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DC/Marvel Tourney, DC Street Level Region, Round 2

The second round of voting continue now!

Simply choose which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight in the following match-ups. The voting concludes 96 hours from right now!

Each competitor has, let’s say, a half hour to prepare (so it’s not like Hawkman just walking up to Lex Luthor and hitting him with a mace – Luthor would be prepared), and can use whatever weaponry you figure would be typical for that character (so Hawkman can use whatever weapons you would expect him to normally use, but he can’t go get, I dunno, the Infinity Gauntlet, or whatever). In this particular poll, we’re using the new 52 versions of the characters. Also, a quick word on prep-time. When I say “prepare,” I really mean planning. They can’t, like, do anything to the place where they fight or anything like that. They can just quickly prepare for their opponent.



Green Arrow

There may have been a bit of wishful thinking on that last one.

Batman wins… because he’s Batman

Constantine could probably trick Robin into defeating himself

Lex Luthor Vs Hawkman is tough but went for Lex as he would probably have accumulated enough Tech to defeat any Thangarians

Nightwing Vs Green Arrow again is pretty tough. I’ll go for Green Arrow for the range advantage


I picked Hawkman ‘cos I like the character and I know Luthor will win the voting. I’m just sick of Johns’ villains fetish!

Batman (duh)
Constantine (age and sneakiness will win out over youth and vigor every time!)
Lex (prep time is key. Moreover, as a wise man once told me: Ancient weapons and hokey religions are no substitute for a good blaster by your side, kid).
Green Arrow. (close call, but gadgets and the ability to strike from distance wins, I think).

Nightwing has more experience than new 52 Green Arrow, so he wins a street fight. Now if it were “classic” Ollie, no contest.

come on batman wins no contest at all. same with nightwing manage to use a few tricks of batman like maybe causing ollie to lose all his arrows by a bat bomb. john once again pulls off some thing and wins . hawkman mostly if luthor is in his battle suit hawkman can use his mace and pound luthor like a tin can.

Batman over Huntress Basically, this is Batman against his daughter. That gives Helena a psychological edge. The problem is that Batman prepared for this exact possibility while meditating in Tibet. He implanted a post-hypnotic suggestion in himself that negates that slight advantage. Also, he rigged her crossbow to malfunction.

John Constantine over Robin I assume that this fight is happening in the DC Universe, where more experienced characters can successfully be cruel and deceptive as long as there is a valuable lesson at the end. I suppose that ‘never trust a British sorcerer/con man’ is a valuable lesson.

Lex Luthor over Hawkman You have to assume that Lex has spent enough time planning how to deal with a flying hero that facing one without super-strength, invulnerability and the rest would feel like a bit of a vacation. Lex could break-out his vintage death rays and still beat Hawkman. I guess Hawkman has a ‘reach’ advantage with his flying, but Lex has everything else.

Green Arrow over Nightwing Nightwing has gotten a little too far away from his roots. Being a superhero is about more than being an martial artist with detective skills. That stuff doesn’t help when you are tied up in the base of a giant hourglass, much less fighting a telepathic gorilla riding a dinosaur. Green Arrow has tried to become a grim-and-gritty urban avenger in the past, but you always suspect that he has a boxing glove arrow close at hand.

I totally want to see a comic with Hawkman going up to Luthor and hitting him in the face with a mace. That’d be awesome.

And Constantine vs Damian would rule too. Constantine had to have brushed up against Ra’s at some point, no? Man, that’d be a neat story.

Batman, Constantine, Lex and Nightwing.

Huntress beats Batman. By default. He never even shows up for the fight, because he’s gone totally off the grid looking for whoever grabbed a bunch of heroes and villains and threw them into some bizarre competition.

I’ve been assuming that Lex has his battlesuits at hand, since he’s gone back to that in the comic. This also puts him a bit outside “street level,” of course, but I didn’t assign the categories. (If Doctor Doom is a heavy hitter for Marvel, surely Luthor is a Heavy Hitter for DC for many of the same reasons?)

tough choices but i see light beer taking the overall win

just kidding batman constantine luthor and nightwing

What’s funny is that i deleted the beer spam JUST as you were posting the beer joke!

yea, i think it actually adds legitamacy out of context

Green Arrow

Villains lose. That is the way of things.


Batman always loses…

Well, Batman wins em all until we get to the combined brackets where he loses to Captain America, so Huntress is no sweat for him.

So we’re talking about Damien instead of one of the real Robins (Tim Drake was my assumption)? I already voted for Robin, but now I hope Constantine stomps him just because he needs to be beaten out of any and all DC continuity.

If this is “street level” then Luthor doesn’t have major gadgets like power armor or robot armies, and Hawkman doesn’t have the Claw of Horus…otherwise they’d both be in the other bracket. So with that in mind, it’s not even a contest. This bracket should end in a Batman/Hawkman battle.

Closest fight of the group, but Nightwing over Green Arrow. Pretty much all his skills outside of ranged combat are much higher than Ollie’s.

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