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DC/Marvel Tourney, DC Street Level Region, Round 1 Winners

Here are the winners for the first round of the Marvel Street Level Region!

All numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number, except in cases where doing so would make it a tie.

Out of 1,746 votes, Batman rained cats and dogs on Harley Quinn, 95% to 5%…

Out of 1,704 votes, Huntress was a killer headache to Batwoman, 50.47% to 49.53%…

Out of 1,709 votes, ask not for who Black Canary cries, for she cries for, well, herself, at least when it comes to the results of her fight with John Constantine, 60% to 40%…

Out of 1,707 votes, there was a death in the family and it was Red Robin’s this time, not his foe, Robin, 50.79% to 49.21%…

Out of 1,703 votes, Hawkman really gave Batgirl something to cry about, 67% to 33%…

Out of 1,716 votes, Lex Luthor roughed Catwoman up, 78% to 22%…

Out of 1,707 votes, Green Arrow tells Booster Gold to talk to the hand, 64% to 36%…

Out of 1,763 votes, Nightwing showed Joker how it was done, 65% to 35%…


“Out of 1,703 votes, Hawkeye really gave Batgirl something to cry about, 67% to 33%…”

Hawkeye from Marvel or Hawkeye from “M*A*S*H”?

“Out of 1,763 votes, Wolverine froze out Jamie Madrox, 65% to 35%”

But the picture shows Nightwing and aren’t Wolverine and Jamie Madrox Marvel characters?

I had Booster beating Green Arrow and Joker betting Nightwing.

Other than that I agree.

not surprised to see batman take harley quin down for after all he is batman. plus joker figured nightwing would kick his butt after all he has done it before. black canary being beat by john interesting for had her sonic scream helping her win. same with the rest of the bat family beating their foes. though a toss up with the robins.

Constantine beats Black Canary? You may as well just give him the title know, because apparently the voters have decided that he is unbeatable!

Huntress vs. Batwoman was about as tight as I expected it to be.

Booster Gold is borderline “Heavy Hitter” – losing to Green Arrow is a bit extreme

I am happy with all of them, even the couple I didn’t choose (Huntress vs Batwoman was as close as I had guessed, and I would only agree with GA over Booster if it had been Pre-New52 Ollie).

Batwoman over Huntress… but going the other way isn’t crazy.

The rest is… meh.

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