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DC/Marvel Tourney, Marvel Street Level, Round 1

The first round of voting begins now!

Simply choose which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight in the following match-up. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!

Each competitor has, let’s say, a half hour to prepare (so it’s not like Deadpool just walking up to Winter Soldier and blasting him – Bucky would be prepared), and can use whatever weaponry you figure would be typical for that character (so Punsiher can use whatever weapons you would expect him to normally use, but he can’t go get, I dunno, the Infinity Gauntlet, or whatever).


NOTE: These are JavaScript polls. If you don’t have Java, then you can’t vote.


Which Nick Fury is this? World War II vet superspy Nick Fury or Samuel L. Jacksonian “no, seriously guys, this is totally Nick Fury” Nick Fury?

I voted for quite a few upsets again. Most challenging one in my mind was Winter Soldier and Deadpool.


March 20, 2014 at 11:14 am

It’s obvious that Mr. Fantastic is going to sweep this thing right?

It’s all just formality.


March 20, 2014 at 11:28 am

I’m not arguing for a position change – I promise – but one of these heroes took out Galactus, Dr. Doom AND Tomazooma and one fights guys like Stiltman and The Jester.

Just sayin’

Thanks for doing the bracket again this year.

Captain Librarian

March 20, 2014 at 11:56 am

Spider-Man over Punisher
Punisher with prep time is deadly but with Peter Parker also getting a heads up? Spidey webs him rather quickly IMHO.

Winter Soldier over Deadpool
Very difficult to choose. I’m saying Bucky’s strategic mind and that utility belt like arm is enough for a KO over Deadpool’s superior healing and physical abilities.

Kitty Pryde over the Beast
Beast is a in bit of a jam unless he uses his prep time to build something to negate Kitty’s abilities. Otherwise the second he touches her I think it’s pretty much over.

Nightcrawler over Cyclops
I actually like Cyclops as a character better than most, probably for the same reason I like Leonardo as my favorite turtle. But love Kurt to death and his teleporting skills are too much to handle one on one.

Mr Fantastic over Daredevil
Yikes. Okay, assuming this is just a street fight and Reed didn’t build some weapon negating Matt’s powers (which is kindof unfair for the purposes of this fight anyway) I still don’t see Reed losing, even if then it’d be more of a fight. And if we restrict him to standard canon weapons (not stuff like the ultimate nullifier) a Daredevil victory is even less unlikely. Reed is going to be hard to beat.

Captain America over Hawkeye
It’ll be an exciting fight but I think we know who ends up taking the majority of the fights here at very least.

Nick Fury over Iron Fist
Prep time is the difference here IMHO

Wolverine over Multiple Man
Jamie can try, but I don’t really see Logan losing this in any scenario unless Mardox gets very, very lucky.

Gonna get my geek on here. Java and JavaScript are 2 different things. If these are pure JavaScript then you just need javascript enabled and maybe a compatable browser (which shouldn’t be an issue for most). If it is actually using an applet written in Java, then you need Java installed.

Anybody else think Madrox would take down Wolverine, or is it just me?

Anybody else think Madrox would take down Wolverine, or is it just me?

You and I are probably the only ones.

Cool idea, and I actually voted for a #1 seed upset. Krazy (with a K). Has that ever happened in this tourney?

Anybody else think Madrox would take down Wolverine, or is it just me?

If we’re talking Wolvernine sans healing factor, I’m pretty sure two dozen dupes could take down Wolverine in a fight fairly easily just based on sheer numbers.

I’m with M Bloom – is this Nick Fury or a Nick Fury LMD? Does Fury get to use the LMDs in the fight?

I voted for Madrox over Wolverine because I don’t like Wolverine. He’s a dick. Seeing him get his ass kicked always makes me happy.

Willie Everstop

March 20, 2014 at 3:29 pm

Kitty Pryde can still hear. A super powered lion roar right in her intangible ear would stun her for a few seconds and set her up for the KO.

It’s too bad for Madrox that excessive stabbing and maiming doesn’t cause duplicates.

Considering Wolverine has lost his healing factor in recent comics, Madrox can win this fight.

Spidey over Punisher is really kind of a given. Among other things, we’ve seen this before. The best Punisher ever does is escape.

Winter Soldier over Deadpool. It would probably be closer than I think, but I really, really hate Deadpool. If Bucky could kill him and make him stay dead, I’d be okay with that.

Kitty over the Beast. I wish I didn’t have to vote against the bounding, bodacious Beast in the first round, but he’s a physical fighter and Kitty negates that pretty well. Even with his smarts, unless he’s allowed to use a mutant nullification device (which I can’t see him doing) … sorry, Hank.

Nightcrawler over Cyclops. I’m not sure Cyke belongs in the street-level group, but … whatever. I see Kurt being able to keep out of the line of fire and bamfing in to strike at will.

Mr Fantastic takes Daredevil because stretching and flexibility will negate agility advantages. Matt can jump all around, but Reed can be everywhere at once.

Cap takes Hawkeye. That’s pretty easy. He keeps the shield between himself and the arrows until he’s close enough to smash the bow and knock Clint out.

Iron Fish over Nick Fury. This one will be fun to watch. Nick’s got moves, but Danny’s got more. So unless Nick pulls out the omni-handy-awesome-device-no-one’s-heard-of-before, Danny takes it.

Although he likely then finds out that it was an LMD.

And I’m pretty sure that the Helicarrier crashes soon afterward.

Wolverine takes Multiple Man. Even with dupes, even without the healing factor, Wolvie has the berserker thing going for him and just plain ruthlessness. Plus, stabbing and slashing are more powerful attacks. The 30-some-odd arms and dozens of legs lying around the arena will make the cleaning crew very unhappy.

Over half of these the lower ranked character would win easily.

Spidey takes Punisher. Feel bad for Punisher because with the prep time I think he could have gone far in this tournament. But yeah, spider-sense makes a guy hard to hit. Spidey always beats Punisher.

Deadpool definitely beats Winter Soldier, he just heals way too fast. I am not even sure Deadpool should be in this tournament, because he just plain doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

Beast beats Kitty Pryde. With the prep-time Beast would come up with some brilliant plan to beat her.

Nightcrawler pulls out an upset and defeats Cyclops. Summers has powerful optic-blasts but can’t hit what’s constantly teleporting. Also Cyclops are unreliable since the Phoenix incident, if we’re talking current Cyclops.

Reed Richards obviously beats Daredevil – he has a better power-set, and is a super-genius.

Cap beats Hawkeye but I’m guessing Hawkguy puts up a surprisingly good fight, he’s a scrapper.

Iron Fist beats Fury with kung-fu and raw power but this was actually a tough call. Fury always has tricks up his sleeves.

Jamie takes out Wolverine. Numbers, baby, numbers!

Winter Soldier is impressive, but Bucky does not usually go against foes who taunt like Wade. And healing factor is tough to beat in a street fight, unless you bring your own mega-gang (see above).

Come on everybody, vote Kitty Pryde! Remember that one year she got to the third round, and that silly Batman took her out? That was amazing! She got a decent amount of votes too. She is a contender, is what I am saying.

Spidey over Punisher easily.

Deadpool over Bucky – I think the healing factor gives him an edge

Kitty Pryde over Beast – her powers give her the advantage on a physical level, while Beast has his intellect, but dooon’t forgetttt Kitty is a genius too! And a ninja. Beast may be more of a Reed Richards level genius while Kitty is more “slightly above real world” genius, but Kitty always comes through in the end.

Nightcrawler over Cyclops – unless Cyke were to do the “pull the visor off and spin in circles devastating everything within miles” thing, which if he hasn’t done in most situations already he’s not going to do with Kurt, he won’t be able to get a lock on him fast enough.

Reed over DD – physically, but the 30 minute prep time is going to give Reed the advantage over nearly everyone. Could we see Reed vs. Luthor??

Cap over Hawkeye – this one is a given right?

Iron Fist over Fury because Kung Fu, but which Fury are we talking anyway?

I’m a little disappointed that Squirrel Girl isn’t on this bracket to sweep the whole thing…

How is the dude who fights Dr. Doom and Galactus on a regular basis street level?

Two votes were hard for the exact opposite reasons.

I took Kitty Pryde over Beast because I really want Beast to devolve back into his Avengers era form… but they are both awesome.

I took Winter Soldier over Deadpool because I had to pick one of them and they both suck.

Spider-Man, Daredevil, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Wolverine

It is too bad that Hawkeye will likely lose and from the looks of things DD may actually lose to Mr. F, which is super-lame.

The 90s X-Men cartoon episode “Cold Comfort” had a brief Wolverine vs. Multiple Man match-up, where Jamie held his own pretty well. Iceman ends up freezing all of Jamie’s dupes to get Wolverine off the hook.

How is the dude who fights Dr. Doom and Galactus on a regular basis street level?

Who in that bracket hasn’t fought Dr. Doom? Heck, a few of them have also fought Galactus (Cap certainly has).

some of these were a hard call to pick just one for the fighters are close to matching like the winter solider and dead pool. plus nick fury could have some tech to shut down iron mans armour.

Daredevil over Richards

I think Matt have more experience in street level fights. Matt could use a hit and run strategy to win.

Cyclops over Nightcrawler

I’m thinking on all the Claremont’s stories in which Scott criticizes Kurt for being too much careless and giving too much openings. Cyclops is a tatical genius and would explore the shortcomings of Kurt, who he personally trained.

The Ebony Leopard

March 21, 2014 at 11:10 am

The hardest one of all of these choices, honestly is Wolverine vs Maddrox. The sereis Wolverine and the X-men (animted) actually showed how this fight would go. Unless Logan managed to somehow get to the original Madrox and KO him with one punch (since it’s not a death match), every time he would him, a new Madrox would appear and eventually sheer numbers would overwhelm Logan.

Cylcops has beat Kurt before in training by bouncing optic blasts off of walls and such, now that his blast is almost a wide range spread shot, I doubt Kurt could re-materiallze in a spot that wouldn’t allow him to be hit.

Reed in any physical fight is techincally indestructable due to his body being so stretchable you’d never get a real solid hit on him.

Deadpool, well unless he defeats himself there’s really no way to beat him in a street fight, he plays dirty too.

Spidey, well speed and strenght of a spider, too fast for Punisher’s bullets since he can sense and dodge them and has a range advantage that helps close the distance quickly.

Cap, well he trained Hawkeye in fighting so.

Beast and Kitty. People tend to forget how great a hand to hand fighter Beast is since he is rarely shown actually in a fight, and with Prep time, well he knows more about Kitty’s powers than probably Kitty does.

Finally Iron Fist vs any Nick Fury is going to go to Fist,

Daredevil also fought Galactus, though I’m pretty sure Galactus didn’t notice.

Les Fontenelle

March 21, 2014 at 1:08 pm

Buttler: LOL

As for the votes:

Spider-Man has been shot at since puberty. And thanks to his spider-sense, he has rarely been hit. The Punisher loses because 30 minutes of preparation will help both equally, and Spidey simply has more power. It must also be said that the fact that this fight isn’t “to the death” would severely cramp the Punisher’s style. So he’d have to not only hit Spider-Man, but also aim for non-vital areas? Sorry Frank, better luck next year.

Deadpool would heal his wounds faster than Winter Soldier could wound him. The Winter Soldier could not say the same. The Degeneratin’ Regenerate delivers.

Kitty Pryde had that semester of ninja training way back when, so she knows how to fight (I doubt that actual ninja training is that brief, so I’m not sure she’s a fully-accredited ninja like those guys Wolverine murders by the dozens). The Beast knows how to fight too, but he literally can’t touch Kitty unless she allows him to. Any tech he brings out can be disrupted by her touch. Things are looking bad for mr. McCoy. Shadowcat for the win.

Cyclops has sparred against Nightcrawler for years, and he has defeated him more than once. Cyclops’ current wide beams makes them even tougher to dodge, even though they severely increase property damage whenever he uses them. Cyclops is a smarter fighter than Kurt and I believe he’d win – but of course this could go either way, unlike the next two matches.

Daredevil would jump and run and kick and throw his little red sticks, while Reed would efficiently win by enveloping DD like an inescapable rubber blanket until the devil’s advocate ran out of air.

Hawkeye would lose against the guy who taught him how to fight. I suspect that not having to get his ass kicked by Captain America on a regular basis was Hawkeye’s primary motivation for joining the Avengers. Getting to ogle at the Scarlet Witch was just a bonus.

With prep time, I could see “classic” Fury beating Iron Fist. The current Fury? Not so much. It takes more than an eyepatch and taking dad’s last name to be a credible contender. Enter the dragon, exit the secret agent.

Madrox only had a chance against Wolverine in the cartoons because in the cartoons Wolverine couldn’t maul people with his claws. The fact that this fight isn’t “to the death” won’t stop Wolverine from cutting off the duplicates’ limbs by the dozens. It would be NASTY, and Madrox would surrender just to stop the traumatic bloodbath long before Wolverine was “overwhelmed by numbers”. It’s not like Wolverine has never been surrounded by enemies, and every time his method for overcoming such situations has involved slashing said enemies into ribbons. I’m not sure Wolverine would even NEED his healing factor in this fight.

Which Spider-Man we talking about? Amazing Spider-Man(Peter Parker), Superior Spider-Man(Doc Ock) or Ultimate Spider-Man(Miles Morales).

Patrick Maloney

March 21, 2014 at 3:45 pm

The Punisher, Winter Soldier, The Beast, Nightcrawler, Mr. Fantastic, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Wolverine

I think daredevil would beat MR.fantastic .

becouse of Matt’s will to never give up , MR.fantastic would have to kill daredevil while daredevil would only have to beat Reed.

Punisher, Deadpool, Kitty, Nightcrawler, Daredevil, Hawkeye (he has an arrow for everyone), Iron Fist, Wolverine

Some of these were pretty hard but…

Spider-Man over Punisher
i believe we’ve been down this road before, and it’s never ended well for Frank.

Winter Soldier over Deadpool
think this is the hardest match up here, but I got to give it to Bucky on the grounds that he could probably find a way to incapacitate Deadpool long enough to take him out of the fight.

Kitty Pryde over the Beast
Kinda hard to fight Kitty when you can’t even land a blow against her.

Nightcrawler over Cyclops
Scott’s overconfidence in his own abilities would be his undoing, the fact that he isn’t nearly as good as he thinks he is doesn’t help his case.

Mr Fantastic over Daredevil
I want Daredevil to win this and in a perfect world he would…sadly that isn’t the case. Without his powers Reed wouldn’t stand a chance, but considering he can just absorb the impact of pretty much anything Murdock throws at him I sincerely doubt Daredevil would come out on top.

Captain America over Hawkeye
Hawkeye, simply because he’s practical and willing to cheat in order to win. Whereas Steve just punks out and feels bad.

Nick Fury over Iron Fist
Fury’s overrated in my opinion, even with all the prep time in the world most of his plans tend to fall apart from what I’ve seen. Danny is clearly the superior fighter and has been handicapped before, he still came out on top. this will be no different.

Wolverine over Multiple Man
I think Madrox could take Logan, if only because I’ve seen him do it before. Lot of people tend to underestimate Jamie simply because of his powers but anyone that’s read X-Factor knows just how dangerous Jamie really is.

I’m seeing a lot of people saying Nightcrawler over Cyclops. I voted Cyclops, for one reason: Cyclops is a tactician. Nightcrawler is not. Cyclops can anticipate where Nightcrawler will teleport, and hit him before he can react. The fight goes like this: Cyclops fires a blast. Nightcrawler teleports. Cyclops immediately turns and ducks, dodging Nightcrawler’s punch and blasting him. Fight’s over.

Prep time makes it even worse: Cyclops fires a blast half an hour before the fight starts. It ricochets around the whole time. Two seconds after the fight starts, it hits Nightcrawler from behind.

I think with Kitty vs. Beast, Kitty’s ninja skills might actually play a role. I figure she’d play hide-and-seek with Beast, pulling a bunch of hit-and-run attacks with a sword, bleeding him until he can’t continue.

And I stand by Madrox beating Wolverine based on Wolverine being a dick. I don’t care who would actually win. Wolverine’s a dick and seeing him lose makes me happy so Madrox kicks his ass. Just an army Of Madroxes beating on Wolverine with baseball bats.

Anders Rokstad

March 21, 2014 at 9:04 pm

Beast made a “phase-proof” device, at least one that took Kitty extremely long to break through, in Astonishing X-Men. He already has the technology, so he can probably refit it to a portable device, thus negating the phasing ninja.

Madrox and 50 dupes with guns and a matchplan? Healing factor or not, Wolverine cannot take them all. And Jamie Prime could just stand in the back, creating more dupes if needed. Remember his dupes come with whatever weaponry he currently possesses. It’s a numbers game……

Nick Fury Senior, Cyclops and possibly the Punisher all have ready made plans to take down most opponents, friends and foes. It depends on who is willing to kill/seriously injure his opponent, and I think the three more cynical guys will come out on top.

What people who are saying that Madrox wins based on numbers are forgetting is that Wolverine ALSO has numerous multiples out there. How else can he be on EVERY team around? ;)

Spider-Man dodges bullets. Punisher should be more skilled as a fighter with the combat raining, but Spider-Man is fast enough to dodge bullets and take superhuman hits. Punisher shouldn’t reasonably be able to land a hit on him. Spider-Man wins.

I was going to side with Deadpool, but then I remembered how relatively “new” Deadpool is compared to Bucky. Bucky has been active for way longer than Wade. Both are highly skilled, but Bucky moreso. More than being a better fighter though, because I think DP could prove to overpower him, I think he’d just find a way to win.

Kitty didn’t get her ninja training from the Ogun through conventional means. She really is just as skilled as a ninja. I like Beast, but he probably wouldn’t win.

I like Nightcrawler better than Cyclops. But Cyclops lives, eats, sleeps and sweet dreams about the glory of battle. He already thought about beating Nightcrawler while Nightcrawler was out drinking with Logan and Piotr!

Spider-Man vs. Punisher: I honestly believe that Punisher would have a better chance against the Amazing Spider-Man than the Superior Spider-Man. SpOck takes this easy, Amazing wins as well, but much closer.
Winter Soldier vs. Deadpool: This was definitely the toughest vote for me. Deadpool’s healing factor is incredibly difficult to counter, but I think with 30 mins of prep, WS’s sniper ability takes down Deadpool.
Kitty Pryde vs. Beast: Another toughie, but I give this one to KP because of her ability to phase and also disrupt tech.
Cyclops vs. Nightcrawler: I’m a big Cyclops fan (and not ashamed). I’m going with the upset for Nightcrawler. Even though Slim is a tactical genius, gotta give teleportation and swashbuckling the win.
Daredevil vs. Mr. Fantastic: I have to say, this region is the toughest. Have to go with Mr. F for this one. Fighting a man that is super sensitive to sound does not bode well to a man who could build a sonic scream generator in less than 30 minutes.
Captain America vs. Hawkeye: I actually believe that Hawkeye’s archery skills cancel out Cap’s shield, but that leaves combat skills, so I have to give it Cap.
Iron Fist vs. Nick Fury: a tough call, but I’m going to give the upset to Nick Fury. He is the super spy with decades of combat experience.
Wolverine vs. Madrox: this was probably the easiest decision of the bunch. Adamantium claws shred Madrox and his dupes.

on Spiderman vs Punisher
1) Spiderman pulls his punches against non-superpowered enemies
2) Spiderman can be a klutz at times
3) SPiderman doesn’t have time to set up a web based trap
4) Punisher is cool-headed and skilled in combat tactics and techniques
We could easily get a rerun of the fight in the last Warzone issue 1 which ended up with Punisher walking away from a webbed-up Spidey

It’s over and done, but the Punisher was way under-seeded. Maybe because the fights were non-lethal? (He used to have his mercy bullets though) I mean, below Madrox? That’s just insulting.

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