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DC/Marvel Tourney, Marvel Street Level Region, Round 1 Winners

Here are the winners for the first round of the Marvel Street Level Region!

All numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number, except in cases where doing so would make it a tie.

Out of 2,379 votes, Spider-Man shocked the Punisher, 86% to 14%…

Out of 2,370 votes, Deapool blew up Winter Soldier, 59% to 41%…

Out of 2,362 votes, Kitty Pryde made Beast cry, 54% to 46%…

Out of 2,369 votes, Nightcrawler pulled the trigger on Cyclops, 52% to 48%…

Out of 2,363 votes, Mister Fantastic buried Daredevil, 57% to 43%…

Out of 2,372 votes, Captain America chewed up Hawkeye, 86% to 14%…

Out of 2,363 votes, Iron Fist didn’t even show up at Nick Fury’s funeral, 64% to 36%…

Out of 2,408 votes, Wolverine froze out Jamie Madrox, 83% to 17%…


Gotta say, Iron fist defeating Fury is somewhat surprising.

Mr Fantastic beating Daredevil? Captain America beating Hawkeye, the guy who has an arrow for every Avenger?


figured deadpool would win for after all he is a master of any weapon including explosives. spider man surely though the punisher would just load him with bullets nightcrawler figured he would teleport and cyclops could not get a shot off him. same with kitty phasing through beast.wolverine really is no contest for he is the best at what he does including fighting people

Ooof, Kitty’s match was closer than I thought it would be.

Yeah, none of these were all that surprising, though a couple of them didn’t go the way I voted. I guess the one I was closest to being surprised by was Fury/Fist, just because of the advance planning angle.

Stunned Nightcrawler won. He can’t even handle a couple of bumper cars while Scott can destroy 10 with one shot.

I think about half of these didn’t go the way I voted.

I’m surprised Mr Fantastic vs Daredevil was so close. I way prefer Darredevil, but I can’t imagine any scenario where he beets Reed in a fight.

Damn, my typing was crap in that post.

I also figured Cyclops would beat Nightcrawler, if only because he can usually predict where Kurt will teleport. Oh well, that’s democracy

Right now, in continuity, Cyclops can barely control his optic blasts (and boy do I ever wish they would explain that – it’s drawn like they don’t even come out in a straight line anymore, which makes no sense whatsoever) and wouldn’t have a chance against Nightcrawler. But if you assume classic actually-functional Cyclops, I still had to give Kurt the edge because he’s got just about the best power to fight Scott – he can get behind Cyclops faster than Cyclops can turn his head. All he has to do is get one finger on Scott’s visor (again, I’m assuming classic, visor-wearing Cyclops, not malfunctioning ridiculous X-faced Cyclops) and teleport away with it. Every X-Man knows that’s how you beat Cyclops in an explicitly-not-to-the-death fight.

Nightcrawler is one of those characters like the Flash that should win every fight they have a chance of winning (i.e., when the opponent isn’t to durable for them to hurt or otherwise out of their league). So writers have to do something contrived like having them run or teleport directly into their opponents’ fists to get them out of the way early during team battles to keep them from dominating any fight they’re in. And you can just about shrug and accept when they lose to people who can shoot blasts out of their hands and therefore aim in two directions at once, but Cyclops has to aim with his head (and his body, since he can’t turn his head all the way around like an owl). Even if he knows where Nightcrawler is going to go, you can only turn around so fast, and the speed he needs to beat is “instantaneous.”

Nightcrawler once held his own against the Juggernaut (while Wolverine was just freaking out and being utterly useless).[Note this was a Cockrum issue before Byrne took over the art and turned Wolverine into the star]
Cyclops could take out Nightcrawler with one blast IF he hit – but Kurt’s agility and rapid bamfing mean that its not going to happen

Who doesn’t vote in every poll? It only takes less than a minute to do all five

I skipped one vote where I didn’t feel I knew the characters well enough to vote.

Mr. Fantastic beating Daredevil is lame. The rest of them (despite preferring Hawkeye over Cap) were reasonable.

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