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Comics Should Be Good 2014 March Madness: Round 1

Nightwing Vs Joker

Here are the first rounds for all four regions for this year’s Comics Should Be Good March Madness.

This year, you’re choosing which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight.


DC Heavy Hitters

Marvel Street Level

Marvel Heavy Hitters

DC Street Level


If we have a perfect bracket, do we win a billion dollars?

A million?

A cookie? I’d take a cookie. Yum.

Um, I’m going to go get some cookies, ‘k? Thanks.

You will receive a cookie if you win, which will track your login information for easy commenting!

Ah, that’s like one of those weird cookies your grandma has, like in those tins. The weird pretzel lookin’ thing, the “chocolate chip” one, the regular “butter” one. They all taste the same, bland and vaguely disgusting, but you’ll take it because it’s the only sweet thing in the house. bleh

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