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DC/Marvel Tourney, Marvel Heavy Hitters Region, Round 1

The first round of voting continues now!

Simply choose which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight in the following match-up. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!

Each competitor has, let’s say, a half hour to prepare (so it’s not like Thing just walking up to Dr. Strange and punching him – Strange would be prepared), and can use whatever weaponry you figure would be typical for that character (so Iron Man can use whatever weapons you would expect him to normally use, but he can’t go get, I dunno, the Infinity Gauntlet, or whatever). For this particular poll, by the way, Jean Grey does not have her Phoenix powers. If she did, she’d be a much higher seed.



Dr. Strange vs, Ben was the hardest one to pick. Ultimately I think he 30 min prep time favors those more cerebral characters, who are known for their research. I have to believe that Stephen has spells designed for Earth Elementals that he could adapt for a fight with Ben, while I’m not sure what Ben could do other than Clobber (and if he is facing multiple Stranges through an illusion spell, how does he handle that?).


March 21, 2014 at 10:08 am

With 30 mins. prep Doom beats EVERYBODY (except RICHARDS!!!) because that’s just what he does.

The Wolverine beats everyone! DUH! hahaha

He was able to kill Hulk and his entire family in a comic book issue. Nuff Said.

But Wolverine vs. Doom–Wolverine wins. (Just to P-off LouReedRichards)

Silver Surfer over Luke Cage Tough draw for erstwhile Power Man.

Thor over She-Hulk Shulkie is super-strong. Thor is that and about twelve other things.

Rogue over Hulk Again, this is a match-up thing. Rogue can absorb Hulk’s powers. She is tough enough to hang-on until she gets a chance to do it.

Doctor Strange over The Thing< There are a lot of head over heart picks in this round, but this was the toughest. I love me some Ben Grimm, but puh-lease …

Magneto over Emma Frost This, on the other hand, is weirdly close. Emma has mind-control powers that could totally take out Magneto. The prep time is the difference. Dude has been battling Professor X for fifty years …

Iron Man over Scarlet Witch Wanda is a nifty character with borderline incomprehensible powers. She could defeat him by saying “No More Billionaires” and leave Tony Stark as the sarcastic tech support guy, or she could be the version with essentially the mutant power to make people trip. If I am wagering, I am going with the person that has the same basic abilities 99-times-out-of-100.

Storm over Dr. Doom Guy in metal suit meet lightening. Lightening meet guy in metal suit.

Jean Grey over Ms. Marvel This is the battle for Chris Claremont’s heart! Two women that were once positioned to challenge Wonder Woman that got fridged during the Shooter era and never quite recovered. Ms. Marvel is closer to the Marvel version of Power Girl (blonde, sexy costume, generic power set, minimal back-story) than Wonder Woman. Jean Grey, on the other hand, is unique and crazy powerful.

Just to be clear, by “Ms. Marvel” we actually mean Captain Marvel, right? Not the one who’s only been a superhero a week? (And not, say, Sharon Ventura or Moonstone either.)

Willie Everstop

March 21, 2014 at 11:39 am

Would kissing the Hulk make him angrier?

Mags takes out Emma. Emma is utterly useless when Mags has his helmet on.

All that said, I’ll take the character that can warp reality into anything she wants to take it all.


March 21, 2014 at 12:06 pm


Awww, I didn’t even know you cared…I’m touched!

I love Luke Cage, but against the Surfer Luke has no chance – but to be honest Cage is in the wrong group, he should have been among the street level heroes. Ah well, off you go Luke, better luck next year.

Jean Grey wins because Captain Marvel has no defense against mental attacks, Jean can move objects to defend herself against Carol’s blasts and blows, and Captain Marvel can’t absorb Jean’s psychic energies to boost her own power. But this one could go either way.

The cool purple helmet that has protected Magneto against Xavier for so many years will serve him well against Emma Frost too. Emma’s last defensive resource would be to “diamond up” as usual, but that wouldn’t help her much against a shower of cars. Magneto might not break Frost, but he’d definitely beat her.

If Doctor Strange knows the Thing is coming for him, Ben will never come even close to touching Strange, and there will be no clobbering.

I seriously doubt Stark doesn’t have *some* gimmick to stop Wanda worked out. Come ON, he knows she’s unstable and what she can do. If he has any sort of “prep time” Stark can take her down – especially because as Dean pointed out, the Scarlet Deux-Ex-Machina’s power levels vary wildly depending on the writer’s needs.

Rogue could in theory take the Hulk, if she was extremely lucky, but this is a creature that has singlehandedly battled ALL the Avengers combined, tossing around titans like Namor and Thor. Sure, Rogue can handle herself in a brawl, but she’s not on THAT level. If Hulk and Rogue fought 50 times, Rogue would be lucky to win a couple of times. So I’m going with the Hulk in this one.

If something as elementary as electricity could stop Doctor Doom, Richards would use it all the time. And if there’s prep time involved, it’s no contest. Storm would definitely put up a good fight but Doom would ultimately triumph, and then he’d propose marriage to Storm because that’s how he rolls.

And Thor would deliver a truckload of Asgardian smackdown on Shulkie.

I assume it’s time-displaced Jean Grey vs. Kamala Khan.

Just to be clear, by “Ms. Marvel” we actually mean Captain Marvel, right? Not the one who’s only been a superhero a week? (And not, say, Sharon Ventura or Moonstone either.)

Correct. I’ll even edit that to make it clear.

had to go with both doctor strange and scarlet witch since they could if nothing else use their magic and doctor strange mess with ben by casting an illusion he is human again. and scarlet witch would have to just say no more armour and tony would be naked and also near a heart attack. rogue if she asborbed the hulks power she has a chance but the hulk would proably pound her before she got a chance to touch him. even with out the phoenix force jean would manage to win.

Storm over Doom
Metal Armor < Lady who can make lightning

I’m pretty sure Doom’s armour is insulated against electricity.

Patrick Maloney

March 21, 2014 at 3:58 pm

Silver Surfer, Ms. Marvel, Magneto, The Thing, Scarlet Witch, The Hulk, Storm, Thor

Did some digging on a hunch. Rogue CANNOT absorb The Hulk’s power due primarily to the nature of their origin. It’s a trigger mechanism….not a sustainable energy transfer. Ergo…dead country girl.

Rogue basically beat the Avengers too — see Avengers Annual 10. And I don’t know about that limit you found to her abilities since she has absorbed the powers of both the Hulk and She-Hulk before. I do remember that she had a hard time absorbing Juggernaut way back when.

Silver Surfer beats Luke Cage. I also love Cage and think it is too bad he had to run into a guy with the Power Cosmic in the first round. Cage would have done well in the street level region.

Magneto beats Emma Frost. Magneto still has a helmet that protects him from psychic powers right? If we are talking current Magneto though it might be a tough fight as his powers aren’t kind what they used to be (which doesn’t make sense to me because he wasn’t one of the Phoenix Five so why did his powers break too?

Iron Man beats Scarlet Witch and Doom beats Storm. If you give any kind of prep time to guys as brilliant as Stark and Von Doom they are going to be tough to beat.

Toughest match to call for me is Hulk vs. Rogue. Rogue’s power-absorbing abilities make her a tough match for anyone but the Hulk is just an unstoppable force. I have to give the edge to Banner.

I hated voting against Carol, but in the end, I think Jean’s telepathy just gives her too big an edge.

Doom beats Storm. Even without prep time, he arguably has the edge – his force field is immensely powerful, and certainly his armour is insulated against lightning. Give him some time to prepare, and he’d whip up something that could absorb the lightning and then release it back against her. So lightning wouldn’t work. But Storm’s also got wind. Well, Doom could probably come up with a defence against that. And Storm would have little defence against any of Doom’s weaponry. In the end, Doom wins.

Hulk vs. Rogue – no way Rogue could absorb all his energy. She’s wind up burning out before she got it all. Hulk Smash.

Magneto’s defended himself against psychic attacks from Xavier himself. He could definitely resist Emma long enough to take her out. And if she diamonds up, all he needs to do is wrap a big chunk of metal around her and throw her away.

Anders Rokstad

March 21, 2014 at 9:50 pm

Magneto has his helmet that stops Emma’s main strength, so even a full powered White Queen is gonna lose. Enough steel, or possibly adamantium, will break diamond. A Magneto with max/his old power can basically drop thousands tons of metal on you, crush you or encase you in metal and send you into space.

Jean Grey at full non-Phoenix power can tell everyone else to go to sleep. If they got telepath-stopping devices her opponent will be favourites, if not she’s scary. At least too powerful for Captain Marvel.

Surfer gets Cage airborn and it’s all over. Just punch him into space.

Brawlers struggle when the other guy prepares. Strange has enough spells to beat the Thing before he’s within striking distance.

Iron Man is a man with a plan, but actually it all comes down to Wanda’s mind. With a focused mind she can beat anyone from a distance, but most of the time she is her own worst enemy. Stark’s focused mind to beat to beat an unmotivated Witch.

Does the Hulk need to breathe? I don’t recall the answer to that. And can Rogue borrow some powers before starting the fight? If Rogue has the ability to fly and can steal Hulk’s power, she can beat him into space one punch at a time. While airborn the Hulk will fall in a trajectory following the laws of physics, and Rogue can just hit/kick him where he cannot reach. Without borrowing abilities before the fight she’ll lose even with Hulk powers. The bigger and angrier Hulk will win if no other powers are in play.

A prepared Doom just has too much power for Storm.

Even if She-Hulk doesn’t need to breathe this should be a no-brainer. Brawler with limited reach against Mjølner? Wham-bam-bam-bam-bam etc and finally thank you mam……

Probably the only time my votes will end up going strictly with the favored character, but there weren’t really any tough calls for me here. Maybe Captain Marvel vs Jean Grey, but the rest were easy picks for me.

Do the people saying Storm would win because “Metal suit meet Lightning” think that someone like Doom wouldn’t have taken electricity into consideration? Or that no hero has ever thought to use it against him before? It’s so obvious that I have to imagine it’s been directly addressed in a comic already.

“Bah, Doom has no need for electrical insulation! It is for lesser men than


Doom appears to in fact require insulation. Get me a ground wire.”

Heh….all Doom has to do is lock Storm in a closet since she has severe claustrophobia

I think what I’m struggling the most with is Captain Marvel vs. Jean Grey. Is this Jean Grey the All New X-Men Jean Grey or is it the Jean Grey with experience and years of training, because for me that makes the difference. ANXM Jean doesn’t have the experience for Captain Marvel, but if its adult Jean she could potentially win.

Silver Surfer is way too much for Luke Cage. I’ve seen Spider-Man trash Cage easily.

Jean beats Ms. Marvel by when her TK stops the super string Carol from getting near her and then shuts down Carol’s mind.

Magneto is used to Prof. X, the superior telepath, so Emma doesn’t mean much to him. She’s also got Daimond skin and super strength in that form. Magneto would laugh.

While Doctor Strange is hovering in the air I’m sure Thing would try to throw a few things at him but I’m also sure Strange has the right spells to win.

Iron Man has the resources to win but if we look at Wanda’s powers before they were Bendis’d, she manipulates probabilities. Iron Man’s armor would PROBABLY fail, or blow up, or fall apart, or some other result from Wanda’s hex bolts. Unless Iron Man is too fast for her and sneak attacks, SW would win.

I really like Rogue, but Hulk. Even if she took his powers, all that Hulk rage would give him the win.

Storm vs Dr. Doom is a hard one. I don’t think her lightning to his metal suit would matter. I like Stom better by far, but I give this to Doom. It’d be a long, tough, highly destructive battle if written well. But Doom would probably invite Storm to a friendly dinner at his castle before giving battle a thought anyway. He wins either way.

I’m not sure what Shulkie would do against a Norse god whose been fighting since the days of her forgotten ancestors except try to distract him by exposing her goods and hoping he takes the bait to just end the fight and go have some fun.

Silver Surfer vs. Luke Cage: no contest, SS.
Captain Marvel vs. Jean Grey: as mentioned above, I struggled with this one, but went with Captain Marvel. Against either Jean, Captain Marvel always stands a chance. Jean only has a chance as an adult. Win Captain Marvel. Even as Phoenix, CM has her Binary form which is quite powerful as well.
Magneto vs. Emma Frost: a telepath not as powerful as Charles Xavier? Win goes to Magneto.
Doctor Strange vs. Thing: Doctor Strange hands down.
Iron Man vs. Scarlet Witch: I went with the upset for Scarlet Witch. Even in her weakest, she could make Iron Man’s suit malfunction.
Hulk vs. Rogue: Hulk SMASH!
Doctor Doom vs. Storm: Gotta give this to Doom. Doom wouldn’t even need to fight this one himself, he’ll save himself the trouble and send a Doombot in his place, saving himself for Thor.
Thor vs. She-hulk: Going with Thor on this one. She-hulk is not as strong as her cousin and Thor has other skills in a fight besides strength.

Hulk goes Worldbreaker and beats everyone – on both rosters. Hyperion and Thanos would push him close.

Old Man Logan was in an alternate reality. Last time they fought, Hulk put Wolverine’s claws through his skull.

Even WITHOUT prep time Doom would effortlessly beat down Storm. The man’s a genius, and she’s just a glass cannon. Dr. Doom at the very least would have an insulated suit. If he even needs it. Because he’s been hit with lightning before, and it didn’t effect him. His suit also can generate energy barriers. One blast from his gauntlet would send the Goddess packing.

And this btw, is from someone who likes Storm and loathes Doom.

Stephen Conway

March 22, 2014 at 9:18 am

I went for Storm over Doom because I think any situation where they met would begin with Doom trying to charm the pants off her, and that Storm would probably end up stabbing him rather than zapping him. Granted, the fall out would be Storm angsting over taking a life and the eventual reveal that it was a Doombot all along.

Doom’s armour can be hermetically sealed against environmental conditions and by now he would have insulated against electrical attacks so he COULD beat Storm easily
Doom does not war on women
He would yield voluntarily (maybe requiring Storm has dinner with him..)

Without the Phoenix force Jean would be defeated by Carol

Luke Cage would be hopelessly outmatched by Silver Surfer
Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch would use powerful magic to win
Magneto is shielded against psychic attacks so would defeat Emma
Thor would beat Shulkie in a fight but lose the later lawsuit
and Hulk is the strongest there is..

Even without the PF Jean is an omega-level mutant who can inflict phsycical AND mental damage so I think she can beat Carol.

I abstained in the Jean Grey vs Captain Marvel fight – partly because I don’t have a clue what Carol Danvers’ powers are – and partly because Captain Marvel is a DC/Fawcett character (dammit!)

Anders Rokstad

March 23, 2014 at 9:49 am

Agree that Worldbreaker Hulk was almost unbeatable. He beat Black Bolt, could withstand the telepathy of Xavier and Frost and was/is the strongest there is. But: He could be cut, as seen when they tried to shoot him with SPIN-tech darts and when Warpath stabbed him with vibranium knives. Enter Magneto and see two scenarios:
1) Stop the Hulk: Encase in metal and send him far away to space or the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Victory by walkover as the Hulk is counted out.
2) Win by any means necessary: Bring small particles of adamantium or vibranium. When Hulk starts the sentence “Hulk smash puny buckethead” send it down his throat and start grinding his inner organs until he surrenders or, more likely, collapses.

Imo the Hulk should hope for someone else taking on Magneto.

@John King
Doom has certain standards, but he will kill women if he deems it necessary. He fought Morgana Le Fay and he killed defenseless civilians/memebers of the Royal Family in Wakanda to force the Black Panther to open his vault for him. Luckily he doesn’t really need to kill Storm. His armor can withstand lightning and bad weather and he’s got so many weapons and tricks that he’s not really in any danger and can go easy on her.

I would really have liked to substitute one or more of the contestants for someone else. There are some “redundancies” here imo:
Brawlers: Hulk > She-Hulk = Thing > Luke Cage (Based on She Hulk’s comments in Age of Ultron about her being tougher than Cage)
While Luke Cage is badass I’d rather have seen someone as Magik entering the tournament. She has new magic tricks, has a soul-sword, can travel in time and can teleport people to places like the moon or Limbo. If she takes you to Limbo and goes all Darkchylde even Dormammu begs for mercy. But alas, both Snowflake and Squirrel Girl are missing……

@Anders Rokstad When fighting Maestro Hulk was trapped inside the jaws of robot dogs that could crush Adamantium, he broke then. In fear itself he tore Adamantium netting weighed down with 10x the gravity of Saturn. Magneto would exhaust himself holding down Hulk for just seconds. There is no scenario in which Magneto can beat Hulk. He doesn’t just get stronger when he gets madder, his durability increases as well e.g. this months Marvel Knights Hulk in which he takes a giant Nuke point blank and recovers within a couple of panels. His durability is extraordinary IF he’s written correctly. Also as everyone gets 30 minutes prep that means Banner gets 30 minutes prep. Banner is a genius. I’m sure he could easily come up with a counter to Magneto’s powers, not that he would need to.

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