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Manga in Minutes: Anime Boston 2014 Con Report

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DAY 3:

Despite being the final day of the convention, Anime Boston still programs some interesting panels, and there’s also the closing ceremonies to look forward to as well!

One of the two highlights came courtesy of “Anime Assemble! Marvel Comics Anime!” Hosted by ANN’s Mike Toole this was an interesting over view of Marvel’s various co-productions with Japan over the decades, starting with things like the Tomb of Dracula series and the live action Spider-Man show and up until the present round of anime series from Madhouse and the upcoming Disk Wars series and game from Toei. Along the way he showed clips and juxtaposed the character designs from the Marvel anime series against those of the older, American series, and also spent some talking about the build up and disappointment behind the Madhouse series. When the project was first announced they rolled out trailers featuring some of their top tier directors, but when it came time to produce the TV series they went with lesser known talent and first time directors, giving us mixed results to say the least. It was a very interesting and fun panel, but that’s what I’ve come to expect from Mike Toole. He does panels at a few other cons as well, so if you’re ever at an anime con and hear that he’s present, track down his panels, you won’t be disappointed.

From there I had a few hours to burn and made my last swing by the dealers room. Despite it being the last day there were plenty of people out and about, hunting for last minute bargains and trying to get in the final bit of shopping before everything closed up.

Once more I co-hosted a panel with Mike Ferreria of Anime Herald talking about the history of superheroes in Japan and America. I won’t go into too much, beyond thanking those that attended and sending out a massive thank you to the Anime Boston tech team that helped us hammer out our problems and getting them taken care of before the panel began.

As soon as the panel was over it was off to the Closing Ceremonies which had already begun. Thankfully I was able to get in and caught the festivities. They announced that for the first time Anime Boston had broken 25,000 attendees, though it seems that number has since been changed and I believe it’s currently closer to 24,000. They also announced that they helped raise around $18,000 for the National MS Society as well. From there it was time to say goodbye to various guests before announcing the theme for Anime Boston 2015… Kaiju vs. Mecha! Oddly enough, that almost felt like the unofficial theme of this years con, as there were no less than 4 different Kaiju panels on the schedule. Sadly I wasn’t able to attend them due to scheduling conflicts, but it does make me wonder how many we can expect next year when it’s the official theme! After that it launched into the rather fantastic AMV winners. This is one of the highlights of the Closing Ceremonies and it’s always fun to watch these on a large screen with a crowd. Here’s a list of the winners:

Best Drama and Judges Choice AMV – “Time Falls Away” by AdventLostKaichou
Best of Show AMV – “Anime 101” by VivifxAMV
Best Concept and Best Fun/Upbeat AMV – “Snowball Genocide” by Kisanzi
Best Other AMV “This AMV Will Win an Oscar” by Kireblue
Best Comedy AMV – “YTMND AMV: FAD Entertainment System” by drewaconclusion
Best Action AMV – “Valor” by MycathatesyourAMV
Best Romance AMV – “Strangers Like Us” by The Toddfather
Best Editing and Editors Choice AMV – “Fionn’s Curse” by irriadan

Once again Anime Boston managed to deliver an incredibly enjoyable con going experience. While there were a few bumps and hiccups along the way, primarily due to the bag check policy creating a nasty choke point at the Hynes/Prudential entrance, for the most part my con going experience went off without much a hitch! They had a good variety of fan panels with some unexpected gems coming in the form of the “Japanese Pro Wrestling” panel, “Anime After Toonami” and “Cybertron Banzai”. There was very little that I was turned away from this year, though the “Manga for Grownups” panel had filled up fast enough that they were turning folks away when I arrived. It was one of the few manga centric panels of the con too, so not being able to get in was a bit disappointing, but overall it was most definitely a good con going experience with plenty to see and do the entire weekend. Here’s to 2015 being even bigger and better!

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Thanks for this article. I have zero means to attend these big conventions but it’s always nice to read about the actual panels and not just the peripheral stuff like cosplay.

@Johnny – I’m glad you enjoyed and hope it helped give you an idea of what goes on at the cons, besides the cosplaying and the dealers room! :)

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