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DC/Marvel Tourney, DC Heavy Hitters Region, Final Round

The third round of regional voting begins now!

Simply choose which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight in the following match-up. The voting concludes 96 hours from right now!

Each competitor has, let’s say, a half hour to prepare (so it’s not like Superman just walking up to Wonder Woman and punching her in the face – Wonder Woman would be prepared), and can use whatever weaponry you figure would be typical for that character (so Wonder Woman can use whatever weapons you would expect her to normally use, but she can’t go get, I dunno, the Infinity Gauntlet, or whatever). In this particular poll, we’re using the New 52 versions of these characters. Also, a quick word on prep-time. When I say “prepare,” I really mean planning. They can’t, like, do anything to the place where they fight or anything like that. They can just quickly prepare for their opponent.



Wonder Woman’s prep — removing her outfit. Superman comes along, does that AH-OOOGA! thing that cartoon characters do where their eyes bug way out and their tongues go straight out, phallically, then WW punches him out while he’s still drooling.

Then she takes him as her rightful prize, and boom, the earth moves. Just like in DKSA.

Or else Superman was still wearing that bath towel cape and the t-shirt and jeans outfit, and all Wonder Woman did was tilt her head, blow her hair out of her eyes, and make a “W” with her fingers as she totally blows Clark off with a real valley girl style “what-eh-VER!” The complete and utter blow to his ego was just too much for him to take, and he punched himself out.

A rather crude method above.

They fought is Sacrifice (mind control Supes didn’t hold back, and didn’t live by his no-killing rule) and she more or less won. Sort of.

She’s got less strength, but is superior in strategy and hand-to-hand.

I still can’t fathom how Wonder Woman beat Swamp Thing, The Flash or Darkseid.

I certainly don’t think she’d stand a chance against Superman. N

Wonder Woman over Superman. Superior strategy and fighting skills to set him up, then get the lasso around him.

Wonder Woman for the Win.

Superman has superior strength, speed, durability, range and senses, which would under most circumstances win the day.
However, Diana has shown to be a superior tactician and martial artist, and who has somewhat more experience in negating the advantages of a physically superior opponent. In addition, Superman is weak against magical effects, and several of Diana’s most potent tools (the Lasso of Truth primarily) are magical. While getting Clark restrained would not be easy, once done the battle would be over.

Wonder Woman does have an edge in combat expertise, but at the end of the day, Superman’s power set is just so overwhelming.

In terms of super powers, he can do anything she can do, do it several magnitudes better, and about half a dozen other things besides. Diana’s weaponry and other equipment makes up for this somewhat, but not by enough, I fear.

Last Son of Krypton for the win.

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you? My super-breath has sucked all the air out of the room, and you are passing out due to the lack of oxygen. By the way, do you know what a fist coming at you at super-speed looks like? And if this is 1950’s – 1960’s Superman, does he still possess super-hypnotism?

This really depends on which versions of the characters we’re talking about; Wonder Woman has had some incarnations where she’s a literal goddess, and others where she’s not anywhere nearly as super as any Superman. Superman sometimes has a special weakness to magic and fights extremely stupidly, and at other times he’s no weaker to magic than any other mere mortal and combines his powers in impossibly devastating ways.

The Superman who battled the Elite or the version who saved the multiverse in Final Crisis beats pretty much any Wonder Woman. I don’t know that there’s a version of Wonder Woman who consistently beats Superman. So I give a thin margin to Superman.

Superman’s weakness to magic is massively over-estimated by some writers.

That said, if Wonder Woman got her lasso around him that would hold him – but that’s a big ‘if’.

Willie Everstop

March 30, 2014 at 11:33 am

Wonder Woman has a magic sword that can cut off Superman’s arms if she is fast enough.

What is the current DC rule on Superman and magic, anyway?

Just throwing this out there, too, but if we vote Wonder Woman to win, we at least avoid the otherwise inevitable Superman vs Batman final fight, with Batman winning. Yawn.

At least Wonder Woman vs Batman would be a fresh take, and a fresh topic of debate.

@ Travis Pelkie:

Excellent points.

Kryptonite, magic and various colored suns are all things that give Superman trouble. He almost always overcomes them in the end, so I have hard time imaging him losing to anyone wilding one those in a straight fight. However, Clark Kent has one weakness that he has never overcome: women for whom he has feelings. From day one, the guy has been willing to give up any strategic advantage when his heart and nether regions are in agreement on a woman.

In the DC Universe, trickery is an effective tactic as long as the person doing the tricking has good motives. Wonder Woman is probably the only character in the DCU with consistently better motives than the Man of Steel. She is also one of the top 3-4 women for whom Superman consistently has feelings.

The big question is whether Diana would use her sex appeal to get an edge on poor Clark. In that regard, versions matter. The more recent “Warrior” version that seems more like a Gene Rodenberry’s Klingons than William Moulton Marston’s Amazons probably wouldn’t. She would charge in with her sword drawn and get a beat down. Still, that is a pretty recent (and never overly popular) version.

Assuming that we are dealing with one of the more emotionally intelligent versions of the Amazon Princess, then I would have to agree that Superman winds up tied up in the Golden Lasso and probably naked.

hard to call since both have fought almost to a stalemate given how evenly matched but have to go with wonder woman mostly given she is a warrior and would not relent plus if nothing else she could have some of the gods lace her weapons with magic one thing supes is vunerable to .

Just throwing this out there, too, but if we vote Wonder Woman to win, we at least avoid the otherwise inevitable Superman vs Batman final fight, with Batman winning. Yawn.

At least Wonder Woman vs Batman would be a fresh take, and a fresh topic of debate.

Batman and Superman didn’t get to face each other the last (and only time) I’ve done this tournament. I had the brackets set up a bit differently (in retrospect, incorrectly) and Batman fought, I believe, Captain America while Thor beat Superman. Thor over Superman was super close, though, so if that turns out to be the end game I can see it going the other way, considering the only way we would see it if it is the final vote, which has a much different (and larger) voting audience than the round by round voting (lots of people who don’t feel like voting in a tournament would gladly show up just to cast a single vote).

Brian Cronin:”Thor over Superman was super close, though, ”

Was it? Here are the stats that I found:

“Thor 844 56%

Superman 653 44%”

56% to 44% doesn’t look terribly close to me

Thanks, Brian, for setting the record straight about previous tournaments.

When I said “inevitable” I just meant this current matchup. I voted for Luthor, but I think he has an even worse chance of advancing by votes than Wonder Woman over Superman. If WW can’t pull off an upset, we’ll be left with that old standby matchup, Superman vs Batman, which has been done quite a lot in the comics, if not in previous tournaments.

Another Superman vs Batman fight of any kind was what I was yawning at a bit sarcastically, but Wonder Woman vs Batman? That’s a fresh kettle of fish. Hope it shakes out that way.

Somebody help Dean, he’s obviously got something wrong with him, saying that I made excellent points ;)

Aw…shucks. If Dean thinks I made good points, I feel good, cuz he am smart and makes really smart points and knows how to explain the essential core of certain characters really well. Thanks!

Les Fontenelle

March 30, 2014 at 4:46 pm

Seriously? Wonder Woman can win if she’s willing to use her sexual wiles and female bewitchery? Oh boy, that’s a depressing concept. I like to think that she’d refuse to do any such thing in any incarnation. Marston’s Wonder Woman might try wrapping up Superman like a bondage turkey and then lecturing him about female empowerment; and the more recent “warrior woman” might try to use enchanted weaponry like enchanted swords to bring him down. And maybe neither of those approaches would work. But suggesting that Wonder Woman would pull “use her sex appeal” to beat Superman is like suggesting that Superman would defeat WW by plunging his fist into her chest and ripping out her still-beating heart — a complete misunderstanding of what the character has *ever* been about.

Would Supergirl beat the Flash by lifting her skirt without panties to make him stumble at superspeed? Hey, maybe Scarlet Witch can beat Thor by flashing him while she casts a spell. And of course, Captain America can only defeat She-Hulk by taking off his shirt so she’ll be too mesmerized by his pectorals to dodge his punches – Cap’s sharp strategic mind surely realizes he wouldn’t have any chance if he didn’t debase himself sexually, and who cares about these characters having dignity, right?

Actually, thinking about it, I agree with Les more (oh ho ho, see what that is! Les more!), and I have to say Dean is totally wrong to say I made excellent points. :)

I was really more trying to make the funny than a real way the battle would go, and wanted to get that DKSA bit in there. I actually like the “What-eh-VER!” ego destruction better.

But Captain America should totally be undressing to distract the ladies (and the dudes) with his pecs. Then BAM! with the shield!

Withering, Les Fontenelles. I love it.

mmm..i could TOTALLY see that

Thor 844 56%

Superman 653 44%”

For the amount of votes cast, that’s very close. The final vote usually gets at least double the votes as the region votes, so the results could go either way. Of course, that’s presuming that that match-up even happens! It’s hard for anyone to get past Batman!

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@ Les Fontenelle:

The difference between Superman vs. Wonder Woman and the rest of the pairings that you suggest is the characters have a long, long history of mutual attraction. Flirting with someone that you like, are attracted to and feels the same about takes away the dignity of exactly no one.

Frankly, it is a defect in post-Marvel superhero relationships. Some people like each other, respect each other and are even attracted to each other. They just are not all that likely to yell and punch one another in the face over some minor misunderstanding. It doesn’t make those character more ‘realistic’. It makes superhero comics like some hyper-violent variation on Three’s Company. I am bored to death with comics like that.

While I was joking a bit in the post above, I genuinely would rather Wonder Woman defeat Superman by using their relationship (with or without ‘feminine wiles’) than watch her slash his throat with a razor sharp tiara, or some such none sense.

As fun as game like this is,

Wait, you want Wonder Woman to use real emotional ties with Superman to defeat him rather than bloodgorekilldeath, Dean? Man, you just don’t know what adult literature is! ;)

Wasn’t there a comic where the female character had her top off, and it distracted the menfolk so that she could punch’emout? I seem to be thinking of a Frank Cho shot from behind the lady, and his wonderful wide eyed reactions on the faces of the men.

Or that might be a wonderful wonderful dream.

Les Fontenelle

March 30, 2014 at 9:10 pm

Minor misunderstanding? Considering that we’re discussing who would win in a fight, I assumed the option of “talking things through” wasn’t available, otherwise a fight between Spider-Man and Captain America would also be settled peacefully. It’s presumed going in that both heroes have solid reasons to knock each other out, otherwise this tourney is pointless. The competitors in a given match may feel attracted to each other, but we’re not discussing where it’s more in-character for the competitors to fight or not. The question is “who would win in a fight?”.

If attempting to seduce her opponents were part of Wonder Woman’s usual M.O., it *might* make sense for her to try it against Superman. If we were talking about Amora the Enchantress or Catwoman instead of Wonder Woman, seduction might very well be the card they’d play. But I honestly can’t recall many Wonder Woman stories where she tried to seduce her opponents to defeat them; and that is what I meant by “complete misunderstanding of what the character has ever been about”. Wonder Woman wouldn’t “use her feminine wiles” to beat Superman any more than Captain America would flash his naked pectorals to dazzle She-Hulk; that is simply not how these characters roll.

Superman would never hit Diana, he would try to contain her. No way he succeeds. Diana wouldn’t lose.

It’s sort of depressing to see someone with access to the Internet get so excited about the prospect of seeing or imagining a line drawing of bare breasts.

It’s really difficult to call because in the fights I’ve seen between them, they’re so closely matched. Except in WW #219, where she used her tiara as a projectile and sliced Clark’s throat, taking him out of the fight. This is the most definitive finish to a fight between the two that I can recall.

But this is New 52 we’re comparing, and from what I’ve seen, New 52 Wonder Woman is even more fierce, more skilled, more battle-polished than New 52 Clark, who has not had training in the Kryptonian martial arts or basic training by Batman and co.

I think it’s a very close fight, with Diana edging out the victory, but with several broken bones and burns.

Realistically, this fight can go either way. I’m going with Wonder Woman, if only to see Wonder Woman vs. Doctor Strange.

Diana has superior fighting skills and strategy, she’s also magic…Superman’s other weakness…realistically speaking there is no chance in hell Superman can beat her and yet Superman has a knack for beating all odds again and again. It’s a very difficult choice between Diana and a man who whistled a “god” to death. I guess I’ll have to go with Wonder Woman on this one.

We need to rein in this talk about Superman “not wanting to fight Diana” or whatever. The basic premise of this vote is that, for whatever reason, these two characters are going to fight each other on fair terms in earnest. If we allow for the possibility that one character would give the other a handicap, this entire exercise becomes pointless. We just have to accept that every character present was given a very good reason for wanting to fight.

@ Taylor:

Considering that the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman has been depicted as everything from “Best Friends” to “Husband and Wife”, I’d kind of rather not consider the possibility of him hitting her in the face. The idea of a man hitting a woman with whom he is very close after having a half-hour to think about it sort of takes me out of the fun of the game.

The rules don’t specify that a fight has to take place. They just ask us to vote on who would win. That leaves the possibility of forfeit on the table and so I voted accordingly.

No big deal.

I guess I was thrown off when I read “who would win a (non “to the death”) fight.”

Travis Pelkie

April 1, 2014 at 5:40 pm

I hang my head in shame about it, Omar. I’m not proud. ;)

If I had fully read this post before I had voted, my vote would actually be different. I voted for Supes because I was thinking of pre-New 52, Inspirational Supes. That guy is hard to beat. However, in the New 52 Supes is far less skilled in his ability to fight and could easily be beaten by the New 52 version of WW. Just read Superman/Wonder Woman to see why. Supes is getting thrashed by Zod and Faora where WW is actually holding her own if not bettering them.

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