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You Decide – Which Long-Time Member of the Suicide Squad Would You Like to See on the TV Version of the Squad?

Earlier this week saw the live action TV debut of the Suicide Squad. Deadshot, Bronze Tiger and Amanda Waller were all along for the show. But we were wondering what OTHER long-time members of the Suicide Squad would you like to see show up as members of the TV version of the Squad?

As an aside, I like the people who say stuff like “But Count Vertigo is dead!” Yeah, just like Malcolm Merlyn.


Captain Boomerang’s my vote, for two reasons: 1) It’s just not the Squad without everyone’s favorite goldbricking Aussie sociopath; and 2) Boomerang’s arguably a much better match for Green Arrow than for the Flash anyway.

Captain Boomerang was my vote as well. He was as big a part of what made the Ostrander Squad magical as Waller, Deadshot and Bronze Tiger.

Les Fontenelle

March 23, 2014 at 8:35 pm

I voted for Count Vertigo – a fascinating character who actually began his career as a Green Arrow villain, so it would be extremely appropriate. Vertigo could also bring some class to the proceedings.

Les, you should know that Vertigo has already been introduced on Arrow as a Starling City drug dealer with no nobility to him at all.

Is this really the “Live Action TV Debut” of the squad? I thought they appeared in season 10 of “Smallville.”

I voted for Nightshade, just because I liked her in “Shadowpact” and “Captain Atom.”

I’m surprised ARROW didn’t do more with Vertigo, as the comic-book version’s vertigo-inducing abilities fit pretty well with the power level of most of the show. And he’s one of GA’s few adversaries worthy of note (Merlyn, I realized after going back and rereading was never really an Ollie adversary, they just crossed paths in some JLA adventures).

One of the great pleasures of ARROW has been watching them build up the world around Ollie.

Let’s be honest, Green Arrow has generally been kind of an A-minus lister in comics. He holds down solo series, but never for overly long. That means his rogue’s gallery and supporting casts were limited.The producers have either had to pluck characters from other parts of the DCU or create them from whole cloth.

The results have mostly been great. Deadshot, Slade Wilson and Bronze Tiger feel like they were always Green Arrow antagonists. Diggle and Felicity give him a nice Scooby Gang that create some needed tension with Black Canary. Brother Blood doesn’t quite fit, but overall it has been great.

most definately capitan boomerbutt

Rising to “A-minus lister” is a kind of a compliment, since Silver Age GA never even rose that high, I think. I agree with your assessment of the show, though.

Boomerang, but only if they can maintain the gleeful inveterate scumbag persona. If he’s just a generic thief with boomerangs, count me out.

I looked through the list, and narrowed it down this way.

1. No (more) Bat-villains. They are best left for their traditional foe. Even Vertigo, Slade and a couple others were at their height against the greater Bat-family (Titans, Outsiders, etc.)
2. No anti-heroes/down on their luck heroes. While I liked several of them in SS, bringing them in on this right now would be a disservice.

That really left me with two choices.

While everyone’s favorite psycho-Aussie would be a good choice, they’ve already twisted Slade into a psycho-Aussie, and that makes the master of the Bommerangs superfluous (unless they make him someone that’s supposed to be dead – Wintergreen) or do something weird with the concept and make him Slade’s ex-wife or one of his sons (he did mention the son that in DC continuity became Jericho, at one point).

That leaves my choice being one of the most unlikely, because I think the dark comedy they’d bring, and being an easy target for dramatic killing off would make them great one-offs.

Punch & Jewelee.

Come on, I know you all want to see the rest of the squad trying to ignore them during mission transport as their banter turns to looking for a place to play “Hide the Salami” before arrival.

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