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DC/Marvel Tourney, DC Street Level Region, Round 3 Winners

Here are the winners for the third round of the DC Street Level Region!

All numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number, except in cases where doing so would make it a tie.

Out of 1,583 votes, Batman and John Constantine had a bit of a “falling out,” 78% to 22%…

Out of 1,592 votes, Lex Luthor made Nightwing’s last stand a short one, 55% to 45%…


Luthor vs Batman. Nice!

Let Geoff Johns write that and it’s a cake walk for Luthor :)

I tend to think that with the limited prep time, Luthor wins. I’d argue that he’s actually smarter than Batman, having survived public exposure like three or four times and coming back into power. And I’d wager a quick trip to Lexcorp’s arsenal beats a rummage through the Sci-Fi Closet pretty much every time out.

Give Batman a few days or weeks, and he takes advantage of Luthor’s dirty dealings and considerable psychological weaknesses. But a relatively impromptu fight? Batman loses to the guy who actually knows how to get along with the Joker and has a battlesuit that can hang with the Man of Steel.

I agree with Omar on this one. Give batman a few days or weeks to prepare, he could take better advantage of Luthor’s flaws and win. Give them an impromptu fight with only what they’ve already got hanging around and can grab in thirty minutes, and Luthor’s stuff would be far superior.

The votes won’t go this way, but Luthor for the win.

So Constantine’s prep time works against everyone except Batman?

Batman beat Constantine?? In prep/planning???

Gonna have to chalk this up to popularity contest. Constantine has taken down demons on his deathbed with no time for prep and barely conscious. Just straight knowledge and wit.

Oh well, so much for my Strange vs. Constantine match.

Knowledge and wit won’t protect you from a punch to the face. I still think Constantine should never have made it past the first round. If he was taking on demons and magicians? Sure. But martial artists and people with sonic screams? No way.

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