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You Decide – Who is Your Favorite Ghost Rider Writer of All-Time?

With the launch of the All-New Ghost Rider series, we figured it would interesting to see who you folks feel was the best writer in the history of Ghost Rider?

Read on for the choices!


Why no Felipe Smith?
his few issues that are out right now are better than every Ghost Rider story I’ve previously read.

Who did vol 1 67-73 and why were they left out? Just curious.

I’d vote for Felipe Smith as well. I know it’s only been 2 issues but so far much better than the rest.

Bill Williamson

April 29, 2014 at 10:58 pm

From what I understand Mackie basically defined Ghost Rider. It’s amazing how one writer can be so great on one book and so terrible on another.

Who did vol 1 67-73 and why were they left out? Just curious.

A couple of different writers. No consistent “run.” Same reason there’s no one listed from #20-27.

on the 67-73
67 and 71 were written by J M DeMatteis
68-70, 72 and 73 were by Roger Stern and very good

(35 by Jim Starlin was also exceptional but he was only on the series for 1 issue)

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