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DC/Marvel Tourney, Marvel Heavy Hitters Region, Round 2

The second round of voting continue now!

Simply choose which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight in the following match-ups. The voting concludes 96 hours from right now!

Each competitor has, let’s say, a half hour to prepare (so it’s not like Thor just walking up to Dr. Doom and hitting him with his hammer – Doom would be prepared), and can use whatever weaponry you figure would be typical for that character (so Doom can use whatever weapons you would expect him to normally use, but he can’t go get, I dunno, the Infinity Gauntlet, or whatever). Also, a quick word on prep-time. When I say “prepare,” I really mean planning. They can’t, like, do anything to the place where they fight or anything like that. They can just quickly prepare for their opponent.



After some debate, I voted for…

Silver Surfer
Dr Strange
Scarlet Witch

I found it really hard to choose between Silver Surfer and Jean Grey; Jean would be very well prepared but had to give the Surfer the edge. As for Hulk’s loss, Wanda would just shift probabilities that Hulk would revert back to Banner before he could even land the first punch, then Wanda slaps Puny Banner about a bit!

Doom v Thor was really tough……Either guy has a solid chance of winning…..Went with Doom. figured that the prep time would give him the edge.

All of those were tough choices.

In the end I went for:
Silver Surfer
Dr Doom

Provided Jean’s telepathy works on an alien she simply turns off his brain. If Jedi mind tricks don’t work on him this would be a gigantic mismatch. But until proven otherwise, I go for Grey over silver.

The venue would decide when magicians are involved. Can they start off a mile away from their opponent? Hulk needs proximity to win, at least a target to throw stuff at, so if Wanda can start somewhere safe she can just wave her arms and say something like “No more Hulk” and it’s all over. Her spells worked on Shulkie in Avengers Disassembled, so even at regular strength she should be able to hex the Hulk.

Strange will most likely cast some spells to be invisible, untouchable etc before the match starts. Then he only needs a few seconds to cast a spell to win. Magneto can use metal particles as radar and as weapons, but he would need to do it before Strange speaks a sentence, so if they start the match with some distance between them he won’t manage. Magicians with time to plan their spells are hard to beat.

After seeing Thor fight the Phoenix, the Serpent and kill incredibly powerful aliens in Infinity I feel he is too strong for Doom. Unless Doom has some Deus Ex Machina-plan it’s hammer time.

Yeah, Thor is my jam but the prep-time gives Doom too much of an edge.

And having 30 minutes to think of the proper spells to contain Magneto means that Doc Strange wins.

I dunno Anders, Doom has once stolen the Beyonder’s powers with machinery built on the fly. Doom has also vivisected Asgardians to better understand how to kill them. If Doom has time to prepare, Thor has reasons to be concerned.

Some really good, tough brackets. My picks:

Silver Surfer
Dr. Strange

Agonized over Thor vs. Dr. Doom, but with 30 min prep time Doom can modify the device used to siphon the power cosmic to work for Asgardian energies.

Eventually Wanda is going to so frustrate the Hulk that he will either smash the ground so hard that she will either be knocked out, or fall into a deep pit, or knock her out with a hard hand clap.

Jean’s telepathy should give her an edge, but trying to read the mind of someone as alien as Norrin Radd should give her psychic feedback.

Magnetism is such fundamental force, known throughout the ages, that it is hard to believe that with 30 min prep time, Doctor Strange could not come up with a counter-spell to neutralize Mags.

RE: Prep Time,

Two characters who gain an edge in this round via prep time are Doctors Strange and Doom. With zero prep, Magneto would almost certainly trounce Strange.Give Strange 30 minutes to get ready for Magneto, and it’s a different ballgame.

“Doom has also vivisected Asgardians to better understand how to kill them. If Doom has time to prepare, Thor has reasons to be concerned.”

Did you read that story? Because it ended with Thor arriving and kicking Doom’s ass despite all his “preparations” and the Destroyer he had set up for Thor.

Jean Grey over Silver Surfer Telepathy and telekinesis is a really tough combination of powers to beat. Norin Rand comes from a basically human race and seems to think in a (hyper verbose) human way. It doesn’t seem unlikely that Jean would be able to read his mind, so she has a ‘speed’ advantage. The telekinesis gives her a ‘reach’ advantage. Silver Surfer is a bigger ‘puncher’ and can sustain more damage, but his margins in those areas do not negate Jean’s. You need to land a blow for power to matter.

Dr. Strange over Magneto Science villains against magical heroes are tough to break-down. The difference here is that Dr. Strange is an actual medical doctor. He has a science background. Magneto has absolutely no knowledge of the occult corners of the Marvel U.

The Hulk over Scarlet Witch Neither of these character were ones that I figured to advance. From my point of view, Wanda’s vague, fluctuating power-set is a huge weakness. She could, in theory, beat anyone. However, she cannot beat anyone on a consistent basis. It is like driving a sports car that breaks down half the time. Add her emotional instability to the mix and she is not a character that you would ever bet on doing anything. The Hulk, by contrast, is highly predictable. He does one and only one thing … Smash. 99-times-out-of-100, The Hulk wins. The hundredth time, Wanda turns him into Kermit the Frog and Disney sues itself.

Dr. Doom over Thor In any fight set in the Marvel U, the edge has to go to the character with a clear brain power advantage. Like Storm, Thor has the ability to call down lightening. However, Doom advanced, so I am going to assume that he figured out a way to avoid being shocked to death in his metal suit.

some of these matches were hard to pick. for jean narrowly since like the last round she proably does not have the phoenix force backing her . have her some how beating the silver surfer. the hulk vs scarlet witch hulk narrowly getting her and crushing her before she can even cast a spell. magnetoe narrolwy by locking on to doctor stranges blood and crushing him before he can even cast a spell. doom manages to beat thor and even use milnior to do so.

I think the Silver Surfer and Thor are both getting shortchanged in these comments.

If a cosmically powered herald of Galactus could be taken out by any mid-level telepath, they wouldn’t be anywhere near as feared throughout the universe as they are. The power cosmic does give some measure of mental defense. As for a “range advantage” of a telekinetic, well, the Surfer can track something across interstellar distances, and conceivably throw down power bolts while safely ensconced somewhere in orbit around the opponent’s planet. Just sayin’. The Silver Surfer has deactivated every weapon on the earth before, even the ones on the other side of the world, just by willing it. Most human mutants should probably not trump a herald of Galactus in a fight, particularly that one.

And as someone else mentioned, Thor recently trashed Doom, even though Doom had days or weeks to prepare for that fight in advance. Thirty minutes of prep time is not enough to change the outcome of that rematch. I rate Doom as around Tony Stark’s threat level, but with some magic added in. Thor has trashed Stark, too.

I agree with poster #1, ‘Phil’.

Jean versus Surfer sounds like an awesome book!!!

Surfer beats Jean. He’s presumably got some degree of mental resistance, and he’s got energy blasts.

I accidentally voted for Magneto, but I think Strange would actually win this one.

Wanda hexes Hulk back to Banner.

Doom prepares a ton of defences against Thor. Thor smashes through all of them. Thor wins.

Hey, remember when Silver Surfer fought that Uber-Cable version who surely trumped (non-Phoenix) Jean Grey in every way? He sure would have gotten stomped there! Oh wait, he won?!

Doom vs. Thor was the only really hard choice here, but in the end I figured that Thor would just keep slamming the hammer down again and again til Doom was down.


March 24, 2014 at 5:57 am

Surfer, easily.

Strange, easily.

But, which Hulk? Which Wanda?
The recent ‘indestructible’ Hulk – yep, probably hexed back to Banner.
Joe Fixit, ‘Merged’ Hulk, Banner Hulk – any of the more intelligent ones – WITH that half hour to plan – Wanda’s going down. Especially if it’s Joe Fixit. Planning means very little to Wanda, most of the time. How do you plan for a random occurance?
The less brainy Hulks – it’s a coin toss.
But then again, which Wanda? Disassembled Wanda? Bye, bye, Hulk. Hung around with Agatha Harkness a lot Wanda – strong chance of a win. This one’s too vague to call.

Doom vs Thor – Thor wins, only to find that it’s a Doombot.
Doom would take advantage of the half hour to put as much distance between him and Thor as possible. I suppose, if your opponent sneaks away quietly, it’s a win.

The reason why Doom lost to Thor in the Destroyer armor was because Balder pulled the plug on his energy source. IIRC since he lacked the Odin Force, Doom’s armor was feeding off the energy of the captured Asgardians.

Assuming no Doombot bullshit, Doom wins easily. Given that Doom has singlehandedly whupped the Silver Surfer there should really be no question that he his the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe barring only the elite of the elite of the elite of the top tier Cosmic Marvel entities like The Living Tribunal.

And Reed Richards of course!

“Given that Doom has singlehandedly whupped the Silver Surfer there should really be no question that he his the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe barring only the elite of the elite of the elite of the top tier Cosmic Marvel entities like The Living Tribunal.”

Thor has whooped Surfer every time they fought. And whooped Doom too.

Doom’s pretty much unbeatable. That’s why no superhero has defeated him ever and he’s ruled the world for the entirely of the Marvel Age.

buttler:”Doom’s pretty much unbeatable. That’s why no superhero has defeated him ever and he’s ruled the world for the entirely of the Marvel Age.”

Well, villains have to eventually lose; that’s the nature of the medium. What makes this kind of contest interesting is trying to think about match-ups in an objective fashion.

Right. I just don’t think the planning period changes anything, because Doom already plans for everything. For all the good it does him.

Favourites right across the board: Surfer, Strange, Hulk, Thor

None were even hard decisions.

You know what the 2nd one reminds me of? When Ian McKellen was on Colbert & got asked who would win: Gandalf or Magneto. He said Gandalf, if I recall correctly, but he was promoting The Hobbit at the time, so…

Doom is unbeatable? See Marvel Superheroes #8 vol. 2. Squirrel Girl kicked his ass, and no it wasn’t a doombot.


March 25, 2014 at 6:32 pm


That’s certainly a valid point about the prep time. Doom does scheme and fail repeatedly, but like trajan23 said, it’s built into the system that Doom has to fail. In an objective battle without an ongoing title to promote I see the fight being close but ultimately Doom could possibly win it. That’s tainted all to hell by my bias for Doom (though Thor is awesome as well),

Also: maybe there’s a bit of the Luther/Superman thing going on for me as well. Doom is evil, but at the end of the day there is some satisfaction in seeing a human, even one wearing a suit of hi-tech armor and casting spells, taking on a demi-god. Doom’s only super power is moxie!

Squirrel Girl is a totally different matter though, what chance would he have? I’m just glad she’s not in the bracket!

If Namor had been in this bracket, it might have been an all-Defenders round. But since he isn’t, Dr. Doom can take his place. Surfer, Strange, Hulk, and Doom.


March 25, 2014 at 7:28 pm

is Jean Grey phoenixed up???


@buttler “Doom’s pretty much unbeatable.”

You obviously didn’t read FF where Ant-Man beat Doom senseless but Magneto isn’t a genius, Doom would easily counter his magnetism with prep. In the next round, Doom goes down and down hard. He’s not beating any of the winners.

Anders Rokstad

March 26, 2014 at 8:29 am

Did Jean Grey and Doctor Strange just get upgraded in today’s comics? At least Strange with his “almost stop time” ability. This was young/timetravelling Jean, so as most people have voted for/against Jean Grey Summers this actually shouldn’t apply to this fight? But if Strange can slow time or speed himself up he’s getting pretty tough to beat. And I haven’t even read what he’s getting in return for his soul. Probably getting some fancy shit in return for that as well.

Magneto should be considered a genius imo. He made the first Cerebro with Xavier, he built himself a space station and he built the cerebro and comm system they are currently using in the old Weapon X facilities. Seeing as Cyclops, Emma Frost and Magik aren’t tech geeks Magneto probably made everything needed there. He has made quite a few clever things through the ages. He isn’t at Richards/Pym/Stark/Forge etc level, but he’s quite decent at both technical and tactical issues. But as shown above, Strange can just slow you down, so all that brainpower might be irrelevant.

Strange (Mags has no answer for what Strange can whip out)
Scarlet Witch (Hulk gets hexed to Banner; game over)

I never got how Thor ever beats the Silver Surfer. The Surfer has knocked the Hulk out with a flick of his hand. He can manipulate matter. And he’s got better than Superman speed. What exactly does Thor do to beat him? Other than being the guy who can regularly carry his own title.

And Doom has ways to beat the Surfer. That’s the finals match-up that’s intriguing. Unless Thor has his dad’s Odinpower, he shouldn’t even be beating the Hulk in this bracket.

MBM: That’s an awfully selective reading of my obviously sarcastic comment.

That’s exactly what a Doom-hater would say, buttler.

Lee Allred’s FF #16 story should be considered an alternate reality it was so full of PIS

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