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DC/Marvel Tourney, DC Street Level, Round 1

The first round of voting continues now!

Simply choose which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight in the following match-up. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!

Each competitor has, let’s say, a half hour to prepare (so it’s not like Green Arrow just walking up to Booster Gold and sticking an arrow in his eye – Booster would be prepared), and can use whatever weaponry you figure would be typical for that character (so Nightwing can use whatever weapons you would expect him to normally use, but he can’t go get, I dunno, the Infinity Gauntlet, or whatever). For this particular poll, we’re using the current New 52 version of each character (and as I noted before, if a character is currently dead, just treat them as if they are alive).



Nightwing vs. Joker was the hardest one to pick. I went with Nightwing, as he has managed to beat Joker in the past, and only the code has stopped him from killing him. But its a hard call.

If Constantine has 30 min to prepare, I think he could handle Black Canary. I don’t know what Dinah could do to prepare for Constantine.

Well, Tim got a lucky draw. His opponent is currently deceased.

John Constantine
Red Robin
Lex Luthor
Booster Gold
The Joker

Gotta give Canary the nod. Spells require concentration and with the scream she would keep him off balance.

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Yeah, Constantine doesn’t really win fights so much as convince other people not to have them in the first place.

Hello?!? Batman! Because he’s Batman.

Of course Batman beats Harley Quinn. Batman beats Harley Quinn as an afterthought, on his way to beating somebody else.

Huntress vs Batwoman could go either way. I flipped a coin and voted for Batwoman.

If Constantine had time and they weren’t fighting, John Constantine might be able to bullshit the Canary, but not before she kicks his ass. No, John Constantine doesn’t throw magic bolts out of his hands, don’t be silly. Having Constantine throw magic bolts with his hands would be missing the point of the character entirely.

Robin beats Red Robin. I’m not sure who “Robin” is supposed to be this month, but that’s who I’m going with. It’s hard to keep up with the Robins.

I’m sure Batgirl could beat Hawkman if she played her cards right, but a flying bruiser is a tough opponent and Hawkman should win 9 times out of 10.

Can Catwoman steal something from Luthor? Hell yes. But Luthor doesn’t get into fistfights – and claws & whips lose against laser cannons & flying mecha squadrons. If he were even remotely prepared, Luthor would win.

Booster Gold’s future tech beats Green Arrow’s quaint quiver of sticks. Force-field up, handblasters on, game over.

Of course Nightwing CAN beat the Joker. But with time to prepare, I think the Joker gets as much of an edge as Batman himself. The Joker is too good at fighting the master to lose to the apprentice. ;)

most of these had to go with batman and the bat family . mostly because batgirl and the rest learned from batman his moves. and fighting style. including night wing vs joker since they have fought many times. and unless the joker manages to have the time to use his evil bag of tricks . constitine black canary would just use her sonic cry before john could cast a spell. lex if he is in his battle suit then maybe catwoman would go down but would not count her out since lexs one weakness is his arrogance

I’m stil not sure who I voted for as “Robin” (Damien Wayne’s provisionally reanimated corpse?)

You should have gone for civilian names for these guys, like the green lanterns, to avoid confusion.

Joker over Nightwing, because Joker cheats.

John Constantine cheats too. I’m sure Canary would lose, but wouldn’t realise it until a couple of weeks later.

How the hell is Booster Gold considered street level? He’s got a suit of powers!


I could maybe, maybe see Green Arrow having a problem with Booster in Ollie’s less experienced and presumably less skilled New 52 iteration… well, even then not really. However green this Arrow is, Booster’s always going to be greener.

Patrick Maloney

March 21, 2014 at 4:05 pm

Harley Quinn, Huntress, John Constantine, Robin, Hawkman, Lex Luthor, Green Arrow, The Joker

What prep would canary actually need? The second Constantine appears, Canary unleashes her scream and Constantine falls over unconscious.

Huntress vs Batwoman was the toughest one to call.

Boy, doesn’t this express what is wrong with DC in one short list? It is 2/3rds Batman related and you could make the case that the field is less Batman-centric than the current DC strategy. I love the Caped Crusader, but Wolverine thinks that he is over-exposed. DC has some great street-level characters (The Question, Blue Beetle, Plastic Man, etc.) that are not derivative in any way. It is a shame that they get such minimal run.

Anyway …

Batman over Harley Quinn Batman is the reigning God King of superheroes. Harley Quinn is a fun supporting character that had her clothes shrunk in the wash some time around the nu52.

Huntress over Batwoman The version matters a bit. Kate Kane vs. Helena Bertelli is very different than Helena Wayne vs. Kathy Kane. Still, Helena Wayne is the most formidable of the lot.

Black Canary over John Constantine For my money, Black Canary is the #2 woman in the DCU. John Constantine is the deposed King of the Vertigo line. If this was a drink off, then there is a contest but not in a fight,

Robin over Red Robin I assume that a half-hour is long enough to use the Lazarus Pit. If so, I am taking the ninja over the burger joint.

Batgirl over Hawkman I kinda like Hawkman and think he is a little under-rated.That said, Barbara Gordon beat Alan Moore and rather soundly.

Lex Luthor over Catwoman Being a super-genius isn’t as dispositive in the DCU as the Marvel. However, Luthor is also a Billionaire, which is pretty tough to beat in any universe. Catwoman fights Batman effectively using their chemistry against him. The only chemistry that Luthor cares about involves green rocks from space.

Green Arrow over Booster Gold Green Arrow feels like he is taking a mini-leap with his TV Show. So, he has momentum. Booster Gold is a career B-lister. Green Arrow can hit a bullseye with a boxing glove. Booster Gold can’t get his sidekick to respect him. Green Arrow was the non-Big 7 JLAer. Booster Gold was on the JLI.

Nighwing over Joker Dick Grayson has been beating the Joker since he was in grade school.

Dr. Cheesesteak

March 21, 2014 at 6:08 pm

how are seeds determined…?

how are seeds determined…?

The Selection Committee.

Batman over Harley Quinn: really? this is just sad.

Huntress over Batwoman: I believe Helena has proven to be the more dangerous of the two.

Black Canary over John Constantine: gotta give it to Canary, her call covers ranged and in close hand combat she gives Batman trouble so that about sums it up.

Robin over Red Robin: Tim already proved his superiority over Damien before, besides when you get down to it all the training in the world doesn’t change the fact that Robin is still a 10 year old boy going against somebody at least 8 years his senior with more training and experience. No contest.

Batgirl over Hawkman: Hawkman. N’th Metal offers a lot of advantages that compensate for Barbra’s skills, not to mention that she’s still come back into the game relatively recently giving Carter the edge in experience. that plus the fact that he’s better defended and tougher than the people Barb’s used to fighting so he’s not going to go down in one punch.

Lex Luthor over Catwoman: Lex is solely devoted to dealing with Superman and little else, while he is prepared to deal with the occasional from time to time he’s more used to bossing other villains around and whining about Superman than fighting. Add in the fact that Selina not only fight’s one of the best fighters in the DC universe on a regular basis but walks away relatively unscathed and she has the advantage.

Green Arrow over Booster Gold: a diet Batman is still more than a match for a teched out Superman, Ollie gets the gold.

Nighwing over Joker: the fact that Nightwing has been beating down the Joker since he was a kid doesn’t really inspire much confidence in the Joker’s ability to win, even if he is the Clown Prince of Crime Nightwing would likely take him.

Harley Quinn totally beats Batman. By default. He shows up, sees his opponent, and says, “Nah, not in the mood for this tonight. I’ma go beat up a crocodile instead. I’ll see you next time you join the Joker.”

In fact, Batman dismisses the whole tournament. What does he care about competitions? His parents are dead.

Captain Librarian

March 21, 2014 at 8:34 pm

Any arguments?

Coin flip.

Black Canary
Constantine’s in the wrong genre.

Red Robin
Wait…I was thinking Kingdom come, Tim is the current Red Robin? And Dick is Nightwing? Who’s the current Robin? I’m so out of the loop

Claw of Horus is part of his accepted arsenal right?

Without prep time Catwoman probably wins unless Luthor just happens to be in his power suit. With prep time? Nope.

Booster Gold
So all logic says the guy with space age tech should beat the man with a bow and arrow plus arrow themed gadgets. You know if this took place in the comics Booster Gold would get snookered into losing in hilariously humiliating fashion though. I’m giving Booster the win though.

Probably showing my hero bias again. But he’s not going to be caught off guard and tied to a chair while Batman tires to rescue him this time.

Brian from Canada

March 21, 2014 at 9:51 pm

Batman outsmarts everyone. He beats Harley.
Huntress knows how to play dirty when needed, not Batwoman. She wins.
John Constantine doesn’t play fair, Canary would — Constantine wins.
Robin showed he could beat Red Robin already in the comics. Got to be Robin.
Hawkman is just sheer strength, something Batgirl can’t handle.
Luthor has an arsenal that can beat Catwoman.
Arrow would keep fighting until he found the way to defeat Booster — and Booster isn’t that smart.
Nightwing has always beaten Joker.

Constantine will pull out the surprise win over Canary. A lot of people are pointing out that Constantine doesn’t fight, but isn’t that the point for him? The guy consistently gets himself into the most dire situations and somehow comes out on top without having to brawl.

I am thinking that Batman, Hawkeye and Luthor are the top contenders in this category.

I agree that listing names after the Robin’s would help. Is Red Robin Tim Drake and Robin Damien?

They really needed to list secret identities next to the name. Robin v.s Red Robin made no sense. If Red Robin is Dick Grayson, then who is Nightwing, and if it’s Tim Drake, who is Robin? Or did Jason Todd take the name Red Robin at some point? Sheesh, I wish they’d just reset things back to where Dick was Robin…works great in all the animated shows.

“Tim Drake” is the ONLY person who’s been Red Robin, unless I’ve missed something.

Nightwing is Dick Grayson.

Which therefore makes Robin = Damian al Ghul Wayne

And obviously when Damian beats Tim, he lets some ninja Man-Bats loose and they start to eat Tim alive, of course prompting a rousing cry of “Red Robin, YUMMMMM!!!!!”

(Mind you, I think the number of Robin/Red Robins in the DCnU — 4 in 5 or so years — is ridiculous, but whatevs, right?)

Batman vs. Harley Quinn: no contest, Batman
Huntress vs. Batwoman: this was a coin toss, but I went with Huntress for the win because of her Batman training
John Constantine vs. Black Canary: I went with Canary, even though she is not as prominent as she once was, Constantine will see the fishnets and get blasted by the Sonic Scream
Red Robin vs. Robin: Tim vs. Damien. This was tough but I went with Robin for the win because he is far more ruthless and Red Robin is just not that same Tim that he once was, the Tim that could have won.
Hawkman vs. Batgirl: I’m going with Hawkman. Too much power for Batgirl to compensate for.
Lex Luthor vs. Catwoman: Gotta go with Lex. His powersuit trumps Catwoman.
Booster Gold vs. Green Arrow: went with Booster Gold for this one. Its the same as the Hawkman/Batgirl fight. He has too much power for Green Arrow to compensate for. All he would have to do is put maximum to his shields and ram GA.
Nightwing vs. Joker: This could be tough. A lot of people have mentioned that he has beaten the Joker since he was kid, but remember, he did that with the aid of Batman. However, I do give this round to Nightwing. Nightwing has proven himself very capable now as Bat-Lite and the only reason is that Joker needs more prep time than 30 minutes to win. If he had more time, I give Joker the win, but not just 30. At best, Joker would figure out to have some moral victory over Nightwing but still lose in fisticuffs.

The ones I don’t mention below I see as landslides:

Huntress v.s Batwoman is an even matchup, but in a fight between two opponents that are roughly equal in strenght, agility, intelligence, experience and technology I’m going to go with the one who’s known to not back down from nailing people’s appendages to walls with a crossbow. Ruthlessness wins the day.

I think that 30 minutes would be enough for Constantine to whip up a spell of some kind or make a deal with a demon to deal with Canary, although I guess that would depend on how much he’s got riding on the fight.

Robin beats Red Robin, as I my understanding is that Drake was never the best fighter among Batman’s underage peons.

While Booster Gold has the technological advantage he’s is pretty much a career screwup, while Arrow is much more of an ultra competent archetype. Besides, 30 minutes is easily enough time to pick out a trick arrow to neutralize Booster’s tech, while BG wouldn’t have any use for preparation time against an opponent without obvious weaknesses.

Sure, Nightwing has a lifetime of experience of dealing with Joker, but that’s with Batman at his side. When it’s “just” him I think Joker’s kid gloves are off, and horror would surely ensue.

Sincerely disappointed by the lack of Red Hood. :(

If I had been drinking milk, Tiamatty’s comment would have ensured I shot it out my nose.

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