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DC/Marvel Tourney, Marvel Heavy Hitters Region, Round 2 Winners

Here are the winners for the second round of the Marvel Heavy Hitters Region!

Out of 1,826 votes, Silver Surfer gave Jean Grey a head start on her next resurrection, 64% to 36%…

Out of 1,831 votes, Hulk made Scarlet Witch fall, 64% to 36%…

Out of 1,827 votes, Doctor Strange gave Magneto reason to meditate, 63% to 37%…

Out of 1,854 votes, Thor layeth the smacketh down on Dr. Doom 71% to 29%…


Captain Librarian

March 28, 2014 at 5:56 am

Er, I doubt you meant to post all those Luke Cage covers again :P

Suprised at how lopsided some of these were. Figured Doom would have more fanboys.

Also, Silver Surfer is mentioned twice in a row.

Doom can certainly beat Thor, but he needs more than a thirty-minute head start to do it. Otherwise, Thor’s too physically overwhelming *and* has some experience and defense capable of handling Doom’s magical talents. Doom would put up a good fight and last a while, but he can’t win it under these conditions.

Sloppy post

Captain Librarian

March 28, 2014 at 6:28 am

@Omar I agree and even though I voted for Thor I feel like I should have taken into account how short 30 minutes is in some of these past rounds.

The one that’s currently missing is apparently Hulk vs Witch with Witch losing.

doom could beat thor for he would have his armour preped against asgard tech including thors hammer. silver surfer figured if jean just had her powers and not also the phoenix force would narrrowly beat her . surprised doctor strange beat magnetoe for had him ripping out the iron in stranges blood.

I voted the other way for every fight in this batch.

Assuming Jean doesn’t have the Phoenix power, every one of these is a pretty realistic outcome.

I assume the early problems with the page were the result of the Hulk smashing chaos magic

There really is no prep for Hulk that he can’t overcome. Scarlet Witch will first attempt to bind Hulk with a spell. Hulk easily breaks free. Wanda conjures a more forceful spell, angering Hulk. Hulk thunderclaps and knocks Wanda out.

Doom prepares to steal Thor’s power and arms himself with Asgardian tech, donning his Doom-stroyer armor. Doom is able to match Thor blow for blow, until Thor finally reminds Doom that an Asgardian-born will always have rightful claim to Asgardian tech and magic, and proceeds to drain the Doom-stroyer armor and bash it to bits. Doom retreats, but not without a secretly securing a sample of Thor’s blood.

Jean Grey attempts to hurl debris and matter at Silver Surfer as he approaches. He easily dodges and looses a mild cosmic bolt. Jean throws a tk-shield against the assault. She reaches out to his mind, trying to find a way to shut him down, but his alien physiology, combined with cosmic awareness instantly clues him to her plan. He reaches out to her, and she instinctively shields herself. With a wave, Norrin dispels the shield and peers into Jean’s eyes. HIs cosmic awareness reveals a darker piece of her soul, tethered to a terrible force yet to be revealed. With this, energy leaps from his eyes into hers, excising the dark, sentient force that had bonded itself to her soul. Norrin’s eyes calm and Jean collapses. Moments later, Jean awakens. Norrin is long gone, but Jean feels a peace inside never before felt. Smiling and reflecting on a happier time, she plans a visit to her parents. Jean has been reborn, for the final time.

Magneto reads an article in the paper regarding a mutant who was slain without a single mark left on the body. There is a photo of Hulk and Dr. Strange attached to the article. As it is unlikely Hulk would harm, much less kill a person without leaving a physical mark, Magneto seeks out Strange.

Research reveals that Strange is often seen in Greenwich Village attending antique book stores and curio shops. After weeks of scoping out Greenwich Village, Magneto finally spots who he believes to be Dr. Strange in civilian clothes. Erik spies the man as he visits one street vendor to another until the man comes upon what outwardly appears to be a shabby tenement. Magneto, in tune with the electromagnetic spectrum itself, senses an oddity about the tenement, and using his magnetic abilities, reveals a mansion in the place of the tenement.

Certain of the identity of the man he’s been following, Magneto approaches through a conspicuous rooftop window bearing a mystic symbol. Moments upon entering, Erik finds himself besieged by spirits, demons and brilliant lights that whisper evil promises to him. His presence known, Erik exclaims for Strange to show himself.

Suddenly, a scream from the far end of the room. Wong hurls himself at the master of magnetism with a kick honed through years of gruelling practice. Erik barely throws a magnetic shield in time. Wong connects with the shield, rebounding into a bookcase. He prepares a second assault, but as he rises from the floor, Erik is seized by flaming hands which lift him 15 feet off the floor. Dr. Strange enters, gesturing wildly and chanting incomprehensible verbiage. Erik hurls a bolt of magnetic force at Dr. Strange. A mystic shield blocks the magnetic force and extends toward the still captive Erik.

Like a scene from a haunting, every metallic item in the room is suddenly flung violently about in a tidal wave of destruction that all but destroys the main study and adjacent quarters of the mansion. Strange orders Wong to retreat to the mansion’s lower level and closes his eyes amid the metallic maelstrom. A huge tornado of magnetic fury destroys the ceiling and sleeping quarters once domiciled by Strange’s love, Clea.

Suddenly, Strange feels something in his body pulling outward. His skin ripples, forming sickly fissures of blood gushing from his arms, shoulders and neck. The blood droplets harden and form tiny spears which shoot through his body with impossible speed. Magneto grins, freed from his mystic prison and descends slowly toward the bleeding Strange.

As he approaches the body, Dr. Strange’s head lifts, an eye opening on his forehead. A blinding light fills the room. Erik is forced to recoil from the sudden attack, covering his eyes from it’s searing brilliance.

When Magneto opens his eyes, he finds himself spying a man visiting one street vendor to the next. This goes on for several hours. Erik checks his watch, sure that the man must go home at some time. Incredibly, time has not moved. What appears to be several more hours pass. Again, time has not advanced. The man is visiting the same vendors, over and over again. Mid-afternoon does not become evening. All is still except the man visiting the street vendors.

Slowly, Erik begins to comprehend what has happened.

The man was on to him from the start. He never entered the mansion. He never attacked the man revealed to be Doctor Strange. He hasn’t even truly moved from that corner. He is trapped within a ceaseless paradox. For all his power, he cannot stop his world from finally going dark. And cold.

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