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DC/Marvel Tourney, Marvel Street Level, Round 3

The third round of voting begins now!

Simply choose which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight in the following match-up. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!

Each competitor has, let’s say, a half hour to prepare (so it’s not like Wolverine just walking up to Captain American and stabbing him – Cap would be prepared), and can use whatever weaponry you figure would be typical for that character (so Spider-Man can use whatever weapons you would expect him to normally use, but he can’t go get, I dunno, the Infinity Gauntlet, or whatever). A word on prep-time – this only means that they have time to prepare. They can’t affect the area where they will fight or anything like that. Or lay traps or whatever. They just have a half hour to get ready.



Spider-sense pretty much cancels the surprise element of Nightcrawler’s teleport, the only advantage that he could have against someone with all his other powers plus super-strength. Spider-man wins easily.

Cap wins. Wolverine would try to make as much damage as quickly as possible, while Cap would wait for the opportunity to KO. Cap is better at defending himself than Logan is in cutting through indestructible shields.

I like Nightcrawler but that one shoudl be a blow-out.

The other shoudl be closer, but I am going with Cap.

Captain Librarian

March 28, 2014 at 6:14 am

I almost voted for a Kurt upset but I couldn’t deny Spidey’s advantage with the Spider-sense would cancel out her teleporting advantage. Plus he’s actually got experience fighting and defeating a similar opponent in the Spot.

Cap vs Wolverine is difficult. I’m going to say Shield to head will be enough for a KO here. Close fight.

Wolverine is honestly hard to gauge anymore, since every writer handles his healing factor so differently. He’s also supposed to be a tremendously experienced fighter and planner, but hardly ever demonstrates any of that in practice. The difference between Logan On Paper and Logan In Stories means that I give it to Cap, who is consistent at outlasting and outfighting fairly powerful folks.

Let’s hope Paul Cornell’s more mortal Wolverine regains a more manageable, less absurd version of the healing factor. Rather annoyingly, every other comic has been giving the “no healing factor” idea some lip service, then having Logan survive ridiculous injuries anyway. I think he’s been nonfatally impaled in at least one issue apiece of the X-Men and Avengers books only a page or so away from someone mentions he’s lost his healing factor. How is the next arc not Logan on a ventilator?

For Spider-Man vs Nightcrawler, I just always go back to Secret Wars when Spidey schooled all the X-Men, he was just trying to get away from them, but well was able to hold his own against that group.

I’m not a big fan of Wolverine, so well had to vote for Cap this one. I voted for Iron Fist last round, thinking his Chi stuff could find a way to beat Logan. Just feel Cap’s experience and well The Shield will edge him out.

Spider-Man wins – much as I like Nightcrawler.

Wolverine vs Captain America? Too tough to call on that one.

Spider-Man has far too much of an adavantage over Nightcrawler for the fight to last too long. Spider-Sense wins it for him, not to mention the fact that Spidey is physically stronger anyway.

Cap edges Wolverine, but only just. The preparation gives Cap an advantage, who would likely take a defensive approach to wear his opponent down. The stumbling block for Logan? Cap’s shield!

Which could set us up for a Cap vs. Spidey showdown…

Spidey over Nightcrawler The only way to beat someone stronger is to be quicker or have the element of surprise. Neither applies here.

Wolverine over Cap Wolverine can take multiple blows from Cap’s weapon. Cap can only take one from Wolverine. Their speed, strength and skill are roughly equal. This one ends pretty quick.

Nightcrawler wins because… Um… Darn it.

Spider-Man beats Nightcrawler. He’s just got the advantage here.

Cap beats Wolverine. Even aside from the fact that I will vote for ANYONE to beat Wolverine – Wolverine’s a dick and I don’t like him at all – I figure Cap’s just got a slight edge.

Peter and Kurt are pretty evenly matched, with one big difference. Teleportation is the ace in the hole. You can’t keep Kurt webbed up, even if you cover his eyes, if he knows where he is. And as you’re swing away, he teleports through your web line. Advantage: Nightcrawler.

Cap has put down wild animals before, notably Baron Blood in the Stern/Byrne run. When he throws his mighty shield, all those…..

while my favourite character of the 4 is Nightcrawler he seems outclassed and the combination of Spider sense, superstrength and webs beat his teleportation and tail

Wolverine and Cap is a tough call – it would probably be a long brutal fight, but Wolverine heals and is more inclined to fight dirty giving him an edge.

Both of these have happened in the comics, Cap & Wolvie more than once. It’s a bad day for the X-Men.

Spider-man would defeat Nightcrawler. Spider-Sense is the ultimate defense against a teleporter like Nightcrawler. Take away the teleportation advantage and Nightcrawler is totally outclassed by Spider-man.

Captain America vs. Wolverine is a tough one but I’ll give this one to Cap. I am going to say we are talking about current “no healing factor” Wolverine which I think would give Rogers the advantage. If we were talking about Wolverine with healing factor this would be too tough for me to decide.

Either way I think Spider-man will get the win in the final round against either Captain America or Wolverine.

Nightcrawler has built a fighting style around his teleportation, much like Spider-Man has with Spider-sense. Unfortunately for Kurt, being warned of where he’s going to appear is a serious detriment. Even Destiny has thrown Kurt off his game.

Honestly, even if Spider-Man couldn’t predict where Kurt would appear, Kurt couldn’t hurt Peter anyway. Kurt has a slight build, with the speed, endurance and strength of an average man his height and weight who engages in regular exercise. In other words, his punches are simply ineffective against Spider-Man. Armed with a sword, he’d be more dangerous, but only just.

Kurt is simply outclassed. He’s a great character, but he can’t match Spider-Man.

Wolverine vs. Captain America is closer call. I’ve never seen them fight in a comic so I have no history to build from. Going from my own knowledge of the two combatants, I would say Wolverine would win.

Wolverine is a seasoned fighter, with literally a century of combat experience. True, he rarely shows this, but in lengthy battles with other skilled opponents, Logan will either go berserk or fight using his head. There are enough examples to illustrate both, and when Logan fights with his head, he’s all about nerve strikes, speed strikes and strategic hits. When Logan fights smart, he can literally end a fight in seconds.

Cap is a respected fighter. He’s going to get his hits in on Logan. Skill combined with shield strikes will hurt Logan, but they will not put him down. Cap doesn’t tire, so he can keep fighting Logan for hours if necessary, but constantly hitting bone against adamantium is going to take a toll. Having to block with the shield as Wolverine’s claws flash by almost faster than you can see them is going to take a toll. A nerve strike to Wolverine might stop him for a few seconds, setting up a shield strike, but still not getting the knockout before Wolverine can recover.

A nerve strike from Logan will take Cap out of the fight for longer than a few seconds, and with Logan’s speed, that’s more than enough time to put claws to throat and order a surrender.

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