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Congrats to Comixology!

Really, not much bigger news in recent memory than the announcement that Amazon has purchased Comixology.

I wouldn’t expect this to affect Comixology customers much, but it sure is a major success for the owners of the site. Congrats to them! They made a great product and now I’m sure they’re being greatly rewarded for it financially.

And what a smart move by Amazon! They’re getting ahead of the game.

I also think that this will open up any even larger audience to digital-first comics like Lion Forge.


Bill Williamson

April 10, 2014 at 2:48 pm

I take it ‘Criminology’ was a typo, albeit an amusing one.

Ha! Yeah, thanks for that, Bill!

Wow. I did not see that coming.

This has to be great news for the comic publishers, or at least the ones with Comixology deals.

Just a typo I’m sure…

It’s never good news when media is controlled by fewer and fewer corporations.

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Rotten Arsenal

April 10, 2014 at 4:45 pm

Maybe I can get full access with my Prime membership so I can actually read Deadpool: The Gauntlet. I ain’t paying nearly $40 to read that series on my computer. Although, it would have been nice since it directly impacted the most recent issue of the printed series.

Monopolization has never been a good thing for this industry.

My take on the situation is that Comixology was practically a monopoly already, just by virtue of being a better delivery system than the other services. So all this is is the same old same old with Comixology only with a much larger platform to advertise it. I think it is good news. Would it be even better news to see a whole bunch of other great delivery systems as good as Comixology out there? Of course. But that hasn’t happened yet and it doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon (or else Amazon wouldn’t have bothered buying Comixology – they’re buying them because they can’t beat them).

I like amazon overall, and I’ve liked comixology overall, but I’m not real excited about this news. Although I’d be way more onboard if what Rotten Arsenal suggested came true. Haven’t read the newest Deadpool yet, and I’d really like to read the Guantlet, but $39 is a lot to drop for one story.

I tried Comixology for the first time this month because I wanted to support the new Ghost Rider book. First American comic I bought in years. I can’t believe comics are $4 now. I hope the Amazon acquisition allows the app to be cheaper. I know one of Amazon’s strategies has usually been to sacrifice profit margin in order to gain as much market share as possible. On the other hand, if they do too good a job at that by dropping the price then they may hurt comic shops which would be unfortunate.

I do hope this move results in lower prices. I only buy books from Comixology when they’re on sale and I doubt I’m alone because they have a lot of sales. It’s hard for me to accept that a digital comic should cost the same as a physical one when all the cost of production, storage and transportation have been removed (not to mention the markup from the distributor and retailer). If Amazon is willing to sell books below cost, hopefully they’ll do the same for comics.

I think that the move is a good thing for Amazon’s potential to expose more people to comics. Similarly, how Disney is giving Marvel more exposure through the merchandising and theme park related stuff.

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