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DC/Marvel Tourney, Marvel Heavy Hitters Region, Round 1 Winners

Here are the winners for the first round of the Marvel Heavy Hitters Region!

Out of 1,731 votes, Silver Surfer flatlined Luke Cage, 91% to 9%…

Out of 1,720 votes, Jean Grey brought a bigger gun against Captain Marvel, 66% to 34%…

Out of 1,728 votes, Magneto showed Emma Frost a real murder at the mansion, 81% to 19%…

Out of 1,715 votes, Doctor Strange sent the Thing to the hospital, 85% to 15%…

Out of 1,717 votes, the Scarlet Witch killed Iron Man, 55% to 45%…

Out of 1,724 votes, Hulk tore Rogue apart, 73% to 27%…

Out of 1,729 votes, Doctor Doom toasted his own victory (what a cad!) over Storm, 72% to 28%…

Out of 1,749 votes, Thor crushed She-Hulk, 90% to 10%…


I agree with all of those except the Jean Grey one where I had no opinion.

I’m surprised Storm got massacred, and a bit surprised Scarlet Witch beat Iron Man.

surprised to see silver surfer beat luke cage since surely cage would prove a match for the power cosmic. the hulk vs rogue one figured the hulk would win even if rogue tried to absorb his powers. magnetoe vs emma had magnetoe pulling it off by just latching on to the iron in her blood or her turning dimond and crunch. the shehulk one surprised me for had her pulling off a win by the margin against thor. and doctor strange figured he use some spell on the thing like turning him human then some magic punch

Surprised to see such overwhelming results

All of the results matched my picks.

Common sense ruled the day.

I think Scarlet Witch’s win surprised me the most.

Huh? In which fanboy reality do 150 people think that Luke Cage beats the Silver Surfer?? That has got to be one of the most uneven ‘match-ups’ that I have ever seen.

Did Cage recently become host to Captain Universe or something?

Scarlet Witch winning is the only real surprise here.

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