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DC/Marvel Tourney, Marvel Street Level Region, Round 3 Winners

Here are the winners for the second round of the Marvel Street Level Region!

All numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number, except in cases where doing so would make it a tie.

Out of 1,633 votes, Spider-Man showed Nightcrawler how awesome he was, 77% to 23%…


Out of 1,644 votes, Captain America fed Wolverine a big nice serving of shield, 59% to 41%…



Wow! Wolverine lost! The age of miracles is not past.

Well, he does not have his healing factor anymore.

And no one likes him either!

Ugh! That image of Captain America and Wolverine hurts my eyes! It burns, it burns!

The Cap over Wolverine outcome doesn’t make a ton of sense.

That little skirmish in “Secret Wars” was the BEST.


Wolverine has always been able to beat Cap!! He won that one fight in Origins after all. Heck, the only time Cap managed to beat Wolverine in AVX, he needed help from Giant Man to help him. That’s a bitch move.

Stephen Harper

March 31, 2014 at 6:44 am

Nightcrawler would just teleport Spider-Man 1000 feet up and let go. Despite the Wolverine hate he has handled Cap before.

Teleporting Spider-Man 1,000 feet up and dropping him will do what, exactly? Depending on where they are, Spidey could easily sling a webline at the nearest construct and swing safely back to the fight. Even if they are in an open field with no trees, constructs or whatever, Spidey will simply spin a web net or web cushion beneath him.

Regarding Wolverine vs. Cap, a few well placed pressure points can take Wolverine out of the fight. Cap’s shield gives him close quarter and long distance combat advantages. Wolverine is certainly faster than Cap and probably as strong (or slightly weaker, not sure), but the shield is the great equalizer against Logan.

I think this fight went the right way.

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