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DC/Marvel Tourney, Marvel Heavy Hitters Region, Round 3 Winners

Here are the winners for the third round of the Marvel Heavy Hitters Region!

Out of 1,598 votes, Doctor Strange stopped the Silver Surfer, 51% to 49%…

Out of 1,622 votes, Thor beat the Hulk more senseless than he normally is, 62% to 38%…



Neither of those went the way I voted, but they’re both fairly even matches.

If it had gone the other way, I wonder how many fans would recall that the Surfer is one of the few characters who virtually always beats the Hulk when they fight, thanks to being able to revert him to Bruce Banner and remove his powers.

Stephen Harper

March 31, 2014 at 7:33 am

Dr, Strange………really folks. Also Thor has gotten owned by the Hulk more times than I can count

It’s bothering me that I can’t place that panel, and I am nowhere near my back issues to check. Is that from Incredible Hulk #255?

It’s either that issue or Hulk #300.

Hulk #300. One of the best Hulk issues ever.

Re: poll… If Strange can beat Galactus…

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