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The Line it is Drawn #182 – Male Superheroes in Female Superhero Poses

Welcome to our weekly gallery of amazing art by our great collection of artistic talent, all working from YOUR suggestions!

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Now on to the bit!

So every week, I ask a question here. You reply to it on our Twitter page (just write @csbg with your reply) and our blog sketch artists will each pick one of your suggestions and I will post them here every week. So every week you will have a new question and you will see the choices picked from the previous week. Here is an archive of all the previous editions of The Line It Is Drawn!

To qualify, you have to be following us when you reply – so go follow us and then give your answer to the following question/challenge (All suggestions due by 3pm Pacific Friday).

The topic is…

In honor of Yukinori Xum’s 100th edition of The LIne it is Drawn (counting his try-out weeks), the topic is Manga/Anime characters drawn in the style of American comic/cartoon characters. Like, what would Goku lok like if he was originally designed in America? Stuff like that.

Read on for the sketches that came about courtesy of the last question/challenge!

In honor of the Hawkeye Initiative, choose a male superhero and then suggest the cover of a comic book featuring a female comic book character in a pose you’d like to see the male superhero drawn in, as a contrast to how male and superhero characters are typically posed. For instance, Captain America in the style of Catwoman on the cover of Catwoman #0. For simplicity’s sake, just name the male hero and then the issue, so “Captain America, Catwoman #0″


I’ll put them in alphabetical order based on the name of the Twitter user who made the suggestion.

All copyright and trademarks of the following characters are held by their respective owners! Click on any image to enlarge it!

B_Granderson suggested

spider-man on the miller variant to all star batman and robin #5

Cynthia “Thea” Sousa drew this one. Her website is here. Amanda Rodgers is a maniac, a maniac on the drawing board. And she’s coloring like she’s never colored before. Check out Amanda’s website here.

line 3-21-1

B_Granderson suggested

batman waiting for catwoman on amazing spider-man #601

Axel Medellin drew this one. His website is here.

line 3-21-2

B_Granderson suggested

green arrow on artemis requiem #3

Chaz is the artist for this one.

line 3-21-13

B_Granderson suggested

captain america on catwoman #0

Marco D’Alfonso drew this one. Here is his website.

line 3-21-3

B_Granderson suggested

joker on suicide squad #1

Paul Hostetler did the art for this one. Here is his website.

line 3-21-4

B_Granderson suggested

spider-man on catwoman #1

This one was drawn by Derek Langille. Here is his website.

line 3-21-5

DJStinky suggested

X-Infernus #1 with Mephisto

Nick Perks is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

line 3-21-6

Ecovore suggested

Flash & Green Lantern: Champions 54

Xum Yukinori drew this one. Here is his website.

line 3-21-7

Ecovore suggested

Batman/Spiderman: Catwoman/Vampirella oneshot

Sean McFarland is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

line 3-21-8

emblom52 suggested

Fantastic Four, Gen 13 v2 #13C

This one was drawn by Rachel Ordway. Here is her website.

line 3-21-9

JohnnyUnusual suggested

Mr Miracle in Phantom Lady #17

This one was drawn by David Branstetter. Here is his website.

line 3-21-10

p_keely suggested

Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake on Birds of Prey #79 (birds of prey…cuz they’re Robins)

This one was drawn by Mathieu Parent. Here is his website.

line 3-21-11

RomeBrendan suggested

Spider-Man on Spider-Woman #1.

line 3-21-12

Nelson Flores did the art for this one.

Great work, folks!

Now everyone make a suggestion for next week!


Those poses hurt, con’t they, guys?

These are hilarious! But somehow not as sexay.

These are all amazing! Wow, just wow!
As a Spider-Woman fan, I notice that the Spider-man as Spider-Woman pose almost works. She isn’t sexualized on the cover and therefore Spidey isn’t in an odd position. However, I doubt Marvel would release a cover where a male character looks so defensive.
The other comic covers are from the 90s to present, and the sexualization of the women is over the top! Yikes!
And what was going on with that Champions cover? Were those women seeing a gynocologist with x-ray vision?

HA! Love this. It’s hilarious.

Great work you guys!

Also… Oh my God that Champions 54 cover… :-|

That Champions cover was the worst! (the original, not Xum’s awesome rendition)

I can’t help but think of Rocky Horror Picture Show with that Joker image. Now, that would’ve been interesting. Tim Curry as the Joker.

And to me, the ass-featuring covers are the most hilarious examples of this stuff. From the ’90s to today, I can’t figure out how we can see both the back and front of a woman in the same image.

Fantastic job on getting across how ridiculous those covers are. I just googled that Champions cover and I’m rolling.

Auuugh!!!! My eyes!! That’s it, let’s write to the Big Two and tell them to effectively stop any type of posing and stick with leaping into action on the covers!

Honestly? This just should serve as a message to all current comic artists: “Cut that sh** out.” Seriously. It’s ridiculous. I don’t care who you are. Sexy is something ephemeral. It’s a quality that can’t simply be caught by pr0n star poses.

As far as the images here… Good work. My favorites are the Mephisto and GL/Flash ones. Not so sure about that last Spider-Man one though. It’s a faithful homage, but it doesn’t evoke much of anything since the original didn’t either.

I can’t help but think of Rocky Horror Picture Show with that Joker image.

Maybe Paul calling it “Rocky Squad” had something to do with that. ;)


My question is this:

Only two covers each by Ed Benes and J. Scott Campbell?

You could have done this TLID featuring either one of those artists entirely…

Oh, and frickin’ Champions!!


Lol is it just me or did spidey’s ass pose look strangely hotter than the original pic ?

Joker looks hot rockin the drag.

This is the most tired cliché n existence.

Wow, these are both really funny but deeply sad at the same time. Obviously, I’m biased towards the one I suggested, but overall I think all of these turned out great.

I’m not sure aspiring comic book artists should be taking the piss out of other established artists. OK, so right, one of my favourite blogs in the world is Escher Girls, it encourages excellent, intelligent and very funny criticisms of the classic broke back poses used in fantasy and comic book realms..
But! And it’s a big but, taking the piss for the sake of a few cheap laughs isn’t as valid, we laugh at Rob Liefield coz sadly most of us were in on that terrible joke, we bought all that 90’s crap ( actually I don’t own any Liefield but I gots plenty of stuff by people who were just cheap knock offs of him).
When Catwoman #0 happened and the fans took the piss, Guillem March said fair enough, you pay my bills, say whatever, when other artists joined in he was genuinely hurt. He’s a fucking lovely guy, a real gent and it pains me to see we’re still taking pot shots at that cover what? a year & 1/2 later? Give it a rest all ready, guys a great artist.
If Marco D’Alfonso ever gets a gig at DC ( & I hope he does, he is excellent) we’ll see if he never goes near any cheesecake. Artists, don’t piss on other artists, it’s just mean.

This is great stuff, y’all. I keep noticing new little details and chortling anew.

“we bought all that 90?s crap”

I did not, sir. Actually, that 90’s crap drove me out of the hobby for a few years.

All comics should be drawn this way. Every page.

I couldn’t handle it. SO much laughing.

I also dropped Rocky and Brad into the background there.

Brian, I e-mailed you, but we totally need to do a musicals week so I can do the whole freakin’ Rocky cast.

These are *Awesome*!!! great job. Love that Flash and Green Lantern one the most

I’m crying from laughter. I love you guys.

I always felt that female superheroes are drawn naked and then color or texture is added to make their costumes appear.

Wow, I had never seen that Champions cover before, but whoever drew clearly used porn stars as reference with just some slight modifications. I mean, it’s not just the “sexy” faces, or the obvious nipples seen through both costumes, or even the impossible angles of the feet versus whatever they are standing on.

No, no, the whole focus of the piece is their vaginas. Both figures are positioned in a way where any man jerking off can see the most of the ladies’ intimate areas.

Also, camel toes.

Reminds me of an Onion headline: “Art Student’s Nudes Obviously Traced From Hustler”

I’d always heard that Jim Mooney used to draw Supergirl nude, w/the costume added later. Which I hope isn’t true.

Mephisto is actually pretty hot here, you should pardon the expression. Plus – Hot Stuff! How great is that!

The Spider-Man on Catwoman #1 cover kills me.

These covers really do a good job illustrating the absurdity of sexualixed female characters in superhero comics. As someone really smart once noted, in general superhero comics treat female characters as (straight male) sexual fantasies, while male characters are (straight male) power fantasies. When you flip the visual presentation, that dynamic and the assumptions behind it become visible.

And on a geekier note: Hokey smokes, Xum remembered Prince Peril, of all GL characters!

Peter is sexy.

Ugh whenever I see these I just roll my eyes. Not because they aren’t funny but because of the stupidity of folks who think they “prove” anything or make any sort of valid social point. They don’t.

Some characters seem more comfortable in those poses than others.

I begin to wonder if The Hawkeye Initiative has become popular less because it is an idea whose time has come and more because people are willing to see Clint, for lack of a better word, mistreated. Would “The Batman Initiative” have become a meme? (I remember seeing people put Bruce in Bird and Cat poses to call them out. But it never took off as a “thing”.)

Seriously, did Branstetter really have to include that stupid Strawman character of his into his piece?

Ugh whenever I see these I just roll my eyes. Not because they aren’t funny but because of the stupidity of folks who think they “prove” anything or make any sort of valid social point. They don’t.

Shit, everyone, I guess the discussion is over, Adam has determined there is no valid point here. Move along, everyone!

Now, that would’ve been interesting. Tim Curry as the Joker.

IIRC, he was actually originally cast to voice Joker on the 90’s animated series before Mark Hamill.

Seriously, did Branstetter really have to include that stupid Strawman character of his into his piece?

We’ve certainly seen pissier complaints than that one, but you gave it a good effort!

There will be more to come Cyrus.

Stellar work from everyone. I’d love to see this featured annually at least.

[…] This sometime-funny, sometime-dodgy page of male superheroes being drawn in traditional female superhero poses raises some […]

Love these pieces, but Jameson and Willie Lumpkin win the week for me this go round
And I must agree, David, when you’re doing this free art for the fun of it and no financial gain for yourself, please keep your personal artistic touches out of the work. K, thanks ;)

Some funny stuff here and a big welcome back to Thea

As someone who has taken a number of figure drawing courses, there is a big difference on how a model will present themselves based on a gender and age. The presenting of the attractive female model is not that far off from what goes on in real life. The comic book version is just a hyper realized version of the difference.

You seem to be having trouble with the concepts of “free” and “for the fun of it”.

Anyone else notice that the majority of the offenders are DC covers with only one Marvel? (the Spider woman one wasn’t bad at all)

People always complain how oversexualizated are female characters, but they forget that female sexy poses are not the sexy poses in male characters, there is an oversexualization in both genders, have you girls seen Nightwing’s butt for god’s sake?! I bet you love it.

Also I don’t see any girls in oversexualizated poses in the recent comicbook movies, you girls always get a shirtless Thor.

People keep doing this to try to make a point. Even the attempt at humor is wasted since attributing female secondary sexual characteristics on male figures renders the argument invalid.

@Dastardly: Could that be partly due to the fewer cases of artists’ remembering the Marvel female -featured covers? The 90s certainly were a good era for Marvel having oversexy poses on their covers (and, for crying out loud, you could’ve pulled any number of covers Greg Land did for Marvel). I think it would’ve been rather interesting if any of the suggestions had been for “Trouble”–remember that title? (Granted, it might’ve lost a bit of the treatment since those covers were photo covers rather than lineart but still….. http://www.comicbookdb.com/title_covergallery.php?ID=870 )

@That guy: Maybe the reason we don’t see the “girls in oversexualizated [sic] poses in the recent comicbook movies” is because THOSE POSES ARE PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for real women to do. NO woman can stand so that both of her breasts AND her ass are completely visible at the same time. As for “Nightwing’s butt,” gee–one anatomical feature on one male character. Wowee.

@Leadpoison: WTF are you talking about? Who was “atttibuting female secondary sexual characteristics on male figures” in this? Aside from MAYBE the Mr Miracle cover, where those big buttons *might* be breasts, all of the male characters here are drawn with male chests. If you’re seeing boobies on any of the guys, that’s entirely YOUR imagination (with a little help from the oversexualized posing).

So, a woman in masculine pose is okey, but a man in feminin is to be laughed at?

The implication that men need to be “manly” to be taken seriously and have to fill the traditional role is sexist.

Maybe Cylon is right. How about the opposite LIID, Brian? We should try it. Women in men’s cover poses.

Re: Dastardly
I count 3 Marvel covers (2 if you don’t count Spiderwoman) and 2 independent (one a shared independent/DC but drawn by the independent artist).

That Joker pose actually seems like something the clown prince of crime would try and pull off.

[…] poses that expose. ? The Line it is Drawn #182 – Male Superheroes in Female Superhero Poses – Comics Should B… Welcome to our weekly gallery of amazing art by our great collection of artistic talent, all […]

JosephW, it’s the accentuation of female secondary sex characteristics on males that renders this philosophy unsound. You honestly think I see titties on these drawings? Sorry I have to spell things out for you, but I shouldn’t really be surprised.

Marvel covers:

The Spider-Man cover isn’t that bad, even if Mary Jane’s legs aren’t in the most comfortable position for sitting on a couch. The Batman/Catwoman variation makes it look much worse because it replaces a fully clothed MJ with a Batman who has been tied up and stripped.

Spider-Woman goes the other direction. While it is no DC cover, and certainly no Champions, the Spider-Man variation is a bit tamer. The Spider-Man variation drops the “extra curvy” female character pose for an old-school stiffer Spider-Man style.

Love it!

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And the inevitable masculinists cometh…

Generic Eric –

I would agree with your point more if the hyper-sexualization of female characters in comic book art weren’t a pretty recent phenomenom. It’s no coincidence that most of these covers are from the 1990s onwards.

There is nothing “natural” or unavoidable about it. It’s a trend, consciously adopted by the Image guys and much copied.

It’s funny that before the 1970s, the sexism in superhero comics was more in the writing. But then the writing started to be more and more about strong women, but strangely enough the pencillers went the other way. By the way, that is more evidence that the “bad girl” art is a historical accident. There is not much of a move by comic book creators, editors, and publishers to make the heroines into sex objects in the writing.

It’s just a bunch of artists that are still influenced by the Image guys.

Okay, we have a bit of a discussion here. The point of Hawkeye Initiative and Escher Girls and all that sexy art up there is not that the sexualization of women or men in comics (or movies) is bad, it’s that the OVER-sexualization of women in comics is bad. If someone wanted to count, you would definitely find that the number of poses that gratuitously show the asses, butts, and boobs of women in sexy ways vastly outnumbers the number of times that men in comics are shown that way. If you at all believe that men and women should be treated equally, artists and editors ought to do more work to correct that by bringing the number of sexy lady poses down, and maybe bringing the number of sexy man poses up. If Joker went Full Monty for Gordon to drive him mad, that would be an awesome story, just like if Nightwing had to go undercover as a male stripper. If the thought of reading a book about male superheroes who moonlight as strippers or prostitutes makes you uncomfortable, nut up. That’s how female readers have felt about comics for the past always.

And frankly, as someone who knows a little bit about anatomy, if another artist gives a character shitty anatomy in order to make a pose sexier (looking at you, Catwoman #0) then I will totally call him out on that. It’s called critique, and as an artist, it’s half your damn job to take it, swallow it, and do a better damn job next time around.

More voices, not less. If there isn’t enough examples of women in nonsexualized poses or men in sexualized poses, its from both a failure of the artists and/or audiences who want characters in those ways. Where are they? Why insist on artists changing their vision or their audience changing their tastes when you could be creating the new voice or supporting those new voices? Shaming the artists that cater to this market is pointless at best, counterproductive at worst.

These are pretty funny.

Sexy female poses don’t exactly translate to sexy male poses all the time, though. Plus, most of these are 90s as hell, a time period which should be disqualified.

Also, I’m confused- are there not allowed to be sexy characters in general? Do sexy characters offend people? If anything, the issue is that there are too many females who are predominantly sexualized, which means that Diversity is lacking, rather than that female characters get to be sexy at all.

mnm –

Only talking for myself here. I’m not offended by sexy characters, but I’m annoyed when there is a lot of something in a story that seems totally gratuituous and jarring, not fitting with the other elements in the story. Grotesque, unrealistic posing, for instance. Now, don’t take me wrong, it’s okay if the characters occasionaly are posed just because it’s cool or sexy. But I do have a problem with it when it’s so common that it becomes distracting (Greg Land’s art, for instance).

For comparision, let’s look at a character that is sexy, but still drawn in more or less natural poses. Jakita Wagner in PLANETARY. She is a hot woman in tight clothes, but she moves in a more or less natural way. She is not always contorting and bending like a secretary in a porn movie desperate to get nailed by her boss.

It’s jarring when the writing says something, but the art says another. If the story WERE about a slutty secretary trying to seduce her boss, then okay. I don’t mind it when the hookers in SIN CITY make with the sexy poses when they’re approaching johns. Because that fits the scene. I like sexy when the scene calls for sexy.

One of the reasons I hated 1990s grim superhero comics was the prepoderance of style over substance, and nothing said “style” more than the cool poses, the sexy poses, the complicated costumes, the muddled storytelling… we went past most of that crap, but sadly, there are still artists that are far too influenced by it.

[…] readers to give the Hawkeye treatment to existing comic book covers. They responded in kind. (via Comic Book Resources; image credit Marco […]

Well although I’m entering late to the conversation, but I’ll have a go at it.

Thanks Paul for the welcome back, could not miss this week. I’ve enjoyed the hilarious efforts of the Hawkeye Initiative for years and I could not miss an opportunity to make my contribution, which I had attempted to make tasteful. I can see Peter shakin’ his thaing.

I don’t believe Greg Land gives so many people awkward poses because it is cool or sexy. He does it because he has become so heavily reliant on lightboxing photoreferences for so much of his work.

The results are jarring and inconsistent. The photo poses tend to not mesh with the action or other characters in the panels. He also will switch between actresses for the same female character, sometimes multiple times on a single page. (And he’ll use the same actress for multiple female characters in the same book. Combined, that only makes it harder to tell his female characters apart beyond hair color and outfit.) I think photoreferences are part of why his books became filled with rictus teeth-baring smiles and open mouths, along with his tendency to just draw an open mouth for every character that says anything in a panel.

Stupid sexy Parker…

Rene, the artists that were influenced by the image artists are more of a symptom of people whom learned to draw by copy from other artists. A copy of a copy of a copy. the more distorted the image becomes. The bent over, presentation with a side of side boob is a result of drawing what the person like whether or not it is appropriate or effective to the story that is being told.

Fan art commenting on fan art.

Additional things that might also be effective to get the point across: Drawing women or men with figures that are excessively hourglassed (big pecs/boobs, tiny waist, wide hips), impossibly wide shoulders, or excessively/impossibly/grotesquely muscled, or some combination thereof.

Or did I just describe more anime?

[…] like a female superhero is hard. I mean I know how hard it is. I do it quite often! And these male superheros drawn in female superhero poses is not just hilarious but also disturbing…yup..prettyyyyyy […]

Here’s the reason why people bristling at any attempt to turn the tables will always seem petty (aside from the fact that anyone with eyes can walk into a comic shop and point out five terribly posed female covers with unrealistic anatomy, before they find one male cover that’s as bad): the responses are rarely, if ever, presented without anger. For every one person that comments something like “I don’t know, it seems like maybe this doesn’t get across exactly what you’re trying to”, there are five or ten who sound more like “This doesn’t prove anything! Sexism doesn’t exist! You just hate sexy women!” It makes it look like even YOU don’t believe what you’re saying, you’re just yelling because you’re afraid you won’t be able to see porn-shoot poses on 75% of the comics you buy anymore.

When someone defending the original poses/covers presents their point in a manner that makes it clear that they think the other side might have some validity, then maybe we’ll stop and give your post some thought. When your comment can be easily boiled down to “You’re wrong, this is stupid”, we’ll probably just keep ignoring you and enjoying our The Line it is Drawn pieces, thanks.

[…] The line is drawn: Male superheroes in female superhero poses. […]

Only The Joker looks right. It fits his character to dress subversively. I must say, I am not a fan of this new trend of depicting men in over-the-top “female” poses. There is more than a whiff of misogyny and homophobia about it.

All this proves is that male characters need to be drawn this way too (hot!), provided that popular female characters are drawn with bulky muscles like the Thing or Hulk or He-Man once in a while.


[…] CBR:Male Superheroes in Female Superhero Poses […]

[…] Aqui está uma coleção de artes de vários artistas com super-heróis desenhados em poses femininas. As ilustrações vêm da CBR The Line is Drawn. […]

[…] Male Superheroes in Female Superhero Poses | Brian Cronin at The Line It Is Drawn (March 21): A big collection of comics fanart with the male superheroes in the awkward and submissive poses and setups given to female superheroes. […]

[…] Super-heróis em poses de super-heroínas é uma coisa bem estranha. […]

Brrrrrr….Joker pubes…..my eyes….!

And everything Matt D. said….

[…] what if male superheroes posed the same way female superheroes do? (Thanks, […]

Brian, I know it was late but this LIID is still getting passed around so you have to add Tobin’s Namor. Great stuff!


[…] and villains were forced to pose the way the typical female character is? Some folks over at The Line is Drawn did a redo on some female-centric comic covers and brought the sexy back for the […]

“Artists, don’t piss on other artists, it’s just mean.”

Look at that Champions cover, that is really obviously traced porn. “Artists” who do that deserve to get pissed on.

[…] que só falam sobre garotos. Aqui estão os links do vídeo da Lully: Teste de Bechdel, Wikipedia, Heróis como heroínas, The Hawkeye Initiative. Vídeo da […]

The problem here is that they only gender swap the clothes,they should swap the body form as well. Lets see how people will react when She Hulk wears only pants and has the same amount of supersised muscles as Hulk.

are they real comic if so I want one poster size!

Does anyone remember Todd McFarlane and his run on Spider-Man? No? For those of us who do, the gender swap thing involving him REALLY seems familiar seeing as he’s been in pose similar those when McFarlane drew him. Maybe not the Skittles thing…but I won’t put it past McFarlane. It’s funny, Google it.


March 15, 2015 at 7:59 am

Simply hilarious and on point!

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