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Interesting Survey About Sexual Harassment in the World of Comics

Janelle Asselin is doing a sexual harassment in comics survey. I recommend filling it out – the more responses she receives the better! She’s already received some fascinating information.

Here it is.


I’m really getting annoyed by all these women studies majors trying to inject their Ideologies into comic book, and video game culture. Yes sexual harassment, and sexism do exist, but It’s so fucking ridiculous how much these people want comic books, and video games to be about there close minded ideologies, and not about video games, and comic books.

“Have you ever felt uncomfortable due to the actions or statements of another person in comics?”

– is this question about the people working in comics, like the comic book dealer, or characters in the stories doing rude things?

The characters do do crazy things that make me uncomfortable, but that’s what makes them great (Warren Ellis, I’m looking at you).

I don’t understand what the purpose of this survey is.

Every time I see a woman in a comic with cup size less than D, I immediately urinate and/or defecate on said comic (dependent on when and what I’ve last eaten) and then return the defiled comic to my retailer with a statement to the effect of “This is what I think of your femi-nazi brainwashing.”

I’ve made up flyers that I bring round with me to conventions. The flyer consists of a picture of Jenna Jameson circa 2005, in a bikini, mind you – I’m no smut-peddler. The caption reads “If your comic book broads don’t look like this, you have failed.” While weaving through fake-geek-girls, I pass around these flyers to the various creators in artists’ alley, along with a copy of New 52 Teen Titans #1, so they can see how it’s done. If any one is interested in joining the cause, contact me through the link on my name. I can email you the design template for the flyers.

Before I wrap-up, I just wanted to share one horror story from the con floors. While passing around flyers and weaving through fake-geek-girls in artists’ alley as I always do, I came across the table of a colored fellow by the name of Igle. He had in front of him what I believe to be the worst comic ever produced. He called it Molly Danger. It revolved around a hideous mulatto girl wearing the most appalling baggy clothes and fighting crime in a not-even-remotely titillating fashion. I shudder to think of the influence such a comic would have on young female readers. I can see it now: a world where girls grow up shirking their responsibility to appeal to men and choosing their dress in an utterly selfish manner based on comfort and preference. I hope that this will serve as a cautionary tale to all those who up until now have tolerated the feminist encroachment into comics.

I’m…90% sure that Cass is being facetious. There’s still that 10%, though. Ay yi yi.

I enjoy comics, I want others to enjoy them as well. Whether that’s working as a retailer, a customer, making comics, selling comics, whatever. Be happy. Yeah there are retailers, fans, creators that are rude, dense, twisted, the whole dang spectrum. What will this survey accomplish? There are those out there in the vocal verse’s of Twitter, Tumblr, etc. that have hyped the horrid experiences in the arena of comics to the Pinball Machine scene from The Accused. The numbers aren’t really there in the world of comics for a survey to be effective, if you are one that thinks they are effective, and not a way to reinforce your stance. I would love more people to read comics, but survey’s just like my comment, and every other one mean as much as you put into it. If you have a entrenched ideology then it’s nigh impossible to be objective, and according to Ms. Asselin’s Twitter tag, she’s a self described feminist. But, too each their own.

Isaac, I’m pretty sure the question is about real people who work in comics.

Cass, high five.

The rest of you, see me after class.

I feel so sorry for all the poor men whose white man’s privilege is threatened by this survey.

The humanity! The humanity!

How much longer will the Feminist Overlords be allowed to do things that might make some white men feel a little self-conscious?

I saw a great comic recently where a woman was talking to a man about how their fan community should work on being more welcoming to women and minorities. The man said, “God, I just want to enjoy my hobby without having to worry about all these social issues!” The woman replied, “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m asking for too.”

Dudes, you have to understand that since those social issues directly affect us, we can’t ignore it even if we wanted to. Because at no point in human history has an entrenched social problem gone away because people ignored it. You want to stop hearing about sexual harassment in comics? Help stop sexual harassment in comics. Stop the guy you catch trying to take upskirt shots or cop a feel of a cosplayer at a con. Be courteous to everyone who comes into your shop (this goes for employees and customers) and don’t let anyone else get away with being creepy and rude to women. Whenever it’s revealed that a creator harassed a woman, stop buying his work. This is simple stuff and it makes the whole community better for all of us.

right, let s all do our part, not just satarize for plights’ sake

I think Cass’ comment there pretty much sums up why the survey exists, why there’s a problem of sexual harassment in the world (Yes, EVEN IN THE COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY) and why female creators keep getting bombarded with sexist comments and rape threats.

Even if he was joking, which I’m not at all sure he was, the fact that he posted something like that still speaks to the problem.

[…] the survey was posted on a blog, one of the comments included “If you have a entrenched ideology then it’s nigh impossible to […]

The comments on this are disgusting. What the fuck. Even if you’re not pro-feminist, why would you be upset over people cataloguing incidences of sexual harassment?

Sam, you are literally the problem. Congratulations.

Sam and Cass immediately had to prove the point.

Cass if you ever do see this, and anyother guy who thinks like this, i have to ask would you of liked your mothers treated like this? what about your sisters, aunts, wifes? we live in a world where this kind of stuff has ended, you are living in the past and to call some one “a colored fellow” well you are truely in the wrong time period. to be hounset if i see you handing out those flyer around me i will hit you so hard you wount beable to read much less comprehend the next comic book you pick up . i hope oneday you will be forced out of the comic book stores becuse you can not find anymore comics with your plastic surgy weman.

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