to track that down first.

On page 182, the first trade of Samurai Jack is solicited. I’m planning on getting this – has anyone been reading the single issues and can offer an opinion about it?

Someone's getting killed!

Someone’s getting killed!

I love looking at the My Little Pony solicits just to see who’s working on them. My Little Pony: Friends Forever #5 is written by Thom Zahler, who’s a good writer. Have I missed him on the book, or did he just start on it? I’m not going to buy it, but good for Zahler making some coin off a licensed property!

I should have known that “V-Wars” stood for vampires (page 187), but I must admit the first thing I thought of, especially with that cover, was a completely different “v” word. I might actually buy that comic!

Yes, I'm a horrible person

Yes, I’m a horrible person

Rogue Trooper Classics #1 shows up on page 192. If you have a hankering for the original Gerry Finley-Day/Dave Gibbons comics, these are in color for the first time!

Weird Love on page 197 features a bunch of pre-Comics Code romance stories, and I really want to read “I Fell for a Commie.” I mean, don’t we all at some point in our lives?

Yeah, that's a puzzler, all right

Yeah, that’s a puzzler, all right

Dang, I would love to pick up Flesh & Steel: The Art of Russ Heath on page 199, but it’s 50 bucks. Still, I’m very tempted (it’s also 320 pages, which is nice), but we shall see. There’s too much groovy stuff I don’t own!

Speaking of stuff I don’t own, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents: The Best of Wally Wood (page 199) is also very tempting. It’s 25 dollars for about half the pages of the Russ Heath book, and I’m sure it’s amazing. Dang.

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I was curious about getting The Red Star when IDW offered the “preview” last month, and this month volume 1 shows up (page 200), and it’s … 50 dollars. Man. I mean, it’s 8 issues and 328 pages, but that’s still a good chunk of change.

IDW cranks out another Artist’s Edition that I can’t afford (page 201) – this time it’s Hellboy, and once again, I curse my lack of funds. Curse you, lack of funds!!!!


One reason why I hate Mark Millar: these days, he writes such creatively bankrupt stories (MPH on page 206 is “What if the Flash were a bad guy?”) that are so obviously movie pitches, but he has the coin or the cachet to attract wonderful artists, in this case Duncan Fegredo. There’s no way in hell I’m buying this, and the fact that it’s drawn by Fegredo makes that even more annoying. (21 May)

Warren Ellis has a new science fiction comic, Trees, on page 210. I’m very curious about this, because if the aliens landed a decade ago and haven’t done anything, how has the world changed at all? I have confidence in Ellis, but it’s still an odd conceit. (28 May)

I love the idea of C.O.W.L. – the world’s first superhero labor union (page 214). I’m not the biggest fan of Kyle Higgins, who’s writing this, but it’s still very intriguing. (28 May)

That's a damned cool cover, too

That’s a damned cool cover, too

Jamie S. Rich writes Madame Frankenstein (page 216), which is basically what it sounds like – a man reanimating the love of his life, from which complications ensue. Rich is a good romance writer and a pretty good “weird stories” writer, and the art by Megan Levens looks pretty cool, so I’ll have to check this out. (7 May)

On page 222, there’s a new Burn the Orphanage ongoing, as well as a trade of the mini-series from last year. I was waiting for the trade of this anyway, so I’m glad it’s here! (7 May)

Chew/Revival is offered on page 223, and of course I’m getting it. This crossover can’t possibly work, which means it will be awesome. (28 May)

The final issue of Fatale shows up on page 226. It’s a really good series, so I’m very keen to see how Brubillips brings it all together. (21 May)

Well, I'd be scared of her

Well, I’d be scared of her

Saga #19 is offered on page 226, coming back from its break. I think I’m done with Saga. I just can’t love it, and the few moments of brilliance aren’t worth the annoying shit that comes in between it. (21 May)

The first trade of Black Science is on page 229. So far, this is a cool comic, so if you’ve been waiting for the reasonably-priced trade (6 issues, 10 dollars), here it is! (28 May)

Volume 1 of Drumhellar is also on page 229. I haven’t been reading this, but I’m curious about it. Riley Rossmo on art is never a bad thing, so I might have to drop some ducats on this (although it’s 15 dollars for 5 issues, so it’s not quite as good a value as Black Science). (28 May)

There’s a “fifth anniversary” trade of I Kill Giants on page 230, with some new stuff. I Kill Giants is a brilliant comic, and if you haven’t read it yet, you really should. Here’s your chance! (7 May)

Trust me!

Trust me!

On page 231, volume 1 of both Manifest Destiny and Umbral show up. Both of these series have gotten off to very good starts, and both are 10 bucks for 6 issues, so how can you pass them up? (14 May/28 May)

Page 240 gives us Invincible #112: “Robot continues his quest to take over the world …” Wait, what? Man, it’s been a long time since I read Invincible, can’t you tell? (21 May)

There’s a new arc of Rat Queens beginning on page 244. I haven’t been reading this, but if you were interested in starting, I imagine this is a good place for it! (7 May)


So Original Sin (page 4) might be the greatest comic ever, but it seems fundamentally flawed to me. I know I haven’t been keeping up Marvel history, but if someone killed Uatu, what’s the big deal? He’s a fucking Watcher – why would he have anything compromising about Marvel heroes when all he’s supposed to do is watch? I’m sure it’s been explained at some point, but someone holds the “Marvel Universe’s darkest secrets in the palm of their hands”? Why would Uatu have that? Shouldn’t it be in his head, which is now splattered all over the place? Anyway, it’s the latest Marvel event. Huzzah! (7 May)

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Does anyone want to guess why Cyclops has never gotten a solo ongoing, as he’s getting on page 18? Maybe because calling it “Cyclops, the Dude With the Stick Up His Ass” wouldn’t sell. Good for Greg Rucka getting this published, though! (7 May)

Did Corsair just wander in from the set of The Chronicles of Riddick?

Did Corsair just wander in from the set of The Chronicles of Riddick?

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, a new mini-series by Mike Benson and Tan Eng Huat, shows up on page 26. I imagine this will be pretty cool, and probably even better as a trade, which is how I will consume it! It also just reminds me that Marvel doesn’t even try to work around the licensing problems with the old series, because they’re dicks. Yeah, I said it. (14 May)

On page 40, we get the Thanos Annual, which I love because Marvel can’t even be bothered to come up with an interesting name for it, as an annual implies a regular series, which doesn’t exist. Still, it’s Starlin and Lim doing a Thanos book, which should be kind of cool, if you’re into that sort of thing. (28 May)

Bendis fires up Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man on page 42. Man, Marvel keeps beating the Ultimate horse, don’t they? Is this comic still even close to as good as the series was back in its heyday? (7 May)

I know this is just the whining of an old man, but once again, I bemoan the loss of interconnectedness in Marvel comics. On page 61, Fantastic Four #5 promises that the team is “held accountable for the destruction of Manhattan!” Remember back in the old days when other comics would at least pay a bit of lip service to the destruction wrought in other comics? I will wager a lot of money that the “destruction” of Manhattan isn’t mentioned in other comics whatsoever. Sigh. I’m old. (28 May)

So the cover of X-Force #5 (page 67) shows Marrow:

I mean, really

I mean, really

My question is: Why does she have half of her head shaved? Does she think it looks cool? It looks ridiculous, of course, but is there an in-story reason for the ridiculous cut? These are pressing questions!!!! (14 May)

This is a terrifying cover for Painkiller Jane: The 22 Brides (page 77), and not in a good way:

You can't unsee it!

You can’t unsee it!

Look at that thing! It’s freaking me out! I don’t really want to get this, but it has a story with art by Steve Mannion, and I really want to see Steve Mannion draw Painkiller Jane (I also want Steve Mannion to draw pretty much anything, but that’s a whole different story). (14 May)

Bendis and Oeming are bringing us The United States of Murder on page 78, which is about an America that is ruled by organized crime families. It’s just another series that Bendis and Oeming can ignore after an issue or two! (14 May)

Man, $75 for Jeph Loeb and Time Sale: Yellow, Blue and Gray (no Oxford comma? for shame!) on page 81. Yes, this is a big chunk of comics, but man, they’re just not that good. Sale makes them look stunning, of course, but this was after Loeb jumped the shark, if indeed he was ever on this side of said shark. (6 August)

Hey, do you want to pay $200 for a giant edition of Marvels? Well, now you can, if you turn to page 82! Sheesh, Marvel. (6 August)

I figured Marvel would eventually bring out a complete collection of Fury: My War Gone By, and there it is on page 84. It’s 35 bucks for 13 issues, and it’s a very good series, so if you missed it, check this out! (6 August)

I might have to get Amazing X-Men volume 1, because it’s not priced badly (18 bucks for 6 issues), and while the story sounds ridiculous, Jason Aaron is a good writer and I rarely get a chance to see Ed McGuinness’s art, as he’s usually working on books I don’t want to read. Hmmm … (18 June)

Avengers: The Legacy of Thanos appears on page 103 for some odd reason … is Thanos somehow important these days? This is Roger Stern and John Byrne, and I really ought to get it. It’s $35 dollars for 256 pages, so it’s a bit pricey, but still. (11 June)

Devil Dinosaur gets a complete collection – there were only 9 issues – on page 106. Oh, Kirby. Will we ever get enough of you? (28 May)

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You know what’s coming … the back of the book!

Action Lab:

Princeless: The Pirate Princess One-Shot shows up on page 267 for one thin dollar. That ain’t bad, I tells ya!

On page 268, you can pick up Dry Spell #1 by Ken Krekeler. This was a graphic novel a few years ago, but I guess somehow Krekeler is splitting it into a few issues. It’s excellent, so if you missed it the first time around, here’s a chance to check it out!

He's cheery!

He’s cheery!

Also on page 268, The Final Plague is offered in trade. I read the first issue, and it was okay. It’s basically animal zombies, which isn’t a bad hook.

On page 271, you can find a trade of Ghost Cop from Antarctic Press. A cop murdered in 1947 comes back in 2013 when people are getting killed in the same way he was? That has “awesome” written all over it!

In Kevin Keller #14, Kevin becomes a superhero. Well, of course he does. It’s a new storyline from Archie Comics on page 274!

On page 278, you can get the first trade of Jirni from Aspen Comics. I just love that it’s called “Jirni,” to be honest. Anyway, down in the corner of this page, there’s a little ad that tells fans to pre-order “what’s being called the most beautiful indie book on the shelf!” Who’s saying that? I really want to know.

Well, that's something

Well, that’s something

I have no interest in God Is Dead, volume 1 of which shows up on page 281 from Avatar, but hey! volume 1 shows up on page 281 from Avatar!

Avatar also has Simon Spurrier’s webcomic, Disenchanted, on page 282. Apparently it’s about a slum below the streets of London where all the creatures of folklore end up. Sounds charming. Spurrier is an interesting writer, though, so I might have to mosey on over to the webcomic and see what’s what before deciding whether to buy this.

Boom! Studios:

Nightbreed #1 is on page 297 by Marc Andreyko and Piotr Kowalski. I might get this in trade, but I might not. I’m probably prejudiced because the movie was so very ridiculous, and I can’t get past it. Oh well. There it is, if you’re interested.

I am interested in The Woods, which is on page 299. A bunch of students and teachers from a school disappear in a forest and end up somewhere mysterious, which sounds neat. Plus, I don’t really have anything against James Tynion IV and I dig Michael Dialynas, so this should be pretty good.

Always bring a chainsaw into the forest with you!

Always bring a chainsaw into the forest with you!

On page 302, we find The Savage Brothers Deluxe Edition, which is only 10 dollars. Andrew Cosby and Johanna Stokes are decent enough writers, but this features early Rafael Albuquerque artwork, which is the reason I might have to pick it up!

Daryl Gregory’s run on Planet of the Apes comes to an end with volume 5 on page 303. I really liked his run, so I’ll have to get this.

I’m pretty interested in The Last Broadcast on page 305 – it’s about a group of people underneath San Francisco discovering a bunker that belonged to a 1930s magician while, at the same time, a young magician gets a package about the old magician’s death. Weird, wild stuff. I don’t know the creators – André Sirangelo and Gabriel Iumazark – but why should that stop me?

The Killer Omnibus volume 2 is on page 306. These two stories aren’t quite as good as the earlier ones, but they’re still worth reading, so it’s nice that they’re in one handy package.

Interesting Drug on page 306 is about a man from the future who offers a regular schlub a chance to create a drug that will help the user travel through time. Complications ensue, naturally. I know I’ve read stuff by Shaun Manning before, but I can’t say what, and Anna Wieszcyzk is an interesting artist, so this might be kind of neat.

I’ve never been that interested in Herobear and the Kid, but the first story is collected on page 312, if it’s your thing. That’s always nice to get a decent trade of older comics!

Conundrum Press offers Spain & Morocco by Alex Fellows on page 316. This doesn’t sound like my thing, because it seems to imply that it’s a coming-of-age book, but it looks really nice, so I might cave and get it. I mean, even it’s a coming-of-age story, it takes place in Spain and Morocco, so it has to be somewhat keen, right?

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What's with all the cats?

What’s with all the cats?

On page 316, Disney Comics (wait, isn’t that Marvel?) has Space Mountain, which is based loosely on the freakin’ roller coaster. It’s written by Bryan Q. Miller, which is odd enough, and it’s drawn by Kelley freakin’ Jones. I might have to get this for the sheer oddness value.


I’m sure you’ve missed characters like Purgatori, Chastity, and Evil Ernie, so Dynamite has you covered, as Tim Seeley is writing a new event, Chaos, which brings all the old Chaos! characters back. We have been seriously lacking Purgatori comics recently, so let’s all give a big hand to Dynamite! (7 May)

It's like they read Kelly Thompson's mind!

It’s like they read Kelly Thompson’s mind!

Howard Chaykin returns to the Shadow with Midnight in Moscow on page 321, a story set in 1950. This has train wreck written all over it, but at least with Chaykin, the train wrecks are usually entertaining! (7 May)

On page 323, Mark Waid launches another Gold Key character, Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult. He and Doktor Sleepless ought to have a crossover right quick! (28 May)

Trippy, man!

Trippy, man!

There is no way I’m going to spend 50 bucks on Heart of the Beast, which has been remastered for its 20th anniversary on page 327, but it’s by Dean Motter and Sean Phillips, so I’m actually tempted. Nice of them to bring it back into print – maybe a softcover will come out at a lower price point? [Ah, crap – I screwed up. At the very top of the page, it’s noted that the unsigned version is $25, while it’s the signed one – by all three creators – is the 50-dollar one. I just missed the print at the top, because I suck. That does make a hell of a lot more sense, I will say. And it’s also a much better price – now I might have to check this out!]

Noir volume 1 is on page 332 – a team-up between the Shadow and Miss Fury to stop a mysterious organization from killing the Shadow’s ex-lover, who happens to be a world-class thief. Of course she is! I don’t know if this is any good, but that’s not a bad set-up.


I really don’t want to spend $95 on Witzend on page 344, but I’m very tempted. This is a magazine published by Wallace Wood in the 1960s, featuring work by Wood and a bunch of other excellent artists. Dang, I really want this.

I’ve never read any Carl Barks Donald Duck comics, but Trail of the Unicorn shows up on page 344, with “meticulously restored” art and “insightful story notes by an international panel of Barks experts.” So there’s that. I’ll have to think about this.

The Amateurs on page 345 sounds bizarre – it’s described as surreal, so that’s not surprising – with a severed human head that still talks, and butchers who have a strange amnesia, and all sorts of other weird stuff. What’s not to love?

Magnetic Press has Naja on page 356, which sounds intriguing. The perfect killer is targeted by another member of her organization, so she tries to find out why! I’ve never heard of Bengal, the artist, but a quick poke around the Internet makes it clear that the art will look really nice.

Oni Press:

On page 363, there’s a collected edition of James Stokoe’s Wonton Soup for 20 dollars. I’ve been wanting to read this for years, so I’m glad it’s getting a nice collection. I’m really looking forward to it! (2 July)

If only there were more Orc Stain in the future!

If only there were more Orc Stain in the future!

The Bunker gets its first trade on page 364. I know this has been available on-line for a while, but the first issue just came out, and it was pretty neat. So if you’re waiting for a trade, here one is! (30 July)

We haven’t reached the end of the issues contained in Letter 44 volume 1 on page 368, but so far, it’s been a good read. So you should check out the trade! (30 July)

Rebellion/2000AD has an actual serial on page 372, with Brass Sun #1. It’s by Ian Edginton and I. N. J. Culbard, and it’s about a solar system with a clockwork sun, which is dying. A young girl has to restart it. It sounds terribly steampunkish, but also kind of neat. I’m just surprised it’s a serial from 2000AD. [Edit: I guess this is the sequel? I guess I’ll have to find the first volume?]

Story continues below

Oh, there’s a new Atomic Robo series, The Knights of the Golden Circle, on page 372 from Red 5 Comics. Any new Atomic Robo comic is cause for celebration!

Speaking of I. N. J. Culbard, SelfMadeHero has his Celeste, which sounds extremely weird. Odd things start happening to people across the globe, and I imagine they’re connected somehow. It sounds neat.

Titan Comics has a new Alien Legion story on page 378, written by Chuck Dixon and drawn by Carl Potts and Larry Stroman. That’s kind of keen. Dixon, as you know, writes some damned fine war comics.

So much firepower!

So much firepower!

On page 386, Valiant has Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain doing Rai – they’re pretty proud of it, as they show six full pages of Crain’s painted artwork. Like all the Valiant stuff, I’ll wait for the trade!

Well, that’s enough for this time around the catalog. I hope you find your own cool things to order, because you can’t trust they’ll magically appear at your comics shoppe, unless it’s a really, really awesome place! So have fun checking Previews out!


Travis Pelkie

March 2, 2014 at 5:32 pm

Man, I said the same thing about that Chaos book, that it’ll be Kelly’s favorite new title.

Lots to yap about. Later!

Seriously? You’ve never read any Carl Barks?! Get one of the collections and prepare to be amazed! (I’d start with the Uncle Scrooge collection, but all of them are great. Indiana Jones is a piker compared to the ducks.)


March 2, 2014 at 6:08 pm

‘Grip:The Strange World of Men’ was originally published by Vertigo back in 2002. It’s classic Hernandez Bros. so I can’t imagine it converting any non-fans.

Looking forward to the Usagi Yojimbo books and the ‘I Kill Giants’ trade.

My understanding of the whole Original Sin thing is that apparently Uatu’s eyes function as some kind of cosmic video recorder and that his corpse was found sans eyeballs so whoever has said eyeballs has all the “footage.” Or something.

markr: Nope, I never got into them. I know I’m a horrible comics fan.

theloupgaroukid: Thanks for the information. I don;t know if I just never heard of it or forgot about it!

Paladin King: Well, that’s certainly an explanation.

Andrew Collins

March 2, 2014 at 7:18 pm

A few thoughts:

– To use your expression, f*** the heck on that Brett Booth/Jae Lee thing? Lee is not a personal favorite of mine, to be honest, but his work is miles better than Booth’s, who still draws like it’s 1994 and he just landed the gig replacing Liefeld on Youngblood…

– Can we never use the phrase “Sexy Lobo” ever again? Especially since I just read the last Hitman trade last night that included the hilarious Hitman/Lobo special. He will never look right to me without a dog welded to his butt…

– I am amused that Mike Allred’s cover to Batman 66 #11 is the VARIANT, despite him drawing every single cover of the book before now. Ugh, DC. Just ugh.

– “Am I a crazy person?” Yes. This entire blog has been a fake. An experiment set up by your doctors at Bellevue to record your rantings about comics and life in general. Now that you’ve seen through our little ruse, I’m afraid it’s time for me to snap my fingers, and when you wake up you will be back in your nice little padded cell.

– I’m with you on the Doom Patrol Omnibus. I have the individual issues AND the trades, but I thought a nice hardcover would be perfect. However, 1200 pages and DC’s binding/formatting issues leave me hesitant to pre-order it. I’d honestly rather they put the series out in about 3 or 4 nice hardcover collections than one big omnibus. They’re doing that now with Invisibles a little over a year after its Omnibus edition came out, so I’m wondering if I wait about another 18 months or so if DP will get that treatment as well.

– I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the “Having A Nice Ass!” story title on the Weird Love cover, which the solicit promises is a tribute to “derriers.” I don’t know why exactly, but I’m suddenly very angry at Fredric Wertham all over again…

– “Did Corsair just wander in from the set of The Chronicles of Riddick?” And I was thinking he had borrowed Gary Oldman’s armor from Bram Stoker’s Dracula…

– Steve Mannion? F*** Yeah! I wish it wasn’t a Painkiller Jane comic though, as I otherwise have never been able to work up any interest in the book…

– I wish Bendis and Oeming would just wrap up Powers or stop lying to themselves and us that they can get one book, much less TWO, out in a timely manner. Powers is practically a quarterly as it is now…

– I don’t know, I generally hate Jeph Loeb too, but I liked Spider-Man Blue and DD Yellow as nice tributes to the early days of both characters. Hulk Gray was boring as hell though. And yes, Sale is a gimme at being brilliant.

– I’m interested in that Garth Ennis Fury MAX book but first I’d like to read the first couple series Ennis did, which are…out of print. At least according to Amazon anyway. Oh well, a few less bucks to spend…

– The thing with Nightbreed is that while yes, it was not a good movie, Barker at least introduced some interesting concepts. He also swears the cut that got released was not his intended version but that the studio has shown no interest in letting him go back and do a “Director’s Cut.” Maybe he can do a comic Director’s Cut instead?

– No interest in the CHAOS! crossover, but I am curious- who’s the chick in blue? I recognize the others but not her and the solicits offer no info whatsoever.

– Mark Waid’s Doctor Spektor has me RIDICULOUSLY excited! I am a big fan of the original Gold Key comics from Don Glut and Jesse Santos so I have hopes this will be a nice update of the character. It would have been cool if Waid could have picked up where the 70’s comic left off (premature cancellation truncated Glut’s storylines) but a new approach intrigues me as well. I’m also curious if Waid keeps any of the previous series’ supporting cast, including his lovely Native American assistant/love interest…

– One correction about the Noir mini series. The Shadow only appears in issue #1. The bulk of the story is a team up between Miss Fury and Black Sparrow, who is a whip wielding femme fatale that writer Victor Gischler introduced during his storyline in the monthly Shadow comic. I have read the first four issues and it is decent if not spectacular reading. Great if you like female character driven pulp adventures!

– I had no interest in the Witzend collection like you until I saw the ads and solicitation and saw that murderer’s row of artists and now I am busy searching the couch cushions for change so I can squeeze it into my already tight comic buying budget…

– I’m not one to dogpile, but seriously, you should be reading Carl Barks’ duck comics. All of them are good, but he especially shined on the Uncle Scrooge books. Fantagraphics have been doing a nice job with them, so they’re worth picking up.

Well, that being said, I’m sorry to do this Mr. Burgas – *snap*

I owned a nice hardcover of MARVELS once. A couple of years ago, something snapped in my brain and made me realize that I really didn’t like the story that much, so I sold it. That was a moment of either sheer insanity or sheer clarity; I can’t tell which.

I’m tempted to get another copy, but not $200-tempted.

tom fitzpatrick

March 2, 2014 at 8:39 pm

A new ALIEN LEGION story – hot damn! I loved that Epic Comics series back in the day! Original artist Carl Potts, regular artist Larry Stroman, and Chuck Dixon!!! Can’t go wrong with that!

Yes, you ARE crazy!

BTW, FYI, THE INVISIBLES Omnibus has all 63 issues collecting 3 volumes, right? So, for all intents, should contain more pages than the DOOM PATROL Omnibus; I wouldn’t worry too much about the bindings. ;-)

I’m concerned about NIGHTBREED, I know that Epic Comics did a run on that title, adapting the movie, and new adventures, but is this a reboot or a reprint?

tom fitzpatrick

March 2, 2014 at 8:57 pm

One MORE thing: “I hope those four dudes got locked in a room in Manitoba somewhere to hash out this entire year, because I would love to read those transcripts.

That was JUST plain mean – You know we’re having weather issues with Polar Vortex, too much snow, high wind chills and you want those four writers to suffer the extreme cold? Shame on you!!!

No comics for a week for you!

” Bendis fires up Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man on page 42. Man, Marvel keeps beating the Ultimate horse, don’t they? Is this comic still even close to as good as the series was back in its heyday? (7 May) ”

With all due respect, is this a question or a statement? If it’s a question, the answers can be found by reading the books yourself. If it’s a statement, it’s not an informed one, at least not by any metric that can be discerned from a snarky aside.

Is this from before Miller went crazy, because you won’t be able to keep me away from this book if it is.

FFS, I am so sick of this meme. Supporting an unpopular war and making a bunch of deliberately shitty self-satirical superhero comics doesn’t make someone “crazy”.

That being said, Robocop vs. Terminator is actually really cool and possibly worth the $25. It’s definitely worth reading either way.

Not to rain on your snark, but Nightmare Nurse has been kicking around the pages of JL Dark for months now. I’m not sure she has much of a fanbase outside of JM Dematteis, but she has actually been in stuff.

Travis Pelkie

March 3, 2014 at 1:14 am

Man, the blog just pre-emptively puts my comments on Flippin’ into moderation. It’s trying to tell me something!

comments on the commenters first (who comments on the commenters?!)

never read any Barks Ducks…oy.

Tom — from what Previews says, Nightbreed is brand new stuff.

Neil — I’m not sure what you’re saying — yeah, Burgas is being a little snarky about the Ultimate U, but ever since Ultimatum, the Ultimate U has been all over the place, it seems (from the view of someone not reading it regularly). And it seems Burgas’s query is genuine — is the current version of Ultimate Spidey as good as the book was at the start? He can’t read everything, y’know!

I’m also a little iffy on calling Frank Miller crazy. He might be wasting his talent, but I wouldn’t call him crazy.

Although if the stuff alleged in that one lawsuit against him and his more recent ladyfriend is true (some weird shit she did to an assistant of theirs, and iirc, there was something about a used tampon being involved), then maybe FM is crazy, regardless of any political beliefs involved.

Obviously, whenever Marvel and DC finally reunite in a big crossover, Nightmare Nurse and Night Nurse need to have a knockdown, dragout, hair pullin’, clothes rippin’….

…what was I talking about?

Man, it’s like I’m Tom all of the sudden. HA!

Hey, Andrew Collins is trying to outdo me with thoughts, here!

tom fitzpatrick

March 3, 2014 at 3:11 am

Like me? That’s a scary thought, T.P.! ;-)

Oz the Malefic

March 3, 2014 at 4:14 am

Guess I’ll be buying I Kill Giant again…

I’ve always found something a bit off with Brett Booths art. It reminds me of Liefeld even though Brett Booth is obviously more skilled. What I like about Jae Lee is his art style has the elegance of Sara Pichelli but a good dose of darkness and surrealism put in.

@Travis Pelkie — Frank Miller … might be wasting his talent

He is, and the most infuriating part is he’s doing it on purpose because he has no respect for the medium, the industry (can’t blame him for that one), or the readers.

Well, my 6 cents;

1. Adam Strange looks dumb and some how generic. I also noticed that for some reason, Stargirl is one of the most modestly dressed DC super-heroins.

2. I do not know (or forgot) who Booth is, but yes Jae Lee is great, but I am not sure how I feel about the super creepy one legged Batcrab.

3. I thought the V in VWars was something else, too. Great minds… unless you were thinking vermicelli.

4. I have to try and remember to try Weird Love. Yoe’s Haunted Horror is one of my favorite current books.

5. “It’s like they read Kelly Thompson’s mind” was funny.

6. I have a Barks mini comic that I have read, so I am a better comic book fan than you, Mr Burgas.

Andrew: I missed that Allred’s is the variant. How weird.

I definitely would like Doom Patrol in three hardcover volumes – there are 45 issues, so it works perfectly!

Yeah, I saw the “nice ass” story on the cover. That’s quite awesome.

Gary Oldman was my second go-to reference for that armor!

In regard to the Fury book, if you’re talking about the Fury series Ennis did with Roberson over a decade ago, you needn’t worry. They’re pretty much completely different characters, even though they’re supposed to be the same dude.

Yeah, I’ll get around to Barks’s comics eventually.

tom: the Nightbreed comic is definitely a completely new one – a reboot, I guess.

Neil: Dang, what’s up? I didn’t think that was snarky at all – well, I guess the point about Marvel beating a dead horse, but not the rest of it. I read every trade until Ultimatum, and I think that in its heyday, it was one of the best superhero comics out there. Once Ultimatum screwed up the Ultimate U. the first time, I simply lost interest, but since this is another reboot, I was just wondering if the book is as good as it was 10 years ago. People ask about comics they’re not reading all the time, so why would you think this isn’t in good faith? I am curious, and I like to get opinions from others.

M Bloom: Thanks for the information, but that wasn’t snark. How can you not love a character named Nightmare Nurse?!?!?!?

Oz: Wait, are you a fan of the comic? :)

Diarra: I agree, but I guess for a lot of people who like regular superhero books, Booth is better. It makes no sense to me, but that’s the way it is!

kdu2814: I wonder if Stargirl is modestly dressed because DC actually respects what James Robinson and Geoff Johns did with the character. That would be strange, but it’s possible!

No, I wasn’t thinking vermicelli!

Now I’m sad about the Barks thing. Everyone is better than I am!

Sorry, Greg, it’s sometimes hard to tell when something is sarcastic or straight online.

M Bloom: No worries. I agree that it is – I try to make it obvious when I’m being snarky, but I don’t always succeed! Now I have to go find an issue of JLD and check out the character!

Another new book by Gilbert Hernandez?!? Damn it, I still haven’t picked up the last two he put out. Unlike yourself, Greg, I’m a huge fan of the work of Beto and Jaime. But, y’know, to each his own. Man, I wish I had more money to buy stuff.

Yes, Robocop vs. Terminator came out before Frank Miller completely went off the rails, and it features awesome artwork by Walter Simonson. I have a copy of the long out of print TPB that came out a couple decades back. It’s well worth getting.

“DC’s next weekly series, Futures End, begins on page 95. Is there a missing apostrophe in that title, or did DC really not think too hard about it?”

Nowadays, DC really does not think too hard about pretty much any decision that they make!

“Yet at my shoppe, people would rather read a book drawn by Booth than Lee.”

Things like this make me want to cry. No wonder I’ve almost totally stopped reading anything by DC. Marvel, too, for that matter.

By the way, does anyone know what Azzarello & Chiang’s final issue of Wonder Woman is going to be? I’ve really enjoyed their run. Barring incredibly unforseen circumstances, I expect I’ll be dropping the series once they leave. I cannot imagine staying with it once Finch comes on board.

Ben: Man, I have to get that RoboCop/Terminator book. Dang it!

That Booth thing made me want to cry, too. And I was in public!

It appears that Azzarello and Chiang are finishing up in the fall. Azzarello hasn’t set a definite end point, but I guess he had a “three-year plan” in place. September features another monthly wacky thing, so maybe August or September will be their last issue so that October will begin fresh?

Andrew Collins

March 3, 2014 at 10:47 am


“Hey, Andrew Collins is trying to outdo me with thoughts, here!”

Ha! You, sir, are still the master at this one. But for some reason or other, a lot stuck out to me this month, both in reading Previews and in reading Greg’s write up about it.

@ Greg

“In regard to the Fury book, if you’re talking about the Fury series Ennis did with Roberson over a decade ago, you needn’t worry. They’re pretty much completely different characters, even though they’re supposed to be the same dude.”

Huh. That’s good to know! I has assumed it was one big continuation.

The Great Disaster stuff was from the 70s, but the Atomic Knights books were pure early ’60s nuclear paranoia. They’re jammed full of Silver-Age silliness and scientific inaccuracy, but there’s this depressing undercurrent of the team being fully aware that they’re slowly dying of radiation poisoning and the world’s food supply and population won’t last the decade.

And Heart o/t Beast is still pretty easy to find in 1st print for $15 maximum.

The Robocop/Terminator is from 3 years before Miller went crazy.

That Witzend looks good and expensive. Like “call in some favors that lawyers who can afford it owe me” kinda good and expensive.

And about your Manitoba comment: Did you ever hear stories about the “52” writer’s summits in ’04? They say 3 days in Waid and Morrison were operating on a hive mind and speaking in unison.

“That Booth thing made me want to cry, too. And I was in public!”

Greg: The interesting thing is that Jae Lee and Brett Booth both started working professionally around the same time, in the early 1990s. The difference between the two is that Lee has grown by tremendous leaps & bounds as an artist. The work he has done in the last several years is such an amazing improvement over his early stuff. In contrast, Brett Booth’s art in 2014 looks pretty much the same as it looked in 1994.

Oh yeah… Steve Mannion is drawing Painkiller Jane?!? I totally missed that the first time I read through your rundown of this month’s Previews. That awful cover artwork seared itself on my eyeballs, and I wasn’t able to read the next couple of paragraphs. Why oh why have Mannion draw the book and then give it such an ridiculous, unattractive cover?

Samurai Jack has been fun but lacks in depth. The first story arc involves Jack looking for something and that is the whole of it. Every story revolves around that and very little else. The art is beautiful though the depiction of AKU wasn’t quite good enough for me. The major difference between SJ the comic and the tv show is the silent pondering you could get with the show that the comic isn’t able to. At least in the way they present it. When Jack faces off against a person, it is all resolved by the end which doesn’t give much time to do much with Jack.
We are now getting the Scotsman involved in the next story, so I’m hoping it all picks up a little.

Again..art is very very nice. Story presentation needs a little work. I would recommend they stretch the little story arcs out to at least two comics instead of cramming the whole story in one.

Yeah, the first Fury book is pretty much over-the top espionage & gory comedy extrapolation of where the Steranko character would be in the ’90s, featuring Nick Fury’s annoying “nephew” Wendel who keeps getting progressively more mutilated, a cyclops named “Fuckface” and Fury’s Cold War Opposite: Gagarin, the type of huge, cheerful villain that Ennis did so well with The Russian, Barracuda, Buffalo Wong etc. and some Sienkiewicz covers. The Second One’s A WWII story about how he lost his eye (I haven’t actually read the last 2 issues. They are fairly hard to find.) It’s more or less a “Battlefields” book. The 2012 one’s about an old, morose fury sitting around talking about the mistakes he/America made during the cold war (with a 2 issue break where he just discusses his mancrush on Frank Castle).

Stephen Conway

March 3, 2014 at 11:59 am

Just a quick correction- Nightmare Nurse first appeared last year in the Phantom Stranger and has been popping up across DC’s Dark line since then (specifically in JLD, Constantine, Phantom Stranger and Pandora).

As for Ultimate Spider Man, I actually prefer the last couple of years of Miles Morales to the Peter Parker original.

SB: Good to know about Heart of the Beast. I’ll have to track it down.

I can imagine weird things happening when you stick Morrison and Waid in a room together!

Ben: Good point about Booth. Maybe that’s why people like him, because he never changes?

Let’s hope this leads to Mannion drawing other stuff, with better covers! :)

Nicole: Cool. Thanks for the information. That makes it more difficult for me, but it’s still good to know!

Stephen: I’ve heard that Bendis is still doing good things with Ultimate Spidey, but the end of the first series left such a bad taste in my mouth that I didn’t go back. Maybe I’ll have to start stocking up on the trades again.

Ultimate Spider-Man continues to be the one bright spot in the Ultimate Universe and the only real argument for keeping that world around at all. At some point they may as well move Miles to the 616 universe and finally make one of their nonstop world-ending events stick. But that didn’t work out so well for Rikki Barnes, so I’m not exactly advocating it. Maybe just keep USM going and pretend the rest of the universe doesn’t exist. (That’s worked pretty well for me!)

I forgot to mention I am sad to hear that Dark Horse Presents is going away. I hope that the news of a relaunch is true, even though it seems silly that an anthology would need a relaunch. Of course I never had the money to buy many issues, and my comic shop that has a 20% discount does not seem to order many copies, so even when I have extra money I do not always find it, so I really can not complain.

If you like the Samurai Jack series, you’ll like the comic. Same kinds of stories. It got kinda stealth-edited into an ongoing, though. I distinctly remember it being solicited as a mini, but yet it keeps getting solicited.

The explanation for Original Sin is that the information while, yes, would be in Watcher’s brain is also trapped in his eyes. His eyes get stolen by someone, so that someone has the information.

I liked Spider-Man: Blue. It’s the only one of the three I’ve read, but I enjoyed it. Don’t really know what’s bad about it. Maybe a little bland, but certainly not bad.

@Greg- No problem. If you are a fan of the series, you will enjoy getting the trade and I would recommend getting the trade because at $3.99 an issue, the single comics are a bit pricy in my opinion for only 32 pages. If I am reading Amazon correctly, getting the paperback Vol. 1 would be cheaper than getting the singles by five bucks.

I would not recommend the Demon: Driven Out tpb. I found it quite odd in a bad I-had-expected-something-better-kind-of-way.

A word of caution if you are waiting to read Barks’ Duck comics: When the Fantagrphics editions go out of print be prepared to sell your first-born child to get a copy. The only volume of Scrooge comics that they’ve released is being sold for over $300 on Amazon. I missed the boat on that one and have been kicking myself over it since. I’ve made a point of buying any of the Donald Duck volumes as soon as they’re solicited and have pre-ordered the next Scrooge volume. The same is the case for Rosa’s The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, you can’t find a new copy for less than $500. I know there’s lots of interesting stuff to buy, but these are classics that are every bit as good as everyone says and availability appears to be very limited. Basically, if you wait to buy them, you will be paying more than anyone should ever

I’m sorry for overreacting, Greg. I just want to point out that as many ups and downs as the Ultimate line has had, Ultimate Spider-Man has maintained a consistent level of quality all these years. It’s had some weaker stories, certainly, but it’s also had plenty of great ones, and has never given us an actually bad issue. It’s benefitted from being a book dominated by its one author’s voice, especially early on when Bagley was the only artist. I think the achievement shows in the level of character consistency and depth, something rare with franchise superhero comics.

Andrei: Dang, that’s rough. Thanks for the heads-up!

Neil: No worries, sir. As I noted above, the whole Ultimatum thing was such a crapfest that I just got sick of the Ultimate Universe, and like you, I loved the fact that Bendis and Bagley were such a consistent team. The artist-switching on the new iterations worried me, even though they were talented. And I think Bendis is getting tired of writing superhero comics these days (that could be just my view), so I didn’t know if he was getting tired of Ultimate Spidey. I should catch up on the trades, though, because I miss “good” Bendis.

Andrei-Fantagraphics is reissuing “Only a Poor Old Man” this spring. You can preorder it from their website.

Another vote for the Miles Morales issues being pretty great, here. I thought Bendis went too far over the top with the Mile’s mom thing and this new Galactus/crossover thing is a mess, but other than that, it’s very solid (and often moving) superhero comics.

Ultimate Spider-Man remains the only consistently good book coming out from Bendis. It really is as good as it was initially, and the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (volume 2!) relaunch that introduced Miles Morales truly revitalized the series. The new book should continue the trend, I’d reccommend catching up on the trades.

I agree Ultimatum pretty much killed any interest I had in the larger UU, and the recent Cataclysm didn’t fare much better. Wish they’d give on the apocalyptic events. But if you keep up with USM only it’s all good.

Michel Fiffe’s All-New Ultimates looks promising too, although that’s basically an USM spinoff from the last arc.

Futures End might not be missing an apostrophe. It could be the plural noun “futures” and the verb “end”.

But more likely, it is just something that someone at DC felt looked and sounded cool.

Painkiller Jane’s cover looks like Pink’s 2010 album, “Greatest Hits… So Far!!!” (yes, real title). I’ve never read Saga — what about it have you disliked?

Pete Woodhouse

March 4, 2014 at 3:02 pm

“In Sinestro #2 (page 126), is he actually fighting against a group called the Pale Vicars”.
The Pale Vicars is a great name for a band…

Pete Woodhouse

March 4, 2014 at 3:02 pm

Painkiller Jane’s cover = Miley?

The Painkiller Jane cover is by Sas Christian, so only he (she?) knows for sure!!!!

Pete: That is a great name for a band!

loudlysilent: This is not the place for a Saga rant! I think the characters can be wonderfully written, but too often they speak and act like idiots; Vaughan doesn’t do anything with the fact that they’re different species – basically, this is people from a relatively hipster America … in space!; a over-reliance on cliffhangers, only a few of which are necessary or emotionally powerful … it has nice art, though. It has tons of fans, though, so I don’t know if I’m a big dummy or not! :)

Travis Pelkie

March 4, 2014 at 5:03 pm

Ah, man, my whole big comment on Dark Horse disappeared! I’ll have to re-do that one later, in addition to all my other crap! The blog is self-aware and hates my comments so much it went down early Monday morning!

Andrew Collins

March 4, 2014 at 6:22 pm


Like Michael D said, they are reprinting the first Uncle Scrooge volume sometime in the next month or so. It’s also driven down the price somewhat on that first print. I got a brand new copy just a couple weeks ago through an Amazon seller for only $16 plus shipping. But you’re right, prices were ridiculous there for awhile. When I first went looking for it, it was well into the mid-hundreds in asking prices. o_O

More bite size commenter bits before I reconstruct my DH comments and get to the rest of the column:

From what I understand, Stargirl is based on Geoff Johns’s deceased sister (iirc), and since he has plenty of pull in the company, I’m sure he keeps her from being retro-raped and flamethrowered. And from danglin’ her ta-tas out.

Ben Herman: that Beto book from DH (Grip: The Strange World of Men) is a reprint of a Vertigo mini he did a little over 10 years ago. However, I see that this HC is in B&W, while the original was in color, so I’m torn on it — it’s Beto, but it’s not his best work by a long shot, and the ending…oy. However, in thinking about it, it’s probably another of those pseudo-movies that Fritz is “in”. Anyway, it’s great art, of course, but the story is not so much.

And Mannion is only doing the back up story in Painkiller Jane, so keep that in mind. I may go for it, because Marvel pulled shenanigans with the recent PKJ mini collection being even more than the singles were. Shenanigans, I say!

Dark Horse:

So I’ll lead off with my “funny” comment first, instead of going back over DH all in order:

When I saw these Previews listings online a few weeks back, I clicked on the one wondering what it was about.

I mean, howcum the Loveline and Celebrity Rehab dude is putting out the Secret Files of Dr Drew in comics form, anyway?


Anyway, that book sounds awesome. Eisner studio people doing “supernatural Sherlock Holmes”? Yes please. Abe Kanegson lettering!!!! Drool!!!!

And as to DH Presents — I finally read the bleeding cool piece I mentioned seeing about DHP ending, and what it said, direct from Richardson, was that this would be the last 80 page $8 issue, but it would take a month off and be back in July at 48 pages for a lower price. So there’s that.

Lone Wolf and Cub — well, I assume that since the original is 28 volumes, iirc, and omni 5 here only gets to the end of vol 12, and they only seem to come out about quarterly, that there’s about 5-7 volumes left, which is almost 2 more years, so they wanted to get the new version out in the US sooner than that. Even though the solicit for the first one last time TOTALLY spoiled the ending of the first!

Robocop vs Terminator is Miller and Simonson, so fuck yeah. Actually, I’m going to pass/wait for a cheaper version/check back issue bins. I thought Boom had the Robocop license, so I wonder how this got finagled out.

Jack Kraken looked interesting anyway, and then I saw that Ross Campbell was doing some art, so hells yeah.

I’m totally getting the Sakai Project HC, because it’s a worthy cause, despite the fact that it’s basically a pinup book.

Man, I’m p’o’d about the Catalyst Comix trade, and the Grindhouse one. I haven’t read ANY of the Catalyst issues (I kept getting them because the meanest Canadian we know won’t stop telling us how good Joe Casey is!), so I could have saved some scratch. And I’m going to have to look for the individual Grindhouse issues, because I expected that to be cheaper in trade. Dang. At least the flipbook format gives a bit of a reason for the way it’s being collected.

I’m also going to search for Kiss Me Satan in singles, in case I can find the whole thing a bit cheaper. Although DH trades are really nice looking, like the Colder one.

Oh, and dammit, Never Ending was annoying to see that in a fairly cheap trade. I had gotten the 4 dolla singles because I figured a 3 ish mini wouldn’t be a whole lot cheaper in trade, and it sounded interesting and I had gotten (but not read, of course) Amelia Cole by the same writers. And damn, Never Ending was disappointing. A rather bland superhero who can’t die, and the art…well, not a fan. I still have to read the last issue, and maybe they stick the landing, but I’ll have to read Amelia Cole as well to see if I want the new trade of that, too.

Lessee, I covered Grip in the other comment, so that takes care of DH. That didn’t take anywhere near as long to do as it did the other night. WTF?!


I also said WTF about Lois’s “psi powers”. Maybe DC is just behind the times, misspelled it, and it’s really about how she loves to dance Gangam Style!

And on pg 100, why are Aquaman and the Others even IN a plane? Why? Swim, dammit!

I’m wondering if those Allred Bat ’66 variant covers indicate that there’s FINALLY going to be an announcement of an official release of the TV show on BluRay and DVD. You know it’s coming!

While I’m usually a sucker for alternate future/time travelly stuff (especially DC stuff — I even got the issues of Superman/Batman with that alt-history storyline, and Loeb is lame!), I was disheartened in reading something that said that Futures End would involve Batman Beyond time travelling and visit all the weird bits of the DCnU, and apparently DiDio said that this was a way to show that there’s no going back to the old continuity. Ugh.

That Stormwatch book on pg 143 has issues 19-30, the entire Starlin run (which the meanest Canadian we know also loves), for 20 bucks, which isn’t a bad deal.

Larfleeze — Based on the stories from Threshold included in this trade, this might be worth it. It was an amusing little story, although for 6 parts it went on about 2 too many (awfully repetitious stuff later on — Larfleeze gets his stuff stolen and tries to get it back). I’d tentatively recommend it. I’d more strongly recommend the Threshold trade, as that one was decent stuff that turned near-brilliant with the metacommentary of the finale.

I have the first issue of that Demon:Driven Out mini, and while I don’t remember specifics, I don’t remember it as being any good. So there’s that.

I am curious as to why DC seems to be pushing the Demon, with this and the Wagner mini trade just/soon out. Maybe a full collection of the Ennis run is coming, he said hopefully?

I’m all over that Showcase Atomic Knights thing. Hells yeah! Although I don’t see a DCCP issue that I have with the Atomic Knights on the cover. I’ve been all over the new Showcase books being solicited (even though none of the ones I ordered are out yet), because they seem to go for big bucks later on, and pre-ordering is a way of showing DC I want them to keep doing this stuff.

Hmm, that’s about all I have to say about DC. That’s depressing, because they used to be my faves!

Travis Pelkie

March 5, 2014 at 1:30 am


Can you tell how many issues are in that Maxximized HC? I’d guess 6, but it’s 104 pages, which would put it at more like 4-5. 22 bucks for 4-5 issues that I already have around somewhere is a bit too steep for me. Maybe the next HC.

I looked at the preview pages of Tribes available in the Amazon listing of the original version, and it looked neat, but it sounds like the story and dialogue are lacking. For 40 bucks, I want better, man!

I think Thom Zahler’s been on My Little Pony for a bit now. I’m not sure, but I think I saw that. Hope he gets enough to do more Love and Capes.

I’m not a huge Trek fan, but I’ve always been aware of the stuff and like it, and a new ongoing fumetti done by Byrne and set in the Mirror universe sounds awesome, so I think I’ll wait for the trade. That’ll probably include the other issue he did.

Hey, Monkey(brain)(less)boy: If you look at the listing on 181 for the new Amelia Cole book, you’ll see that you can reorder the Unknown World, which is the aforementioned book that I still haven’t read yet. No “tracking down” necessary. Although knowing your shop guy….

Hell yes on Weird Love. Haunted Horror has been an awesome book, so I can’t wait to see the oddball romance comics Yoe and co will dig up.

Yeah, that Russ Heath book would probably be cool, but I don’t know his stuff enough to spend that kinda dough.

I thought about the Wood THUNDER Agents book, but figured I’ll just eventually find the (so far) 3 volumes of the whole Classic she-bang and get all those stories and art, not just the WOOD stuff.

Man, what was with those pixelated images in IDW this month? The Hellboy Artist’s Edition, the new Ashley Wood book…c’mon, IDW!

Oh, and one thing you didn’t mention was the neat looking Library of American Comics Essentials v5 of the Bungle Family. The description sounds cool, so I think I might go for it. I hope if you open the book up, you can hear Mike Patton making strange breathing noises. Stub a Dub.


That stuff barely even looked like Fegredo’s art. I hope he makes sweet sweet coin off this, at least. I may eventually go for the trade. But yeah, I think too much of Millar’s stuff goes for the negative, cynical side of superhero origins. I don’t think people are all that bad!

That Ellis book sounds really intriguing, and the preview pages are filled with a creepy vibe (dare I say it: PORTENTOUS!). I’d say what’s interesting is if aliens land but don’t do anything, and that would still change things, because people would be waiting for the other shoe to drop, if you will.

COWL sounds intriguing, but I’ll tradewait. Looks neat, though.

Madame Frankenstein sounds ok, but not exactly groundbreaking. I believe I saw that it’s a 7 issue mini. I think I’ll tradewait.

Nailbiter — another tradewait. Rise of the Magi — sounds neat, but agian, tradewait. (218 and 220)

I’m torn on Burn the Orphanage, but I do likee the B cover of the new #1.

Chew/Revival sounds wacky fun awesome. Yes, I’m on it.

I’m going for Prophet Strikefile, because maybe I’ll figure out who’s who and what’s going on. No, probably not. (224)

I love Chris G, so Tales from the Con Year One is on my list. (225)

I have indeed been waiting for the trade of Black Science. How much does White’s coloring detract from the art?

Drumhellar is probably on my list too, because I’ve enjoyed Rossmo’s art.

Also thinking about Five Ghosts TP 2 (230). It was a decent comic at the start, although it seemed a bit bland for a pulpy fun book after the first few issues.

Seconding you on Manifest Destiny and Umbral. Good stuff in both. Thinking about Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth, also on that page, but I may re-read the first 4 issues first and see if they hold up for me.

Not much else to say, since I try to avoid looking at the solicit for books I’m definitely getting, which is always a bunch of Image stuff, except the backlist of Palmiotti and Conner looks good. (232)

Travis Pelkie

March 5, 2014 at 1:55 am


We’re gonna find out that the Watcher pretty much confines his Watchin’ to the bathrooms of all the Marvel U characters. “Mm, he really IS Mr Fantastic!”

Thought about that Deadly Hands of Kung Fu book, but probably not.

Jeez, that new FF uni does NOT look good (pg 61). Sue looks lumpy (although that’s not stopping Reed from poppin’ a chub), and the wave look doesn’t look good. And based on all that and the color scheme, I’d say that Matt Murdock made their new unis for them. HA!

I kinda like that Painkiller Jane cover. It’s intriguing. I think why you don’t like it is because it is so close to being a photo, but it’s just off enough from a real human face that it disturbs your mind.

As others have said, Spidey Blue was decent, iirc. 75 bucks for these things is crazy talk, though.

Same with 200 for Marvels. What the shit?

Yeah, Marvel has a lot of neat trades, and I was tempted on that Amazing X-Men one, but it seems like it’s another X title with no real reason to exist.

The Revolutionary War (pg 90), Thor (92), All New X-Factor (94) and Avengers Assemble (90) trades look neat, but not quite enough to make my list.

Man, that Marvel Masterworks Rarities HC (p 98) looks neat, but not $75 neat, y’know?

I think I have those “Legacy of Thanos” issues, so yay, I don’t have to buy them. I’m thinking about that Avengers Epic Collection on 105, though, with more Stern goodness.

Devil Dinosaur rules. I’m so glad I got the entire series in singles for 50 cents a pop at a con a number of years ago. Fuck yeah!

That’s all the Marvel I can Marvel at. If I can keep up with Loki, Ms Marvel, and She Hulk by the time my shop guy needs my order, I may add them, and I’m also thinking about that Marvel Boy reissue, but that’s it, man!

Travis Pelkie

March 5, 2014 at 2:07 am

Wait a second, you might go for Tribes with Inaki Miranda art for 40 bucks without knowing what’s going on in the book, but last month with Coffin Hill, which he does the art for, you weren’t sure about the 10 buck first trade? WTH?

Travis Pelkie

March 5, 2014 at 2:42 am

Back of the book:

Well, first, in product news, what’s up with the poker sets from DC (pg 167, with cool Nowlan art at least) and Sin City (pg 457)? And a Sin City Monopoly game? Huh? (457)

I’m probably going for the Princeless 1 shot, because what I’ve read of that is good. Definitely going for Dry Spell — I saw Krekeler’s name and said yes please, although I might still look at his kickstarter and see about getting the original.

pg 268 — I may go for the Final Plague, because Action Lab is good, and pretty definitely going for the new FUBAR Better Red than Dead one shot. Yeah, it’s zombie stories, but it mixes in interesting history stuff, so you might actually like it, Burgas.

Yeah, Ghost Cop sounded silly good.

Let me point out on 269 the Misadventures of Salem Hyde volume 2, by the very talented Frank Cammuso, and Dragon Girl the Secret Valley by Jeff Weigel, who I believe did a couple of really nice looking issues of Big Bang Comics featuring the Sphinx.

pg 272 features the new issue of Afterlife with Archie with the Andrew Pepoy covers that are awesome but make me feel funny.

Ha on that Jirni thing. I got all 10 of those buck comics that Aspen did in ’13, and they ranged from ok to bad, and Jirni was in the high middle of that. Certainly wasn’t anything that looked super beautiful to me.

For Halloween, there was a freebie comic of Disenchanted, and while it started out slow, it looked neat and held promise. So maybe it’s worth it.

pg 293 has the last issue of Accelerators, which was surprisingly decent. I’ve enjoyed it fairly well, so if the trade comes and isn’t too expensive, I’d recommend it.

The Woods sounds interesting, but I’m afraid it’ll be another Morning Glories — neat story that gets dragged down by all the “mysteries” that it brings up.

Yeah, the Last Broadcast sounded neat, but tradewaiting!

Interesting Drug did indeed sound interesting, but it’s a bit too rich for my blood.

While that Spain and Morocco book did intrigue me from Conundrum, it was the book on the same page from them, an adaptation of Kafka’s Amerika that got me more interested. Not enough to buy it, though.

I’m hoping that a library gets that Space Mountain book, because that sounds good, but not buy it good, y’know?

Hey, Charlie Sheen’s farting demons! Oh, that’s Doctor Spektor. My bad. I hope his sister Regina does some of her wonderful songs for the book.

I totally did the exact same thing with Heart of the Beast — saw the 49.99 price, said no fuggin’ way, then looked again and saw the 24.99 price. Ah. Better, but still…

Noir was tempting. But no!

D&Q’s manga relists were cool, but not quite enough to get me to buy. (pg 339-340)

Yeah, I’m totally torn on Witzend. So many great people in there, and the introductory material is probably good. Ditko Mr A!!!

Thinking about the Amateurs too. Also those Ditko books, although I’m not sure what kind of cut (if any) Ditko gets from them. I think I will go for that Usagi Yojimbo reprint, because it’s awesome (Groo tribute AND a TMNT crossover? Oh yeah.), although that description — “perhaps the best samurai rabbit story ever told”? Damning with faint praise, I’d say. (pg 345)

Naja sounded cool, and I’d recommend the Barefoot Gen trades on the same page (356).

pg 347 didn’t register with you? A GN bio of Andre the Giant? Star of The Princess Bride and My Dinner with Andre (I may be wrong on the particulars there. Damn Wallace Shawn got me confused!)

Also on 347 is the Tamakis with This One Summer, which sounds ok, and on 348 the Zita the Spacegirl Trilogy (our pal Seth will be happy/sad with this — happy there’s more, sad that this is it)

I read the first volume (I guess) of Won Ton Soup, but it’s been so long. I’ll have to get it out from the library again and look it over.

359 has the Legend of Bold Riley — did you ever review that? It sounds ok, but I think I’ll wait to see if there’s a trade. What a jerk I am.

The Bunker sounds neat, but 20 bucks for the first 4 issues? Grr. Have to check out my shops for the singles.

I’m behind on Letter 44, but what I read was good. Probably worth getting the trade for anyone who hasn’t gotten into it yet.

pg 370 has Peter Kuper’s the System in HC, which was a Vertigo 3 issue mini in the mid ’90s. Decent, but maybe not a 20 dollar book worth. For those who lean that way, there’s a 35 year retrospective of World War 3 Illustrated on pg 418. Wait, it started the year I was born, that can’t be 35 years this year!

What makes you say Brass Sun is a sequel? I’m trade waiting, but I loved Culbard on New Deadwardians. Such a neat, unique style. Also a Culbard book, Celeste, on 375.

That Alien Legion might be neat, but I wonder how much I need to know of the previous incarnations to enjoy this.

pg 374 has an interesting sounding book called Henchman from Robot Paper, with a weird but neat Dave Dorman cover. It sounds like a too serious version of the guys on Venture Brothers, though. This henchman’s even named Gary too.

pg 390 has the X-O Manowar 25th issue, and I believe that the one artist, Rafer Roberts, is a dude I met years ago at a con and got his amazing Plastic Farm. I have to look into that, see what’s up with that book. It was so good.

pg 396 has the big HC version of the Harbinger Wars, and that’s about where I left off with Valiant. I might go for this.

And that’s about it. Oh, I can order the regular version of the MST3K 25th Anniversary set that I HAD ordered the special collectors version of a few months back (and the order got cancelled), which was solicited AFTER it was already going to stores and stuff, so even though there was NO WAY I was getting it, they still had it in Previews. GRR!!!

OK then. Think I’m all done. So many choices!

Travis: I don’t know how many issues The Maxx trade collects. I would assume 5, for the same reason that you did.

On Black Science, White’s colors are fantastic. I know I’ve picked on him in the past, but I think because Scalera has such a sharp, angular style, White’s colors don’t overwhelm them as they do on smoother artists. It’s a really good combination.

Good point about Tribes/Coffin Hill. But I’m not sure about either of them! Coffin Hill sounds a bit more cliched, though, which is why I was more on the fence about it.

I have not read the Bold Riley book. I don’t know – it didn’t sound like my cup of tea, but I’ll have to think about it when I start writing out my order.

The Bunker #1 was almost as big as 2 issues (I think it was 38 pages), so there’s that, in case you’re wondering.

When I was looking up Brass Sun, it said that Edginton and D’Israeli worked on it, but because D’Israeli’s schedule was so crowded, he couldn’t stay on the book. It implied that there was already stuff from D’Israeli, and Culbard was continuing on it. Maybe it just meant that D’Israeli was supposed to be on it and had started it, but had to stop and Culbard took over before anything even saw print. So that’s why. And I noted Celeste in the post!

Always good to read your thoughts!

Wait, The Bunker isn’t a Teen Titans spinoff starring Bunker, the sensational character find of 2011? Nor does it star Archie or Edith? Then I don’t even know what comics are FOR anymore.

Travis Pelkie

March 5, 2014 at 5:29 pm

You’re a Meathead, buttler ;)

Travis Pelkie

March 5, 2014 at 5:36 pm

In more serious news (wha?), if anyone is interested in that Witzend, don’t be surprised if the cover price ends up being $100. That’s what’s popping up on the Amazon ads I’m getting, and today at the comic shop, I picked up the new Fantagraphics book Stranger Than Life: Cartoons and Comics by MK Brown. Great looking book and all, but it was listed in Previews as a 28.99 book, but came out as a $35 book. It’s not worth the hassle to try to return it to Diamond or anything (I inquired about another book last year), but apparently Fanta needs to up their prices a little. Which is fine, but any publisher who does risks disappointing/annoying/pissing off their customers. I was mildly annoyed (and surprised as well — it came out a week early, so I wasn’t expecting it.) But I suspect that Fanta is finding they need to bump their cover prices and it happened a little after they went to print with Previews. So be forewarned on that Witzend.


Travis Pelkie

March 5, 2014 at 7:20 pm

Blogs are too hard, I can just comment here. Burgas doesn’t mind, right? ;)

Of course not!

I’m really looking forward to the Occult Files of Doctor Spektor relaunch! It was my favorite Gold Key series.

I started buying Batman/Superman BECAUSE of Jae Lee and have skipped any issues drawn by other artists

on V-Wars I’m an Anime/Manga fan – so I thought of Venus

Looking forward to the return of the (Alien) Legion

Andrew Collins: “who’s the chick in blue?”
I have 2 answers

answer one) She is NOT Lady Death
I don’t mean that like I might say “she is not Jade” or “she is not Cremator” etc.
I mean that she should be Lady Death (as Lady Death was a top character at Chaos) but she is unavailable for the crossover due to copyright issues (and she may be sick – she has been looking pale recently – though that might just be Purgatori hogging the sunbed) so they dug up some obscure minor Chaos character to take her place. So she’s a Lady Death substitute.

answer two) she is not Bad Kitty

the real answer two) she is (probably) Vex
It was stated that the series would involve a group of characters known as the Omen – Vex was in that group.
While normally depicted as a woman with long blonde hair, Vex originally had dark hair and blue skin.

Travis: I had the same thought as Not Travis, but then decided that this comment section would be severely lacking without your presence. So start a blog, only if you’ll continue commenting on Greg’s stuff.

I have been enjoying Rat Queens (and am wondering how long before a cross-over with SkullKickers appears…)

Robocop vs. Terminator (actually a bunch of Terminators) is a definite must seeing as you like Walt Simonson as much as I do. I don’t remember the story a bit, but I remember a lot of robot melees and sweet laser blasts. Buy it for your comic book id.

Ashley Wood is great, good to see new work from him, especially if it’s comics and not just an art book. Same regret I have with Jim Mahfood–I get excited when I see something new, then realize it’s just pinups.

Is Criminal still around/coming back? I wasn’t that big on Incognito, and haven’t picked up Fatale yet. I’ll get around to it! (I’ve got Point Blank sitting around here unread still!)

I forgot about The Killer! Need to check that out.

Carl Barks is still good, and those Fantagraphics volumes are very well produced. It’s kind of a every now and then comic than something I want to read a chunk of, though. Ever read Don Rosa’s Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck? Forgive the heresy, but I like those stories probably more than Barks’!

Matt Kindt is great. Go see him talk about his work if you ever get the chance!

Dan: Thanks for the recommendation about the RoboCop/Terminator book. I figured it would be a gorgeous melee, and that sounds about right!

I don’t know if Criminal is coming back. Now that Brubillips are exclusive (I guess?) to Image, they’d have to pry it away from Marvel, but I don’t know how the Icon stuff works. It would be nice to see more of it!

I like talking to Kindt – he’s a cool dude, and very humble. I rarely get to chat with him too much, but I have heard him talk about his art a bit, and you’re right – it’s very neat.

Travis Pelkie

March 9, 2014 at 5:09 pm

Aw, people like me!

Really, without things like this or Burgas’s What I Bought, I don’t know what my opinion is without him telling me (hint hint!)

And in other news, apparently that Witzend book is going to be $125 cover price. Holy crap, that’s a jump!

The Sakai Project is also going up in price, to 29.99, but is going up to 160 pages, and is for a good cause, so that’s no big deal of a price change.

Bendis fires up Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man on page 42. Man, Marvel keeps beating the Ultimate horse, don’t they? Is this comic still even close to as good as the series was back in its heyday?

I’ve been picking up Ultimate Spider-Man for a few years now, and I’ve enjoyed the majority of it so far. I do think that for a lot of the stories there is at least a bit of a reliance on “Grab story and/or character from Earth-616 and slap the word Ultimate on front”, however.

I know this is just the whining of an old man, but once again, I bemoan the loss of interconnectedness in Marvel comics. On page 61, Fantastic Four #5 promises that the team is “held accountable for the destruction of Manhattan!” Remember back in the old days when other comics would at least pay a bit of lip service to the destruction wrought in other comics? I will wager a lot of money that the “destruction” of Manhattan isn’t mentioned in other comics whatsoever. Sigh. I’m old. (28 May)

Then you’d love to know that in the latest issue of Uncanny Avengers, the entire Earth was destroyed and all mutants were sent to a new planet! :D

No, really. That’s seriously what happened.

Knew there was one or two other things I wanted to comment on.

I love looking at the My Little Pony solicits just to see who’s working on them. My Little Pony: Friends Forever #5 is written by Thom Zahler, who’s a good writer. Have I missed him on the book, or did he just start on it? I’m not going to buy it, but good for Zahler making some coin off a licensed property!

I’ve been looking at the My Little Pony solicits too, but that’s because I legitimately buy and enjoy the series. :D

On page 182, the first trade of Samurai Jack is solicited. I’m planning on getting this – has anyone been reading the single issues and can offer an opinion about it?

I’ve been buying them from my comic book store then selling them to a friend from university who used to watch the show (back alley comic deals, everyone!). He’s really been enjoying it and said that he’d me to keep buying them for him, for what it’s worth.

Drax: Good to know about Samurai Jack. You’re a pusher!

I don’t even want to know about Uncanny Avengers. Sheesh.

a Gilbert Hernandez book on page 53 called Grip: The Strange World of Men

Even in its original color form, this Beto potboiler was not gripping.

As I must always note, I am not a big fan of the Hernandez brothers. Their comics just don’t do anything for me.

Well, supposedly you tried, say, DEATH OF SPEEDY, BLOOD OF PALOMAR, POISON RIVER, or the collected PALOMAR, and that did nothing for you, you can prolly safely skip anything Los Bros. (But mebbe retry the aforementioned books twenty years later, just in case?)

Did they really let icky girls write comics back then?

Nope, except for horror comics, and for that very reason!

Pictures That Tick, the latest collection of stories from Dave McKean, is offered

Well, it’s VOLUME 2 thereof, and a resolicit (the offer from some months ago was cancelled).

DC’s next weekly series, Futures End, begins on page 95. Is there a missing apostrophe in that title, or did DC really not think too hard about it?

Maybe there’s some artistic license, for instance Marillion had this album and eponymous song called SEASONS END and they insisted it was sans apostrophe, including in the liner notes and unambiguous lyrics: “Getting close to seasons end / I heard somebody say / That it might never snow again / In England”.

Or the plural “Futures” is attributive and doesn’t need a Saxon genitive on top? Or it’s the unsyncopated Saxon genitive of “futur”? Or it means that all futures eventually end? Or it’s about futures trading coming to a sticky futures end? Hey, this might be the best debate such series will spin!

The most interesting thing about this is that it takes place “five years from now.”

But isn’t the cover’s main star that Image character who was Wolverine, Gambit, and Han Solo all rolled up into one some 20 years ago, so “five years into tomorrow” is 1994 again? DC’s definition of “now” and “tomorrow” seems even stranger than Clinton’s def of “sex” and the NSA’s of “collect”!

Is Swamp Thing that popular recently that he will help goose Aquaman’s sales?

Goose, gander: is Aquaman that unpopular recently that even Swamp Thing will help his sales?

at my shoppe, people would rather read a book drawn by Booth than Lee.

Depends, Jim isn’t that good, and Stan is worse!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I’m tempted to get Larfleeze volume 1 on page 140. I’ve heard some good things about it, and I really do want to give DC books a chance! Am I a crazy person?

Even if I was crazy, I still wouldn’t blow a bunch of bones on this without first trying to sample it from some library or torrent. Crazy ain’t foolish!

I’m really torn about the Doom Patrol Omnibus

Even if I wanted an elephantine hardcover, I still wouldn’t pre-order one from DC, but first evaluate it physically to check its binding and whether it’s a real hardcover that opens flat with sewn signatures.

(Remember Sandman’s ENDLESS NIGHTS ten years ago, when DC stopped making real hardcovers and just slapped the same glue-bound innards that don’t open flat inbetween either hard or soft covers? That rat Levitz was even crowing about it at ICv2. I’ve never trusted DC’s fake hardbacks since.)

I love looking at the My Little Pony solicits just to see who’s working on them.

Yup, and brony is a chocolatey cake. Next thing we know, you’ll be looking at “Pedobear and the Kid” solicits… just to see who’s working on it, natch!

Warren Ellis has a new science fiction comic, Trees, on page 210. I’m very curious about this, because if the aliens landed a decade ago and haven’t done anything, how has the world changed at all?

Oy, thanks for pointing that out: for some reason, Diamond dropped at least 5 solicits from their Previews.txt file: Image jumps from MPH to C.O.W.L., and it’s only from the OrderForm.txt I can realize something’s amiss. (I’ve not checked whether the Previews.PDF or the database versions drop the ball too, but this can’t be good for initial orders: most mail-order sites provide Previews.txt to customers.)

Anyway, I grabbed the solicit from Ellis’s blog and I think the world would be different because we’d be on our toes, and because “we learned that there is intelligent life in the universe, but that they did not recognise us as intelligent or alive” — it just can’t be the same after: a world forever changed, one might say! (But good on Ellis for not saying it.)

TREES sounds a bit like some reverse take on the non-encounter of the third kind in Thomas Disch’s GENOCIDES (the classic novel about aliens candidly considering mankind the way we consider bed bugs). Is it going to be reflexive (the way THE FINAL COUNTDOWN movie was less about changing the war than pondering it), or just some action flick on paper? I’ll see the reviews and call the trade.

calling it “Cyclops, the Dude With the Stick Up His Ass” wouldn’t sell

What about Homer’s Cyclops, the dude with the stick up his eyeball?

So the cover of X-Force #5 (page 67) shows Marrow […] My question is: Why does she have half of her head shaved?

It’s a, I say, it’s a joke, son! Don’t cha get it? One half is shaved to the bone. The other is pink like marrow. Bone. Marrow. Bone marrow. We have a funny there. Joke, that is!

I am interested in The Woods, which is on page 299. A bunch of students and teachers from a school disappear in a forest and end up somewhere mysterious, which sounds neat.

Does it mean that after the wave of BATTLE ROYALE copycats, there’s going to be a wave of THE DRIFTING CLASSROOM copycats?

I’ve never been that interested in Herobear and the Kid, but the first story is collected on page 312, if it’s your thing.

Er… Just to see who’s working on it?

Conundrum Press offers Spain & Morocco by Alex Fellows on page 316. This doesn’t sound like my thing, because it seems to imply that it’s a coming-of-age book, but it looks really nice, so I might cave and get it.

Well, it’s been serialized online since 2009: the author isn’t taking any chances and has now taken it down but for a measly 9 pages at http://www.spainandmorocco.com/ — these non-consecutive samples didn’t convince me it could be more than inconsequential (compared to, say, LA PERDIDA, TRUE TRAVEL TALES, or a Bolaño novel), so no preorder, but the watercolors are indeed nice and YMMV.

“insightful story notes by an international panel of Barks experts.”

It’s a Duck comic, shouldn’t they get a panel of Quacks experts?

The Amateurs on page 345 sounds bizarre […] What’s not to love?

Well, the price? There’s a PDF of the first 8 pages at http://www.fantagraphics.com/browse-shop/the-amateurs.html — looks good and I’ll keep an eye on it, but $15 for a 64-page 6×9″ B&W softcover, an unreviewed OGN from a newcomer? Mah blood ain’t that rich.

The Bunker gets its first trade

Well, I was waiting, but now I dunno. The solicit says, “SC, 7×10, 128pgs, B&W $19.99″ for 07/30/14. $20 for 128 pages? For the first volume of an ongoing? Despite cheap overseas printing five months from now? And WTF is that “B&W” tag for a FC series? Another Diamond typo, or is Oni aiming to pull a McFarlane on us?

I had to waste time trying to look it up but you know what? Oni hasn’t updated since 2013 and none of their TPs for this month (like BUNKER or LETTER 44) are announced on their site, Fialkov has no data on his site either, and I found nada about it being color or not on the web, including its page at Previewsworld, Diamond, and Amazon. I think I’ll put Oni on the backburner…

Brass Sun #1. It’s by Ian Edginton and I. N. J. Culbard, and it’s about a solar system with a clockwork sun, which is dying. A young girl has to restart it. It sounds terribly steampunkish

Well, it also sounds a bit like Usamaru Furuya’s masterpiece THE MUSIC OF MARIE, but I’m getting a #1 sampler: I did so with NEW DEADWARDIANS #1 then got the trade. (And Culbard’s art and coloring was even better solo on his SHADOW OUT OF TIME.)

Speaking of I. N. J. Culbard, SelfMadeHero has his Celeste, which sounds extremely weird.

Well, I found Culbard good at rendering Abnett, and very good at adapting Lovecraft, but I was wondering, is he $25-good off his own, unreviewed OGN? Then again, with Oni on wait-and-see, I can now gamble on this one instead!

So have fun checking Previews out!

And such fun it is: like seeing Matt Kindt giving his all to a Valiant superhero. Meanwhile, back at the plantation, Jeff Lemire gets to brush elbows with Mozzarello on a DCU weekly. And apparently, almost everyone is going to die or have their life forever changed! O brave new Previewsworld, that hath such comicks in’t?

..and Tim Seeley is saying that his Lady Death substitute is Mistress Hel
so the blue woman is either Vex or Mistress Hel

either way, my attention will be focussed on a certain lady in red (who I assume to be the one trying to save humanity for selfish/evil reasons)

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