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You Decide – What Was Your Favorite Ultimate Spider-Man Story Arc?

With the recent 200th issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, as well as the upcoming release of the new Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man comic, we thought it’d be interesting to see what your favorite Ultimate Spider-Man story arc was.

Read on for the choices!

NOTE: There is a 20 choice limit for the polls, so we had to skip a few of the choices, mostly some of the later stories from the first volume.


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Ultimate Spider-Man #122. The Shocker hostage issue.

What happened to the Stuart Immonen issues? Those were excellent!

Bill Williamson

April 16, 2014 at 4:14 pm

Can there be a poll for individual issues? I selected Learning Curve, but that’s only because it includes issue #13, which is my absolute favourite and a real game changer.

@SB, Yes!! I agree about that Shocker issue!! It was wonderful!! Actually, the more I think about it, most of my favorite USM stories are the one shot issues: no. 13, the one where Peter grieves after Gwen dies, and that one with Aunt May is in therapy are all excellent.

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