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You Decide – What Do You Think About the Flash Costume for the CW TV Series?

This week, we figured we’d check in with our readers on what they thought about the reveal of the costume for the Flash on the upcoming CW TV series.


Read on for the choices…


Voting is about what I expected. I’m not blown away by it, bit it is nice.

Man, they’ve really been going for the textured long-john look lately in these live-action adaptations. Ribbed for our pleasure!

Eh…good start I suppose. Would like to see them tweak with it as the series progresses though. I mean, he is discovering all his powers right? That should mean his suit would need adapted as new abilities come about.

Well … It could’ve been worse, but it isn’t great.

First, no person on Earth is going to chose leather pants for running. It is bizarre and distracting.

The leather vest makes a little more sense, but it is weird that it is a half-vest. The cowl/helmet thing is ok.

Overall, it is fine albeit a little busy. The ARROW folks have earned the benefit of the doubt, so I’ll watch regardless.

@buttler, I don’t think anyone is going to buy any condom brands named “The Flash”….

Brian, you should’ve used set pics where the costume can be seen clearly. With this one, people can’t really see its flaws.

Well, at least he’s actually getting a costume.

Its kind of weird but altogether,its pretty cool

The costume is okay, but I’d prefer it on another actor. Grant Gustin is cool, no offense to his acting skill, but he looks like he’s 12.

i was sure that Flashs costume had to be frictionless and this one looks far from it.

In the comics Flash is surrounded by an aura that cuts down on his wind resistance so he doesnt need a frictionless suit. Maybe it’s the same for the TV version.

After Smallville, I am just glad that the Flash is getting a real superhero costume. I wished that it was made of a material that is not leather, but it looks fine overall.

I guess “DAREDEVIL” is coming to the CW on Arrow………. But they call him “THE FLASH” now

i got two words for it….it s#&%!!$

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