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DC/Marvel Tourney, DC Heavy Hitters Region, Round 3 Winners

Here are the winners for the third round of the DC Heavy Hitters Region!

Out of 1,467 votes, Superman lit Martian Manhunter’s funeral pyre 65% to 35%…

Out of 1,445 votes, Wonder Woman had a tremendous comeback to win over Darkseid in what I believe is the closest match we’ve ever had in the history of this tournament, 50.17% to 49.83%…



Wow, 5 vote difference. (I can do math!) I think I was one of the five that voted WW. Maybe not. I tend to vote, vote quickly, forget HOW I voted, and move on. That’s how I roll, baby!

I mean, really, I just recently re-read that first Justice League new 52 story, and I don’t see how WW couldn’t beat Darkseid and his power of standing in place.

Yes, Wonder Woman has stood in several places in her current series, and has even walked around on occasion.

Darkseid’s New 52 introduction in Johns’s Justice League was somewhat less fearsome than his appearances in the first Ambush Bug miniseries.

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