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Comics Should Be Good 2014 March Madness: Final Four


Here is the Final Four for this year’s Comics Should Be Good March Madness.

This year, you’re choosing which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight.


First up, in the DC Heavy Hitters Region, the winner between Superman and Wonder Woman was Superman, 60% to 40% (1,657 votes cast).

Next up, in the DC Street Level Region, the winner between Batman and Lex Luthor was Batman, 82% to 18% (1,699 votes cast).

Next, in the Marvel Heavy Hitters Region, the winner between Thor and Doctor Strange was Thor, 62% to 38% (1,667 votes cast).

Finally, in the Marvel Street Level Region, the winner between Captain America and Spider-Man was Spider-Man, 52% to 48%. (1,716 votes cast)

So it is Batman versus Superman and Thor versus Spider-Man!

Simply choose which characters you think would win in a (non “to the death”) fight in the following match-up. The voting concludes 72 hours from right now!

Each competitor has, let’s say, a half hour to prepare (so it’s not like Superman just walking up to Batman and and punching him in the face – Batman would be prepared), and can use whatever weaponry you figure would be typical for that character (so Thor can use whatever weapons you would expect him to normally use, but he can’t go get, I dunno, the Infinity Gauntlet, or whatever). In the DC match-up, we’re using the New 52 versions of these characters. Also, a quick word on prep-time. When I say “prepare,” I really mean planning. They can’t, like, do anything to the place where they fight or anything like that. They can just quickly prepare for their opponent.



Oh, wow, these are both far tighter match-ups than they first look.

There is an obvious argument that Batman would be very well prepared for Superman, even with only 30 minutes preparation; however, one solid punch from Superman and it could be all over. That’s my reasoning for why I’ve given my vote to Superman (even though I prefer Batman on any given day of the week).

I also have to give my vote to the heavy-hitting Thor over Spidey. Again, Spider-Man would be prepared for Thor; however, I just feel that Thor could withstand anything Spidey throws at him. Eventually, it would resort to a physical contest with Spidey knocking down Thor with a punch that has everything behind it… but it wouldn’t be enougby to take down the Odinson. Thor would take it and then batter him into next week with a couple of well-placed blows.

super-man versus spiderman!

The Superman/Batman bout is not in question. Like S!mon, I can’t see Spiderman successfully taking on Thor.
Bats vs Thor.

Bats can take out Superman. Its happened.

Spiderman vs thor is harder, but has precedent. Spidey took on Firelord, a herald of galactus and won. He also defeated Arno Stark, Iron Man from the 30th century.

It comes down to this… what can piss off Spidey enough for him to go all out. Spidey regularly pulls his punches. He hits normal people in most fights. If he kicks it into high gear, Thor CAN’T lay a finger on him. Not with a fist, not with the hammer, and not with lightning. Spidey can dodge all of those. If Thor does something stupid… like threatening people Spidey protects… or heaven forbid accidentally hurts Aunt May or Mary Jane… Spidey loses his mind and beats thor to a bloody pulp.

I’m caling it. Bats vs Spidey. You know its possible. You know you want it. Let’s make this thing happen!

Spider-Man vs Thor: No contest, Thor wins, hands down.

Batman vs Superman: All depends on how whether Bats can exploit Superman’s various weaknesses (kryptonite, red sun energy, magic) to maximum effect. I’m giving the win to Supes, but Batman has a solid shot

People forget that Superman also has a half hour of prep time, and would know Bruce was concocting some kind of kryptonite/red sun/magic kajobber. But whereas Bats needs close counter combat to effectively deal with Supes, Clark does not. He could just fly into orbit and heat vision Batman’s krypton doohickey from there.

Wow, how much more interesting this would have been if Wonder Women were still around.

Of course Batman, with even a bit of planning, could take out Superman.

But I’d vote for Wonder Woman over Batman, were she still around.

Les Fontenelle

April 3, 2014 at 12:03 pm

“Superman heat-visions something from orbit” is a frequently-used line in these kind of arguments, but has Superman EVER actually “heat-visioned from orbit” any opponent? I don’t remember Superman ever doing anything like it. Superman always gets close to his opponents, probably due to his supreme self-confidence.

Saying that Superman would win a fight by frying his opponent from orbit is like saying that Spider-Man would web up his opponent’s throat and suffocate them from across the street. Someone else who had Superman’s powers might very well do that, but would *Superman* even consider do it?

Come on, Supes! Be the ball! And remember, a flute without holes is not a flute. And a doughnut without a hole is danish…na na na na na na na na na…

Thor beats Spider-Man, it isn’t even close!

History might be made with this year! Either Batman beats Spider-Man for a fourth time, Thor beats Batman for the second time or Batman beats Thor for the very first time. So exciting.

And yes, I recognize that I’m making Superman a non-entity but come on, who is voting for Superman?

No matter how cool Batman is, Superman could defeat him with super speed and super punches before Batman could even get that kryptonite out of his utility belt. In a “to the death” battle, Superman could turn up his heat vision on Batman while simultaneously doing tricks on a yo-yo, quickly turning him into the world’s greatest cinder, a dark night light.

wouldn’t it make more sense to have the heavy hitters fight each other and the street levels fight each other instead of these extremely obvious mismatches?

Les makes a great point. Everyone uses all these ways Superman could beat somebody with methods that he never uses, even if he technically can do them. Much like Spider-Man, he’s a guy who is almost never at his full potential, unless he goes up against someone like The Elite. He has an impressive power combo (like the Martian Manhunter that makes him Superman, Plastic Man, the Invisible Woman, and Professor X all mixed into one) that he rarely uses together or effectively. Superman using his near Flash speed and flight makes him almost impossible to beat. Which is why in stories he never uses any of it together, because he’s already too powerful. Instead, The Prankster is someone he has a hard time stopping.

Frankie Addiego

April 3, 2014 at 1:34 pm

Now, yes, Batman can beat Superman and came close in Dark Knight Returns. But then again, “Death in the Family” proves that Batman isn’t this ultra-prepped badass who can take on anything at a moment’s notice because the whole plot of that story was that he couldn’t stop his own sidekick from going off half-cocked to the middle east and getting killed by the Joker. Then when Superman asked/said something, Batman just punched him in the face, damaging his hand.

No, Superman wouldn’t fly in and toss him into orbit than fry him with heat vision. But depending on why they’re fighting and how much damage they could cause, I don’t think he’d be above breaking his arm or even his back, at-least the Superman of the newer comics wouldn’t.

William McGuire

April 3, 2014 at 1:35 pm

Superman wrecks Batman on thirty minutes prep.

Batman can only win with an ambush. Superman who is fully prepared for him? He has no chance.

Do you guys even read comics?

This is why I detest Batman, because even though there is no possible reason or way for him to win, he will win, because he’s Batman. I always vote for Superman, and he never wins, and when Ben Affleck kicks Henry Cavill’s ass in a couple of years, it’s going to piss me off.

Counter – Point: Batman has a hard time with the Joker and The Riddler.

It amazes me that anytime time there is a Batman/superman confrontation, Superman is actually the underdog. Despite his vast power he loses to “prep time”, which pretty much means Batman will come up with whatever he needs to win.

The best way I have heard it put, is that there is a story in Batman winning. He has to come up with a clever plan and specialize equipment and that creates an entertaining story. This isn’t much of a story in Superman beating batman, it would be over before you could blink.

But this isn’t a story, its a fight.And in a actual confrontation, my money will always be on god like power over deep pockets.

“man of steel” superman would win but comics superman is too good. He wouldn’t want to even cripple Batman, let alone kill him in order to win. Batman has the advantage of knowing Superman is virtually indestructible and that whatever puts him down to win the fight is something Superman would fully recover from.
Thor beats Spider-man. Using the same logic as with Superman vs Batman – Thor wins as he’s willing to kill in order to win and won’t hold back against Batman.

Are we assuming Batman wins a flawless victory? one actualy punch from superman would knock him unconscious, infact a missed punch might throw him across the city due to the wind cause from his arm motion

shouldn’t the heavy hitters fight each other and the street level fight each other first? it seems like there was a reason to separate them to begin with.

Batman will win because it’s a popularity contest. Otherwise it’ll br Supes vs Thor in the final.

Superman does a Hulk clap, hitting Bats with a sonic boom. Lather Rinse Repeat. I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the ringing in my ears. Red Kryptonite has a finite range, which someone who can fly at super speed should be able to avoid. Decision, Superman.

I’m thinking and thinking of a way for Spidey to take down Thor. After 30 minutes, I realized my prep time was up, and I was hosed. There’s a reason they named a day of the week after this guy. Decision: Thor.

Willie Everstop

April 3, 2014 at 2:45 pm

With 30 minutes of prep time Superman could fly around the Earth at super speeds, turn back time, and punch Joe Chill in the mouth.

Spider-Man vs Thor would have some excellent in-fight trash talking from both sides. Spidey could give Thor a real run for his money at first with all of the dodging and mocking, but I think that would eventually just throw Thor into a crazy viking berserker rage. I just can’t picture Spider-Man putting Thor down for the count.

I predict Superman vs Thor with lots of discussion about Superman’s vulnerabilities and whether lightning and hammer strikes count as magic.

Spider-Man hasn’t a chance here.

Batman could totally beat Superman.

As long as Superman is still recovering from a nuclear bomb and doesn’t really want to win and spends most of his efforts trying to talk Bruce out of the fight – and Bruce has spent several years synthesising Kryptonite and has help from Oliver Queen.

Then Batman could definitely win.

Don’t understand how people can think Batman can beat Superman. Ultimate fanboy thinking. Even with 30 mins of preparation, Batman would not last a second against Superman. Let’s see normal human being vs a super powered alien that can move planets. Superman could just throw a car from 100 miles away and smash Batman. This is not even a fair fight. Batman is a great character but he is nowhere close to the level of Superman.

Superman wins. Batman finds out who he’s facing, and he just immediately forfeits.

Thor also wins. Because, you know . . . Thor.

Thor creams Spidey, that’s simple enough.

I had to give it to Supes over Bats. Even with the 30 min. preparation for Batman, it’s important to remember Superman ALSO has 30 minutes, and I’m sure his Kryptonian computer brain can come up with some way to take out Bats, plus have a lot of lead shielding handy against Kryptonite, maybe just rain some heat-vision death from above…

Let’s not forget, even when Bats won in Dark Knight #4, it was a long shot, and he still keeled over and “died” at the end.

Batman vs. Superman – Superman, no contest.

Thor vs. Spider-Man – Thor, no contest.

Yeah, people really rely on that DKR fight when in the actual comic they’re using, Batman points out that it took him years to set everything up…and even then, he only just wins against a Superman already weakened by really, really extraordinary circumstances…and he has to call in Green Arrow and Carrie Kelly at key points.

Superman easily.

As God of Thunder, Thor could order constant lightning strikes on Spiderman and his butt would be fried in no time.

Thor vs Spider-Man: Thor

As much as I love the Web Head, he’s just completely outmatched here. Thor has no glaring weaknesses, and even with Spidey being as smart as he is, 30 minutes is nowhere near enough time to topple a god. Thor’s might is just too overwhelming.

Unless Popularity Power shines through, this is the end of the road for the Wall-Crawler. Sorry, Spidey.

Batman vs Superman: Superman

I fully expect Batman to win this, since people vote for him almost on reflex nowadays, but I’ll make my uphill argument anyway.

First, let’s just acknowledge the obvious: if Batman doesn’t find a way to exploit a weakness of Superman’s, he stands absolutely no chance whatsoever. His skill and prowess are astounding by human standards, but that means next to nothing against a foe who crack open planets in the blink of an eye with one punch. Batman’s stealth is equally useless against a being who can see through most any surface and hear Batman breathing from continents away. Without kryptonite or red sun radiation or magic, there is simply nothing Batman could do to hurt Superman.

But wait! Batman COULD exploit these weaknesses! He’s been known to carry a kryptonite ring in his utility belt, and I seem to recall him having red-sun weapons in the Batcave from time to time. But there’s something we need to keep in mind: he might not be as smart as Batman, but Superman is not an idiot. And in the specific parameters here, I think thirty minutes of prep time helps Superman more than Batman.

Please, hear me out.

Superman knows perfectly well what his weaknesses are, and more importantly, he knows how to counter them. If Superman shows up in a led-lined suit, kryptonite is useless. In All-Star Superman, Superman had a suit that blocked out red solar radiation; I see no reason why he couldn’t have something similar here. And even if we are to assume that Batman can somehow teach himself to be a master magician in half an hour, which I believe is pretty unlikely, I doubt he could launch a spell or use a magical artifact against a being who knock him out worse before he could get his bearings.

I know that Batman is awesome, and that’s he has beaten Superman in a comics on more than one occasion. But can anyone name me a situation where he managed to do it on extremely short notice, without help or months and years to get ready? Or where there weren’t a number of qualifiers that were in play (like
Superman being mind-controlled and trying to fight it or whatever)?

In this situation, with both combatants knowing the situation and given only a short time to get ready, where there is only enough time to go after Superman’s more obvious weaknesses, Superman is more than capable of countering Batman’s feasible weapons. Fighting on those terms, Superman’s powers are completely overwhelming and this is no contest at all.

Superman would win, though I doubt he will get the votes.

Wasn’t it Batman vs. Thor last year?

Batman is my favorite character, I’m not a big fan of Superman, and I’ve enjoyed several stories where Batman beats Superman, but I don’t see how he’s winning this one. Brian specifically states the contestants can’t really prep the environment the fight takes place in, which means a lot of the ambush techniques Batman would have to use are off the table. Plus, as noted, Superman has the same 30 minutes of prep time. He knows Batman is waiting for him. In pretty much every fight where Batman wins Superman is caught off guard. That wouldn’t be the case here. As much as I’d prefer Batman, Supes should have this one no problem.

Thor vs Spider-Man seems like a no brainer to me, but who knows?

Don’t understand how people can think Batman can beat Superman. Ultimate fanboy thinking. Even with 30 mins of preparation, Batman would not last a second against Superman. Let’s see normal human being vs a super powered alien that can move planets. Superman could just throw a car from 100 miles away and smash Batman. This is not even a fair fight. Batman is a great character but he is nowhere close to the level of Superman.

Yes, there’s something about being a Batman fan that makes all common sense disappear. I didn’t vote at all in this whole process, but I jumped in and voted this time just because I find the Batman preptime shtick so annoying. Modern Batman is truly, truly terrible. But it sells so I guess it’s not going away any time soon.

Superman over Batman

Could Batman beat Superman? Absolutely. It has happened before and Batman is a master strategist, so he could easily devise another scheme to negate Superman’s powers.

Would I be willing to bet on Batman beating Superman? Nope. Batman basically has to have his plan go down perfectly to win. Superman can recover from his mistakes.

The X factor is their personalities. Superman is never going to put 100% into beating his friends. Batman is less emotionally driven. Still, I don’t think that is nearly as big a factor on this go ’round.

Thor over Spidey

My thesis in each of these votes has been that the fights occur on the rules of the respective universes. The smart guy tends to beat the strong guy under the rules of the Marvel U. While that thesis had been soundly rejected by the voting, I am not sure it even matters much here.

To be sure, Peter Parker is a much smarter person than Thor. However, his area of expertise (chemistry as it applies to the Marvel U) doesn’t rely give him any edge with a quasi-magical character, like Thor. Asgardians get their powers from a set of physical laws that even Peter doesn’t understand.

The fight Batman won in Dark Knight Returns wasn’t a Batman vs. Superman battle, it was a Batman and Green Arrow vs. Superman battle. Also, Superman was weakened by a nuclear explosion to the face.

But this is a popularity contest… ugh

As of this second, Batman and Superman are literally tied. Nuts.

Rob Schmidt, it was 2011. Last year we were treated to which legendary hero teams tournament where in Claremont Byrne X-Men defeated Lee Kirby Fantastic Four.

2012 was Batman over Spider-Man. 2011 was Thor over Batman, the only time Batman has not lost a tournament, that he wasn’t in. Can’t remember if Morrison’s JLA was in that tournament last year.

I voted for Spider-Man. Loki still owes him a favor.

“Hey, Loki, can you make me electric-proof and able to hit really, really hard in thirty minutes? Thanks!”

Cracks knuckles.

“Come get some, Goldilocks.”

Superman should win, but he’s not going to.
Thos should win, and probably will, as Spider-man fanboys can actually admit when he’d lose.

Spider-Man. He’s taken on dudes more powerful or equally…..Morlun, Juggernaut, Firelord…

I stand corrected. Hopefully common sense prevails in both of these matches.

Any one who votes for Spider-Man over Thor doesn’t actually read comics. That’s the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard of.

O.K. first of all I agree with the other people who argued that right now it should be Batman vs. Spider-Man and Superman vs. Thor. The street level characters are too over-matched going up against the Heavy Hitters. Spider-Man vs. Batman would be an AWESOME battle to debate (Spider-Man wins I think, but man would that battle be epic). DC and Marvel should somehow make that happen one day.

But back to the matchups we have.

Superman would beat Batman. I hate Superman as a hero because he is way too powerful. I’ve never been able to get excited by Superman comics because the only way he could feasibly lose is basically if someone produces Kryptonite. Boring. Still, as much as I hate Superman I have to vote for him because the only way Batman could beat him would be to get him by surprise. With 30 minutes prep time, that can’t happen. Sure Batman is brilliant and would come up with some clever scheme with his prep time but Clark Kent isn’t an idiot and would be able to anticipate Batman’s plans – after all there are is only one or two ways he can be defeated.

I voted for Thor to beat Spider-Man but after reading the other comments I wish I had voted for Spider-Man. Upon giving it more thought I think Spider-Man could pull out the win. Thor is without a doubt more powerful than Spider-Man. More importantly Thor can take a TREMENDOUS beating and it is hard to imagine how Spider-Man could keep Thor down for the count. On the other hand Spider-Man is pretty damn strong in his own right when he really pushes his limits. If Spider-Man could get Mjolnir away from Thor I think he could almost go toe to toe with him. Spider-Man is also fast, agile and has a Spider-Sense to avoid getting hit by one of Thor’s crushing blows. Spider-Man is also far more intelligent and has whipped up some pretty impressive tech in the past – including an electricity-proof suit. I’m still not sure exactly how Spider-Man is going to keep Thor down but I think Peter Parker is smarter than I am and would figure out a way. I think Spider-Man might win the match.

Spider-Man, with a 1/2 hour to prepare, can take on just about anyone. In fact, that pretty much sums up what every Spider-Man comic book is about: Spider-Man gets his butt kicked, then he regroups, formulates a plan and comes back the victor. That being said, I don’t think even Peter Parker could invent god-weakening web-shooters or whatever, so Thor takes it hands down.

Superman wins over Batman. While I grant you that Batman is a formidable foe with 1/2 hour to prepare, you also have to remember that Superman isn’t exactly a slouch when it comes to strategy. Superman KNOWS Batman. He knows that Batman knows his weaknesses and will try to exploit them. Once you remember that Batman’s not willing to kill innocent people, he really doesn’t have any weapons left against Superman. So, while I don’t think Superman would vaporize him (or his weapons) from space with heat vision, he sure as hell might hover 40 feet off the ground and bat him around with cold breath. Batman, in a fight, doesn’t stand a chance against Superman.

Do what you know is right people. I know Batman is cooler, but this isn’t a popularity contest. It’s a brawl.

Superman VS. Thor.


April 3, 2014 at 7:03 pm

It’s very simple. If Lex Luthor can beat Superman….then so can Batman. If a rich, non-powered, genius can be Superman’s biggest enemy, then how is Batman (also a rich, non-powered genius) any different?

With Spidey and Thor however, that’s a mismatch that I just can’t side with the underdog on. Spider-Man is smart and powerful….but Thor has very few weaknesses that Peter could effectively exploit before Thor wallops him. Peter Parker is smart….but not genius level. If this was Reed Richards, then maybe.

It’s funny, we were having this very conversation today on a MMORPG I play. Superman would win. Definitely. There is absolutely no question in my mind that Superman would win.
Everyone just WANTS to believe Batman would win, because he’s Batman. And because he’s popular, that’s who is going to win this bracket. But realistically, Superman would win.
But realistically, Zatanna would have won against Superman back in the first bracket, because Superman is vulnerable to magic. This questions are seldom about logic though, the choices are always strictly emotional. It’s a popularity contest, through and through.

*should have read “The outcomes are seldom about logic though …”

Here’s my prediction——-none of ‘em.

Godzilla beats them all, suckers!

I’m pretty sure Henry Cavill could easily beat the crap out of either Ben Affleck or Christian Bale.
That’s the main problem I have with Affleck as Batman, I don’t mind him as an actor, I just don’t see him as badass in any way. Altho if it came down to it, he could probably take out Andrew Garfield.

And neither Garfield or Tobey McGuire are a match for Chris Hemsworth in his buffed out Thor mode.

Cavill VS Hemsworth would be a manly man brawl. All the girls will swoon over it.

I voted Thor simply because I remember the one time where Spidey webbed onto Mjolnir and got dragged around New York.

Not that I expect it to happen here. Just shows me how tricky an opponent Thor is to Peter.

Ok everybody remembers TDKR fight and so we all believe Batman taking down Supes is a no-brainer. But that’s not the case.
In Miller’s tale Superman is almost mind controlled by the goverment, he is uncertain of what he’s doing and not really self-confident: he clearly suffered heavy losses during his life and had to accept compromises he unconsciously regrets. He also thinks Bruce is a poor delusional old man he can stop easily. Basically, he pulls his punches from the start.
Bruce is prepared, has a plan and is taking no compromises, he wants Clark down and he’s stronger than ever. He also knows that in the end Clark can find a way to stop him, if he really wants, so the only way to win the battle is for him to evenctually fake his death. To the bystander, Superman wins.

But a present-day Supes who has to take down (not for good!) Batman would be self-confident, prepared and conscious he’s going to face one of the most dreadful opponents in his life. The kryptonite ring is a non-issue, as Bruce would use it only as a final solution to eliminate Clark who’s become a danger, and this is not the case.

Furthermore, New 52 Superman is at the top of his superdickery and he’s not the “Wait, Bruce let’s talk” guy we used to know anymore.

Bats could slow down Superman, but not stop him, so, as much as I would like a less dull result, is Superman over Batman, period.

Wasn’t it Batman vs. Thor last year?

Three years ago, yes.

wouldn’t it make more sense to have the heavy hitters fight each other and the street levels fight each other instead of these extremely obvious mismatches?

It’d somehow make more sense for the final round to be the one with the “obvious mismatch”?

I voted Superman – but I almost went for Batman to try and avoid a Superman vs Thor fight where loads of people would vote for Thor because they completely misunderstand Superman’s “weakness” to magic – which isn’t really a weakness, just something he doesn’t have any particular defence against, just like almost every other superhero.

Superman wins in an easy brawl. This is a massive stomp but Batman fans will reference TDKR like it’s completely valid. When Batman wins due to popularity, I’ll look forward to seeing Batfans not giving their explanation of how Bats would win.

Superman had a hard time getting to the top. How the *** did he get past Kyle Rayner, Zatanna AND Johnny Jones?

I do like how everyone here’s is arguing that Superman should win, but acknowledging that Batman will win. But yeah, with equal prep time, Bruce doesn’t have a chance.

Spidey-Thor I can see being much closer, but yeah, gotta give this one to Thor. To my eternal shame (Spider fan, but realistic)

(Can I describe myself as realistic when I’m discussing this type of stuff?)

No contest, Superman vs Thor. Superman doesn’t even need to get close to Batman to defeat him. Anything Batman throws or fires at Superman would take far too long to reach Superman. Superman just keeps throwing boulders or cars or anything he wants at Batman. A lead suit to defend against anything Kryptonite. Heat vision to destroy the utility belt & any other gizmos Batman has with him, then it’s just a man against a god. Strength, stamina, speed, power, hearing, vision are all on Superman’s side. The only thing that can beat Superman here is Superman.

batman vs superman it depends on if like in dark knight returns one batman has some kryptonite to use or can maybe have one of dc mystic characters to do a number on superman. spiderman vs thor the two are a little unmatched in powers. which will then be two

It is “cool” to think Batman could beat Superman, as some comic book fans and writers have thought, but come on. Superman would take Batman out in a fraction of a second, with or without Kryptonite or whatever.

Spider-Man has zero chance against Thor, period. Batman on the other hand has an actual shot against Supes. Highly improbable but a sonic blast (like the one he’s used several times against Clayface) or one flash bang grenade, all he needs is a split second time to choke Superman on his K-ring. Grant Morrison has proven countless of times (especially in the Final Crisis tie-in Bat-book) that as soon as you take off your eyes for a split second, Batman wins. Superman of course requires only one punch and it will be all over….but your argument is invalid because *drum rolls* HE’S BATMAN!! XP
(Yes I am biased but I’m not high).

Man, I get so tired of hearing about how Batman beat Superman in The Dark Knight Returns.

First, that wasn’t a “Superman VS. Batman” fight. It was a “Superman VS. Batman & Green Arrow” fight. People always seem to forget that Green Arrow is the one who shoots the kryptonite-tipped arrow that eventually weakens Superman. Batman is too busy having his armor peeled off of him like a cooked lobster.

Second, as it was mentioned above, Batman didn’t really win that fight at all; he faked losing. Batman says, “I beat you,” but in the page immediately preceding that Superman says, “Bruce…your heart.” Superman is listening to Batman supposedly die. It’s not that he’s losing to Batman – it’s that he stops fighting back against his best friend.

So let’s sum up. Batman, who had well over a 1/2 hour to prepare, still couldn’t devise a plan to defeat Superman without getting help from other super-heroes. And even then he knew he couldn’t face Sueprman without dying. Because he’s just a dude and Superman is a god.

So, Superman VS. Thor or I’m burning the internet down.

Sorry, I forgot to sign my name. I left the last comment.

i voted for spiderman over thor thank you very much mister vizator, and who reads “comics” anyhow, just look at the pictures! overachievers, i swear. also i voted for super-man cuz me am that dumb

ch-er, demoncat_4 please leave logic outta this, we are on the internet after all tho i can t deny you got style

Jackactionflash makes a great point…if Superman over Batman is such a no-brainer, why is Superman’s arch nemesis basically a Batman who can’t fight? How lame is Superman if he just doesn’t take out Lex Luthor in one panel every time? Too many people are going for what it would be like as a fight in our world, and not a comic book world.

Yet I bet it’s a lot of the same people who go “well, Thor has beat Silver Surfer in the comics” when the Surfer is basically a light speed Superman who also has the powers of the Molecule Man. If we’re getting all “realz” here, then Silver Surfer should be winning this whole thing, but he couldn’t even get past Dr. Strange.

Captain Librarian

April 4, 2014 at 11:29 am

Going with Superman because with 30 minutes prep time, it’s just too much. I actually think Spidey could come up with something, I mean, something to slow down Thor in 30 min.

Really I just want a Superman/Spider-man final. Supes/Thor is on paper a more plausible matchup, but wait till Spidey injects himself with Kryptonite!

“Is he strong? Listen bud, he’s got radioactive blood!”

I say Spidey…um…um…



You know what? Here we go:

Spidey leads Thor on a mad chase around town, rigging devices to blow up various abandoned buildings as they pass through, causing it to fall down on top of him. This doesn’t kill him but does cause him to drop the hammer, which Peter picks up and hammers over his head for a KO.

…What? You’re implying Peter isn’t worthy to pick up Thor’s Hammer? Pfft, phooey!

Spidey leads Thor on a mad chase around town, rigging devices to blow up various abandoned buildings as they pass through, causing it to fall down on top of him.

From the rules: “When I say ‘prepare,’ I really mean planning. They can’t, like, do anything to the place where they fight or anything like that. They can just quickly prepare for their opponent.”

Josh Kulinski

April 4, 2014 at 1:31 pm

I gotta go with Batman, With 30 minutes, he has more than enough time to look over his Superman contingency plans, grab some kryptonite and some magical items he no doubt has lying around in storage and have time for Alfred to make him some tea before taking out the ol’ Man of Steel.

Unfortunately for Peter Parker, I don’t see that 30 minutes as being quite enough, sure Spidey can whip up some great tech, but in general he doesnt have contingency plans for dealing with other heroes in the 616 universe. Sure he could dodge many of the attacks Thor could throw at him, especially with his spider sense, but in the end I think it would come down to pure stamina. Without any singular crippling weaknesses to exploit, Spidey would have to rely on his strength and webbing, which simply doesn’t add up to enough to take down Thor in my mind.

That’s why I want to see:
The Dark Knight vs Odinson.

Waitaminnit…. A former poll pitting Batman against. Spider-Man actually ended with Batman the victor??? Comical. I would love to read the rationale.

Superman vs. Thor: Round 1, FIGHT!

captain librarian, thank you! who cares how spidey beats thor, just vote for him people so he can fight fucking superman! no actual fight matters, plus as noted above if batman got through somehow and fought batman, pfft to paraphrase above. hmm thinking about it tho how badass would a batman thor fight be. damn i m conflicted

“It’d make more sense for the final round to be the one with the ‘obvious mismatch’?”

Actually, I do think it would make more sense. Then we would see who the true victors of the “Street Level” and “Heavy Hitter” regions are. Also, doing it that way would result in only one mismatch instead of two. Thirdly, we would get to argue about cool cross-over matchups like Spider-Man vs. Batman. The more I think about it the greater that matchup becomes in my mind. Spider-Man and Batman are like mirror images of each other, one is light-hearted and the other is dark but they are both racked with guilt and regret over the death of loved ones.

Anyway, I don’t want to sound ungrateful. Thanks very much Brian for putting this tournament together, it is great fun no matter what format it is.

if batman got through and fought spiderman, i meant, my bad. although batman versus batman would rock, year one against dark knight returns versions

“It’d somehow make more sense for the final round to be the one with the “obvious mismatch”?”

I think it makes more sense to run them as two separate tournaments. A heavy hitters on the marvel and dc sides where the winners of both brackets face each other. Do the same for the street level for both companies. Then the street level tourney is more like the NIT.

Les Fontenelle

April 5, 2014 at 12:19 pm

Bloodyarts – Well, another poll also had Captain America beating Mister Fantastic, which makes even less sense than Batman beating Spider-Man. It’s impossible to stop a character’s popularity from influencing how people vote in a contest like this.

Les Fontenelle

April 5, 2014 at 12:38 pm

In a future version of this contest I’d like to see characters from other companies being included. It would be fun to see how independent stars like Hellboy, Invincible, Jack-In-The-Box, Spawn and Concrete would stack against the big two’s names. Even from the big two we could have different competitors who have never been included, such as the Authority’s Midnighter or less-popular mutants like Iceman.

And I still hope to someday see a March-Madness Supervillain competition. We already have Luthor, Doom, Darkseid, Harley Quinn, Sinestro and the Joker this year – why not have an all-evil championship for once? Let’s throw in Electro, Loki, Mongul, Zod, Doctor Octopus, Dormammu, MODOK, Deathstroke, Green Goblin, Giganta, Sandman, Circe, Absorbing Man, Black Adam and Annihilus to see some sparks really fly! Who would win the street-level villain contest, Joker or the Green Goblin – or would someone like Octopus pull off a surprise? Who would win the heavyweight villain contest, Zod or Doom? How would Zod do against Dormammu? Could Black Adam beat the Absorbing Man? I love the March Madness, but this could be an interesting twist on Brian’s excellent contest.

And we might finally discover who’s the “Batman” of supervillains. Hopefully it wouldn’t be Owlman. ;)

I like and second the future Villain Tournament request. Great idea.

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