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75 Greatest Batman Friends and Foes Master List

In honor of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Batman, we’re doing four straight months of polls having to do with Batman. Future installments will deal with Batman creators and stories, but this month will be about Batman’s allies and his villains.

Read on for a master list of all of the Top 75 Greatest Batman Friends and Foes (40 villains and 35 allies). Click on any name for a description of that character…


40. Maxie Zeus

39. Rupert Thorne

38. Killer Moth

37. Catman

36. Carmine Falcone

35. KGBeast

34. Firefly

33. The Holiday Killer

32. Owlman

31. Anarky

30. Clayface (Preston Payne)

29. Lex Luthor

28. Lady Shiva

27. Mr. Zsasz

26. Joe Chill

25. Professor Pyg

24. Mad Hatter

23. Court of Owls

22. Black Mask

21. Red Hood

20. Man-Bat

19. Doctor Hurt

18. Killer Croc

17. Deadshot

16. Clayface (Basil Karlo)

15. Ventriloquist and Scarface

14. Hugo Strange

13. Hush

12. Talia Al Ghul

11. Harley Quinn

10. Mister Freeze

9. Poison Ivy

8. Catwoman

7. Scarecrow

6. Bane

5. Penguin

4. Riddler

3. Two-Face

2. Ra’s Al Ghul

1. The Joker


35. Meta-morpho, Metamorpho

34. Black Lightning

33. Katana

32. Harold Allnut

31. Deadman

30. Zatanna

29. Huntress (Helena Wayne)

28. Vicki Vale

27. Silver St. Cloud

26. Batwoman (Kathy Kane)

25. Green Arrow

24. Bat-Mite

23. Azrael

22. Robin/Catgirl (Carrie Kelley)

21. Batman (Terry McGinnis)

20. Renee Montoya

19. Ace the Bat-Hound

18. Talia Al Ghul

17. Wonder Woman

16. Batwoman (Kate Kane)

15. Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)

14. Harvey Bullock

13. Dr. Leslie Thompkins

12. Lucius Fox

11. Batgirl/Blackbat (Cassandra Cain)

10. Spoiler/Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)

9. Robin/Red Hood/Wingman (Jason Todd)

8. Robin (Damian Wayne)

7. Superman

6. Catwoman

5. Robin/Red Robin (Tim Drake)

4. Batgirl/Oracle (Barbara Gordon)

3. Commissioner James Gordon

2. Robin/Nightwing/Batman (Dick Grayson)

1. Alfred Pennyworth


Looking over the list. out of all the allies that haven’t made a New 52 appearance yet…Cassandra is the highest one. That needs to change DC.

what about knight and squire?

I am sad Lord Death Man didn’t make the list. Still, great showing of Cassandra. Kind of wish would DC bring her back and in an ongoing to boot.

Didn’t see Deathstroke.

Brian Cronin

May 8, 2014 at 7:13 pm

Didn’t see Deathstroke.

How many times have Batman and Deathstroke even fought? Twice? And one of those was when Deathstroke was in his anti-hero phase. Deathstroke is not a Batman villain. I’m honestly a bit disappointed with the fact that he almost make the list (finishing #42 overall).

I had 9 out of 10 on each list

the ones that didn’t make it

Allies – Sasha Bordeaux (AKA Cover) – Bruce Wayne’s bodyguard who figured out his secret identity and for a short time accompanied Batman on patrol before being arrested and later joining Checkmate

enemies – “The threatening Three” – Mastermind, Mr Nice and the Perfesser
(based on Mike Carlin, Archie Goodwin and Dennis O’Neil)
debut in Batman Adventures 10 – 3 later appearances

Where’s TUT?!!!!

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