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75 Greatest Batman Covers of All-Time: #20-11

In honor of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Batman, we’re doing four straight months of polls having to do with Batman. Future installments will deal with Batman creators, villains and stories, but this month will be about Batman covers.

You all voted, now here are the results! We’ll be doing ten covers a day until the top twenty-five, when it becomes five a day. Here is a master list of all the covers that have been revealed so far.


NOTE: There was so much content on the site yesterday that I figured I’d hold off and just do ten covers today instead of five yesterday and five today.

20. Batman #366

Art by Walter Simonson (1983)

19. Batman #407

Art by David Mazzucchelli (1987)

18. Batman #497

Art by Kelley Jones (1993)

17. Detective Comics #38

Art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson (1940)

16. Batman #194

Art by Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson (1967)

15. Detective Comics #880

Art by Jock (2011)

14. Batman: The Dark Knight #2 (The Dark Knight Triumphant)

Art by Frank Miller (1986)

13. Batman #156

Art by Sheldon Moldoff and Charles Paris (1963)

12. Detective Comics #476

Art by Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin (1978)

11. Batman #227

Art by Neal Adams (1969)


…and that was my second, and last one, Knightfall cover.

Did not expect 236 to place so high.

Batman really does have a look that lends itself to some awesome cover designs.

# 12 Detective # 476 is my favorite cover and my # 1 vote. Glad to see it finish as high as it did!

I understand why Batman 497 is so high: it’s a powerful image of the climatic moment in Knightfall.

That said, it’s almost impossible for me to visualize how Bane could possibly be pulling off that pose; his leg is almost melded to Batman, all of that muscle is a cartoonish mess, and the cover is weirdly static. I realize that some will see the cartoonish quality of Bane increasing the power of the cover by emphasizing the sheer agony Batman must be suffering from being broken; I personally prefer the interior version of the scene that has more realistic anatomy.

A pretty good crop of covers. I definitely voted for Batman #497.

joe the poor speller

March 29, 2014 at 6:08 pm

voted for 497. that brings me to 3/10. looks like my number one cover won’t make it at all.

That Simonson Joker cover (366) is my third vote to show up. I was starting to doubt it’d make it.

Kind of surprised to see Year One Part 4 score higher than Part 2, I just figured the latter was the more iconic image. Still, both good ones, and I guess this means Mazuchelli will score 4/4 for his Year One work on this list!

Glad Robin Dies at Dawn made it in. The best of Batman’s 1950s SF stories, and a good story by any standard. Plus an awesome cover.

Oof! A couple of these I can’t stand. The Bane one is just grotesque. The Blockbuster one is awkward. It’s why I hated Infantino when he did some work with the Hulk in the late 70s/early 80s. The way he drew someone punching was just weak. And I never liked that Dark Knight cover. Disappointing for top 20 covers really.

Is it just me or do half the covers on that list suck? Except a few iconic ones not my cup of tea so far.

It’s just you. Curiously though, which ones are your cup of tea?

OMG Robin Dies at Dawn! I was five when that came out. Since my Dad read comics there was never a day in my life without comic books in them, but that is the one that imprinted on me. I was way to young to know that death means nothing in comics, so that cover shook me to my core. It truly staggered me. I is the first comic book I truly remember reading.

Can’t say I think much of those first three, though two of them are by artists I usually like. But it’s good to see so many eras represented.

1940 – 10 cents.
1963 – 12 cents.
1967 – 12 cents.
1969 – 15 cents.
1978 – 35 cents.
1983 – 75 cents.
1987 – 75 cents.
1993 – 125 cents.
2011 – 299 cents.

Forgive my ballpark/drunken maths here, but it took 30 years for the price of a comic to increase 50%.
Ten years later it had more than doubled.
Ten more years it had doubled again.
Five years later it doubled again…

When I first started buying comics, a comic book cost the same as a loaf of Wonder Bread. Today a comic book costs three times as much.

I’ve also noticed that the price of a comic book and the price of a gallon of gas has pretty much been the same all my life.

I am not a crackpot.

I think in those 30 years that it took for the price to double the first time, the page count dropped dramatically so it’s more of a price rise than it looks.

And the second best Batman cover ever comes in at 19. :(

I voted for that and the crumpled Dark Knight cover.

I think in those 30 years that it took for the price to double the first time, the page count dropped dramatically so it’s more of a price rise than it looks.

Yeah, the size of the books went from 68 pages to 60 pages to 52 pages to 44 pages to 36 and there really isn’t any way to go any smaller, which is why the only thing they could do was eventually raise the price. The comic book companies were convinced that the books being 10 cents was a big part of their sales pitch. Eventually they obviously learned otherwise.

What I wanna know is:

Where does the Mutt buy bread? Wonder Bread for a buck is a damn good deal.

Mmm, sammiches.

I haven’t bought Wonder Bread in years, but the store brand equivalent is 99 cents at the Piggly Wiggly.

been wondering when the cover of batman holding robins body from the robin dies at dawn story would pop up here. plus love that cover featuring blockbuster smashing the title. dect 880 is one of the most creepest joker covers ever if not the creepiest.

That “Robin Dies at Dawn” cover is truly terrible.

Only one from this batch of mine, Batman #407. It was the lowest of the Year One covers on my ballot.

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