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DC/Marvel Tourney, DC Heavy Hitters Region, Round 2

The second round of voting begins now!

Simply choose which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight in the following match-up. The voting concludes 96 hours from right now!

Each competitor has, let’s say, a half hour to prepare (so it’s not like Superman just walking up to Kyle Rayner and punching him in the face – Kyle would be prepared), and can use whatever weaponry you figure would be typical for that character (so Kyle Rayner can use whatever weapons you would expect him to normally use, but he can’t go get, I dunno, the Infinity Gauntlet, or whatever). In this particular poll, we’re using the New 52 versions of these characters. Also, a quick word on prep-time. When I say “prepare,” I really mean planning. They can’t, like, do anything to the place where they fight or anything like that. They can just quickly prepare for their opponent.



no question superman for all he would have to do is grab kyles hand and crush his ring. supergirl if she uses heat vision on mm. wonder woman by capturing flash in her lasso . darksiede adds shazam to his body count

Martian Manhunter is as powerful as Superman and has more experience than Supergirl, *especially* new-52 Supergirl. This assumes SG is not a Red Lantern for purposes of the match-up.

Patrick Maloney

March 22, 2014 at 2:34 pm

Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Shazam

Superman, Supergirl, Swamp Thing – oops he got inexplicably knocked out… The Flash, Darkseid.

I’m going for the more experienced ones on all counts.

Martian Manhunter over Supergirl. All her powers plus telepathy, desity control, etc.

DARKSEID IS … able to beat Shazam.

Flash vs. Wonder Woman is tough. I assume he can throw bullets at her faster than she can deflect them. Man, I feel dumber just typing that.

Superman heat-visions Kyle from 50 miles away.

Tough region…

Superman over Kyle Rayner It seems like Kyle would conjure a giant green mecha. It also seems like Superman has been pounding giant robot for the better part of seven decades. Young people might want to cover their eyes …

Supergirl over Martian Manhunter Geoff Johns once had J’onn J’onzz ask “why does everyone forget that I am almost as strong as Superman?!?” Well, the answer is the same as why no one thinks of Derek Lowe as great soccer player and no one followed Bo Jackson as two-sport star. It is really, really hard to be world class at one thing. It is next to impossible to be world-class at two. Doing a bunch of different things is a recipe for mediocrity. That why J’onn J’onzz huge portfolio of powers is kind of a liability in my mind. He can a lot of things, but doesn’t mean that he is especially good at any of them. By contrast, Supergirl has the one skill-set. She flies, punches stuff and is invulnerable. Also, heat vision …

Flash over Wonder Woman This is a little like the above, The Flash is the ultimate hedgehog and Wonder Woman is more of a fox. The Flash has maximized what he can do with one (and only one) super power. The difference is that Diana has a more complimentary set of skills than J’onn. The problem is that her unique skills (e.g. bracelets, lasso) all depend upon quickness. You aren’t beating The Flash in a fight that depends upon quickness. It is a bad match-up for the Amazon Princess.

Shazam over Darkseid Both are characters who can physically fight Superman straight-up, so they are equal there. Billy has a good heart and Darkseid has an evil one.

Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Shazam

The first three seem obvious. The last one, well, in comics heroes win. Villains lose. Always.

J’onn’s incredibly vulnerable to fire.
Supergirl has heat vision.

I would have voted for Captain Marvel, but Shazam? He seems to still hardly know how to make it powers work.


Superman over a ring not powered by magic, wielded by a relative newbie
Telepathy and shape shifting over a relative newbie
Super-speed for the win! Have you ever lassoed someone who can vibrate through solid matter? Neither has Diana!
Darkseid over Shazzam – 30 min prep time is a long time for a New God.

Wonder Woman has fought Flash and other super-speedsters plenty of times, and won. He’s faster than her, but she’s plenty fast enough to get in the one punch it takes to knock him out.

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