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You Decide – Who Was the Best Silver Surfer Writer?

With the recent release of Dan Slott and Mike Allred’s Silver Surfer, we thought it’d be interesting to see which writer you feel has had the best run on Silver Surfer.

Read on for the choices!



But seriously, though, I’ve read all of these runs and there’s some real amazing arcs represented here.

For a character that’s been around for almost fifty years, the fact that only 11 writers have written his solo adventures actually seems kind of low.

Well, remember, Stan Lee effectively called “dibs” on him for over twenty years.

I can’t even fathom anyone other than Stan Lee leading this poll. EVERYTHING he did with the character is solid gold.

This is the first time I’ve voted for Stan Lee in one of these polls! He and Buscema are just the definitive version of SS crystallized in my brain.Very cool run.

Bill Williamson

April 11, 2014 at 1:02 am

And of course there’s the Parable story Stan did with Moebius.

Jim Starlin’s run along with Ron Lim’s art!


“This is the first time I’ve voted for Stan Lee in one of these polls! He and Buscema are just the definitive version of SS crystallized in my brain.Very cool run.”

I agree completely. This is the first time I’ve voted for Stan Lee. I’ve voted for Kirby & Ditko, the plotters who did the bulk of the work , with Lee on dialogue and hype-slinging, but never Stan Lee solo.

Some people like Ron Marz a lot more than I did. His writing is what got me to quit reading Silver Surfer.

I voted for Steve Englehart. As an 80s kid, his run introduced me to the Silver Surfer and I just really liked the space opera and the dips into surrealism.
While I am really enjoying Jim Starlin’s Adam Warlock saga (just bought the new trade, on issue 3), his taking over the Silver Surfer and promptly bringing back Thanos made me drop the title. Although I have never read the Warlock-Thanos saga, I always believed it was a big deal that both villain AND hero died at the end. I felt a little bad that they brought Thanos (and later Warlock) back.

While Stan’s run was definitive, it has two disadvantages to me. First, the Surfer was earthbound- which was a horrible waste of potential. Second the monologues were excruciating!

Steve Englehart took care of both of those problems. He gave us true cosmic action on a character who was designed to “soar the spaceways”.

Starlin was almost there, but his run was more about Thanos than it was the Surfer.

I can’t believe Englehart is only number 4 (as of this moment). None of the others that I’ve read even come close (especially not Ron Marz).

To be fair, I still haven’t read any of Stan’s stories, aside from a reprint that was included in one of the One More Day issues. (Along with the original series, and the Moebius mini-series that was mentioned above, didn’t Stan also do a one-shot with Kirby in the ’70s? I’m pretty sure I’ve read about it a few places.)

There was also a one-shot in the early ’80s, which I think was by John Byrne. I read it a long time ago, and I don’t remember much, but I do recall it being pretty mediocre. But maybe he should be on the list just for completeness.

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