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DC/Marvel Tourney, Marvel Street Level, Final Round

The final round of region voting begins now!

Simply choose which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight in the following match-up. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!

Each competitor has, let’s say, a half hour to prepare (so it’s not like Spider-Man just walking up to Captain American and punching him in the face – Cap would be prepared), and can use whatever weaponry you figure would be typical for that character (so Cap can use whatever weapons you would expect him to normally use, but he can’t go get, I dunno, the Infinity Gauntlet, or whatever). A word on prep-time – this only means that they have time to prepare. They can’t affect the area where they will fight or anything like that. Or lay traps or whatever. They just have a half hour to get ready.



Damn, this one’s hard!

What is the consensus these days as to how long Cap’s been out of the ice, and how long Pete has been Spidey? Has Pete been Spidey maybe 10 years now, and Cap been out of the ice maybe the same amount of time?

And when did Steve become Cap? Was it pre-Pearl Harbor? And when did he disappear into the ocean? Spring of ’45? Was he Cap only 3+ years before he became a popsicle?

I’m trying to determine amount of experience. I’m thinking Cap’s probably been around longer as a superpowered dude (discounting the time on ice, of course). They’re probably about evenly matched strength-wise, no? Cap probably devotes more of his time to perfecting himself, physically, though. But that Spider-Sense and speed…


Nowhere near equal in strength. Spidey can press about 10 tons, while Cap is only peak human strength.

Come guys, Spider-Man has never beaten Batman and he has had three tries! Cap would win the fight regardless but still.

At a pinch I have to give this one to Cap.

Of course they’d both lose to Batman.

Or John Constantine.

I know Cap is going to get more votes than Spidey, but he really, really should lose to Spider-Man. Not because Cap is less powerful, he beats more powerful opponents all the time. It’s because of Spider-Man’s specific power set.

Cap stays ahead of stronger opponents with his speed and agility, and the protection of his shield, until he can wear them down or strategize a win. Well, Spider-Man’s much faster and more agile, and he can remove the shield as a factor pretty easily by throwing a web at it, and then attaching the other end to a wall or floor.

That only leaves Captain America’s superior hand-to-hand training and his strategic skill as factors. The thing about strategizing is that Peter Parker is pretty smart too, and has a spider-sense on top of that. We’re not talking about tricking some dumbie like the Scorpion or the Absorbing Man. Spider-Man wouldn’t fall for a lot of Cap’s more obvious tricks, and even if he would otherwise fall for a more clever, devious stratagem, he’s still got the spider-sense to save him. It’s hard to get someone to fall for a trick when they have built-in advance warning not to fall for it. The writers ignore this all the time, but that’s because Spidey would be nigh-unbeatable and there would be little drama to a story if his power set were played as effectively as it should be. Here in the tournament, free from story-telling concerns, that shouldn’t be a factor.

As for Captain America’s superior fighting skills, well, that gets trumped by the staggeringly high difference in their physical capabilities. If Spider-Man were only vastly stronger than Cap, Cap could try to use soft blocks that work regardless of the attacker’s strength, and try to hit Spidey where he’s vulnerable. But because Spider-Man is also faster than Cap, that just shouldn’t work. Those blocks don’t work unless they’re timed perfectly, and how can you time something perfectly against someone who’s literally moving faster than you can react to them?

No, I’m sorry. Cap gets a lot of love from fans. I love him too. But he really SHOULDN’T win this, even though he probably will.

Cap is hardly only peak human anymore, he seems to be depicted as a superhuman for the most part.

For Spider-Man the 10 tons is supposed to be his absolute adrenalin flowing maximum (must.. get medicine to Aunt.. May!), far from his normal operating level.

I think this is a pretty close fight. With prep, or none.

A very hard match up. I went, after deliberation, with Spidey. He is actually in a higher strength league than Cap, his webs can vary in consistency from super-sticky to fine lines, and he could potentially avoid a thrown shield thanks to Spider-Sense, and use its motion and his webbing to fling it far away from Cap, removing an important weapon from his arsenal. A very tough match up, with spidey barely edging out.

Look, I know we all love Cap, but this fight goes to Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is far stronger, far faster, far more durable, has more versatile weaponry in his webbing, and pretty much seals the deal with his Spider Sense.

I’ll concede that Cap has an edge in experience and training (though keep in mind, Peter is no spring chicken himself, either). But even with world-class martial arts training, it’s pretty damn hard to hit an opponent who’s faster than you and knows when your attack is coming practically as soon as you do. And even if Steve could land a blow here and there, Spidey can take a lot of punishment before he drops, far more than Steve can dish out in a short amount of time. And all of this is assuming that Cap can go one the offensive at all against a foe who moves much faster and punches much harder than he can.

The Wall Crawler takes the match.

Spider-Man actually does quite well against Cap in the comics, going all the way back to Avengers v.1 #11. And he’s arguably just as much of a Determinator as Captain America; it’s a guy who’s high end is being the last Avenger to die against Korvac or Thanos vs. the guy who got really mad and beat up Firelord and has actually stalemated the freakin’ Hulk once or twice.

The webbing vs. the shield is also worth considering; it’s one of the few times the shield isn’t much help against a projectile weapon. It’s also worth remembering that Spidey can do things like spray a blanket of webbing over a wide area. Even if you grant that Cap can tear the stuff, it still slows him down quite a bit.

Spider-Man takes it, but only after taking a lot of good shots from Cap along the way.

Cap v Spidey: Spidey has a huge edge in strength, speed, and agility. Cap’s edge lies in strategic thinking. Cap has a shot, but I’m giving the win to Spidey.

Willie Everstop

March 30, 2014 at 11:38 am

Spider-Man is just too fast and too strong. The webbing and the spider sense take him over the top.

Has anyone ever beat Spider-Man by just using Kung Fu?

Spidey over Cap

Spider-Man has a huge edge in terms of strength, speed and quickness. Really, they are in two different classes with Spidey as a middleweight and Cap a bantamweight. This is a fight until Spidey connects.

This being the Marvel U, brain power matters a lot. Again, Spidey has a huge edge. He is on average a college graduate with honors in some STEM field. Cap is a High School graduate by the standards of the 1940s.

Cap has military training and Spidey is effectively an amateur. However, it is not as though Captain America was ever a Captain. He was an enlisted man during a massive draft. He went through basic training and doesn’t use any of the weapons that they would have taught him. Not much of an edge there.

Spider-Man should have this. He could lose if he’s feeling overly deferential to Cap, though.

Spider-Man, but it’s a tough one. Captain America is one of the best fighters in the world, and that means he also knows how to maneuver his foes. He can make Spider-Man go exactly where he wants Spider-Man to go. And on top of all that, Spider-Man is flat-out awed by Cap. Fighting against him is going to be really hard.

But . . . he’s stronger, faster and more versatile. So he manages to squeeze out the win.

Yea spidey wins this hands down…currently he’s in the 20ton league, and cap is nowhere near that. Sure, cap is much more experienced, but spidey’s powerset (far superior physical stats) are too much or cap.

Also, why do people keep referencing the 10 tons? He’s been able to lift like twice that officialty on marvel.com for like 4 years.

I’d agree Spidey COULD win, but I feel he’ll always hold back just a little too much in this match-up. He would consciously and subconsciously pull his blows against Cap.

I think Spider-Man will win but only by an edge.

I was about to start listing out reasons why I’m giving this fight to Spider-Man, but then I read Mysstic 101’s analysis and realized all my reasons were nicely detailed therein.

As we’ve seen in Civil War, Spider-Man is a Captain America fan. He more or less watched Captain America kick his behind just because he was in awe of the man.

I agree, Spidey will hold back his strength and punches (because really, Spidey could take soneone’s head off if he wanted), but that’s not to say he’ll hold back to the point that he’s not hurting Cap. It’s a fight, not a training session.

Once Cap actually hurts Spider-Man to the point that Peter stops hero-worshipping and gets serious, Cap will be countered and outmatched at every turn. Spider-Man’s speed, strength, agility, fighting style and spider-sense (which is under-utilized in a fight the way Superman under-utilizes his super-speed) is just too much for Cap (and indeed, every Marvel street-leveler and low-mid-tier character, as well).

I don’t even think it’s close once Peter takes the kid gloves off.

Last I checked Spider-Man was training Spider-Man in his own style of Kung Fu – The Way Of The Spider!
So, the way I see it Spider-Man wins this match against Captain America without breaking much of a sweat. Captain America will give him a good fight and but at the end of the day Spider-Man will take away Cap’s shield out of the equation then it’s all over for the super soldier. Captain America may have years of experience fighting during World War 2 but it’s not like he’s got Wolverine’s experience here. He was put on ice for years then thawed out and woke up in the modern world. Meanwhile Spider-Man’s been fighting much stronger foes for many years now since he was in high school and sometimes an army of super powered villains but finding a way of defeating them by himself.

Now when you put these two guys in the ring together Spider-Man’s the one who has all of the advantages over Captain America due to his strength, speed, durability, genius intellect, agility, spider sense and now when you add his martial arts prowess into the mix, this fight is literally an easy win for Spider-Man.

I meant that Shang-Chi was training Spider-Man in his own style of Kung-Fu. There’s no way that Spider-Man could train another Spider-Man to learn martial arts unless this was a time travel or multi-universe storyline but I digress.

I don’t know…if you make each character act to their potential, then it’s no contest. The difference is Cap regularly fights to his potential, while Spider-Man rarely does. I mean, this is a guy who is way more powerful, but has problems battling the Kingpin one on one, and who doesn’t take the Enforcers out in 30 seconds. COULD he beat Cap easily? Sure. But he regularly ignores his Spider-Sense, and pulls his punches against every non-invulnerable target. Cap was a soldier; Peter is a scientist. Someone like Wolverine, and you could see him doing something to send Peter over the edge and go all out. Steve Rogers? I doubt it. By the time Spider-Man is ready to not hold back, the fight is over.


Wonderful analysis. Makes perfect sense. I remember the first time I saw The Enforcers… I was like, “against Spider-Man…???” What’s next? Circus of Crime? Yeesh!

However, I’m not sure Cap can actually incapacitate or beat Spider-Man to the point that Spidey can’t fight back. You’re absolutely correct in your assertion that Cap will need to goad Peter into fighting back, but I’m not sure it’ll be too late because Spidey can take anything Cap can dish out.

Once Cap has gotten enough unanswered hits, Pete will be ready to fight back. As illustrated in the Civil War tie-in, even a nerve strike was unable to put Peter away. Pete commented that he was numb from the waist down, and he STILL leapt at Cap and drew first blood.

This illustrates that the fight is nowhere near over when Peter is ready to (seriously) fight back. It also illustrates Peter’s resilience, as Cap struck Peter twice with fist strikes, once with the shield and a nerve strike, and did not draw blood.

These had nearly no effect as Peter is still able to consciously monologue and analyze everything that’s happening to him. Spidey managed to kick Cap away with a backward flip, leap and get an Iron Spider swipe to Cap’s face (all despite being numb from the waist down!).

The usual retort is, “well, Spider-Man caught Cap by surprise because Cap didn’t know about the extra limbs of the Iron Spider suit”. This is true, but what did Cap have left to fight with? His shield was out of reach and webbed. Nerve strikes didn’t work. Shield bash didn’t work. Punches to the face didn’t work. Spider-Man is still coming. This time for real.

Can we really say the fight is over at this point? Or is it just getting started?

Spider-man beats Captain America.

A lot of great arguments being made here, and I agree with almost everything that everyone has said.

Spider-man has the superior power-set, no doubt about it. But as some have pointed out, he rarely uses his powers to their full potential because he is such a nice guy. Then again, even with Spider-man holding back, can Captain America K.O. him? I doubt it. Spider-man can take some massive hits. Then there is the experience and technique factor – Captain America has a lot of experience and he thinks strategically however no matter what technique or trick Rogers pulls out, Spider-man has the spider-sense to keep him safe.

Then there is the intelligence factor and the webs. Spider-man is something of a genius and has employed some fancy gizmos in the past. Sure Pete is no Tony Stark or Reed Richards – but he has more raw intelligence than Steve Rogers. Spider-man just has too many advantages to lose against Captain America, no matter how much we love Cap.

This should really be a no-contest, Spidey would stomp Cap if he was remotely trying.
His strength, speed, and durability are multiple times that of Cap, plus he has spider-sense.
Cap can bench 1000lbs, Spidey can bench a truck. Cap can dodge punches, Spidey can dodge bullets after they’ve been shot.

Fighting to his ability Cap should really not even be able to land a punch on Spider-Man…not one.

As has been mentioned before Spidey, like every single comic book character ever, is written to fit the story. Should Kingpin be able to lay a hand on him? Nope but how boring would a story without the hero in a bit of peril be? However in Back in Black Spidey was a tad bit peeved with Wilson and met up with him in prison and bitch slapped him. I mean literally he just slapped him around.

Cap being peak human is irrelevant when Spidey is meta human in every single category that Cap normally has an advantage in over his opponents plus has spider-sense to exploit these advantages even more.

@BLOODYARTS As was just said above, who wins the fight? Whoever the writer wants. All the super powered beatings Spidey has taken means he handles abuse a bit better than a normal person. (I mean, really, they all do. Some of the thrown through windows/into walls stuff would cripple people in the real world). But is it the guy who takes punches from the Hulk and keeps fighting, or the guy who regularly gets knocked out by his enemies? Who has knocked him out? Is thee a list? Beyond the guys like Doc Ock, has Kraven, the Vulture, Kingpin, etc? Most of them are hitting no harder than Cap, and certainly with no more force than his shield. It’s a great match up.

But mainly I write because your Spider-Man vs. the Circus of Crime thing reminded me that the Circus first appeared in….Hulk. So yeah, The Hulk vs. the Circus of Crime.

And they lived to fight another day….

caps neat and whatever but against pete spiddermin, no chance do he got

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