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Need Help From Some Diehard 2099 Fans!

For a future Comic Book Legends Revealed, I could use the help of anyone who collected Marvel’s 2099 to the bitter end of the ongoing series in 1996 and has easy access to their collection (the actual comics) to look something up for me.

If that fits you and you’re willing to lend me a hand, please drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com and I’ll let you know what to look for.

EDITED TO ADD: Someone found what I was looking for! Woohoo! Thanks for all the offers of help, folks!


Oooh, so close, and yet so far. I read 2099 up until the final issues of each series, but they lost me with the “2099: World of Tomorrow” ongoing. Don’t have my collection anymore anyway. Good luck!

I think I may have all BUT the last issues of each of the series.. I do have the last Ravage for sure, though, and the other ones that didn’t last until the end.. if that is helpful, feel free to let me know! Whatever you need them for, I’m looking forward to reading the legend!

I could probably get all the issues that I don’t have, but it’d be too much trouble honestly. Is it really necessary to have 100% of the actual floppies?

Travis Pelkie

March 4, 2014 at 5:52 pm

Actually, now that I think of it, I think I have the last issue of that World of Tomorrow series, so if there’s something to look at in there, I could. No access to a scanner right now, though, and I’d have to dig out the right box, but if you can’t get help elsewhere, let me know.

Oh good, now I can make my stupid joke.

Diehard wasn’t in the 2099 universe, but I think he was in that Youngblood 3000 thing that they did.


I had all of Spider-Man 2099 and his appearances in the Tomorrow anthology, until I sold them all for $50 on eBay like eight years ago! :(

There are times I regret selling it, and today is one of those

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