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The 2014 I’ds of March!

The concept is this – for the Ides of March, I tell you things that I’d have done in certain comics!!

But don’t worry, I’m not talking about simple 20/20 hindsight things like pick a famous bad storyline and just say, “I wouldn’t have done that” or “You know that cool character? I wouldn’t have killed him/her.”

No, I mean more like tweaks and nudges, stuff like that.

You can check out past years’ I’ds to see what I’m talking about, or just read on!

This year for the first time I have two awesome GUESTS, our own Chad Nevett and Greg Hatcher, who will share with you THEIR I’ds!

First up, here are Greg’s…

I’d give Luke Cage and Jessica Jones their own book and I’d be sure to include Squirrel Girl in the cast.


I’d follow up Batman ’66 with Wonder Woman ’77, spun out of the old Lynda Carter show.

DC could probably get Lynda Carter herself to push it, too.

I’d find a way to get DC and Marvel reprint digests in grocery stores, racked by the checkout line right next to the Archie digests.

I’d stop using the cheapest, shittiest bindery possible on trade paperback collections. You should be able to spread a big comics paperback open to admire the art without the spine instantly splitting and pages falling out.

Were I a superhero publisher, particularly Marvel and DC, I’d actively court youth librarians and create a line of affordable hardcover comics reprints that wouldn’t cripple library budgets for the year.

And here are Chad’s…

I’d bring back Hellblazer… and collect Paul Jenkins’s run!

I’d have Brian Michael Bendis head up a team of Marvel writers for a weekly series.

I’d bring back the mutant shaman successor from X-Man #75 in Wolverine and the X-Men (as a teacher? a student? Either way!).

I’d relaunch What If…? as a regular series.

I’d publish the Before Watchmen special originally announced to conclude those books. Whatever it was meant to actually be.

Awesome stuff, guys, thanks so much for sharing!

Now here are mine for this year…

I’d make Green Lantern a book just about Hal Jordan.

I think that the Green Lantern Corps are awesome. They are a great idea. However, we HAVE a comic book that’s actually CALLED Green Lantern Corps. There hasn’t been a real distinction between Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps in years and it doesn’t seem like we’re heading there any time soon. I’d change that. I’d make it so that Green Lantern was a book about Hal Jordan, not necessarily about the Green Lantern Corps. Hal going on superhero adventures and stuff like that. When’s the last time Hal acted just like a normal superhero outside of the Justice League? It seems like forever. Heck, if Hal is too vital to the Corps, then let Hal star in the Green Lantern Corps title and give Green Lantern to some OTHER hero, like John Stewart. I just want a Green Lantern book where Green Lantern is the star and not the Corps.

I’d make a David Milch line of comic books


This, of course, would never happen because I’m sure David Milch has little to no regard for comic books, but in the world of unfinished business, isn’t Milch right up there with the all-time great instances of shows going unfinished? Deadwood never got a finale. Luck never got a finale. John From Cincinnati didn’t really have a finale. And none of them can be completed on television, so why not in comic book form? John From Cincinnati in particular would fit right into comic books.

I’d make a Quantum Leap comic book

While we’re on the subject of television and comic books, how in the world is there not a Quantum Leap comic book series?! How can the Innovation comic book series (which was pretty good, really, and had VERY early Mike Deodato artwork) be it for Quantum Leap? Doesn’t it scream out for the medium? Each issue could be its own leap. It works perfectly! Someone get the Quantum Leap license!!

Story continues below

I’d introduced a new Valiant ongoing series

I fully appreciate the way that the good folks at Valiant are slowly but surely capitalizing on all of the trademarks that they own from when they purchased the old Valiant intellectual property, but I’d sure like to see something more from them than just re-imagined old Valiant series. Not that what we’ve gotten so far has not been good, as it has, but it’s been good enough that I trust in the creative folks at Valiant to introduce a NEW character worthy of starring in his/her own book (preferably her as Valiant isn’t exactly swimming with female leads).

I’d have both Nick Furys team-up for a story

We barely got to see them interact when Nick Fury Jr. was introduced. I’d like to see what their interactions are like now that Fury Jr. has become such an entrenched member of SHIELD.

I’d have a Beta Ray Bill All-New Marvel Now series

Hasn’t this guy waited long enough to get a crack at his own series? If Nightcrawler can get his own ongoing, doesn’t that mean anyone can?

I’d do a New 52 Infinity Inc.

Doesn’t the set-up of a team of heroes for hire work perfectly for today’s modern world? In addition, by doing this as a New 52 book, DC could relaunch the team without having to worry about explaining all of the connections to the Justice Society. Could Obsidian, Jade, Nuklon and the like work as independent creations without any ties to the past? I’d like to find out!

I’d reboot the Teen Titans as Young Justice

With Teen Titans ending, I think the time is right to reboot the book as Young Justice. We know that the name sells and it is not like the Teen Titans had any real reason to call themselves the Teen Titans, so we might as well try to tie in with the Justice League.

I’d make the Moloids supporting characters in She-Hulk’s ongoing series


One of the saddest parts of no more Fraction/Allred FF is that we don’t get anymore She-Hulk/Moloids interaction! They were awesome. I’d like to see Charles Soule somehow work them into the ongoing She-Hulk series.

I’d try to find some way to make Beasts of Burden an ongoing series


Because Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson do SUCH an amazing job on this comic book that I am greedy and I want more!

Okay, now YOU folks send in your suggestions for what you would do! Remember, it has to be tweaks and minor changes!


Bill Williamson

March 15, 2014 at 5:23 am

Since the subject of trades has been brought up, I’d clean up DC’s trades department. Seriously, when it comes to collected editions DC really is a mess.

I’d start integrating Wildstorm characters into DC’s big team books. It’s been three years since DC decided to fold Wildstorm into their new universe, but so far their characters still feel like they aren’t really part of the big picture outside of a few early interactions like Fairchild being a Superboy supporting character. Let’s get Freefall on whatever replaces the Titans, let’s get some of the a Wildcats on one of the Justice Leagues, let’s do something to make it feel like they’re actually involved in things and not getting Milestoned.

I’d start a new imprint at Marvel that publishes new stories set in the movie universe. Seriously, why has nobody thought of this?

tom fitzpatrick

March 15, 2014 at 6:00 am

Just Greg Hatcher & Chad Nevitt? Where in the hell is Greg Burgas when you need him?!? ;-)

Haven’t DC/Vertigo still reprinted the Phil Jenkins’ run on Hellblazer? What the hell’s the matter with them?
What ARE they waiting for? An engraved invitation? Bunch of idiots! :-(

I’d make Warren Ellis fulfill his past obligations on Anna Mercury, Desolation Jones, Fell, and newuniversal (even if it were work-for-hire, it’s a matter of IMPLIED obligations to the FANS!). DAMN his computer that crashed his works back then

Further to Tom’s thoughts re: Warren Ellis: And Doktor Sleepless, too. And something resembling to a conclusion to his run on Astonishing X-Men.

The big obstacle to Archie-style digests of Marvel and DC comics is that you need short, accessible stories to put in those comics. Good luck finding any of those younger than fifteen years or so.

Another issue of Fell is written and will see the light of day when Ben Templesmith has the time to draw it. Ellis has said he’ll write more when that happens.

Astonishing X-Men was three arcs, all with conclusions… I’m not sure what more is required there.

And it’s Nevett.

I’d get Action Comics and Detective Comics back to their old numbering.

‘Cause I want to see something hit issue #1000 in my lifetime, dammit!

I’d stop all this stupid renumbering every few years crap.

I’d also stop calling comics Title X by Author Y like ‘Ultimate Comics: X-Men by Brian Wood’ in the trades. Go back to goddamn volume numbers and arc titles. Especially when Amazon has ‘Ultimate Comics: Ultimates by Sam Humphries’ and it’s not even written by Humphries, it’s Falkiov!

I’d bring back Sgt. Rock, The Haunted Tank and The War Time Forgot.

Resounding yes! on Beasts of Burden. I’ve read the first collection, has anything come out since?
I don’t know about Infinity Inc. Being JSA kids/proteges gave them a distinctive quality—the characters are good, but without that, I’m not sure what makes them different from any other team.
Plus I suspect a major origin reworking would turn out for the worse in the New52.

The Crazed Spruce

March 15, 2014 at 9:50 am

I’d get DC to bring back the old 80-page anthology titles that they used to publish back in the 70s and 80s. (Complete with a gag strip by Fred Hembeck.) Then I’d convince Marvel to do the same (but with a strip by Chris Eliopolis).

I’d set up a “Crisis on Earth One/Two” style crossover between the pre-Flashpoint Justice League and the Nu52 version. (Foreshadowed, of course, by Wally West showing up in an issue of The Flash.) Then I’d give the pre52s one of the anthology books, at the VERY least.

I’d give Hawkeye and Black Widow their own movies. Not to mention Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, and Ruffalo’s Hulk. (Ideally, one that introduces She-Hulk.)

I know Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is a lost cause, but I’d bring back the Young Justice cartoon.

I’d get Warner Direct to make animated versions of The Judas Contract, The Great Darkness Saga, and Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow. (Though they’d probably have to tweak the title of the last one.)

And finally, I’d do everything humanly possible to set up a Deadpool/Ambush Bug crossover. Let’s face it, that would be just EPIC! MAKE IT HAPPEN, PEOPLE!!

I’ve read the first collection, has anything come out since?

Yeah, the issue I showed above just came out.

tom: Brian sent us the e-mail on Thursday, and I’ve been hecka busy the past two days, weirdly enough (as I’m rarely busy), so I didn’t get a chance to think of any. Sorry!

The Seventh Gun

March 15, 2014 at 11:45 am

I would LOVE to see a Wonder Woman ’77 comic! And while we’re at it, let’s fill out the holy retro-Trinity with Superman ’78, based upon the Christopher Reeve/Richard Donner Superman : The Movie!

I’d give Black Widow and Rhodey their own movies.

I’d switch the titles of New Avengers and Mighty Avengers.

I’d start a Booster Gold ongoing. And a Lois Lane ongoing,

I’d make a DC Unlimited and an Image Unlimited.

I’d add a comic to Marvel’s all ages line starring a female character. Perhaps Molly Hayes as “Princess Powerful”.

I’d start an X-men cartoon.

I’d start the following series: Ant-Man, Abigail Brand, Agent of SWORD, Elsa Bloodstone and the Legion of Monsters, an anthology of villain centered stories, Earth’s Mightiest (like World’s Finest, except with Iron Man and Captain America), a relaunch of Exiles, but instead of featuring alternate universe X-characters, have an alternate version of the Fantastic Four.

I’d like to see an omnibus of all the Marvel Season One books.

I vote for Quantum Leap and Wonder Woman 77 comics.

I’d like comics to be fun again, last series run that I read that was fun was Palmiotti and Connor’s Power Girl run.

I’d give Warren Ellis a pay raise. He’s the first writer since Doug Moench that actually “gets” Moon Knight.

I’d like DC to focus on the heroes and what makes them worth reading about, instead of focusing on the villains.

I’d… hmm, I really can’t top Greg’s excellent suggestions, I’d love all of those things to happen (although I’ll admit I’m pretty indifferent to the first one).
Also, I second the Crazed Spruce’s suggestion for a Captain Marvel movie.

I’d actually spin the New 52 version of Infinity Inc. out of Worlds’ Finest…

I would have Marvel publish a Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (set in or out of continuity).

I would also have Marvel do a series focused on a team of mutant heroes that aren’t X-Men (seriously, there’s enough mutants to make this happen).

I would have DC focus more on shorter storylines, or at least make sure one storyline is finished before interrupting it for the next event/crossover.

Also, I would have heroes going back to being, you know, heroic.

I’d reprint old DC trades and make new ones of material never collected before, like Moench, Wein, and Wolfman’s Pre-Crisis Batman material.

cool ideas espicaly love dc being made to not do their trades crappy like plus didn’t dc release jenkins hellblazer run or does that fall under the stuff dc will not reprint due to the royalties to the writers and artists being too much . and would through in a carnival comic to wrap up the series too. for a quantum leap one would be cool in fact could have sam finaly get home

I’d take whoever was ultimately responsible for the New 52 and shoot them out of a cannon onto a cactus.

I’d bring back a Speedball ongoing series. I think I am the only one who would buy it, but a lighthearted (though not goofy/slapstick) series about this character would be a great alternative option to many of the serious series that are available right now.

I’d bring back Strikeforce Morituri. On the flipside to the above Speedball series, this could be a very interesting way to tackle the real world implications of having powers. We could see the effects (both heroic and villainous perhaps) of knowing that you are destined to die within one year but at the same time being given a tremendous amount of power. Would people rise to nobility or give on to their base desires and use their abilities for personal gain? Would society revere them as saviors and celebrities or come to hold them in contempt and jealousy? After all, the general populace, while needing theses people free them from the yoke of slavery and decimation, might, at the same time, feel that these new “super heroes” would relegate them to obsolescence.

Just my “I’ds”

1) I’d buy and read an ongoing Quantum Leap book. It would probably be from Dynamite, IDW or Boom.

2) If you can bring back Skyman and assemble the original line-up as a starting point, I’m on board for Infinity, Inc. But, I’m not interested in seeing them linked to The New 52’s Earth 2, so…

3) I’m waiting for a Teen Titans: Year Two. Keep the Titans teen and Justice young. They are not the same.

I’m not a fan of The New 52, so great ideas like Infinity, Inc., Titans, Young Justice would start with hitting a reset button on The New 52. That may have worked for some DC titles, but not all of them…

I’d want a digest to have an issue of Kesel/ Grummett Superboy, Dixon Robin, and Waid Impulse. Maybe another with Batman Adventure, Superman Adventures, and Justice League Adventures.

I’d start a Dr Strange book (with Romita, Jr art) and a Nick Fury & SHIELD book at Marvel, and a Plastic Man book, a Metamorpho book, and a Shazam book at DC.

I’d get Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett together on a book. Nightwing, Blue Beetle & Booster Gold, maybe take over Wonder Woman or GL when their creative teams are done. Whatever. I just want those two working on something.

I’d get DC to reprint all of Joe Kelly’s Action Comics. “From one of the creators of Ben 10″ has to count for something. (Heck, throw in Joe Casey and Steven Seagle’s Superman stuff.)

I want the next creative team on Daredevil to be Jason Aaron and Walt Simonson.

I’d bring back DC Comics Presents with rotating Supeman team-ups. (Although Superman/ Wonder Woman may turn out to be that, the way Batman & Robin has turned into Brave & the Bold essentially.)

I’d start a Flash/ Green Lantern book. That makes more sense than GL/ GA now.

I’d bring back something like Marvel’s Super Villain Team-Up, just so Paul Cornell could do for Doom, Red Skull, etc what he did for Lex Luthor.

I’d hand Kevin Maguire Whedon’s script for Avengers and say “Adapt this.”

Art and Franco on Itty-Bitty Buffy and Angel. Aww Yeah.

I know “Mark Waid to Write Superman” is a headline I’ll never see, but since we’re just fantasizing…

A lot of good stuff here so hopefully I continue the trend:

I’d keep Marvel working with Ellis’ Madhouse Animation company and do a “Marvel Team Up” type movie every 6-9 months… (Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore was OK and I just saw Black Widow/Punisher, which was good)

I’d want all these comic properties to be more streamlined from the big two.

I’d want (like a lot of other fans) some more fun books back on the market. Too much dark, grim and gritty, sadistic stuff out there…

Love the anthology ideas and I’d take it a step further. Every 6 months, I’d have a double sized issue dedicated to lessen known writers & artists doing different takes on established stars of a company. Give the masses exposure to some of the rising stars in the industry….

In that vein, I’d also have an anthology updating the Wildstorm characters in DC currently,,,

I’d have Who’s Who and Official Handbook return and updated in print form….

(Love the digest and library ideas also) I’d still be crafting kid friendly alternatives for the mainstream…

Finally, I’d have a month of creator roulette, for a month of unexpected, unpredictable stories. Take all your artistic/writer teams and put their names in separate hats along with a hat containing characters. It may be chaotic but it will be challenging and we might find gems…..

The cheap anthologies in the grocery store is a fantastic idea.

That’s the thing I loved about Runaways–those little manga sized anthologies gave you a solid chunk of story for an extremely reasonable price. I’d be buying the heck out of those, right off the shelf, even in a comic book store, if companies were making more of them. I want good story and good value, and that delivered.

I know they’re not for everyone–some people, as mentioned in the comics, want to spread out the art and luxuriate in it, and the little economy editions don’t allow for that–but for some of us, it would allow us to buy comics off the shelves again, instead of only reading stuff we find in the discount bins.

I meant to say “as mentioned in the comments.” But my fingers like to type “comics.”

real quick


Captain America by Frank Miller for a 30 issue commitment

Dr. Strange by Gaimen and JH Williams III for 60 straight issues

Supernatural/ Horror weekly by Stephen King, that guy can write a billion words per day.


Darwyn Cooke on Green Lantern
Paul Pope on The New Gods

Batman ’72 by Francesco Francavilla (you know you want it)

Every DC cartoon gets a digital comics continuation. Even The Batman. Especially The Batman.

ugh, left one out

Morrison and Quitely on Fantastic Four

please Xenu, make this happen soon

I’d convince Fantagraphics to knock the price of that Witzend slipcase back down to $95.

I’d get the ball rolling on that Megalopolis series at Dark Horse.

I’d deal with this Immortal, identityless pseudo-mystical Question fiasco and bring back Sage and/Or Montoya.

I’d bring back Secret Six… As an animated series.

I’d change Dark Horse presents to B&W newsprint so they could keep the 80pg format but drop the price to $4-$5. They collect the serialized stories in high quality eventually anyway.

I’d convince DC Collectibles that they would make unfathomable amounts of money producing a classic Timm BTAS style variant of their TNBA Batman figure.

I’d have that Arrow TV show get on track with what everyone wants: Ollie losing his money, growing a beard and fighting the man.

I’d keep every Marvel Essential book in print.

I’d publish an all-ages Wonder Woman book.

I’d bring Roger Stern and Frazier Irving together for a Doctor Strange book.

I’d finish up the tpb runs of those Vertigo books they stopped halfway through (there were only 2 more vols. worth of Sandman Mystery Theatre to go!)

I’d have a Daredevil She-Hulk crossover where the two of them go up against each other in court, because to my knowledge that’s never happened.

I’d re-print that Space Punisher mini tpb with Punisher G-Force, because I can’t believe they missed that opportunity.

I’d tell Oni to re-consider whatever new, even MORE expensive format they have planned for re-releasing Scott Pilgrim once those $25 color HCs are done, ’cause you know they’re planning it.

I’d make sure Mark Hamill will be reprising his role as The Trickster in the new Flash series.

I’d publish an out-of-continuity Midnighter one-shot in the vein of “Punisher Kills The marvel Universe” showcasing the Wildstorm properties in the DCU.

I’d give Lawton his ‘stache, Harley her old costume and the Wall her proper weight, then bring Greg Weisman aboard as one of the few people who can do intricate villain schemes well enough to hit “Waller vs. Tao” outta the park.

While on the subject of Weisman, I’d finally let him do that Black Canary mini he was planning before Grell put her in the fridge in ’88.

I’d admit that “Sandman: Overture” will never be finished and likely won’t even be continued.

I’d fit in one more “Agent of the Empire” Ostrander mini before Marvel gets the Star-Wars license.

I’d make sure nobody does another “Howard the Duck” story. He was Steve Gerber’s through and through.

I’d get Edlund and probably Boom together for a Venture Bros. comic.

I’d whittle down the X-books to single digits. Arbitrary new #1s every 3 months are hardly enough to make the ponderous web of confusing continuity accessible to new readers.

To add to Bringing back Hellblazer, Bring it back at 301.

I’d go to that Art of Calvin & Hobbes Exhibit opening at the new Billy Ireland museum at OSU next weekend and ask every guy over 60 if he’s Bill Watterson making a low-profile appearance. (Hey, it worked with Mort Walker at the grand opening in November!)

I’d have Marvel Legends/Universe do a Nextwave Action Figure pack (or maybe a line with a Fin Fang Foom buildafigure)

I’d make every customer we get in the store buy a copy of that $10 Archie Sabrina omnibus… Come to think of that, I AM gonna do that.

I’d return all titles to whatever issue number they’re supposed to be at now. Larger numbers look so much more nicer.

I’d take Wolverine out of all of his Avengers and X-Men titles, and put him in Alpha Flight. Then I’d give them a series, so that Wolverine is only in Alpha Flight and his own series.

I’d get Hawkeye and Mockingbird back I guess? I guess I’m still pining for Jim McCann’s excellent work he did with them.

Oh, and I’d definitely get Agents of Atlas back.

I would cancel Agents of Shield.

a horrible, by the numbers crap-fest

I’d want more people to stop caring what Marvel and DC do and start reading and demanding more new ideas and stories.

I would make DC comics get rid of the horrible “nu52″ and rset ALL the comics back the way they were before Sept 2011!!!
……..Especially the Justice Society and ALL the Golden Age/legacy characters they have ditched in this god-awful nu52 universe!!!!

Wonder Woman ’77 NEEDS to happen! Does DC have the rights to do it? I’m surprised it hasn’t been done yet.

I’d like to see Marvel start an all-ages, back to basics line of comics that would be sold in movie theater lobbies.

I’d like to see a Wonder Woman comic set during WWII, guest starring all the great DC WWII characters, by Walt Simonson.

I’d like to see DC give Garth Ennis a superhero title.

I’d like to see comics sold on spinner racks in convenience stores again.

And most importantly, I’d like to know whatever happened to that little purple dude from Daredevil #128, who was planning to walk to his home planet on stairs.

I’d have finally taken Diamond to task for all their bogus practices.

I’d do something to make SDCC more affordable, AND due to its current format I’d rename it as “Pop Culture-Con International”–’cause let’s face it, it’s technically no longer a comic book convention.

I’d have DC and Marvel finally mend fences so crossovers could resume, and perhaps get them to do this particular idea: http://red-rum-18.deviantart.com/gallery/10467425

I’d try and restore integrity to the Big Two by stopping the executives from meddling.

I strongly support the above notion of putting digests in grocery stores, it’s time they actually competed with Archie Comics already.

I’d help launch a TBS cartoon series adaptation of the Conner/Palmiotti/Gray “Power Girl” series, with Laura Prepon voicing the lead.

I’d stop the glut of pointless, not-really-game changing events and bring back anthologies of multiple genres.

I’d do everything in my power to make comics of all genres or companies approachable to anyone other than the usual readers. They want the gritty, ultra-violent stuff? Go pick up an issue of Heavy Metal.

I’d fire Dan Didio

DC universe new52 would play up the multiverse angle
Not a fan of golden age, silver age, Fawcett, wildstorm, milestone, Uncle Sam and his freedom fighters, Charlton heroes all sharing one earth.

•Earth-2 would actually be about golden age heroes, t-shirt and jeans Superman, Dick Grayson Batman, Alan Scott, mr.Terrific. Maybe some time travel aspect to explain infinity inc. As some war that formed the JSA and the Infiniters deal with the aftermath years later after their parents/mentors are gone.

-Regular earth
•JLA: the original 7
And dammit give Aquaman aqua powers. Whether from the trident or water-bearer hand. Most powerful heroes on earth take on the most ridiculous world shattering events ( kinda like Uncanny Avengers) only published as a mini series its only published similar to marvel’s Ultimates its a big event book. Treat Martian Manhunter as the main character.
•Action, detective, and Adventure comics showcase different heroes or characters that fit that title (detective: Martian Manhunter, elongated man. Action: black lightning, gang buster. Adventure: Lois Lane). only one Superman, Batman, title keep continuity tight no 3 Clayface appearances for 7 months in 3 books in a row
• teen titans/ young justice: DC characters aging and getting older is apart of DC’s appeal sorry no Nightwing title as he leads the next generation of young heroes mentoring them.
• like earth 2 a Static shock comic showcases milestone universe. Captain atom the Charlton universe (maybe with the question back-up? Or vice versa) Shazam! Wildstorm goes back to its own thing
• booster gold comic showcase a world where all the multiple earth’s became one but it’s not stable or something
• Superboy and the legion of super-heroes: legion is the most interesting to me when Superboy is around. I mean Clark Kent. Just like the Kent’s I believe they’re essential part of him becoming a hero, his time with them showed them the potential of a better world
• checkmate no Argus
• Wonder Woman playing in her own corner of the DCU with gods and their human avatars, throw Steve Trevor in there too
• Robin and I mean Tim Drake the best Robin there ever was. Inspired by batman and the original boy wonder lets take him back to when his dad was still alive and maybe a cowl so only natural Marcus To should draw it
-INFINITE CRISIS WAR: crime syndicate tricks the other earth’s into going to war with each other

I’d collect in a nice series of hardbacks, followed by TPBs, all of Joe Casey’s Wildstorm work, including the stuff that hasn’t been collected yet–Automatic Kafka, about half of Wildcats 3.0, the last three issues of Majestic, the Ladytron one-shot and whatever else. Then, I’d relaunch Wildstorm as a separate universe.

No tv series about Gotham villains and how they came to be while following the adventures of jim Gordon
Gotham should be about batman
Play up the world’s greatest detective angle
12-13 episodes a season with plot that spans the entire season
Solving his parents murder
Bringing down the mob
Catching the riddler
League of Assassins
Court of owls
Play up the relationship between batman and Gordon and dent
Make two-face a punisher like villain who flips his coin on which criminal will be his latest victim.
Gadgets, cool car, Batcave. Show case Bruce Wayne how he uses Wayne enterprise to make Gotham better give him a cast Thomas Elliot, Alfred, Leslie Thompkins, Julia Madison, Gilda Dent, Vicki Vale, j. Devlin davenport.
If something big needs to happen, in the life of Batman make a big Hollywood movie out of it.

Marvel needs an HBO moon knight series I know its only been one issue so far but something similar to warren Ellis take

Good points made, I’d buy those ones you suggested:
-Wonder Woman 77
-What if …
-Quantum Leap

Chaim Mattis Keller

March 15, 2014 at 9:23 pm

I’d publish a “Lost: Secrets of the Island” comic series.

And, to “The Seventh Gun”: wouldn’t the “retro trilogy” really have to involve TV series? Wouldn’t the right follow-up to Batman 66 and Wonder Woman 77 be Flash 90 and Lois & Clark 93?

I would get Marvel to reprint the old Epic Magazine stuff already, in collected volumes.

Then, they could reprint the Howard The Duck omnibus so I could find it for under 300 bucks.

Reprint all of Steve Gerber’ s stuff that has not been collected, like his Man Thing story serialized in Marvel Premiere.

Get Dave Sim to ‘re-start Cerebus already, and get Alan Moore and Bill Sienkewicz to finish what they started.

Get the rest of the Nexus Archives out, as they seem stalled at Volume 12.

I love the idea of shrinking the X Men glut to maybe 2 books at best.

More P. Craig Russell!!

They are going to collect the Jenkins/Phillips run on Hellblazer:

I would LOVE to see IDW do a QUANTUM LEAP series. I’d like to see it be comprised of various 1-, 2- and 3-issue long leaps. If they could assemble a creative team that is just as much a fan of the property as GHOSTBUSTERS’ team is of it, a QL book could be so awesome.

The Mutt – I’d like to see DC give Garth Ennis a superhero title.

I’d like to be there to hear Ennis telling them to **** off.
It is my understanding that Ennis has said all he wants to say about Superheroes and is fed up of their prevalence in comics.

Personally, I’d like both Marvel and DC to give more freedom to create with less interference from the marketing department and to allow series to stand individually without being constantly in crossovers or tying in with big events.

Bill Williamson

March 16, 2014 at 5:38 am

Again on the subject of reprints, I’d collect Jack Kirby’s 2001 adaptation and the subsequent comic book series based on it.

I’d also give Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing a nice big omnibus. One with decent binding.

I’d also create an Absolute Edition of the Complete Frank Miller Batman leatherbound published in the 1980s. The one with all the good Frank Miller Batman stories.

David Milch comic books? God, that’s a great idea.

An ongoing BLADE series written by Tim Seeley.

With the Mouse House owning Marvel. Howasbout a GARGOYLES series ,either picking up where the pre-GOLIATH CHRONICLES ended. Or like IDW has done with TMNT, and other titles they picked up on. Start from the beginning. With Greg Wiseman writing, or overseeing the mag’s development.

The INHUMANOIDS to be revived by IDW. Either in the Transformers mags, or their own book.

I’d have Adam Hughes finish the All-Star Wonder Woman book. If he can’t do it, get Frank Cho.

Jake Earlewine

March 16, 2014 at 1:43 pm

I’d fire Didio and the other clueless overseers at DC, and unboot the new 52.

At Marvel, I’d cancel two-thirds of the titles that have “Avengers” in the name, and make the Avengers something special again.

I’d stop the re-numbering insanity at Marvel and DC.

I’d make all the heroes heroic once again, instead of violent psychopaths.

Brian from Canada

March 16, 2014 at 2:14 pm

My wishes…?

• A return to superhero books needing to define themselves away from others (not just Avenger X outside of team)
• A reduction in digital prices and/or a holding of prices because they are being priced out of line
• An end to multiple toy lines at once: Marvel’s losing sales to… Marvel
• More intelligent animated series from both
• Line editors being held accountable for massive failures
• An end to the constant relaunch by seasons
• Teen heroes acting like teens
• A return to All-Ages books aimed at the PG audience without gore and swearing
• The All-Ages books coming two months later as the A-story with a B-classic reprint in digest form

Marvel’s All-Ages would launch with:
– Peter Parker, The Sensational Spider-Man
– Professor X & The X-Men
– The Rampaging Hulk
– The Astonishing Avengers

DC’s All-Ages would launch with:
– The Superfriends
– Batman: Gotham Knights
– The New Adventures Of Wonder Woman
– Young Justice

For DC:
• History Of The DCU 80-Page Universe (one-shot to explain the last three years together)
• Supergirl gets a life
• Lois Lane gets an ongoing
• Superman Family returns to deal with people in Metropolis
• Superboy gets stuck in the future and founds the new Legion Of Super-Heroes (written properly!)
• more classic members joining the Justice League
• Worlds Finest becoming the second Earth 2 book
• a new editor and complete re-working of the Young Justice line
• Wonder Woman ’77, Young Justice: Season Three comics
• DC All-Ages Comics

And that’s just off the top of my head. ;-)

Minuteman, that’s great news. I had missed that article (which was posted between my sending Brian my I’ds and them going up). I’m looking forward to filling in that giant gap.

Bill Williamson

March 16, 2014 at 2:43 pm

Third and final ‘I’d’ of March: I’d undo One More Day.

I’d like to second the Infinity, Inc. idea. Silver Scarab, Fury, Jade, Obsidian and the rest were a pretty good collection of characters with a unique premise that has aged well. They really didn’t need the JSA connection and it probably ultimately hurt. The audience for any derivative property is only a portion of the original, after all.

I’d have DC embrace its essential DC-ness on a semi-consistent basis. Let’s be honest, the rise of the Direct Market was not kind to everyone’s second favorite superhero publisher. Its strengths (e.g. – genre diversity, relative feminism) became weaknesses and its weaknesses (e.g. – fuzzy continuity, flat characterization) got fixes that made the problem worse most of the time. What is crazy is that the DM is not longer the only (or even the healthiest) game in town. There are movies, TV, animation, graphic novels in bookstores, video-games and periodicals on iPads). The old strengths that DC enjoyed should be strengths again in the new environment. However, the folks running the show seem to be focused on shoveling out what the Direct Market used like circa-1994.

I’d have Marvel Studios use other media to tell stories with characters that they cannot use in movies to whatever extent possible. Stuff like a Fantastic Four cartoon or an X-Men video-game would be a good way to put the Marvel Cinematic Universe imprint on those properties while its cache is still strong.

I’d put start lines of quarterly (or maybe semi-annual), digest-sized, all-ages comics with done-in-one 120-132 page stories. They would feature the core characters of each of the Big Two with the idea of growing the market for the future. The artists would be no-names working in strong house styles that evoke the classical styles of each publisher. The writers would be up-and-comers with the freedom to do anything within the well-defined rules of all-ages universe.

There seems to be a recurring theme through all these comments:

Do a better job with your reprints.

Do all-ages comics.

I heartily agree.


I’d double down on the weekly series. Weekly Superman, weekly Batman, weekly Wonder Woman, weekly Green Lantern (starring Stewart, obviously), weekly Flash, weekly Justice League. So many of DC’s redundant monthlies feel disjointed because they’re too busy jumping from one big story to another that they can’t establish their own identity–especially when their big stories cross over. Consolidate, and make those identities mean something. That could give them the space to really make the DCNU feel like a universe with its own history, instead of a slowly unraveling ball of yarn.

I’d /definitely/ do a DC Unlimited subscription. Right now, I don’t follow any DC books. But I’d pay seventy bucks a year to sample the entire line, assuming I got all the digital-first books out of the bargain as well.

I’d repeat the successes of Jeff Parker and Greg Pak, giving those Marvel writers that have been denied “architect” status offers they couldn’t possibly refuse. Christos Gage on Teen Titans/Young Justice? Kelly Sue Deconnick as lead writer on a Wonder Woman weekly? Zeb Wells on whatever the hell he wants?


I’d quit making solo ongoing series that weaken team books. Of the new solo books we’re getting, the ones that don’t work for me are Magneto, Nightcrawler and Cyclops. Why? Because those characters are perfectly suited to Uncanny, Amazing and All-New X-Men respectively. They’re great characters but aren’t built to function in a vacuum and aren’t contributing to the diversity of the line, so why bother?

I’d put Sif on the Guardians of the Galaxy, either alongside Beta Ray Bill or by herself. The book has already had Asgard involved in galactic council discussions, and Journey Into Mystery proved pretty conclusively that Sif is well-suited for space action. If that makes too many sexy white girls for the Guardians’ “weird alien heroes” vibe, move Gamora (okay, she’s green, but in this society that makes her white by default) over to the Thunderbolts.

I’d keep doing what I was doing otherwise. Showcase the female solos with the pretty art. Keep Hickman on Avengers until he’s damn well done on Avengers. Continue to experiment with anthologesque “savage” books (Would Savage Captain Marvel be too much to hope for? Okay, fine, Savage Thor works). Never ever cancel Hawkeye.

I’d stop trying to make comics replicate widescreen action movies… hopefully that way Hickman and other writers would have to learn how to pace a story rather than overload an issue with big panels to take up page space.

I would give Bigby Wolf from fables a solo series. So we can explore more of his background!!

Wonder Woman ’77 needs to happen. It just must.

What I think we need is an editorial policy that does a better job of mediating between the two conflicting needs comics have: The need to keep the character in a recognizable status quo, and the need to tell big stories that make a long-term change to the status quo.

To me the best solution is to have long periods of “status quo” stories followed by extremely long story arcs where the status quo is radically altered and the hero is put in a new and strange situation, followed by a restoration of the “iconic” status quo. “Superior Spider-Man” is the sort of thing I have in mind. A story where there is a long period where the status quo is radically changed (almost three years in this case) and taken in a new and strange direction, but in the end it is restored.

Other ideas:
-Restore the Runaways to their pre-Whedon status quo and give them a new ongoing from an author who can keep deadlines.
-We’ve had the “weird new 52″ Titans long enough. Bring back the iconic team from the Wolfman/Perez era.
-Batman needs new villains. Create as many new ones as possible and throw them at him until a few stick.
-Get rid of this obsession with villains who had bad childhoods. It’s not realistic, it’s bad pop-psychology.
-Let some characters get married and have long-term relationships. Romance is not the reason we read superhero comics.

Some “big picture” ideas:
-Get rid of rampant renumbering.
-Stop pretending all this glossy paper compensates for the price increases. It doesn’t. I’d rather pay less and read newsprint.
-As long as we’re on the topic of wish-fulfillment, let’s stop making parents so neurotic about what their kids can read. We wouldn’t even need to be discussing All Ages comics if parents were sane. The kids could just read the current stuff on the stands.

I’d advertise comics more aggresively – TV ads. Mainstream websites. Certainly before each superhero film.

I’d have a series of continuity lite stories on sale in mainstream shops

I’d push to make single issue stories the norm, and save multiple issues for events.

I’d bring back editors notes.

I’d have a full miniseries in the bag before publishing the 1st issue to stop shipping delays.

I’d only let major characters be killed if the writer showed me how they could be brought back. Not to say that they will, but that there’s a way.

I’d ensure that a series made sense in and of itself. (No Zero Year or Gothtopia crossovers unless there was enough info in the issue to make sense of why this was happening)

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