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DC/Marvel Tourney, DC Street Level, Final Round

The final round of region voting continues now!

Simply choose which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight in the following match-up. The voting concludes 48 hours from right now!

Each competitor has, let’s say, a half hour to prepare (so it’s not like Batman just walking up to Lex Luthor and punching him in the face – Luthor would be prepared), and can use whatever weaponry you figure would be typical for that character (so Lex Luthor can use whatever weapons you would expect him to normally use, but he can’t go get, I dunno, the Infinity Gauntlet, or whatever). In this particular poll, we’re using the New 52 versions of these characters. Also, a quick word on prep-time. When I say “prepare,” I really mean planning. They can’t, like, do anything to the place where they fight or anything like that. They can just quickly prepare for their opponent.



This one’s pretty easy. Unfortunately it looks like the end winner of the tourney will be Batman again. At least on the DC side. If he goes up against someone like Thor or Dr. Strange it might get interesting.

Wow, I hadn’t read the Marvel results before posting that!!

Went with Lex – Part of his preparation was buying the the intellectual property of Prometheus, who has beaten Batman in the past.

In the battle of wits between DC’s two most famous proponents of preparation, it makes sense to me to vote for the consensus smartest guy in the world.

Anything Lex does, Bruce does better.

The Batgod has spoken.

Batman over Lex Luthor

It is hard to imagine a moment in the last fifty years when Batman wasn’t a prohibitive favorite to emerge from this region. Lex did a great job beating the various Junior Batman to get here, but the Final Four was never in the cards.

Omar makes a good point in another thread. If Batman had a few days or weeks to prepare specifically for a fight against Luthor, he could put together the right equipment and work out the best ways to take advantage of Luthor’s psychological weaknesses in regards to that specific conflict.

Given only thirty minutes prep time, however, then both of them are just working on the fly with only what they’ve already got lying around. I’d put Lexcorp’s entire arsenal over whatever Batman’s got in his sci-fi closet any day. I mean, c’mon. Luthor already has a battlesuit that can hang with Superman. Batman’s not gonna beat that without more solid prep time.

The votes won’t go this way, but Luthor for the win.

once again is there unless luthor has time to prepare or his battle suit is equiped to neutralize any move batman makes . batman is there any doubt once again batman may win this whole thing.even though both are really powerful with their minds .

Lex wins. Batman throws the fight. Because he thinks it’d be funny to see Lex get his ass handed to him by either Superman or Wonder Woman in the next round.

Besides, the sooner he’s out of this tourney, the sooner he can figure out who was behind it all and Bat-punch them. He’s waged a war against tourneys ever since one killed his parents.

Batman is a guy who had contingency plans to take down the entire Justice League. You really think he doesn’t have one for Lex Luthor?

Batman loses only AND ONLY if Geoff Johns is the writer behind him. In all other cases He’s BATMAN!!! As the guy above me pointed out…he’s the guy who had contingency plans to take down the entire JL, Luthor’s the guy who again and again lost to Superman at his own game.

Batman stops time with Mjolnir and wins with the power of No-Superpowers. Absurd? Absolutely. But it’s the expletive Batman, yo, time and space bend to his whim.

This is so easy – a no-brainer. Batman all the way.

Batman is a guy who had contingency plans to take down the entire Justice League. You really think he doesn’t have one for Lex Luthor?

We know Batman doesn’t have contingency plans for villains; it’s why it takes him days or weeks to stop pretty much any one of his own rogues in his own city. He spends time working out how to beat Superman, but I don;’t think we’ve ever seen him pull out his anti-Bane Venom antidote contingency plan, have we? Where’s Batman’s contingency plans when Penguin or Black Mask are taking over Gotham’s underworld? And when Luthor manipulated No Man’s Land to take over Gotham, remember how Bastman was totally f**ing clueless until Lex basically showed up in person, and even then he had to scramble to stop Luthor?

“Batman’s contingtency plans” were a plot device for a well-regarded dystopian future story and a single arc of JLA; trying to pretend they’re how the character operates anytime else in the many thousands of comics that are not those five or six issues is frankly dumb.

Bravo, Omar. Well said.

Lex wins. He has a battlesuit and doesn’t play fair. He just shoots at Bats from the sky, easily out of range of batarangs.

Lex comes to the fight with his battle suit, which Batman, of course, has prepared for. EMP shuts down the suit immediately. Lex steps out of the suit. Bats readies himself for Lex’s next move…

Mercy pulls up in the limo, hands Lex a briefcase.

Lex: “You expected me to go to blows with you, Batman?” “Inside this briefcase is a mobile phone, and a chess set. If you lose, I will place a call. The result of that call will be the exposure of your identity, and a quake that will turn Gotham, Metropolis and Bludhaven into the world’s largest and most expensive parking lot”.

Batman: “There’s nothing in it for you. You lose either way”.

Lex: “The world’s got much more to offer than three crime-ridden cities… Bruce. I’ll be doing it a favor. And when you and I are too old to play dress up, I will be remembered as the man that forwarded those once-great cities, while your efforts only managed to maintain the status quo”.

Batman: “Have it your way, Lex”.

Batman and Lex play chess.

After several hours, Lex wins the chess match. His ego is satisfied, and three cities are spared destruction.

The two intellectual opponents shake hands and walk away in opposite directions.

As Lex prepares to enter the limo, his mobile phone rings. Lex hands the phone to Mercy. She answers.


In an instant, Lex Luthor appears in Crime Alley. Initially dazed by the sudden shift in locations, Lex reaches for his phone, preparing to call Mercy for pickup. An unanswered text shows on the display. It reads, “Gotham’s fate is your fate”. Lex ponders the meaning of the message in relation to his threat. He pulls a cigar from the gold case in his breast pocket. As he lights the cigar, he grins and remarks to himself, or to some unseen person, “Very well.”

“Batman has waged a war on tourneys ever since one killed his parents”


This is actually a really great matchup – both men are genius billionaires with access to all kinds of cutting-edge technology. The difference lies in the fact that Batman is a combat specialist. Luthor, not so much. I’m thinking that Batman finds a way to negate Luthor’s battle-suit. Even if he doesn’t, the battle-suit offers no head protection (as Deathstroke shrewdly points out in Forever Evil). Bat-a-rang to the head? Batman takes the win.

Think I will go with Superman-foe over the one who cannot beat the Joker.

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